Do Scalp Massages Work for Hair Growth?

Wondering if do scalp massages work for hair growth? 

Nowadays, many people are encountering problems on their hair loss and thin hair. That’s why they do try scalp massage using scalp massager and other different ways. 

Using a scalp massager promotes hair growths and it massage the scalp to relax the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings. 

According to some research, scalp massage turns out to be the best solution when it comes to regrow hair. The scalp massage may stimulate the hair and scalp follicles to grow and strengthen. 

In this article, we will tackle some of the basic anatomy lesson about the structure of hair. As well as to understand exactly how this scalp massage works for your hair growth. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is a scalp massage? 

A scalp massage is like a massage you’d get for your neck, back, or body. Nonetheless, a scalp massage is typically done a little more delicately. It’s generally managed without oil, yet you can use it if you like.  

Basically, scalp massage or also known as the ‘’head massage’’ is the manual incitement of the scalp utilizing hands or specially-designed devices. It’s a training utilized for an plenty of purposes, including stress reduction and migraine relief.  

Another reason that head massage serves is the development of more up to date, more grounded hair. This is a well-known practice among the male pattern baldness network, and one that can furnish you with various hair-related advantages.  

An ordinary scalp massage utilizes the fingertips as it were. There’s additionally the alternative of utilizing a scalp massaging device that works to mimic the weight of your fingertips.  

The Structure of the Scalp  

Much the same as the profound roots covered up underneath a tree, the hair that you can see is just a bit of the entire picture.  

Beneath the skin’s surface lies the foundation of the hair strand, which is encased in a covering called the follicle. Joined to every follicle is a muscle called the erector pili, which is associated with an individual sebaceous organ. This organ is basic on the grounds that the oil it secretes sebum is the thing that conditions the hair and skin so as to keep it solid.  

At the point when the scalp stops to regrow hair in regions where it recently developed well, this is the start of male pattern baldness.  

Numerous individuals accept that qualities alone decide the probability of hair sparseness. In any case, while hereditary qualities or a plenitude of specific hormones has been connected to male pattern baldness, new research difficulties the presumption that you can’t keep away from it if it “runs in the family.” It could conceivably be conceivable to knead your approach to better hair.  

The Benefits of Scalp Massage  

Some of the benefits of the scalp massage are the ff; 

It Stimulates Blood Flow  

At the point when male pattern baldness happens because of Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), it’s because of the nearness of DHT. In any case, this triggers a procedure known as hair scaling down, and this prompts diminished blood stream to the follicle.  

Basically, aggravation happens when DHT joins to hair follicles that are touchy ordinarily on the hairline and crown. This makes the follicle scale down, and in the end the hair can no longer push through the scalp. If not treated, this prompts changeless hair sparseness.  

Under the surface, nonetheless, another issue is happening. This is the cutting off of blood stream.  

As the hair follicle scales down, the association between the bulb and the veins is debilitated. This is to a great extent because of irritation.  

At the point when this occurs, oxygen and supplements are less ready to advance toward the hair.  

Additionally, squander, (such as DHT and CO2) can’t be removed. So, while diminished bloodstream isn’t the reason for male pattern baldness, it’s a significant supporter of proceeded with hair development issues. What’s the arrangement?  

Luckily, scalp massage can improve blood stream to the scalp. In the event that DHT is focused on at the same time, it’s conceivable to restore your hair follicles to their previous health. 

Scalp Massage Reduces Muscle Tension  

Stress is a typical reason for male pattern baldness, and it can happen intensely a one-time occasion or constantly. There are numerous approaches to battle pressure, yet one of the more mainstream techniques is knead.  

As we stress, our bodies will in general become tenser. This strain would then be able to prompt sentiments of more pressure, and the endless loop proceeds.  

