Air Massage Chair – Here are the Top Picks

One of the best solutions to pamper ourselves from the tiring day is to relax using an air massage chair. It is a good choice to take those physical and mental stressors out of the body. Another thing is that utilizing this device means experiencing the advantages of massage therapy as well. Most people may not be aware of these health advantages from a good massage chair. To give you an idea, we will provide here the three of the best air massage chair available in town.

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How air massage chair works?

The way how the massage chair operates depends on its type. To have an idea of how it works, below are the different types of a massage chair.

Robotic massager

Despite being tech-savvy, the mechanism of the robotic massage chair is really basic. An inside device gives a sensational feel to the person sitting on it. A simple vibration elicits the sensational massage.

Meanwhile, other models have a massaging technique similar to that of a human therapist. Yet, all models objective is to give comfort and relief.

Mechanical massager chair

This type of massage chair is composed of rollers, motors, gears, and a vibrating device. In order to elicit the massaging action, couples of vibrating factors make up the simplest model of this type. This massage chair type utilizes minute devices that have a weighted wheel to produce vibrations.

The massage resulting from the mechanical type comes from the rollers similar to human hands. Moreover, the frame structure determines the pattern movements of the rollers. However, there are massage chair rollers that contain a restricted motion pattern.

Meanwhile, other models of this massage chair type have more advancement. They use a mechanical arm that allows the movement in a lateral or vertical manner. In simple terms, the rollers mobility can be on the left, to the right or in a circular motion.

The design of this massage chair works in various ways that use to recline it. Some models of reclining massage chairs have a system motor. There are other massage chairs that demand the pulling of the release handle by the user.

Water Massager

Water utilization is one of the alternative approaches to a mechanical type of massage chair. The idea of experiencing an amazing massage is through the use of water jets. Even though it uses water, it maintains the dryness of the user as well.

The design of the water massager is the same as the waterbed. A waterproof membrane is the main component of the chair’s backrest. Meanwhile, the front side of the massage chair has pairs of bars.

Air Massage Chair

Compared to the previous type, this one uses an airbag instead of water. The principle of gripping and squeezing the large muscles prior to releasing them is the idea behind this chair type. Relieving the muscle tension and relaxing them is the goal of an air massage chair.

There are some models, usually, the most modern ones, utilize various airbags. Knowing this, there are generally two main points of focus for this air massage chair. These points are the arms and the legs.

Further, other models of air massage chair provide focus on the backrest and the seat. The massaging process of the air massage chair works by airbags inflation and deflation. Through this, it mimics the tapping technique of human massage.

Is air massage chair good for the health?

Since, air massage chair can provide the benefits of having a massage therapy, its use may cause overall wellness. Here is a long list of health advantages of using an air massage chair.

Injury protection

Massage chair acts to relieve the pressure from the muscles. This process is essential to sustain a stable level of fitness. Moreover, an air massage chair helps the limbs and other parts of the body to move extremely.

Good posture

The designs of the massage chair primarily aim to give a direct effect on the back and spine. This results in the relaxation and expansion of the back muscles. Subsequently, it fuels up the blood circulation to realign the spine on its shape.

Stimulation of the stomach environment

Relaxation of the entire body muscles results in a positive effect on digestion. Because of the air massage chair that provides good blood circulation, body organs may be functional. Functioning at a higher level permits the body to digest food and nutrients properly.

Moreover, better digestion resulting from the utilization of air massage chair may lead to other health benefits. This includes the prevention of infections, gas build-up, and constipation. Due to this, a massage chair may improve the great food experience which results in a healthier body.

Enhancement of the immune system

Massage therapy including the use of massage chair helps in the stimulation of the body’s immune system. It assists in circulating the blood in the system in order to fight toxins. This body mechanism caters better immunity due to eliminating disease-causing materials.

Mood enhancement

The proper use of air massage chair may lead to an enjoyable and great experience. One effect of massage is the production of brain hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. These hormones fight stress and anxiety thus, avoiding the negative effects of living.

Good rehabilitation

Smooth transitioning to achieve a normal way of living is one of the positive effects of massage. Using a massage chair, comfort may achieve and pain may relieve. Furthermore, allowing a smooth flow of nutrients in the inactive body areas may result in unusual strength in facing a life-changing situation.

Everyday use of air massage chair

Experiencing the amazing benefits and relaxation provided by the air massage chair is really a good feeling. However, making use of the chair for longer periods may not be safe. To achieve the advantages of using an air massage chair, it is advisable to use it at a shorter span of time.

Generally, the allowable time on an air massage chair is fifteen minutes. Even though it is tempting to have a great massage with a massage chair, too much time on it cannot be good. Beginners may experience muscle bruising.

In addition, spending too much time on an air massage chair may also inflame and damage the body tissues. Luckily, there are lots of models that feature an automatic timer, a simple timer or alarm. Meanwhile, few models of air massage chair already have massages programmed on it.

After the completion of the fifteen minutes period, the next thing to do is to perform some physical activity like walking. Simple body movements help in removing the harmful substances emitted during the session at an air massage chair. Most importantly, to facilitate fast waste removal, consume a lot of water right after the massage session.

To experience the effect of the air massage chair, it is advisable to use it for around 3 to 4 times a week. This time frame can provide comfort to the lower back, neck, and shoulder. Meanwhile, for relaxation purposes, 1 to 3 times sessions in a week are good to schedule.

Air Massage Chair Buying Guide

Below are some things to take into account before buying an air massage chair.


