Top 3 Picks for the Best Tens Unit for Fibromyalgia

Are you in pain but you do not want to take those over-the-counter drugs? Well, good news as there are available treatments that are drug-free. With the help of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia, the pain you are experiencing may be relieved without administering anything inside your body. We reviewed the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia available in the market. And as we go along, we will find out their amazing features and excellent pain-relieving activity.

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TENS Unit Definition

A TENS unit is an abbreviation for the words Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Generally, it is a device use to transmit minute electrical charges to specific areas of the human body. Moreover, this unit is a therapy that involves minimal electrical volts.

The electricity is responsible for providing relief to certain parts of the body. In addition, the charges coming from the TENS unit entails a variety of usage. Aside from being a pain reliever, many hospitals use this device and are also safe for home.

Furthermore, the unit has battery-operated equipment. This particular equipment acts to transmit the impulses via electrodes. Due to this, the transmission of impulses enters into the skin.

Usually, the location of electrodes is either on the specific area of pain or near the nerves of the pain origin. It can also be placed on the trigger points of pain.

How TENS unit operates generally comes from two theories. The first one is the stimulation of the nerve cells through electric current. It hinders the dissemination of pain warnings.

The next theory is the enhancement of nerve cells resulting to increase the amount of the hormone endorphins. Such hormone is known as the body’s natural pain-killer. Because of its enhancement, the next process is the blockade of pain perception.

Can I use the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition represented by chronic pain distribution. The location of pain distribution is usually at the joints and muscles which are the location of the acuity to pressure stimulants. Yet, the symptoms of this condition depend on one person to another.

The primary symptom of this long-term condition is the rigid pain in the muscle. Fatigue, headaches, fever, pain in the abdomen and chest, and insomnia are some of the related symptoms to muscle pain. Moreover, it also includes irritable bowel syndrome, bulging lymph nodes, and depression.

However, what causes the condition is not known. Yet, even if the tissues are painful, do not worry as it is not inflamed. This means that patients do not experience body damage. In addition, fibromyalgia does not severely affect the internal organs of the body.

How does the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia help the condition? The unit generally gives relief of pain through a non-invasive approach. Moreover, the treatment using the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is also drug-free.

The best TENS unit for fibromyalgia utilizes smooth impulses transmitted through pads. It enters the skin and on the nerve fibers as well. Basically, the action of the impulses is to block the pain alerts coming from the brain.

Due to this process, it triggers the body to create increasing amounts of the body’s natural pain killers. Based on studies, the best TENS unit relevantly alleviate the pain from fibromyalgia but for a short time. Further studies have a goal in analyzing the impact of the long period relief of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia.

Can you overuse the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia?

The best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is basically a drug-free pain-killer. And just like every pain killer in the market, exceeding on its allowable dose is not recommendable. But, many would attest that the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is not really a drug.

TENS is really safe to use because it can kill the pain in a non-invasive method. Meaning, this does not enter the human body thus, does not cause any addiction like those drug painkillers. So, limitations for the use of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia as addictive is not applicable.

Since the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is a treatment that does not enter the body, it does not cause overdosing. Moreover, in terms of its use, a TENS unit can be used as needed. This is simply justified by the principle of the device to bring prompt pain relief.

In addition, the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is much effective for those individuals who use it more often. But, always keep in mind that the device triggers the release of the body’s own pain-killer.

However, experts suggest that the recommended period of therapy using the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is about 30 minutes every single session. Yet, longer sessions are not as harmful as you think.

Just ensure to give the skin some time free from the pads where electrons pass through. Be very cautious for the possible irritation of the skin due to the long attachment of the electrode pads.

What to look for when buying the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia?

Here is the list of the things that you may want to consider when you want to buy the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia.

1.    The urge for usage

It is necessary that the use of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia comes from the advice of a physician or physical therapist. Yes, it safe to use but there are some cases that restrict it. People with epilepsy, expectant mom, or those who have a pacemaker should not use this therapy approach.

2.    The power limit

Like other machines, the capability to power up the device depends on their price. Usually, economically priced TENS unit has weak power potential.

The best TENS unit for fibromyalgia should provide the power in a comfortable yet intense way. In terms of body area sensitivity, it is ideal to have TENS unit that has huge power coverage.

3.    The battery duration

The one with an excellent quality TENS unit uses a lithium-ion battery. Using this kind of battery for the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia can let the device stand until weeks or months. This is very beneficial in so many ways like saving money and lesser time for battery changing.

4.    The electrode pads expectancy

Most of the manufacturers of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia are selling high-quality electrode pads. However, when it comes to the pads for replacement, the mode of sale is usually in the bargain. This will lead to immediate wearing out of the pads.

