Top 4 Head Massager for Headaches

There is nothing more calming than a head massage once you get off from A a long day at work. Going to a massage spa is not always advisable and it may hurt your wallet. If you think you are the type of person who needs more than three massage sessions per week, then you should buy a head massager for headaches and stress relief. A regular head massage comes with a lot of health benefits.

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With a wide range of head massager in the market, it is understandable that looking for the best head can be hard at first especially if you do not have the slightest idea what a head massage and how it works.

Looking for a head massager that will work best for you depends on your personal needs. Don’t worry, we conducted the research for you and put together a list of four of the best head massagers:

How Does a Head Massager for Headaches Work?

Head massager comes in various sizes, functions, and designs. But in terms of functions, they typically relieves head aches, anxiety, insomnia, and improves your well being.

Aside from that, they utilize techniques that are known to calm your nerves and muscle. Some of these techniques are vibration, heat pressure, rolling, kneading, and acupressure. Depending on you preference, these features may either give you pleasurable or painful experience.

Head massager for headaches are user friendly and compact. You can use it while watching your favorite TV series, doing mild household chores, and before going to bed. There are devices that are waterproof. Usually, these massagers can also be used in the scalp. Scalps massagers are useful in applying hair products for the scalp to properly absorbed the ingredients.

According to experts, it is more worth it to buy a head and scalp massager because a head massage that also gives your scalp a soothing results in a fast relief of head pain.

Another great thing about head massager is that they improve the release of serotonin, a hormone responsible for uplifting your mood and promoting better health.

That being said, if you are feeling tired at the end of a stressful day, a head massager for headaches is surely a great help.

Three Types of Head Massager for Headaches

As discussed earlier, it is hard to some people to look for the perfect massager because it comes in different types. The most popular and widely used type of head massagers are electric head massagers, scalp massager, and shower head and scalp massager. Which one is best for you? Let us find out below.

1. Electric Head/Scalp Massager

This is the most recent type of head massagers. Due to the advancement in technology, inventors were able to come up with a battery-operated head massager. They usually come with vibration features and pre=programmed modes for you to choose what type of massage experience you want.

When buying a head massager, look for those who do not make a lot of noise. Chances are, it may ruin your professional head massage experience. Although quite devices are pricier, they are better to have than a massager that has a loud noise every time you use it.

Considering their features, they cost higher than a manual head massager. However, most electric massagers are not waterproof. Hence, if want a scalp massager that is useful in applying hair product, this may not be the best type of massager for you.

This is ideal for people who frequently experience head ache and would want a head massage anytime and anywhere.

2.Manual Scalp Massager

Years before the electric scalp massagers were developed, there was the manual scalp massager. They are waterproof and not battery operated. A manual scalp massager is not designed to use for applying products although you can use it to massage your scalp to get rid of gunk and dandruff while you are on the shower.

Manual scalp massagers look like a spider. It comes with a thin handle. It is very easy to use. You just have to move it up and down, like putting and then removing a hat.

This type of massager is very affordable and easy to use. It feels amazing because of the coverage it provides. But since it is manual, it does not come with different modes and zones to combine it for an amazing experience.

If you just need a calming experience or tingling sensation to treat a mild or moderate headache, a manual head and scalp massager will work for you.

3.Shower Head and Scalp Massagers

If you are looking for a head and scalp massager to use frequently in the shower, this is the one for you! It is designed to provide a soothing experience while in enjoying the shower.

Unlike the manual scalp massager, this device is designed to use in the shower when applying hair products. It also helps in removing dandruff, promoting hair growth and other scalp related complications.

They are waterproof and are made with high quality silicone beads with rubber. You can choose between a manual or an electric scalp massager. I suggest that if you will use a scalp massager in the office, at home, or before going to bed, go for the waterproof massager. After all, you will never when you will need it in the shower.

Do I really Need a Head Massager?

If you are reading this article, then you most likely need a head massager for headaches. You either suffer from headaches or you just want to try it out of curiosity.

Whatever your reason is, go for it! Getting a head massage will not only give you chill vibe, but it will also improve your overall health. Head and scalp massagers especially the derma approved ones are great alternative to scrubbing your scalp using your fingers.

While there is not enough data to support the head massagers claim on improved hair growth, flaking off your scalp will eradicate the dry and flaky skin. If you are always lazy to thoroughly clean and take care of your scalp, you will see how simple it is to incorporate a head and scalp massage to your routine.

What are the advantages of a head massager?

Experts say that the benefits of a head massager depends on the type of massager you use. Below are some of the benefits of a head massager that you can achieve with a head massager device.

  • Aside from relieving headache and stress relief, a head massager is also useful in promoting hair growth. Go for a head and scalp massager if you notice your hair is thinning or shedding more than usual.
  • Studies show that getting a 15-25 minute of head massage improves your blood circulation. This will result in more relaxed neck muscles and blood vessels
  • Decreasing migraine and other headache symptoms can cause pain in your neck and behind your eyes. If you have this, you will find it hard to work and another day to day tasks. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, a regular head massage decreases the intensity, frequency, and duration of muscle tension.