There are massage chairs that have a good shape which fit in the user’s body or needs. It is good to take some feel of it by taking a sit over for a few second. 


Various shapes and styles of the air massage chair are available. There are those that used a combination of leather and polished wood as a material. Others massage chairs materials are synthetic leather and plastic.

But, remember that the function and quality of the massage chair outweigh its appearance. This is just a factor to consider when buying one.

Size and Place

Generally, the air massage chair is big and bulky. Because of this, thinking of the proper location to put the massage chair is important to take into account. The best locations applicable for this equipment are in the bedroom or home office.

Moreover, placing it close to the walls or in the corner is a no-no. There are some massage chairs that have head and foot recliners. The best thing to do is to compute for the space to consume by the massage chair.

When it comes to moveable massage chairs like those with wheels, look for a place that is not commonly occupied. Now, in case the massage chair will be used, it will be easily moved to a spacious place within the house. 


When buying an air massage chair, check that the pressure coming from it is appropriate. Massage chairs that are protruded and that can elicit firm movements are applicable for firmer massage. Meanwhile, massage chairs that have small rollers, nodules, and exhibit slight mobility are perfect for a less intense massage.

Adjustability and Durability

Some air massage chairs have built-in preset programs. Usually, preset programs attend particular issues in the backseat. Moreover, it is very advantageous to buy a massage chair that contains a wide range of adjustability.

Furthermore, it is good to look for a durable chair but, also consider its reliability and firmness. In addition, opt for those massage chair that has a modular style. This kind of massage chair can be easily removed and repaired once parts are broken.


Don’t be surprised at the price because massage chairs are expensive enough. That’s why many people are considering this device as an investment. Depending on its factors like the quality, features, design, and materials, the cost may vary. It may start from hundreds of dollars to a thousand dollars.

Yet, don’t take this factor as a hindrance for the desire to have one. Cutting off some features that are not really essential may help to find a massage chair that suits the budget.

Let’s take this one as an example, buying for massage chair without foot recliner when the purpose is to massage the back. This is as simple as buying a massage chair within the means and the right functions.

Top 3 Picks for Air Massage Chair


Product Name: Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Product Description: Buying an air massage chair would never be perfect if you shouldn’t buy a Real Rela 2020 Massage Chair. It offers a full body massage supported by 50 airbags placed on arms, shoulders, calves, hips, and feet. The full body massage setting has 8 massage rollers at the neck area. This massage chair comes with amazing features like Bluetooth play mode, LED lights, auto modes, and foot massage. The foot massage relieves the tension and pain on the foot through rollers and airbags. Another great feature of this excellent massage chair is its personalized massage method. Through the use of remote control, users can select the methods of massage or the particular body area to have the massage. With its two wheels, this air massage chair is easy to navigate.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock



As a full body massager, this contains 50 airbags concentrated on different focus areas of the body. The waist heater at the back promotes blood circulation.

This massage chair weighs 400 pounds. On the other hand, it has a height of 6.1 feet. 

Despite this, the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair is adjustable and transportable. Because of this, it is very ideal to be placed anywhere inside the house or office.



  • Smart control setting
  • Suitable height range
  • Moveable




  • Uncomfortable to sit-in


Sinulock N500 Massage Chair

Another excellent air massage chair that you shouldn’t miss is the Sinoluck N500 Massage Chair. This is a fully adjustable massage chair with eight massage focus areas located at the backrest. The air massage setting of this chair caters an entire head-to-toe massage with a relaxing experience.

Heaters are also present inside this air massage chair. This feature reduces the discomfort coming from fatigue muscles. It also offers customization so that the preferred massage can be achieved at any time of the day.

Other excellent features of this massage chair include its auto preset programs that can relieve body stress and tightness. It also has a vibration feature that takes away tension in problem areas of the body. And lastly, Sinulock N500 Massage Chair has foot roller massage that acts as acupuncture.


✔️ Fully adjustable

✔️ With lowert back heat therapy


❌Too narrow to sit-in

BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body and Recliner

Looking for a Shiatsu massage, this last pick may be good for you. BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body and Recliner is very easy to move because of the presence of the rollers at the bottom. Moreover, it is easy to repair as well.

This full-body massage chair has an overall count of 16 airbags. All of which is located at the strategic parts of the body like the arms, shoulder, thigh, hips, and feet. Faster recovery and reduced pains are results of this chair’s heat therapy system.

Transportation is not an issue with this air massage chair. It has a three separate packaging box that lowers the product volume. Delivering this chair to your home is very safe and convenient because of its packaging design.


✔️ Individualized packaging design

✔️ Moveable

✔️ Transport safe


❌ Not very comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Using an air massage chair is somehow different in using a comfortable chair. Based on studies, this kind of chair is intended to be used on a specific time span. Using the massage chair for more than 20 minutes is not advisable anymore.


A: There are some buttons in the air massage chair that are really designated to be used on emergency cases. Resetting a massage chair may either need a remote or just simply pressing a particular button. In case, the massage chair is not working properly, better to turn off the button. This way, the chair may be prevented from further damage.


A: Prior to purchasing a massage chair, the need to come up with the decision on its location is important. Placing the massage chair in the right area may assist in making your massage session enjoyable. Well, to have a better idea of its location, place somewhere that it is visible and accessible.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best air massage chair is beneficial to one’s health and overall wellness. However, too much use of it entails negative effects at some point. Yet, you have to consider some factors prior to its purchase as it can give you an idea on what’s the best one to buy. Looking back on our selections, what do you think of those air massage chairs? Kindly share your thoughts here! 

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