Electric Pulse Machine for Muscles: Quick Look

An Essential Beginning to Electric Pulse Machine for Muscles:

Electric muscle simulation has taken us far in the leagues of physical therapeutic treatment. When we explore the possibilities of treating pain with electric pulses, maybe stretch a little, it might hit closer for comfort for everyone. Think of it like drinking a more effective paracetamol, minus the drug and a little bit more spice. Electric spice, that is. Think bigger and it tries to defeat desensitize types of pain in the later line of therapy. That’s the magic of electric pulse machine for muscles.

Since the beginning of it thoroughly investing on physiological help for individuals, it leaped with technology.

Yes, conceptually, that is how an electric pulse machine would work. These kinds of therapy would fall under electric therapy. For such kinds of treatment, you would attach electrode pads on the surface, then the device emits electric waves which would eventually lessen pain.

he feeling there is that the electric emittance creates a reaction that naturally either numbs pain or helps release hormones that lessen it. Otherwise it could also create contractions which would attempt to improve the muscle strength of the patient.

There are two major kinds of electric pulse machines and more to maybe mention along the way.

Kinds of E-Stim or Electric Pulse Machine for muscles


TENS machines are one that we are primarily more versatile in functions as the latter that we would mention. They are also particularly popular within physical therapy centers as they cater to both short-term and long-term muscle pains. The electric signals release hormones that would later on prevent the pain from being felt.

Think of it as a numbing effect, or if not a numbing effect, something that blocks the pain before it is felt. Kind of cool, right?

Still, there are detriments to having this kind of Electric Muscle Stimulation. For example, it is kind of like a drug that develops a form of tolerance that is famously called “accommodation.” This kind of tolerance builds up in a way that there has to be an adjustment of intensity and frequency, but prolonged exposure may deem it useless.

Of course, in controlled settings that would rarely be a problem. But even so, there are other things to take note of while using it. For example, one should not use it if they are pregnant, epileptic, or are using any metal implants on the body.


This device caters to strengthening the muscles through contractions. They don’t burn fats or anything of that sort, but they do serve a more therapeutic goal. Strengthening muscles generally helps boost immune systems to a degree. During rehabilitation of any kind, it tends to stimulate the area in order to keep the muscles there active.

A double effect for this is to relieve pain, however it does not serve as its primary function, in contrast to that of the TENS unit.

Major Differences

The names of the modalities will tell you their differences though. The TENS unit targets the nerves while EMS targets muscles helping it to contract in order to prevent atrophy from disuse.

In this display it would look like the two become a pair in the physical therapy office.

Moonlighting Aside: Other E-Stims

There are also a variety of devices that can be used for the benefit of rehab. Some can be for tissue repair while others have heavy duty type of concerns going up to straight up healing. Having a set of specialized machinery helps provide a good environment for the patients. For those at home that could access these tools (if allowable), immediate proper care should be observed. Some of them are noted below:

Electric Stimulation for Tissue Repair

This one kind of electric pulse machine for muscles, they conduct electricity in order to heal wounds as quickly as they can, hence tissue repair. The process of tissue repair goes from inflammation, proliferation, and then remodeling. With the device, it sets up conditions that would not necessarily be the all-end reason for repair but serves as a catalyst for it.

Interferential Current

The IFC is similar to the purpose of the TENS unit, however it is different from the former in because the former penetrates the tissue deeper in order to alleviate pain. It is a focus in treatment pre and post Orthopedic surgeries.

And of course, the more that aren’t mentioned within this article still hold a great depth in the chiropractic community.

Much Ado: Importance to Physical Therapy

This part of physical therapy has to be acknowledged, where the physiological meets reparations that the body itself can’t fix. Most of the time for these cases, they are for recurring and or chronic pain that would need direct action. This is beyond what is visibly seen as just “massages,” and the devices help appropriate that.

Physical therapy is growing to be more progressive and reliant on electric pulse machine for muscles. With these options that are presented, then efficacy is more likely for healing in ongoing therapy.

At this continuous rate, just imagine what better things can come from the help of the E-Stim therapeutic machines. In the ongoing pursuit of perfection for the electric pulse machine for muscles, the options at the moment are the only ones presented to us (from the TENS unit to the EMS and the varying unmentioned but honorable,

Why One Should Consider Using E-Stims:

E-Stims being similar to band-aids and bandages that are more proactive with treatment if it is done right. Normally it is 36 NMES sessions over a 16-week period, but it may vary for every treatment. Think about it, if you want to be accommodated at the best that you can be then why not start by what could be readily accessible for you?

For one to start, the TENS unit, after all, is ready for purchase in most areas. More than that, there is a portable type of unit that helps bring it around for travel. It is applicable for home treatment for people who can’t get their treatment outside of their homes.

With the Electric Muscle Stimulator doing the trick against atrophy, it doubles as a cushion from unwarranted effects whatsoever, while also having to be needed in sparing times.

Expense-wise, Is it Accessible?

Yet again – if I had mentioned it being available, I must stress this important note for everyone – another fun fact about the devices is that. Yes, you can purchase them for home use. And they’re as cheap as roughly $20, upwards.

For those not considering home therapy, they could also opt for a different option which is to go to readily functional clinics with a wider variety of devices for their specific kinds of treatment. An electrical pulse machine for muscles isn’t considered something that should be out of reach so a lot of therapy insurances can cover them up quite well.

Either way, what matters is that EMS and TENS are readily available upon use from home treatment and from the professionals that would be treatment you.

What kind of illnesses does it affect?

The following would be the illnesses that E-Stimulation can help alleviate pain from:

  • chronic pain
  • arthritis
  • muscle conditioning (mostly for athletes, such as long-distance runners)
  • muscle injury from trauma or disease
  • nerve inflammation
  • poor muscle strength
  • spinal cord injury
  • stroke
  • surgery recovery

There are more among the roster. It isn’t quite difficult to say that they have successfully fulfilled a lot along the “usefulness” scale, now isn’t it? For the most part the potential is still unkempt but then these devices have their specialized and accepted purpose which makes the treatment every patient may go through as effective as possible

Heed a Warning

There are some ailments that contraindicate with the machine, such as heart ailments, and epilepsy. Pregnant women are advised to not use them unless for labor pains, and at specific conditions only. Limited use for pain relief is required as accommodation occurs and may lead to ongoing atrophy if so.

Final Words?

Electric pulse machine for muscles have practically shaped what we now know of physical therapy. It isn’t bad to get some time to actually get the mood for treatment once you experience pain of the heavy kind. A lot of the regular pain we could even have could be treated with such, for example with TENS unit and period pains, etc.

It’s not a debatable thing to say that they’re useful because hands down they’ve proven themselves. From TENS units that treat a variety of pain relief options, to the other lesser known types that focus on more concentrated forms of procedures, then the EMS for muscle contractions.

We’ll give E-Stim as part of Physical Therapy as an honorable progress. Especially amongst all that we can offer on our site, after all.

Hopefully this would entice people to actively check on themselves and urge to the help that these devices can offer in kind! It is best to always prevent further pain before it goes any bad up to a gravity of worse. Remember: a part of care is to acknowledge that sometimes pain, as an evident portion of not being okay, should be treated immediately.

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