Why A Physical Therapist Recommended TENS Unit?

A TENS Unit makes use of electrical impulses to relieve pain. Athletes and non-athletes use a TENS Unit to alleviate pain as an alternative to medication. TENS Units are safe alternatives to physical therapy and medications. They treat ankle tendonitis, pain from surgery, and chronic pain, to name a few. Moreover, a TENS unit controls pain during delivery. The best thing is to buy a physical therapist recommended TENS unit. Consulting a physical therapist is important. A healthcare professional should recommend the best suited model and other pertinent details. This includes when and how to use the device.

Physical therapist-recommended is safer.

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit prevents drug dependency. Some drugs create dangerous side effects, adding to the pain. Effects can be irreversible. They could demand additional treatment apart from the existing one. Electrotherapy, on the other hand, is drug-free and safer than medication. This is why physical therapists recommend a TENS unit as a favorable alternative. One example is flushing the anesthetic drugs of an operation. Instead of painkillers, healthcare professionals recommend a TENS unit. This avoids overwhelming the system. Many success stories indicate TENS’ effectiveness.

A TENS unit restores flexibility and mobility faster than drugs. Electrotherapy provides a variety of benefits. Increased blood circulation is an example. This enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. TENS differs from EMS. EMS performs muscle contraction. It suits people experiencing muscle-related complications. TENS, meanwhile, blocks pain signals using electrical impulses. It does not create muscle contractions. A physical therapist recommended TENS unit suits more populations such as the elderly. A TENS unit provides a range of customization. Options and easily adjustable. The market has a variety of TENS devices. Most treat localized pain. Physical therapists usually recommend the best device and other specifications to relieve pain. 

TENS devices treat chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts long, approximately 6 weeks. Patients find it difficult to deal with this. Prescription drugs may have side effects, worsening the pain. Physical therapists do not even recommend using a TENS unit along with medications. Doing so may worsen the pain. Some patients could experience prolonged pain, disrupting daily life. This demands on-the-go solutions. A TENS device is portable and easy to carry. This allows users to bring the device at work or anywhere. 

A TENS unit enhances the body’s natural healing ability. 

A physical therapist recommended TENS unit improves blood circulation. Doing so enhances natural healing ability. Electrical impulses trigger the brain in releasing natural painkillers. They reach the nervous system, blocking pain signals. These electrical impulses stimulate the brain in releasing natural painkillers. The person receives the painkillers instead of the pain signals. Pain is relieved. At the same time, blood circulation is enhanced. Physical therapists brief patients on possible effects. Patients may experience tingling and prickling sensation when using the TENS device. Some people are not comfortable with these. However, physical therapists note that these sensations are natural.

A TENS unit is similar to medication, however. It provides immediate and temporary relief. People who use a TENS device reportedly experience pain once the therapy session ends. Drugs do the same. Relief lasts briefly. A TENS unit, however, increases the body’s healing ability. Repeated use gradually eradicates the pain. Chronic pain, arthritis, neck and back pain, and joint pain gradually decrease using a TENS device. A TENS device is usually pre-programmed. This includes the level, mode, and time settings. Built-in programs avoid mis-treatment and overwhelming the body. A TENS device triggers the body to release P and calcitonin gene-related peptide. These two substances increase blood flow, allowing tissue repair. A physical therapist recommended TENS unit; therefore, allows pain relief, healing, and repair. Moreover, tissue repair lessens ischemic complications. 

Athletes are common TENS device users. TENS benefits athletes using muscle healing. Some TENS devices suit athletic needs specifically. Muscle recovery and increased muscle strength are combined, enhancing athletic performance. 

A TENS unit improves muscle strength.

Athletes today want a more organic pain treatment. Using a TENS unit improves muscle strength while recovering. Athletes find this most useful. Taking long medications and being stagnant are dangerous for athletes. In fact, athletes use anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. Some of these drugs are highly addictive and dangerous to health. A TENS unit only uses electrical stimulation. A physical therapist might even lend a hand in operating the device. In fact, many doctors would recommend using electrotherapy. TENS help improve mood while elevating the body’s natural healing ability.

Endorphins and encephalin are two examples of mood-boosters. Doctors recommend a TENS device for athletes the most. TENS have more to offer than pain relief. Increased blood circulation boosts muscle strength. Athletes need this. In fact, they are inevitably prone to chronic pain. Unaddressed chronic pain worsens. Electrodes are attachable anywhere in the body. Athletes may attach them to a desired area needing increased muscle performance. The electrodes allow flexibility in use. Moreover, they do not disrupt training or exercise.

