Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld

Massage therapy is a good way to get rid of body aches and stress. However, you can also get those benefits if you have your own cordless handheld massager. 

Cordless Massager HandheldBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager Check Price
RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager Check Price
Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager Check Price
Mighty Bliss BD1372 Cordless Massager Check Price
Snailax Cordless Massager Check Price

In this article, we will present to you the Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld Product Reviews and Buying Guide. These models are the best in its features and categories. As well as they provide more enjoyable and comfortable massage.  

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld

How to Choose Handheld Massagers 

Corded vs. Cordless 

The cordless massagers charged in one to two hours and hold their charge for a few hours. The greater part of the corded massagers had a power line in the range of 7 and 9 feet long. That can constrain you to remain in a position close to electrical attachments. The cordless massagers could be used anyplace. It was also very simple and easy to move everywhere throughout the body without getting tangled in a power cord.  

Single vs Double Motor Head:  

A handheld massager with a double engine head; may appear to be increasingly effective because it has a more extensive inclusion zone. However, a double head massager is additionally double the weight. This worked in support of its while kneading the lower back since gravity pulls the head descending. The weight also played against the double head massager. Since it was substantial to lift to rub arms, neck, and upper back.  

Single-head massagers are bent wands and intended to feel even in your grasp. This sort of massager weighs between 1.5 to 2 pounds. It is extremely simple to lift and move over any piece of the body. The single-head massager is the best kind for somebody who has frail hand-or arm-quality.  

Elastic or Silicone Attachments:  

The hard-plastic ricochets over hard areas. Especially shoulder bones and the spine, which is seen as hard, particularly with the massager in its most minimal setting. The best connections are either made of plastic or silicone, which have greater adaptability in hard regions.  

Shape Attachments:  

Makers of handheld massagers advertise their item as “shiatsu” or ” a deep tissue” massagers. That incorporates a three-prong connection or pointed stick that should mimic human fingers. Nothing could be further from reality; A three-prong connection or a pointy stick made of hard plastic that jackhammers into your neck just stings. Another connection to search for is one that is triangular or star-molded with little balls on the focuses. This connection is best for working bigger muscle groups, such as thighs and calves.  

Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld

Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld  


OUR TOP PICK: Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager

Product Name: Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager

Product Description: The Pure Wave CM5 is extraordinary compared to other cordless handheld massagers available today. This model accompanies a lithium battery that can keep going for as long as 3 hours, depending upon the massage features you will use. The handles are very easy to grasp, the massage speed and mode are very easy to adjust, and you can change the massage attachment in no time. Another great thing about this model is that it comes with a percussion motor. This motor is very powerful, and it can deliver up to 3700 RPM. This is a very high speed, and most people will find it too aggressive to their liking.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Value for Money
  • Quality
  • High Quality Cordless Massager


Overall, this is one of the best handheld massagers on the market. One of the advantages of using this model is that it comes with a powerful motor. The motor will produce up to 3,700 pulses per minute, so you will enjoy a very rough massage if you want to.


✔️Cordless for added convenience

✔️Excellent Massage Attachments

✔️ Fast recharge. 


❌ It takes a little time to get used.


RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager

Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld

The Renpho massager will effectively reach your muscles inside and out, and it will give you a loosening up massage. The handheld structure allows you to take it anyplace you go. The most significant attribute of the unit is that the 5 kneading heads can take a shot at all aspects of your body.  

This massager is sturdy enough for individual use. The engine bolsters up to 3600 heartbeats. It accompanies an inherent battery that has an existence of 140 minutes before the should be revived. Just take note that it can’t be utilized while stopped for charging. All aspects of the item comprise of strong ABS plastic. It can bear rock solid. However, the unit will consequently stop at regular intervals subsequent to being utilized to prevent overheating.  

Generally speaking, this is a conservative handheld massager, which will cause you to feel better and relaxed.  

✔️It is durable and portable.
✔️With 5 massaging heads
✔️With 1 year warranty
❌Offers only 20-minute massages

Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager 

One of the upsides of utilizing the Brookstone Max 2 is that it accompanies a wonderful aluminum body. The aluminum body makes the massager stylishly satisfying but it also makes it progressively strong.  

This cordless massager accompanies a battery that can keep going for as long as three hours. The customized massage programs and flexible speed settings make Max 2 extremely simple and very comfortable to use at anyplace.  

Despite the fact that it’s battery-worked, this handheld massager can create a generally excellent deep tissue massage.  

This is also as of now one of the outstanding handheld massagers amongst other handheld massagers that are available. 

✔️Good Battery Life
✔️Great Deep-Tissue Massage
✔️Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
❌It is heavy for a handheld massager.

Mighty Bliss BD1372 Cordless Massager 

The Mighty Bliss BD1372 is the fundamental contender with our top pick, the PureWave, and the organization forcefully showcases its handheld massager as better. However, Mighty Bliss has an indistinguishable structure: a smooth, bent wand that is 16 crawls long. Indeed, even the six back massage connections are for all intents and purposes the equivalent, including the air-pad circle.  

It’s a cordless massager that charges in an hour and holds its charge for two hours. In spite of the fact that the Mighty Bliss organization guarantees that its massager is a ¼-pound lighter than PureWave, it feels a similar weight. It adjusts well in the hand and holding it from the shoulders, you can reach at the base of your spine. The significant distinction you will recognize between the two is that Mighty Bliss’ lower force will, in general, make the connection bounce. So, you will need to keep the power level at medium-to-high consistently.  

