Lumbar Back Massager with Heat: Best 4 in the Market

Looking for a massager for your back can be difficult at first especially if you are looking for a massager that targets your specific region of pain. One of the most common types of back pain is the lower back or lumbar back pain. Sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable position or in a chair with no proper back support trigger this type of body pain. Good thing there are various lumbar back massager with heat to ease that pain by promoting blood circulation and loosening those tight muscles.

Since there are plenty of back massagers to choose from, we conducted a review of the 4 best lumbar massager in the market. They are made of high quality durable materials and equipped with heat function for faster relief of pain. Want to know more of their features? Find out below!

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Understanding Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is one of the popular ways of providing back pain relief, specifically lumbar pain relief. The primary reason for this is because heat therapy loosens those tight muscles, hence promoting proper circulation of blood which supplies a sufficient amount of oxygen to reach the joints and muscles. The blood flow helps in getting rid of inflammation recovers damaged muscles and improves back rigidity.

Any kind of heat therapy aids in relieving back pain. There are plenty of back massagers with heat in the market but you can always improvise at home to give your lumbar a heat therapy. But of course advanced features of electric heat massagers is more soothing and you can see the effect faster. Not only they have a heating function but some lumbar back massagers come with vibration and other massage techniques to release muscles tensions.

The amazing benefits of heat therapy are the reason why it has been using almost all massage salons. Some of the ways massage salons incorporate heat therapy are by placing warm stones on top of the client’s back. This makes their session extra special.

Important features of Lumbar Back Massager

When looking for the perfect lumbar back massager for you, it is important that you are well aware of its features.


Lumbar back massagers with heat come in different sizes. If you want a small and portable massager, look for the a neck pillow size massager. It is also great if the device is foldable so you can bring it anywhere. This is idea for people who always suffer from lumbar pain. To make the right choice, make sure that you know what you determine your preferences.

*Manual or Electric

Even though electric back massagers are popular these days, there are individuals who prefer manual massagers. The types of manual back massagers are foam rollers, S-shaped massager, and cane massager. As for the electric back massager, there are cushion massager, belt massager, TENS unit, massage guns. If you are after having a massage with heat function, then you choose a massager under the electric type lumbar back massager.


If you want a back massager that will give you the closest massage experience to a salon, look for a massager that comes with this Japanese massge technqique. The concept is to imitate the hands of a professional therapist.

*Auto Shutdown

Safety must be your priority and it is the same with brands that sell back massagers. Look for auto shut down feature to prevent overheating. The only problem with auto shut down is if you cannot locate the pain point, you need more time.


Are you a home buddy or do you go to work? If it is the former, you can look for medium to large size massager. But if you want to bring the device anywhere you go, it must be portable and easy to use. Look for lumbar back massager and with heat in appropriate size and weight. More so, you can buy a back massager for cars. But usually, these type of massagers can be used by passengers with stable position.


The same with size, the shape is also important. Massager comes in different shapes depending on which body part you will use it for. For lumbar massagers, they are usually in the shape of a neck pillow or back support for chairs. Whether you want to buy an S-shaped or belt massager, make sure that it can reach the part where you feel the pain.


If you are not fond of the auto shut down feature, at least look for the timer feature. This is suitable for people who find it hard to locate the part where their pain is coming from. You can set the timer by adding the minutes you think it will take you to find that spot.

What Can You Get from Using Lumbar Back Massager with Heat?

Using a lumbar back massager with heat comes with several benefits compared to using a regular back massager. What are other benefits of lumbar back massager aside from pain relief?

1.Better Sleep Quality

Massage therapy improves lowers the chance of having insomnia. It clears your mind of all the worries and allows you to pause for a while and calms your mind and body. People who have trouble sleeping reported that having a massage before going to bed improved their condition.

2. Lifts Your Mood

Endorphins are responsible for calming your nervous system and producing positive hormones. Back massage has been shown to be an effective way of relieving anxiety.

3. Improve Circulation of Blood

While a regular massage is effective in relieving body pain. A lumbar back massager with the added heating function aids in the rapid and effective relief of back pain. The heat therapy releases tension and loosens compressed muscle tissues.


OUR TOP PICK: Goldensky Electric Back Massager with Heat

Product Name: Goldensky Electric Back Massager with Heat

Product Description: For fast relief of pain on your lumbar and waist, buy the Electric Back Massager with Heat and Vibration from Goldensky. They added an electrotherapy function which other regular back massagers do not have. More so, it utilizes different stimulants to get rid of sore muscles and decreases rigidity in the spine. Aside from that, it also uses infrared heat and light therapy for superior comfort and pain relief. It provides one of a kind support for you lumbar. Easy to use and portable, allowing you to use it at your home, in the office, or in your bedroom before going to bed.

Availability: InStock

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Features
  • Durability


Give ultimate comfort on your waist and provide support for your lumbar. Rebuild your lumbar and achieve the 26 degree curve right. This lumbar back massager allows your lumbar to do sport. It improves your mobility and gets rid of your pain. 

On top of that, it features an electrotherapy function that other massagers do not have. The six available functions are eating, Tuina, hammer, cupping, Guasha, needle. 


Comes with electrotherapy function

Compact design

Uses infrared heat and light therapy 

Best for on the go relief



none so far




Make Lemonade Lumbar Back Massager with Heat

Lumbar Back Massager with Heat: Best 4 in the Market

Product description:

Next on our list is the Make Lemonade Lumbar Back Massager with heat made with mesh fabric. Perfect for people who always suffer from lumbar pain. You do not need to go to a salon or speed dial your therapist because this lumbar massager will make your pain go away.

