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After a tiring day, nothing beats a nice massage. But instead of booking an appointment to a local spa, you can get your own equipment for endless relaxation. This is the reason why we made Tutor Next.

Here at Tutor Next, we review, try, and suggest massage equipment so you can turn your home into your DIY massage spa.  We review massage chairs, recliners, massage guns, compression boots, TENS units, and a lot more! Our goal is to make relaxation easier, cheaper, and convenient for everyone.

We know that finding the best massage equipment is challenging with tons of options in the market nowadays. To save you from the hassle, our team curates, reviews, and lists our rigorously screened equipment for you to purchase and enjoy.

Our team is dedicated to make a difference in your quality of life through relaxing massages. Aside from topnotch equipment, we also offer our personal advice and tips for your benefit.

We want to highlight the perks of massage across ages. Massage plays a big role in our lives ever since we were babies and up to adulthood. Aside from being an avenue for relaxation, massage treatments also boost our wellness through better circulation and healthier muscles.

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