Any individual who’s at any point had a hairdresser massage their scalp realizes that it’s amazingly unwinding to have the nerves on the skin’s surface invigorated with delicate weight. Research shows that scalp massage can bring down pulse, decrease levels of pressure hormones, and moderate pulse. Scalp massage can be a simple pressure reliever and one that can work viably to diminish mental pressure and physical strain  

Scalp Massage is Convenient  

You can do your own scalp massage, or exchange kneads with a companion or cherished one. A scalp massage can take as meager as 15 minutes, and should be possible anyplace.  

It Promotes Sebum Production  

The customary creation of sebum just the logical term utilized for skin oil. It is a significant piece of a solid and all-around supported scalp. Nonetheless, the utilization of cruel synthetic items and day by day contact with outside poisons can prompt a brought down sebum level.  

For clear reasons, low degrees of sebum creation can prompt dryness and chipping. This can compound balding because of tingling and scouring. Thus, low degrees of sebum can prompt a sleek scalp. This is on the grounds that your scalp will attempt to overcompensate and create more oil that you need.  

Scalp massage is an extraordinary method to direct the creation of sebum and keep the levels on your scalp at a solid and advantageous level.  

Scalp Massage Helps Balance the Nervous System  

Pressure point massage of the head has been demonstrated to loosen up physical pressure and accomplish balance in the sensory system.  

Scalp Massage Reduce Headaches and Migraines  

In case you’re planning to ease an annoying strain cerebral pain or headache, a massage is an extraordinary option. Research shows that scalp massage can help decrease the recurrence of incessant massage. Just as different advantages like the state of mind support through increments in serotonin, the “upbeat hormone.”  

Scalp Massage Promotes Hair Growth  

One investigation found that scalp massage can support hair development.  

How to Perform Scalp Massage  

While a massage appears to be a basic enough practice, there are good and bad methods for doing one. For best outcomes, investigate the guidelines laid out beneath.  

The Traditional Scalp Massage 

Do Scalp Massages Work for Hair Growth?
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A traditional scalp massage includes the utilization of your fingertips as it were.  

Utilize the fingertips of two hands to apply light to medium strain to your scalp, moving in little circles. Work your way over your scalp to cover all areas.  

Try to massage your scalp utilizing your fingertips for in any event 5 minutes one after another, few times each day.  

Likewise, you can get a scalp massage from a certified massage therapist. The cost will fluctuate contingent upon the length of the massage.  

Massage While Washing Your Hair  

In case you’re in a hurry, you can utilize the traditional massage technique illustrated above while you’re washing your hair.  

Utilizing your fingertips, tenderly back rub your cleanser or conditioner into your hair for 5 minutes. At that point wash your hair not surprisingly.  

Use a Scalp Massager  

In case you’re in a rush, or in the event that you’d favor an alternate technique, you can also utilize a scalp massager with a similar beneficial outcome.  

There are various sorts of scalp massagers. However, not all serve the equivalent purpose. As with body kneads, there are additionally uncommon apparatuses you can purchase for a scalp massage 

Albeit a few dermatologists suggest utilizing a scalp massager, others accept that a fingertip knead is similarly as compelling. At last, it depends upon you to choose which technique works best for you.  

Scalp massager devices also come as brushes or light handheld elastic massagers. You can work these all over your scalp similarly that you’d utilize your fingers.  



The massager’s purpose is to wash down your hair inside and out, leaving a delicate inclination on your scalp. It should reduce dryness and give an agreeable shower understanding.  

This thing is ideal for scalp irritation help. It is completely waterproof so you can appreciate a loosening up head knead directly under the shower.  

The brush should suit different hair types, regardless of the thickness of the hair. It is produced using totally waterproof materials, which implies it tends to be utilized under running water and on wet hair. Not just individuals can profit by this item. Indeed, even your pet will adore it for the delicate touch and kneading developments.  

With regards to knead, this thing is ideal for furnishing you with an impression of unwinding and smoothness. The structure of the brush will rub your head more adequately than your hands will ever have the option to do. It will reach even the least open bits of your scalp to clean all the soil that collects there.  

