Top 3 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

Our feet are the foundation of our body and we must take care of them appropriately. 

Mostly, many people are suffering from neuropathy. If you feel that your feet aches, tired, or in pain. There are some ways you can do it at home. Generally, one of the easiest and simple ways to soothe the pain and relax your feet is by using a foot massager. 

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The vibration of a foot massagers provides a way to counter the symptoms that associates with neuropathy or circulation issues; whether it is diabetic or peripheral.  

Basically, the vibrations will stimulate the nerves to; reduce pain, ease aches, and reduce nerve pain that eliminates tightness, numbness, and stimulate circulation. 

There are many foot massage devices readily available in health stores, pharmacies and other retailers. 

Here, we will discuss the best foot massagers for neuropathy available in the market today. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Top 3 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

What is Neuropathy?  

Neuropathy is harm or brokenness of at least one nerve that commonly brings about; deadness, shivering, muscle shortcoming, and pain in the affected region. Neuropathies start in your grasp and feet, but different pieces of your body can be affected as well.  

The Neuropathy, frequently called peripheral neuropathy, shows an issue inside the peripheral sensory system. Your peripheral sensory system is the system of nerves outside your cerebrum and spinal line. Your cerebrum and spinal string make up your focal sensory system.

Just think about the two frameworks cooperating along these lines: Your focal sensory system is the focal station. It is the control center point, the center point from which all trains that come and go. Your peripheral sensory system is the tracks that interface with the focal station. The tracks (the system of nerves) permit the trains (information signals) to travel to and from the focal station (your cerebrum and spinal line).  

Nonetheless, neuropathy results when nerve cells, called neurons, are harm or obliterate. This upsets the manner in which the neurons speak with one another and with the mind. Neuropathy can affect one nerve (mononeuropathy) or nerve type, a blend of nerves in a restricted zone (multifocal neuropathy), or numerous peripheral nerves all through the body (polyneuropathy).  

Top 3 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

How Does Neuropathy Feel Like?  

If you have neuropathy, the most ordinarily portrayed emotions are impressions of deadness, shivering (“tingling sensation”), and shortcoming in the territory of the body affected. Other sensations incorporate sharp, burning, lightening-like pain, throbbing, or excruciating feeling.  

Top 3 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy 

Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Product Name: Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Product Description: Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine allows you to comfortably position the unit at any number of angles applying its kneading air and heat toward your feet all over your calves. It's made from medical grade materials with an intuitive control panel. It features multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure, and vibration for pain relief to your feet, legs, calves, toes, and ankles. Also, it is great for sore heels.

Currency: $$$$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality and Features
  • Heat and Warmth


Overall, The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine takes adjustability to another level, not only the cloud massage shiatsu machine has multiple setting for heat air compression pressure and vibration but it is packed with extra versatility with a very easily adjustable bar. With this, you can find the perfect and most comfortable angle while using the machine. A lot of foot massager will force you to keep your knees together and legs at the 90 degrees angle but this powerful machine makes overall excellent massager for healing and comfort at any number of angles.


✔️Easily adjustable bar
✔️ Features multiple settings
✔️ With air pressure cuffs deflated -fitting

✔️Excellent massager for healing and comfort


❌The heat function a little bit disappointing

❌feel slight soreness after an initial massage after the first few uses 

Runner Up

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading 

Appreciate the advantage of your feet completely encased. In the case that you need a comprehensive foot massage, at that point, you should slip your feet inside the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading.  

Dissimilar to the Nekteck Foot Massager which focusses on the bottoms of your feet, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is an encased massager, permitting massage to both the bottoms and the sides of your feet.  

The foot chamber of this massager utilizes air pressure joined with warmth to convey a delightful Shiatsu knead. You get a ton of incredible features on the Miko foot massager, including five distinctive force settings that have been created to target key weight focuses. It additionally has rolling and vibration capacities to help with agony and muscle strain. This shiatsu foot massager is smooth and light and accompanies remote controllers so you can sit back while trying different things with the settings.  

A few people with bigger feet found the encased unit excessively cozy. However, overpowering individuals with painful and tired feet detailed an extraordinary outcome, enjoying the power of the massage.  

✔️Reduce aches and pain easily
✔️Helps to relieve tension
✔️Applies pressure to specific pain joints
✔️Relieve tired feet and improve blood flow with deep kneading
❌It is not as effective as other deep tissue massager.

Nekteck Foot Massager 

Top 3 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

Extraordinary features at a moderate cost. In case you’re searching for the best foot massage machine at a reasonable value take a look for the Nekteck’s Foot Massager.  

The unit has a wide scope of various features at the cost, including 6 back rub heads and 18 turning massager hubs to help loosen up agonizing muscles. It’s convenient and has a worked in convey handle so you can take it with you any place you go. Many love that whatever their stature or foot size they have the option to discover a position that works. The Nekteck Foot Massager has three movable statures and isn’t completely encased making it perfect for huge feet.  

Commentators rave about the warmth work on this item, particularly the individuals who have a vocation that expects them to be on their feet throughout the day. The machine emanates profound infiltrating infrared warmth, which can be turned on or off contingent upon inclination.  

