Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat

The feet are the most hardworking yet most neglected parts of our body. We put them under stress a lot without even realizing it.  

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Ivation Foot Spa Massager 4.0 Check Price
Kendal All-in-one Foot Spa FB09 Check Price
Art Naturals Foot Spa Massager 4.0 Check Price
Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat 4.0 Check Price
MaxKare Foot Spa and Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles 4.0 Check Price

And after putting our feet through so much, the least that we can do for them is to pamper them.  

Going to a spa parlor can be a bit expensive and also super time-consuming. Worry no more. A heated foot spa massager is what you need. 

Foot spas cannot only soothe joints and muscle pain but can also improve blood circulation and promotes ultimate relaxation throughout the entire body. They’re a great stress-reliever and can even give you better sleep.  

With them, you can enjoy a luxurious spa-like treatment without spending money and also without leaving your home. 

Up ahead, we will share you best foot spa with heat. 

What is a Foot Spa?  

Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat

A foot spa otherwise called a foot bath is a little tub that is generally built of plastic. This little tub is the place you plunge your feet in for a decent relaxing time. Some foot spas are amazingly essential. Where you need to warm up water and fill them yourself. The best foot spas have a heating component that will warm the water for you. 

Likewise, you plug these spas in and you get knead rollers, scrubbers, and even water planes for a full foot treatment. It is the next best thing to booking an appointment at your preferred day spa. Numerous people will buy a foot spa to praise their at-home pedicure treatment. 


Our feet are very sensitive, and mostly we are not treating them as well as we should. Using a foot spa machine can provide the necessary relief that we need after a long day at work. This treatment can be helpful for all ages of people. 

But before purchasing one, here are some factors that you need to consider: 

Heating Function 

The best warmed foot spas have durable and productive heating components. This will keep the water warm and keep up it that way for length of time that you are enjoying the foot bath.

Some even can choose distinctive heat levels. You don’t need one that possibly gets the water tepid in case you like it extra hot. High temp water can be the distinction between a fair encounter and one that leaves your feet feeling restored, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 

Massaging Jets & Vibrating Rollers 

If you want to enjoy a foot spa massage. Powerful massaging jets are an unquestionable requirement that your foot spa have. A few models have essential vibrating capacities while others allows you to wrench up the power and even percussion type settings. 


For certain individuals’ bubbles will stimulate their feet and they can’t stand the inclination. However, different clients truly appreciate the experience and love to turn on the bubbles every once in a while. 

Foot Spas 

These models have the shallowest bowls. The water’s level will scarcely cover your feet when you’re kneading them on the rollers, and it won’t reach at your lower legs. These models are extraordinary for individuals who make some hard times getting overwhelming objects and don’t care for sprinkling their feet in the water but do it for need. 

Foot and Ankle Spas 

These models have a medium profundity, and the water will cover both your feet and your lower legs when you’re utilizing the rollers. They are incredible for individuals who like investing a great deal of energy drenching their feet yet don’t generally think about wetting their calves. 

Foot, Ankle, And Calves Spas 

These models are sufficiently profound to cover in any event a large portion of the length of your calves in water. They are ideal for individuals who appreciate investing a great deal of energy with their feet in the water and don’t have any issues lifting heavier objects. 

Motor Noise 

The noise created by home foot spas isn’t extremely uproarious for the most part, and it won’t meddle with your standard exercises, for example, watching TV or chatting on the telephone. If your foot spa machine is extremely loud, contact the customer support service.  

Splash Guard 

The splash guard is significant, particularly for shallow foot spas. Having a splash guard will constrain the measure of water that gets spilled each massage sessions. 


Most foot spa models accompany a basin handle. You can use the handle to move the foot spa massager around the house and you can easily drain it. This component isn’t useful.

Particularly, in case that you have issues with lifting substantial loads. Different models accompany with a drain hose and caster. You can basically pull the bowl close to drain and void it easily. 



When it comes to deciding which foot massager to buy. You should pick a foot massager that satisfies your needs and easy to operate. There’s no need to spend money on foot massager with extra accessories but not going to use it in the end.  

Size and Weight 

Make sure that the unit you will choose fits your size for your feet to be comfortable enough when you’re using it. You must also consider the weight of it if you want to carry and move it around inside your home. 


Considering its sturdiness is one of the most significant factors when choosing one. It must be secure and durable for better and longer use. 