Some TENS devices feature strength, pain relief and recovery, endurance, and pre-warmup options. They provide various enhancements. Strength and endurance increase muscle strength. For instance, runners can attach electrodes to the leg area. Muscles increase in size and improve in capacity. Athletes use pre-warmup in conditioning the body, prior to extensive training. Pain relief and recovery allows the muscles to heal fast.

Training and heavy workout causes tires muscles and overuses ankles. Elasticity is lessened. When athletes feel muscle pain, it could be a good sign. Physiology is challenged and developed. A TENS device fastens muscle recovery, helping athletes get back to training. In addition, faster pain relief helps in avoiding injury and chronic pain. 

TENS unit is a sustainable and long-lasting treatment.

A TENS unit is an example of a home remedy. In fact, they are used without physician recommendation. Each device features instructions on how to use it. Operation is usually easy. Consumers do not have to worry about hazards. TENS devices undergo FDA approval. They must comply to safety standards. There are various ways to relieve pain. Home remedies include massagers, proper nutrition, and over-the-counter medicine. A TENS device also does what massagers do. It penetrates the skin and relieves the pain. TENS, however, uses electrotherapy. (Read more: Top 7 Electrotherapy Devices for Home Use) Not all massagers are therapeutic. Some function only to temporarily pain. A TENS device relieves pain, blocks pain signals, triggers the release “happy hormones,” and enables muscle recovery. It is a home remedy. Consumers only have to follow instructions on a user manual. A TENS device allows everyday treatment.

Having a physical therapist recommend a model is even more effective. This gives consumers the best option. A physical therapist recommended TENS unit is, therefore, sustainable. It is more sustainable than over-the-counter medicine. The TENS is non-surgical and drug-free, producing hardly any side effects save for the tingling sensation. It does not produce addiction. The TENS device provides long-lasting treatment. It applies to nearly all body pains.

Electrodes allow sequential and targeted treatment. Being versatile makes a TENS unit extremely handy everyday. It is, therefore, cost-efficient. Going to a physical therapist costs time and money. In a single purchase, comfort and relief is achieved. All it takes is a small device working wonders. Can every family member use the TENS device? Physical therapists say yes. However, there are particular populations who may not. This includes pregnant women and those with surgical implants. The device is unfortunately not recommended to people sensitive to electrical pulses.

TENS fits modern life needs. 

What entails modern life? Modern life is tech-savvy. It opts to lessen costs in terms of time, effort, and money. Modern life is practical. It is ever-moving, susceptible to changes. A TENS unit usually comes in a perfectly portable shape and size. It easily fits pockets, desks, and bags. It functions while working and moving. Consumers do not have to sacrifice their mobility. Athletes prefer this the most. The working population also favors devices compatible to movement. A TENS unit has long battery. Many designs also have less charging time.

A TENS unit is space and energy saver. LCD screens accompany the device. This allows users to view their progress. It also shows functions and the progress. In other words, the TENS unit allows greater flexibility and mobility more than any pain relieving devices. Furthermore, some units are smartphone-operated. Consumers link the operation to a mobile application. Best of all, pain relief is immediate. This applies to acute and chronic pain. People nowadays are fast-paced. They want to waste no time. Immediate pain relief saves the hassle. It allows greater productivity.

A physical therapist recommended TENS unit saves money as well. Going to a doctor costs time and money. Medication also costs money. Having a TENS device at the ready makes pain relief easily accessible. A TENS device improves health. If a person is healthy, then he/she could also be free of expensive medical interventions. A TENS device is versatile, applicable to nearly all populations. It treats nearly all types of pain. Modern needs entail movement and mobility, cost-efficiency, and practicality. A TENS device fits such needs. 

Final Thoughts: Why A Physical Therapist Recommended TENS Unit?

A physical therapist recommended TENS unit has all the right features for the modern consumer. It is a non-surgical, 100% safe, and drug-free method to relieve pain. As a bonus, it enhances the body’s natural healing. To put simply, it also makes a person happier using the bursts of endorphins. A TENS device is usually used even without prescription. However, it is always best to seek for a physical therapist’s advice on the best models and most fitting specifications. 

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