Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Most of the people neglect their feet, that sort of kindness and attention is well rewarded. 

Usually, massaging is limited to tendons and muscles soft tissues where strains and tensions can be worked out by deep and superficial massage techniques.  

That being said, feet can be consider as a bag of bones with tendons and ligaments that holds them together. There are only a couple of weak and tiny muscles beneath the arch in front of the heel bones. 

As to why do foot massages feel good? Well, it is not surprising as it gives change to have a good rest and relaxing feet. 

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Foot Massage Health Benefits  

If your feet are hurting in the wake of a monotonous day, a foot massage can give you much-required alleviation. However, it doesn’t simply feel better. Research shows that it has medical advantages, as well.  

Indeed, even a concise foot back rub can ease pressure and advantage you up. That is something to be thankful for, on the grounds that cutting pressure and bosting vitality raise the chances you’ll settle on solid decisions like practicing and eating right.  

In any case, how does rub do all that? It initiates your sensory system, which expands feel-great mind synthetic concoctions like endorphins. In one investigation, individuals who got foot knead after medical procedure to evacuate their index had less torment and utilized less painkillers.  

That is not all. Foot rub supports your dissemination, which assists with mending and keeps your muscles and tissues sound. That is particularly significant in the event that you have medical issues that add to poor flow or nerve harm, similar to diabetes.  

Scouring your feet additionally allows you to check for different issues, similar to bruises, corns, and ingrown toenails. In the event that you have poor dissemination, checking your feet for injuries is a smart thought. 

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Other Health Benefits 

Here are other health benefits that you can get by having a foot massages.

Alleviates Body Pain  

This is the best piece of reflexology. Whenever done cautiously, it treats agonies and hurts, for example, cerebral pains, headaches, neck torment, lower and upper spinal pains.  

Helps Relaxation  

Following a tiring and distressing day, a foot rub is a calming and loosening up approach to relax, especially in the sake of a difficult day of standing and strolling around, as the feet will swell up in general. Massage and reflexology of 5 to 10 minutes before hitting the sack can improve sentiments of general prosperity.  

Improves Blood Circulation  

Because of a stationary way of life, numerous individuals don’t utilize their feet muscles appropriately, subsequently obstructing great blood stream. Additionally, close, pointed shoes particularly high heels block flow. Ten minutes of foot rub day by day encourages in moving oxygen to the body’s cells, which is basic for by and large wellbeing.  

Improves Mood and Fights Depression:  

Foot massage and reflexology helps in battling sadness and depression. Certain focuses on the feet are useful in lightening despondency side effects. Rubbing these focuses or applying strain to them for a couple of moments 2 or 3 times each day can help assuage side effects of wretchedness.  

Eases Growing (edema)  

Ordinary foot rub during pregnancy can help diminish the impacts of edema, which is expanding in the feet and lower legs because of liquid maintenance. This is exceptionally regular during pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester.  

Advances Better Rest 

The best an ideal opportunity to do foot rub is before hitting the hay. A mitigating and loosening up foot knead improves the blood flow. This aides in getting a serene rest.  

Makes Feet Healthier  

One simple approach to help keep your feet sound and liberated from foot issues is an ordinary foot knead. It invigorates the muscles around your feet, decreases solidness and even diminishes torment in the lower legs or the impact points. In addition, a short 5-minute foot rub day by day will make your lower legs solid and adaptable, in this manner forestalling terrible lower leg and foot wounds. 

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good? 

It’s simply because the relaxing part that comes out to the foot massage gives intense feeling and it really feels GOOD! 

Our brain discharges feel-great synthetic substances and torment reduces. The therapist touch causes a quick response in your brain. When your skin’s nerve cells feel pressure, they signal the brain to discharge feel-great good synthetics called endorphins, which support your mindset and give you a characteristic high. 

Running, walking and general use of the fit, with the full force of gravity that hit the same areas imposes with our body weight. The massage rubs, kneads and touches the area do not get pound by walking. As well as the part that do differently. Massage can bring blood to the areas that have the blood is squeeze out by walking. 

Improving circulation in almost any area that do not get good circulation such as the neck, back, hands, feet, etc. will feels good. 

If the person that do the massage is trusted the relaxing part comes with the massage. But if the person is not trusted, some people feels stiffen up and they demand to stop it. 

All people can react to foot massage differently. Some really enjoy every touch and others are extremely ticklish.  

Generally, what is pleasure to some is painful to others. Therefore, when giving a massage it is important to ask the person or watch their reaction to make sure if they feel relax and good. 

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Steps in Giving Yourself a Foot Massage  

Proficient massage isn’t modest. Fortunately, you can get similar advantages at home for nothing by doing it without anyone’s help or requesting that your accomplice assist. The spots well on the way to get sore are anything but difficult to reach.  

Moderate pressure rub is protected and functions admirably for the vast majority with conditions like joint pain, fibromyalgia, and long-haul torment. You can also consider getting your first massage from an expert massage therapist. In the event that you had medical operations on your feet, converse with your primary care physician or podiatrist first to check whether foot massage is a good for you.  


Here is a steps for a doing foot massage without anyone else’s help foot massage; 

Step 1. Sit in a comfortable bed or seat. Bend your left leg and rest your left foot delicately on your correct thigh. Put one of your feet on your contrary thigh. In the event that you’d like, utilize a touch of moisturizer or oil (like coconut or argan) to enable your fingers to move easily over your skin.  