It gives you intense pressure with its 12 rotating nodes! It not only massage your lumbar back but also your mid back, providing you wider coverage. The nodes do not just stay where they are. They move up and down to give you a contour massage. In case you get bored with the heat function, you can choose to turn it of off and just have a regular back masssage.

Worry that your massage will get interrupted by the remote? This back massager comes with integrated control. The massager will automatically shut down so as to prevent overheating. Its built-in handles make carrying this massage easy.


The dimensions of this product are 19.5 x 7 x 19 inches. The package comes with a Make Lemonade Shiatsu Massager and power adapter. This device is powered with 110V and features auto shut down to prevent overheating.


This lumbar back massager with soothing heat and shiatsu uses 12 massage nodes with soothing heat to flushes the tension away. Very effective in providing lumbar support if used properly in a regular-sized kitchen or office chair. It is portable and lightweight. Aside from that, it features soft, plush, fabric, breathability. More so, it comes with shiatsu massage, subtle heating element, controls, and directional adjustment. It is very easy to adjust to the comfort of your own home.


✔️ Comes with 12 rotating nodes for deep tissue massage

✔️ Portable

✔️ User friendly


❌Not suitable for vehicles


Comfier Vibrating Pad with Heat for Back Pain

Lumbar Back Massager with Heat: Best 4 in the Market

Product description: For lumbar back pain, we also recommend the Comfier Vibrating Pad with Heat. This product with auto shut off can be used on your lumbar, legs, and abdominal. It is perfect for fast relief of muscle pain, cramps, and other types of pain as the pads easily heat up once your turn it on.

Choose from the 4 vibration motors to experience a relaxing vibrating massage. This makes the process of relieving tension at on your back, neck, and shoulder much faster.

Aside from that, it features 3 massage modes, 2 vibration intensities, and 2 levels of heat. Personalize your experience to get your desired comfort. To ensure your safety, this massager, has auto shut off to prevent overheating.


One size fits all for this massager. The strap is adjustable and extends up to 62 inches. Both men and women regardless of age or weight can enjoy this heating pad. The material is made up of super comfy velvet cloth. The soft polyester provides the ultimate massage experience. It is safe to use and comes with an overheating protection system. UL approval 12V home adapter is included.


Make your life comfier with this vibrating pad with heat that easily heat up ot provide warmth for your back, legs, neck, and other parts of your body. It comes with four powerful vibration modes, two heat levels, and overheating protection system.


✔️ Flexible to fit all

✔️ Safe to use

✔️ Heat up quickly within one minute


❌Only 2 intensities of vibration


Papillon Back Massager with Heat

Lumbar Back Massager with Heat: Best 4 in the Market

Product description: Last on our list but definitely not the least, the Papillon Back Massager with Heat. It utilizes deep tissue kneading for releasing tension in your shoulders, legs, neck, back, and foot. You can use it in at your home, officer, or even at the car (provided you are the passenger and in stable position).

One great thing about this massager is that it is designed for you to easily target the pain point. Its powerful 3D massage nodes that move upward and downward. This relaxes your lumbar, neck, legs, and other parts.

Aside from that, it is made of superior quality fabric design to give a cozier experience and soft touch. It is made of durable materials for long term use. 3 adjustable speeds allow you to achieve the appropriate pressure


The infrared heat temperature is safe for human temperature which is 113℉/45℃. To prevent overheating, it automatically shuts down after 15 minutes. Both AC adapter (110-220V ) and Car adapter (12V DC) are included by back neck massager. Perfect for home, office, and car.


The Papillon Massage Pillow that is suitable to use for your back, neck, and legs comes with heat function for a deep tissue massage. You can use the infrared heat, has bi-directional massage mode and three speed levels. It uses a mild but deep massage for the fast pain relief.


✔️ Made with superior quality fabric

✔️ Multifunctional

✔️ 4 powerful 3D massage nodes


❌Shuts down after 15 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I drive and use a back massager at the same time?

A: There are back massagers that you can use in the car, provided that you are not the driver. You can see this from the majority of back massager manuals. But if you want support for your lumbar, there are always lumbar support cushion. If you are traveling for several hours and your back aches, you can stop for a while and use the massager for 15 minutes.

Q: How many minutes should I set the timer for my back massager?

A: It depends. If it is your first time to use a back massager, it is better to try it for 5 minutes and see how your body responds. Adjust it to 10 minutes for your next sessions. Expert advice that you only use an electric massager for 15 minutes daily. This is enough to release muscle and tension for pain relief.

Q: How much does a back massager costs?

A: The price of a back massager varies depending on its type. The manual back massager is cheaper because they do not need a motor to operate. They require strength and effort from you, whereas electric back massagers are expensive because not only they need little to no effort from you, but they also promise to give a professional massage experience.

Final Words

Massage with heat therapy, in comparison to a regular massage is proven to be more effective in lumbar pain relief because it loosens tight muscles and improves blood circulation. Since having a massage with your therapist every time your back hurts is not wallet friendly it is best to have our own lumbar back massager with heat. When buying a back massager, make sure that it is made of superior quality materials and is safe from over heating. We highly recommend the Goldensky Heat and Vibration back massager. Brands like Make lemonade, Comfier, and Papillon sells promising lumbar back massager with heat. Just remember to choose a device that best suits your personal needs and preferences.

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