Should You Buy an Upper Back Massage Machine? Top 5 Options in the Market

It is common for most companies to advertise their massage machines as good for lower back pain. What about the upper back? People tend to forget about the upper back, but it also needs care. It is why you have to learn more about the best upper back massage machine in this guide. We look at the top choices available right now for every budget in this guide.

Once you have the best upper back massage machine, it will help to soothe any pain you might be experiencing in the upper back. Also, it can be good for providing a deep muscle massage to relieve any muscle tension. Check out the summary of the top options in the table below.

ScripHesso Muscle Master
Handheld Electric Massager
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truMedic MagicHands Shiatsu neck,
Back, and Shoulder Massager
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Massager for Chair
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Sonic Handheld Percussion
Massage Gun
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Naipo Back
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Top 5 Best Upper Back Massage Machines

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: ScripHesso Muscle Master Handheld Electric Massager

Product Name: ScripHesso Muscle Master Handheld Electric Massager

Product Description: This is a top choice for those looking for the best massager in the market. It comes with a powerful motor good for providing enough power for a deep massage. If you are experiencing upper back pain, then this one can be a nice tool for the job. It comes with a variable speed control. This means that you can control the speed of the vibrations thus making it quite versatile. This is something most people would want in an electric massager. Because of such versatility, the unit is good for deep and effective massage than other units. You can use it for a relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage. Many also find it being an easy to use model. It comes with a user-friendly design that will make it easy for anyone to control it. Even if you are new to using it, controlling it should be easy. There is the option of choosing the intensity of the massage. This should make it even more versatile in comparison to some other units. It weighs around six pounds. It might not be the most lightweight upper back massager, but it should not be too heavy. It is also built to be durable. As such, it can stand up to the various applications for years to come.

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  • Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Massage intensity
  • Durability


This is a top consideration for anyone who needs a massage for the upper back or any other body part. Yes, this is a versatile massager that can be customized to massage different body parts. Being lightweight makes it good in terms functionality. You can also easily control it and deliver a relaxing massage. The sturdy construction ensures that you end up with a durable massager.


✔️It is easy to use

✔️The unit has a sturdy construction

✔️It is good for deep tissue massage


❌It is bulky so portability might not be easy for many

Runner’s Up

truMedic MagicHands Shiatsu neck, Back, and Shoulder Massager

Photo credit: Amazon

The best part about this unit should be its versatility. It is an upper back massage machine that you can use for other body parts such as the neck, and shoulders.

Other than being versatile, we also find it to be effective in terms of its performance. This is because it comes with four deep tissue massage nodes. These nodes will help the unit go deep into the muscles so that you can deal with any muscle knots in the upper back. Within a couple of minutes, you should end up with the best relief.

The unit also stands out for being lightweight and portable. As such, it can be a travel-friendly massager to take it with you all the time. Since it is also rechargeable, it is going to be an ideal massage machine on the go. You can even use it at the office, airport, or whenever you need a quick massage.

The model also features the soothing infrared heat. Having the heat function goes a long way to make the unit ideal for those who need the best heat therapy. The heat is always good for soothing the pain you might be experiencing in your upper back.

We also find this model to be easy to use. The manufacturer sends it to you with a comprehensive guide that you can follow for the best performance. It should be the reason many would easily get it right now.

  • It offers a deep tissue massage
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The unit has a soothing heat function
  • It tends to come apart at the seams

RENPHO Back Massager for Chair

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another top upper back massage machine that you need for the best relief. The unit comes with multiple massage points. We find it being good for your neck, back, thighs, and waist. It is easy to see why it would be the best value for the money.

Since it can be adjusted vertically, then it will be able to fit most members of the family. Such versatility is what you need if more people will be using the massage machine.

The model also comes with 8 deep kneading massage nodes. This is a nice number of massage nodes that will make sure you enjoy the best relaxing experience with the massager. Also, depending on the type of massage mode, you can have the nodes concentrate more on the upper or lower back.

The soothing heat therapy and the seat vibration are what you need for getting deep into the muscle knots. Well, you are in luck as this one will be the right massage machine for you. The vibrations can be adjusted up to three levels of intensity. As such, it is something you would want to get right now.

You can set it up on any chair and start the massage. It is why many would carry it around and start using whenever they need a massage. You are likely to find such a massage chair in the office too.