Step 2. Pour some skin salve or oil into your hand. Hold the front of your lower leg with one hand at that point squeeze the rear of your lower leg with the thumb and index finger of your other hand and pull down toward your heel.  

Step 3. Do a more profound massage. Press the knuckles of your correct hand into your left foot. Manipulate your foot as you would bread. Or then again work the skin and muscles by holding a foot with two hands and squeezing your thumbs into the skin.  

Step 4. Utilize your thumb to make little circles from the base of your heel up to the base of every one of your toes. You can likewise massage the base of your foot by squeezing your knuckles into it. Or then again hold your foot with two hands and press your thumbs legitimately into the base of your foot, working from the impact point up to simply underneath your toes.  

Step 5. By using your hands, gently pull the toes apart or back or fourth. This stretches the muscles underneath.  

Step 6. Wrap up by turning each toe daintily. At the point when you’re totally done, switch feet. If it harms, use less pressure. In case that you feel sharp agony, stop immediately.  

Step 7. Repeat it on the other foot.  

Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

Foot Massager Devices  

Food massager devices in neighborhood drugstores or wellbeing stores can also help to reestablish and relax your feet. Foot rollers are low-tech gadgets that can give quick foot rubs at home or at work. Essentially take off your shoes, and turn your vibe over the massagers for a snappy jolt of energy. 

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Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?


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Overall, this massager is excellent in many features. The effectiveness of the massage, the variable speed setting, and mostly the extreme durability of the machine, makes it worth every penny. Added with 1-year warranty and FDA certification you are sure that you have a safe and well-built foot massager.


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Similar to Accupressure, the Shiatsu applies pressure to specific pain points on your feet to reduce pains and aches of your daily life.  

Although, it’s not as effective as other deep tissue massage for severe muscles pain but it is highly effective for aches of playing sports, standing, or even wearing high heels all of the day. This foot massager provides Shiatsu massage to feet, encourage relaxation and helps to relieve tension.  

Furthermore, it also comes with the option; for vibration massage, rolling massage and deep kneading massage that makes it more highly effective for foot pain relief. 

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Nekteck Foot Massager Nekteck Foot Massager

If you’re looking for a deep kneading massage for the soles of your feet. Probably, you will love this machine. With its 6 massage nodes, the machine will apply pressure to the strained, tense, and achy parts of your feet. It delivers maximum pain relief at the end of the day. 

The machine emits infrared heat that won’t just heat up your skin but also pass in your joint and muscles to relax the tension, reduce pain, constriction and swelling. 

So, you’ll find your feet feels like a million bucks after few minutes on this deep and heat kneading massager. 

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  • A bit uncomfortable at first.

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MedMassager Speed Foot Massager MMF06 11

Got pains and aches to your legs that need on dealing with? Then, this is the best foot massager for you. Whether you are dealing with neuropathy, joint pain, circulation issues, diabetes-related, impacted caused injuries, foot muscle tension, or just fatigue of walking and wearing shoes around all day. 

The massager comes with dozens of built in pyramid shaped bumps that, when the machine vibrates, it applies wonderful massage pressure to the bottoms of your feet. Obviously, this foot massager provides effective pain relief every time. 

  • Adjustable controller.
  • High-quality massager.
  • You don’t need to apply pressure.
  • It is expensive.

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Why Do Foot Massages Feel Good?

The Facts Why Foot Massage Feels Good 

The feet are overlooked, even rebuffed, in regular day to day existence. We crush them into shoes, stroll on hard level surfaces, remain on them, and for the most part underestimate them, until they let us realize they’re harming.  

Gravity pulls liquids down into the feet, which is the reason you shouldn’t go shoe shopping late in the day your feet swell and why simply taking your shoes off and putting your feet up feels so great toward the finish of a day. The basic, simple yoga present “advantages the divider” does ponders for tired feet and legs.  

Relieving contact does considerably more. It works like massage somewhere else on the body, warming tissues, expanding dissemination, and stealing away metabolic waste. A decent foot back rub will incorporate the whole underside, the highest point of the foot, the lower leg bones, the toes, and in the middle of the toes. Slackening the associations between the metatarsal bones is particularly brilliant, given the hard level surfaces we for the most part stroll on.  

In reflexology, the feet have zones that compare to parts of the body. The toes identify with the head, the balls to the heart and lungs, the curves to the midsection and its organs, the impact point to the pelvis, legs, and feet. That is one motivation behind why a foot back rub can loosen up the whole body.  

In Chinese medication, a few meridians start in the feet and stream up the body. These incorporate the gallbladder, spleen, kidney, liver, and bladder, all yin meridians. So, a foot knead animates and balances vitality in those meridians and organs.  

A foot massage may really discharge endorphins just as decrease pressure hormones. Not a big surprise that it feels so GOOD! 


Q: Is it good to get a foot massage? 

A: Precisely, YES! Most especially when we feel aches and pain in our feet. It is good because it can give you a lot of relief that you need for your feet. 

Q: How long can a foot massage last? 

A: The normal massage for a particular body area will usually takes about 20 minutes. Usually, it should last no more than only 10 to 15 minutes. 


Sometimes we almost forgot that our feet also need care and attention.  

Having a foot massage once a while helps your feet rest and relax. The combination of touch and care really feels good and satisfying.  

So, why not get your foot massager and pamper your feet! Do you feel good while having a foot massage? Share with us your foot massage experience in the comment section below! 

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