As a result, you will have to purchase new electrode pads immediately. In case, you are the kind of user that depends on the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia most of the time, this becomes costly. That’s why asking for the life expectancy of the electrode pads is really essential before buying one.

5.    The insurance coverage

When the use of the TENS unit is really essential for the treatment of a medical condition, this may be covered by insurance. But, ensure that you have the proper documentation from the hospital or the attending physician. This will help you to get the insurance coverage.

Moreover, it is also important to ask for the insurance company if they cover the use of the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia. In addition, various insurance companies have different policies in terms of TENS unit coverage. There are private insurance companies that do not allow the coverage of using the TENS unit for chronic pain of the lower back.

6.    The customer support

Customer assistance is the most essential factor when buying the best TENS unit for fibromyalgia. The popularity of the TENS unit becomes a gateway for opportunistic sellers. Moreover, there are lots of backyard companies that ride on the TENS unit market demand.

One good investment is a health device like the TENS unit that is of high quality and complies with medical standards. That’s why buying TENS unit demands for speaking to a salesperson who knows his product very well. In addition, the well-established company will provide a great deal of good warranty.

The Best TENS Unit for Fibromyalgia


Product Name: iReliev TOP-Best TENS Massager Unit Bundle

Product Description: If you want to be free from pain without any drug administration, then buying iReliev TOP-Best TENS Massager Unit Bundle is the best choice. This unit will help in alleviating the pain through its built-in 8 preset pain relief programs. Using this best TENS unit for fibromyalgia will give you the real therapy and treatment experience without medication. The technology behind this TENS unit aims to intercept with the pain indicators and heighten the levels of endorphins for pain relief. Having 25 levels of intensity, this TENS unit contains variations from different degrees. Because of this, it provides the appropriate intensity needed for acute and chronic pain.

Availability: InStock

  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Pain relief


This non-invasive pain relief unit has 8 modes of pre-programmed treatment. Using these programs, your therapy can be customized based on the pain you are dealing with.

Using the iReliev TOP-Best TENS Massager Unit Bundle is a worry-free experience as it is cleared by the FDA. Knowing this, this unit is safe to use even at home.

You can hang it around your neck, wear it under your shirt, or clip it to your bag. Due to its size and compactness, this unit really makes a portable non-invasive therapy possible.


  • FDA Cleared

  • Portable

  • Customizable


  • Doesn’t set on high to relieve pain


TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

Looking for another best TENS unit for fibromyalgia that has really great value, then you could never go wrong for the TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit. This unit both stimulates and recovers the muscle thus giving relief from pain. It is a powerful and durable TENS device through its 9volt battery.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit has 5 modes of extreme therapy. It operates to focus on pains at the back, neck, and joint.

The unit has the ability to control its intensity. It has two knob controllers that regulate the power enhancement of the two-channel impulses.


✔️ Dual-channel

✔️ Durable

✔️ With hard casing


❌ Fire hazard

Zewa SpaBuddy Sports TENS Unit

Pain relief is really easy through the use of this Zewa SpaBuddy Sports TENS Unit. Relieving pain can be possible anywhere – at home, at work, or during travel. With the help of the 3 AAA battery, this best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is user-friendly.

The Zewa SpaBuddy Sports TENS Unit is also a durable device made in the US. That’s why its effectiveness and reliability really worth your money.

Effective in relieving pain located at the neck and back, this TENS unit can also alleviate chronic conditions. If you want to be free from pain, grab this excellent and powerful pain reliever.


✔️ Professionally made

✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Portable


❌ Stops working after several times of use

Frequently Asked Questions


A: The TENS unit do not give any side effects. However, be cautious of the electrical pulses as it may bring tingling sensations which may be uncomfortable to others.

There may also be some individuals that may develop allergic reactions with the adhesive electrode pads. In case, redness and irritation of the skin occur, better to use electrode pads that are hypoallergenic.


A: The TENS unit should be used with great caution. Moreover, this unit is not applicable for use by everyone. Individuals with the following conditions or cases may not try to use the TENS unit:

✔️ Pain origin is unknown or undiagnosed

✔️ Pregnancy

✔️ Epilepsy

✔️ Heart disease

✔️ Pacemakers


A: The allowable period of therapy using a TENS unit is around 15 minutes per session. The session may be repeated if required. This can be used to a maximum of three uses per day.

Final Words

The best TENS unit for fibromyalgia is really helpful for alleviating acute to chronic pain. Its use is very safe even at home because of its non-invasive treatment. That’s why many people consider having this unit as a health investment.

As far as health is concerned, looking for the best unit is really recommendable. Go for a high-quality one that does not compromise its functionality. What is your opinion about our product selections here? Share your thoughts below!

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