Overall, this is a quality item that serves both as a brush and as a massager. It accompanies at a phenomenal value, which is one more acceptable preferred position. 

Scalp Massage with Essential Oils  

You can also use essential oils with your scalp massage. Animal studies have indicated that both peppermint and lavender oils may help advance hair development.  

How to do: 

Blend 1 to 2 drops of lavender or peppermint oil with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, like jojoba or dissolved coconut oil. Apply legitimately to your scalp and afterward utilize your fingertips or a scalp massager to delicately work the oils into your scalp.  

Before applying any essential oil to your scalp, make certain to do a fix test on a little zone of your skin first to ensure you’re not unfavorably susceptible.  

Which Oil Should You Use?  

There are numerous essential oils and bearer oils that can carry extra advantages to your scalp massage schedule. However, the oils you pick will rely upon your objectives. 

Pick oils that invigorate hair growth and also the ones that suit your hair type. You can also blend two oils of your decision or include a couple of drops of basic oils, such as the rosemary to the carrier oils to make hair growth advancing creations! 



Caffeine, in white powder structure, is utilized in oils for whiskers and hair to enter and invigorate hair roots. What’s more, it works for the two people. Essentially, caffeine squares DHT that harms hair follicles and is mostly liable for male example sparseness.  

Which raises to Essy’s Natural Growth Hair Oil. For one, it’s implanted with caffeine, yet in addition incorporates the entirety of the nutrients, supplements, and cell reinforcements that invigorate longer and quicker hair development – including castor oil and biotin.  

Not exclusively does Natural Hair Growth Oil advance hair development, yet it likewise makes diminishing hair thicker, fixes split finishes, and even assists with causing your hair to have a shinier look. Additionally, you’ll like how it causes your hair to feel smoother and more grounded.  

Characteristic Growth Hair Oil is non-paraben, non-sulfate, non-gluten, and its delicate equation isn’t excessively cruel on hair follicles.  

It additionally accompanies a 100% money back guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied to the product, send it back for a full discount. 

Do Scalp Massages Work for Hair Growth? 

Generally speaking, even though scientific evidence shows that it doesn’t cure hair loss. YES, it works for hair growth! 

Scalp massagers are a sheltered option in contrast to cleaning with your nails or fingers. Since there’s way less space for blunder. While it’s kind of a bummer that there is certainly not a direct logical connection between scalp massagers and hair growth. Peeling your scalp assists expels with drying skin and creates environment for a happy, healthy and solid scalp.  

As indicated by a little 2016 research, scientists inferred that customary scalp massage may prompt thicker hair. This examination included nine men who got a 4-minute scalp massage every day for 24 weeks. Toward the finish of the examination, it was discovered that the men had thicker hair than toward the beginning.  

Some research from 2019 bolstered these discoveries. This examination depended on overview reactions from 340 members who had adhered to explicit directions by doing twice a day scalp massage to improve male pattern baldness.  

As per oneself revealed discoveries, roughly 69 percent of members detailed that their alopecia had improved.  

The advantages of a scalp knead for hair growth focuses on the hair follicles. Every hair on your head begins its life inside a follicle, found just underneath the skin on your scalp.  

As indicated, scalp massage builds hair thickness by extending the cells of hair follicles. This, thus, invigorates the follicles to create thicker hair. It’s also believed that a scalp massage may help expand veins underneath the skin, accordingly promising hair growth.  

In spite of the fact that the research is constrained, what’s known so far shows some guarantees to scalp massages and hair growth. 

Final Words: 

Although scalp massages can’t cure hair loss, some show that it promotes hair growth. 

If you have problems with hair loss, you can try some alternative way at your home. 

Whether you will use scalp massager or essential oils the most important is you do it correctly. 

However, if you’re hair loss worsen, it would be better idea to follow up your doctor. 

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