For some, price doesn’t matter as long as it provides them comfort. But if you’re on a tight budget, take thought of the unit’s price. There are some foot massagers out there that can still provide you the leisure you’re looking for and is budget-friendly. 

Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat 

Finding a great foot spa massager can be a bit difficult, that’s why we’ve listed down the top 5 best-rated heated foot spa with the heat on the Amazon right now for you! 

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Kendal All-in-one Foot Spa FB09

Product Name: Kendal All-in-one Foot Spa FB09

Product Description: Basically, sums it up by name, the Kendall All in one-foot spa comes with many features. The spa massager comes with a built-in heater for heating therapy that combines with high-frequency vibration massage and oxygen bubbles. That can help to improve circulation. Provide deeper and soothing massage which can send you into relaxation and comfort mode in your own home. The unit also has 3 preset functions that combine with three features to ensure that you are comfortable. As well as the heating unit is secure and safe even with a water splashing.

Offer price: $$$$$

Availability: InStock

  • Maneuverability
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Heating Element


Overall, the Kendal foot spa is absolutely perfect. The product has a special design, and it’s deeper than other foot spa bath massagers currently available on the market. This model incorporates all the functions you would expect from a foot spa such as the four selection modes, the machine is pretty quiet, it is nice and deep, and you can use salts and oils in it. As well as the unit has wheels so you do not have to pick up to move it back to a sink area and a discharge hose.   


✔️The bubbles and vibration are great.

✔️The water heats up and retains the heat.

✔️Easy to move around and drain.


❌No massagers under the heels.

Runner Up

Ivation Foot Spa Massager 

Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat

One of the most favorite foot spa massager with all in one feature. It has combined all of the features that foot spa massagers have such as the foot rollers, vibrations, bubbles, and the high heat setting.  

Although the foot spa massager doesn’t have a very attractive design. But it is still a very durable and efficient. 

The unit was using a thermostat and the heat can goes between 95 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will keep the water’s temperature at its constant level. 

In addition, the spa features can be turn on and off individually and the control panel is easy to read. Most good thing about this spa massager is that it is very easy to use. 

Furthermore, the massager comes with motorized rollers and vibrating massage. That can help you to relax and relieve pain. It also has a timer feature that allows you to track how long you spend massaging your feet. 

Overall, the spa is great spa that will provide all of the features that you would expect from such a foot massager device.  

  • Very easy to use.
  • The unit have motorized rollers.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • It has only one set of massaging rollers.

Art Naturals Foot Spa Massager

The Art Naturals foot spa has an appealing structure, and a generally excellent control panel. You will have the option to use and get all the unit’s component by using the 4 buttons on the control panel. You can follow each change you make on the, the indicator lights or tracking changes by the huge LCD display. 

The good thing about the Art Naturals Foot Spa is its whirlpool structure. This structure will spread the oxygen bubbles rises over a huge surface. So, they will rub against your skin.  

Despite the fact that the unit is pink, its size makes it appropriate for both men and women. The bowl has a front anti-splash cover that holds the control panel and a basin handle that folds in the back. The bowl is sufficiently enormous to suit most clients. The bowl’s floor is reasonable for men who have a shoe size of up to 14 inches. 

Another beneficial thing about this model is that it accompanies a thermostat. The thermostat will keep the water’s temperature at a consistent level. And, you can change it without any problem. The spa uses a PTC radiator to warm the water, and the thermostat can be set at temperatures between 35 up to 48 degrees C.  

This spa uses 4 removable rollers to knead the bottoms of your feet. The rollers have a decent design, and they will create a comfortable rub. The warming component can heat up the water or keep it at a consistent level. The unit’s thermostat is exact.

Overall, this is a decent unit that comes at an even better cost. 

  • The foot spa comes with 4 removable rollers.
  • It can be used with bath salts and essential oils.
  • Large size accommodates most feet.
  • Rollers aren’t motorized, you have to move your feet yourself.

Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

This foot spa massager is designed a little bit different from the others spa bath massagers that are available today. As it has singular roller balls under your feet to give a superior massage.  

The bubble jets of the unit are among the most remarkable you will discover and gives an alleviating help for achy feet. 

There is single nodes and wheels in the center of the foot spa. So, you can move your feet up each in turn and use this element yet it is manual.  

Numerous individuals don’t need manual. Yet, the plus side to this structure is that you can let your feet lay on the smooth surface of the base of the foot spa. So, you don’t need to stress over painful nodes keeping you away from having completely relaxing massage.  