Product Name: KESITIS Portable Electric Head and Scalp Massager with 84 nodes

Product Description: This electric head massager releases stress and helps you to sleep better, improving your overall health. They say that your scalp is healthiest when they are clean. They need a little rejuvenation and massage in order to get rid of scalp complications. Using this massage device improves the production of certain chemicals in your body. The production of these chemicals promote a positive vibe, decreasing stress, and creating an environment for peace and relaxation. It comes with 21 individual nodes made from high-quality silicone and. Also it features 4 modes for you to customize your massage experience. It weighs 0.7 kg and is equipped by built-in batteries. It is compact and user friendly. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Features
  • Effectiveness


Nothing calms your exhausted mind and body after a stressful day at work. This head and scalp massager not only releases the knots, tissues, and other tensions in your body. It also kills your stress in a matter of minutes. Use this massager whenever you have a headache and you want to calm your mind. It is portable so it is easy to bring it anywhere. 



Easy to Use

Versatile and waterproof

Detachable heads 

Four modes to choose from



none so far 


Tezam Head and Neck Massager

Top 4 Head Massager for Headaches

Product description: For headaches and neck pain, we recommend the Tezam Head and Neck Massager. Its octupus like soft resin finger gripper claw promotes relaxation.

This 5-in-1 head massage is suitable to bring in the office, home, or while on travel. It is very easy to use. Just press the power button and place the thicker end of the gripper claw to your scalp and wait for it to do its magic. Using this product will eradicate the muscle tension and exhaustion. Aside from that, it is also effective in improving your blood flow.

Although it looks so small, it is powerful in brightening up your day. You can also choose from its two functions- beating or shaking. Both features promote deep relaxation and calms your whole body.


The dimensions of this product are  2.79” x 8.34” x 1.46 ”. It produces up to 8,500 micro vibrations per minute. It is fit on both your head and scalp. If you feel pain from other parts of your body such as legs, thigh, or arm, you can use the Tezam Head and Neck Massager.


This head massager for headaches is designed with a five-finger head that is simple to utilize even if you are a novice. Its rounded structure is ideal for easing movement over the curved surface of the head. The R-shaped tips are design to treat delicate skin. It has a unique design and is user friendly. You can use it in the office office during lunch break, before going to bed, or in the middle of the day while you are taking a rest from doing the household chores.


✔️User friendly


✔️8,500 microvibrations per minute

❌Does not include batteries

Ikeepi Head Scalp Massager

Top 4 Head Massager for Headaches

Product description: Also, we recommend the Ikeepi Head and Scalp Massager. This device is capable of massaging your head, neck, shoulder, and other body parts that will result in it improved blood flow. It comes with 2 interchangeable massage heads to massage different parts of your body. Enjoy a professional massage spa in your home or in the office!

This is not just your typical head massager device. The finger gripper claw massager helps you calm from all the stress and worries of your day. The vibration functions increase circulation and absorption.

This head massger is also suitable to athletes, gym-goers, elderly, kids, office workers, or anyone who experiences body pain. Aside from that, it also comes with a single button and easy to hold handle that makes your overall massage experience enjoyable.


The Ikeepi head and scalp massager is made with ABS. Its specifications are 5.5” for the main body, 1.6” for the massage head, and 3.1” diameter. The whole package includes 1x scalp massager and 2x massage heads. The built-in bottom silicone button is soft and easy to use You can turn on/off the vibrations depending on your personal needs.


Massage has been a popular activity for hundreds of years now. The Ikeepi head and scalp massager offers an innovative, calming, and relaxing experience to alleviate stress and anxiety. This product is perfect for people who are always involved in physical activities, desk jobs, athletes, elderly, and even those with health conditions.



✔️2 interchangeable massage heads

✔️Can be used in different body parts

❌Does not include batteries

H01 Electric Handheld Head Massager

Top 4 Head Massager for Headaches

Product description: Lastly, we recommend the H01 Electric Handheld Head Massager. It gives thousands of vibrations per minute soothe your head and scalp. It effectively relieves headache, muscle tensions, and improve your sleep.

It is mad up of high quality ABS and TPE. More so, you can use this in the shower and enjoy a deeper cleaning for your hair. It comes with two operation modes to offer varying massage experience.


The package consists of  1X Hair Scalp Massager, 1X User Manual, 1X Screwdriver. The dimensions of this product are 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches and it weighs 4.2 ounces.


The H01 Electric Handheld Head Massager imitates the feeling when you grasp your scalp using your finger. It soothes your scalp to promote a calming experience. It prevents excessive hair shedding and improve the circulation of your blood. It is water resistant so it is safe to use in the shower.


✔️Water Resistant

✔️2 operation modes

✔️Made of high quality ABS and TPR

❌Scalp massage only


A head massage offers a lot of health and skincare benefits. Whether you go for a professional massage or a head massage device, they will both make you feel a lot better and relaxed. But having your own head massager for headaches is a lot more convenient. You can have a massage after work or before going to bed. Our top recommendation is the KESITIS Portable Electric Head and Scalp Massager with 84 nodes. We also recommend the Tezam Head and Neck Massager, the Ikeepi Head Scalp Massager, and lastly the H01 Electric Handheld Hair Massager. All of these devices are effective in head and neck pain relief and improving your general health.

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