The Mighty Bliss is just a few dollars less expensive than the PureWave, yet it doesn’t have the facial-knead mode, nor does it accompany a capacity stand.

✔️It has never ending battery life
✔️Relives pain In just seconds.
✔️It features A lifetime warranty
❌You have to do some stretches to help pinched nerves.

Snailax Cordless Massager

The Snailax cordless massager is fundamentally the same as our budget pick, Renpho. It has two modes ceaseless and throbbing and has the equivalent physical design: long handle and overwhelming single-engine head. Its connections are somewhat less expensive in quality; the three-headed triangle, for instance, damaged and aggravated our analyzer’s skin. The fiber connection the guidance manual considers it a needle therapy circle really felt objectified here and there the back, similar to a back scratcher.  

The Snailax has a heating element that can’t be utilized with any of the attachments. You will attempt it a few times, in case that you let the massager run for 15 minutes, and the main heat you will felt was a scarcely detectable warmth. Additionally, it viewed that the power button is as excessively near the high end of the handle, and you will see that few times during your first try you will coincidentally shut the massager off. 

✔️The massager is easy to use.
✔️The battery can lasts for approximately 80mins on a full charge.
✔️Built in powerful vibration motor
❌It hurts a lot when it works on bones directly.
Top 5 Cordless Massagers Handheld

Features to Consider When Buying Cordless Handheld Massagers 

Heat Therapy  

Utilizing heat treatment is presumably perhaps the most ideal approaches to loosen up in the wake of a monotonous day at work. Warmth treatment advances solace and unwinding, and it can likewise bring some relief from certain a throbbing painfulness.  

One of the benefits of utilizing heat treatment is that it tends to be a successful treatment for firmness and squeezing.  

Adjustable Speed  

A handheld massager that has a customizable speed setting is more flexible than one that doesn’t. Changing the speed will permit you to customize your massage setting and experience.  

In case you’re in the temperament for a loosening up knead, you can set the massager at its most reduced speed and get one. In case you’re in a disposition for a harsher back rub, you can basically set the massager at a higher speed. This can be a truly important component over the long haul.  


A handheld massager’s portability is dictated by the nearness or nonattendance of a force rope and of that force line’s length.  

  • High Portability   

Cordless units are the most versatile handheld massagers. These units can be utilized anyplace on the off chance that they’re charged. You can utilize them at home, you can utilize them while you’re relaxing in your patio, and you can utilize them while you’re grinding away.  

  • Medium Portability   

Some handheld massagers accompany long force ropes. A few models accompany power strings that are 14 feet in length. These strings are sufficiently long to permit you to move around the electrical plug they use, so they offer entirely great conveyability.  

  • Low Portability  

Handheld massagers that accompany short force strings offer low transportability. A few models have power ropes that are just 3 – 4 feet in length. This is a weakness, as you should remain close to an electrical plug or an additional rope each time you need to utilize the massager.  

Structure/ Design 

One of the main things you need to think about when you’re searching for a handheld massager is the structure. Not all producers utilize a similar structure, and some are superior to other people.  

Adaptability/ Versatility 

As should have been obvious in our short audits, utilizing handheld massagers offers various focal points. One of them is that you can utilize these massagers on the vast majority of your body. Yet, a massager’s adaptability is impacted by a few highlights.  

Massage Heads  

As you could presumably see as of recently, some handheld massagers utilize a solitary back rub head while others utilize two. Both have points of interest over the other, single head massagers for the most part have a superior reach.  

They’re progressively productive at kneading the perfect spot, so they can be useful for individuals who experience the ill effects of muscle bunches and spasms.  

A few models utilize wide connection heads, so they will rub an enormous surface in a brief timeframe, yet the vast majority of them utilize thin connection heads.  

The thin connection heads will gain moderate ground over a huge surface, so they probably won’t be the best decision for anxious individuals. Twofold head massagers normally have a shorter yet more extensive reach.  

They’re increasingly productive at rubbing a bigger surface. They can be awesome for individuals who experience the ill effects of muscle torments since they can work a gathering of muscles from two unique edges simultaneously.  

Since these models are better at covering enormous surfaces, they may be a superior decision for individuals who have little persistence.  


The heaviness of the handheld massager assumes a key job in its adaptability. You may purchase a first-class item, yet on the off chance that it’s unreasonably overwhelming for you to hold easily, you won’t have the option to utilize it to its maximum capacity.  

You should realize that handheld massagers are uncommonly intended to be somewhat heavier than you would expect as a result of the accompanying reasons. The weight makes the massager increasingly stable when the engine is working at a higher speed.  

If the unit would have an amazing engine and a low weight, it would shake and clatter when you would utilize it. The additional weight offers you the likelihood to change the power of the massage treatment.  

Massage Attachments 

Not all the back rub connections are intended to deal with all aspects of your body. Truth be told, some of them are fairly awkward when you attempt to utilize them on delicate spots.  

Having a model that accompanies different connection heads is a bit of leeway since it offers more odds of finding a decent connection head for all aspects of your body, delicate or not.  

Massage Techniques  

Each sort of back rub method has various advantages. Despite the fact that handheld massagers don’t offer the quantity of back rub systems you would get from bigger massagers, for example, knead pads, seat cushions, or back rub seats, they can even now give a decent back rub. 


Cordless handheld massagers are versatile devices that you can use at home.  

If you want to feel the relaxing and soothing effect of having a great massage on your muscles at the end of your tired long day. Cordless handheld massagers will give you the option to do so. 

Though, for the best result make sure that you follow the instruction properly while using the massager for your own safety. 

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