  • It comes with multiple massage nodes
  • It is good for a full body massage
  • The vibration intensity is easily adjustable
  • Some feel the heat function could have a more temperature range

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Photo credit: Amazon

For those in the market for a deep and powerful upper back massage machine, then a percussion gun such as this one should be a top consideration. The unit features a powerful motor important for delivering the best high penetration that you need.

Because of its performance, the unit stands out as a top choice for athletes and those who like to workout. You can always get those muscle tensions in the upper back for a nice relief experience. Also, the same percussion gun will be good for pre-workout warmups that you might have to handle.

As much as it comes with a powerful motor, the unit is still good in terms of maintaining its quietness. It is why you will find many using it for relaxation too. When you are trying to relax, the last thing you want is a loud massage gun.

The model also stands out for having multiple intensity levels. Having 5 intensity levels and 5 massage heads means that it will be good in terms of versatility. Depending on the type of massage you hope to achieve, then you can always increase or decrease the intensity level. The same goes for the massage heads.

  • The design makes it easy to handle
  • It is super quiet and portable
  • The powerful motor delivers on the best deep muscle massage
  • No heat therapy

Naipo Back Stretcher

Photo credit: Amazon

This is a top upper back massage machine designed to be a yoga mat for the best portability. You can now take it anywhere and give yourself the best back massage that you ever need. By using this mat, you will end up improving the back strength, flexibility, and also the vertebral health.

To make it better in performance, the massager comes with 4 stretching programs. These programs are going to be good for relaxation and stretching. Having up to 8 air bladders makes it good for the various needs that you might have in terms of massage. These bladders will inflate and deflate precisely to give you a nice massage.

There are 4 massage treatments that you get with the unit and 3 adjustable intensities. So, if you want a relaxing massage, you can always choose the lowest intensity. As for those who need a deep massage, then the highest intensity will be a nice choice for you to consider also.

Since it allows to be easily folded away for storage, you will find it being a portable option. It is why you might want to keep in mind when looking for the best upper back massage machine.

Still, it comes with a gentle heat function. The heat will not be too much that you feel as if it is burning you. It will be a soothing heat that helps you enjoy your massage time.

  • It has a soothing heat therapy
  • The mat is easily portable
  • There are multiple massage modes
  • It needs regular cleaning

Buying Tips

Photo credit: Bestspy

The usability of an upper back massage machine can determine if it will be easy or hard to use. Look at the design and its controls to see if it is an easy to use massage machine. The last thing you want is a unit that will take more time to figure it out. Luckily, most models in the market will be easy to use. Look at the product reviews to see what other people say about it.

The size

The size can often affect its portability. For someone who needs a portable massage machine, then it would be best to get yourself a compact massager. The size will also vary depending on the type of massage functionality. It would be best to get a model that offers the best massage functionality even if it means going for a larger massage machine.

Massage nodes

The massage nodes impact how the unit will be good in terms of getting deep into the muscles. For the upper back, you need a model with multiple massage nodes. Such nodes will help you achieve a deep muscle massage. Some can have two nodes, while others will have up to eight nodes. As such, it is best to get yourself a model with more massage nodes.

Intensity levels and modes

The intensity levels and massage modes can determine how good the massager will be for you. We recommend that you get yourself the best upper back massage machine with multiple massage modes and intensity levels. Having such features makes it possible to customize the massager to suit your needs.


The vibration feature is an important consideration for anyone who needs the best relief during a massage. The vibration is good for getting deep into the muscle knots to relieve you of any muscle tension that you might having at the moment. It will be nice if the model allows you to adjust the vibration intensity too.  

Heat therapy

As part of helping you relax better, having a heat function is highly important. It is why we recommend that you get a model that comes with the best heat therapy too. The warmth that comes from the heat therapy is good for boosting the blood circulation and also soothe the pain you might be experiencing in your upper back.


Can you use the upper back massage machine too much?

Considering that such back massage machines can give you the best relaxation, some people tend to overuse them. We recommend that you only use the massager 4 times a week for the best experience.

What should you avoid doing after a massage?

It is okay to take water for hydration after a massage, but at least for a few hours stay away from alcohol and caffeine as they can be dehydrating.

Do you feel high after a massage?

There are many studies that show a massage helps to release the feel-good hormone called Oxytocin. It is why you can feel really good and relaxed after a massage.


For those who might have been neglecting their upper backs, now you know which upper back massage machine to buy. Getting the best massage machine will help you to end up with the best massage experience and relaxation. You should go ahead and check out the various options we have mentioned above to find the one within your budget and one that can also cater for your massage needs.

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