One thing that separates the unit is the uses of infrared lights in the bath to eliminate microscopic organisms that can make your feet smell.  

It also has a full featured display permitting you to control all parts of the foot spa on a simple to use the panel. The unit gives a fortifying foot rub that approaches a devoted foot knead machine.  

This foot spa was certainly a hit among the women that gave it a shot for us. With unique features in relation to others on the rundown, it might be the best home foot spa with heat. 

  • Came with a drainage tube.
  • With 4 moving wheels for easy moving.
  • Buttons are big and easy to use.
  • The massage is very painful.

MaxKare Foot Spa and Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles 

The combination of functions is one of the attracted features of this foot spa with heat massager. The MaxKare Foot Spa makes an ambiance of relief and calm when you return home from work. This device consolidates bubbles, vibrations and heat to release you from the pressure and stress in your feet. You can pick whether you want to experience each capacity in turn or every one of them three together.  

This MaxKare foot spa offers two incredible hydro jets that push streams of water into your feet to help them feel relax and comfortable. There are three settings to control the speed of the water stream originating from the rotating jets. 

With built-in heating, your water will stay warm for length of time that you intend to stay there and appreciate the relaxing massage. You can set your ideal temperature and afterward trust that the component will warm up the water. The machine will work to keep up the temperature and the vibrations at your ideal level.  

This spa even easily accommodates men’s size 14 feet with still some additional squirm room.  

There are four removable rollers situated inside the bowl. Their main responsibility is to apply pressure on the bottoms of your feet. There are two rollers that take a shot at the curves in your feet just as a removable pumice stone to help dispose of dead skin and calluses.  

The tub additionally accompanies a spread to help prevent undesirable messed brought about by splatters.  

A few customers evaluated the MaxKare Heated Foot Spa and discovered it not only relaxing but it is also easy to use.  

Generally, the MaxKare Foot Spa will dazzle you with incredible usefulness and pleasurable experience consolidated in one unit. 

  • Safe to use.
  • 3 in 1 uses.
  • Rollers are removable.
  • The massaging rollers are a bit uncomfortable.
Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat

3 FAQs for Foot Spa Machine 

These are some of the mostly Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to purchasing a foot spa machine: 

Q: How Many Times Can I Use Foot Spa? 

A: A few people may accept that they will use the foot spa each day of the week. However, let’s face it here. Given your present calendar, how many times do you think can you use it? Is it once a week or two or three times a week? 

As should have been obvious from our short surveys, not all foot spas are worked similarly. Some of them accompany casters for an improved versatility, and some of them have container handles you can use to haul them around.  

In case you’re anticipating using the foot spa regularly. You should consider a model that is simpler to move around. Then again, in case you’re not going to use it regularly. You should take a gander at less expensive models. They may have the option to give all the features you need at a littler expense. 

Q: How Deep Should the Water Be in the Foot Spa Massager? 

A: Foot spas are structured in an unexpected way. A few models are shallow to such an extent that the water won’t reach your lower legs when you’re using the rollers. That is not an awful thing, a few people don’t care for plunging their feet in the water. So, these models are ideal for them.  

Different models are sufficiently deep to cover your lower legs with water and keep the lowered while you’re rubbing the bottoms of your feet. Yet the water level is too low to even consider covering your calves.   

Deep foot spas will give enough water to plunge your feet, lower legs, and calves. They are ideal for individuals who appreciate investing a great deal of energy with their feet inundated in water, and they may much offer features, such as, vibration massage or bubble massage which will also massage your calves. 

Q: How Do I Add or Empty Water from the Foot Spa Massager? 

A: Most foot spas have a comparative structure. For the most part, there is a gap or a hose at the base or back of the foot soaker that takes into account water to be effectively depleted and even added to the foot space.  

Some expect you to fill it from the top with a container of water in the sink or bath. A few people decide to fill it along these lines since they like to begin with high temp water as opposed to trusting that the water will heat up if the spa accompanies an automatic heater. Once more, this contrasts from item to item. 

Top 5 Best Foot Spa with Heat


Everybody should need to have a foot spa massager to enjoy a foot spa at least once a week. The moment that we were born our feet carries us around and it’s best if we pamper them at least once a while in our daily life. 

Hoping that our buying guide helps you! Enjoy your relaxing foot bath and enjoy the fruits of your labor! 

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