You do need to hold up under the top of the priority list that this device doesn’t accompany air pressure features like the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager. However, despite everything it conveys a profound message.  

A few clients found the massager excruciating, but, there are various settings so you can get the right power for you.

✔️It applies pressure to achy,strained and tense parts
✔️Delivers maximum pain relief instantly
✔️Reduce muscles and joint pains
❌The heat is weak

What Causes Neuropathy?  

Neuropathy isn’t brought about by a solitary sickness. Numerous conditions and occasions that sway wellbeing can cause neuropathy, including:  


This is a main source of neuropathy in the United States. Some 60% to 70% of individuals with diabetes experience neuropathy. Diabetes is the most widely recognized reason for little fiber neuropathy, a condition that creates agonizing consuming uproars in the hands and feet.  


Injuries from falls, auto collisions, breaks or sports exercises can bring about neuropathy. Pressure of the nerves because of redundant pressure or narrowing of the space through which nerves run are different causes.  

Immune System Issue and Contaminations:  

Guillain-Barré disorder, lupus, rheumatoid joint pain, Sjogren’s disorder and ceaseless provocative demyelinating polyneuropathy are immune system issue that can cause neuropathy. Contaminations including chickenpox, shingles, human immunodeficiency infection (HIV), herpes, syphilis, Lyme malady, sickness, West Nile infection, Epstein-Barr infection and hepatitis C can likewise cause neuropathy.  

Other Health Conditions:  

The neuropathy can result from liver issue, kidney issue, hypothyroidism, and tumors that can press on nerves or attack their myeloma, space, monoclonal gammopathy and lymphoma. 

Prescriptions and Toxic Substances:  

Some anti-infection agents, some enemies of seizures meds and some HIV drugs among others can cause neuropathy. A few medicines, including disease chemotherapy and radiation, can harm fringe nerves. Presentation to poisonous substances, for example, overwhelming metals (counting lead and mercury) and modern synthetic compounds, particularly solvents, can likewise influence nerve work.  

Vascular Disorders:  

Neuropathy can happen when blood stream to the arms and legs is diminished or eased back by aggravation, blood clusters, or other vein issue. Diminished blood stream denies the nerve cells of oxygen, causing nerve harm or nerve cell demise. Vascular issues can be brought about by vasculitis, smoking and diabetes. 

Irregular Nutrient Levels and Liquor Abuse:  

Proper degrees of nutrients E, B1, B6, B12, and niacin are significant for sound nerve work. Constant liquor abuse, which ordinarily brings about absence of a balanced eating routine, loots the assemblage of thiamine and other fundamental supplements required for nerve work. Liquor may likewise be legitimately poisonous to fringe nerves.  

Inherited Disorders: 

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) illness is the most widely recognized innate neuropathy. CMT causes shortcoming in the foot and lower leg muscles and can likewise influence the muscles in the hands. Familial amyloidosis, Fabry illness, and metachromatic leukodystrophy are different instances of acquired issues that can cause neuropathy.  

No Known Reason: Some instances of neuropathy has no known reason.  

Normal Signs and Symptoms of Neuropathy Include the ff;  

  • Shivering (“tingling sensation”) or deadness, particularly in the hands and feet. Sensations can spread to the arms and legs.  
  • Sharp, consuming, throbbing, cutting, or electric-like torment.  
  • Changes in sensation. Extreme torment, particularly around evening time. Failure to feel torment, weight, temperature, or contact. Extraordinary affectability to contact.  
  • Falling, loss of coordination.  
  • Not having the option to feel things in your feet and hands feeling like you’re wearing socks or gloves when you’re most certainly not.  
  • Muscle shortcoming, trouble strolling, or moving your arms or legs.  
  • Muscle jerking, cramps, and additionally fits.  
  • Powerlessness to move a piece of the body (loss of motion). Loss of muscle tone, loss of muscle control, and dropping things out of your hand.   
  • Low circulatory strain or strange pulse, which causes dazedness when standing up, swooning, or unsteadiness.  
  • Perspiring excessively or insufficient according to the temperature or degree of effort.  
  • Issues with bladder (pee), processing (counting swelling, queasiness/spewing), and guts (counting loose bowels, stoppage).  
  • Sexual capacity issues.  
  • Weight loss (unexpected)

What Are the Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy?  

Powerful visualization and treatment of fringe neuropathy depends intensely on the reason for the nerve harm. For instance, a fringe neuropathy brought about by a nutrient inadequacy can be dealt with even switched with nutrient treatment and an improved eating routine.  

Similarly, nerve harm welcomed on by liquor misuse can frequently be halted and improved by keeping away from liquor. Fringe neuropathy brought about by harmful substances or prescriptions can frequently be revised similarly. At the point when neuropathy is identified with diabetes, cautious observing of glucose levels may slow its movement and control side effects.  

Early medication and treatment of fringe neuropathy is significant, on the grounds that the fringe nerves have a constrained ability to recover, and treatment may just stop the movement not opposite harm. If you have gotten seriously hindered, you may require non-intrusive treatment to help hold quality and maintain a strategic distance from muscle squeezing and fits.  

Careful treatment might be suggested for individuals with nerve harm from injury or nerve pressure. Versatility helps, such as, a stick, walker, or wheelchair, might be useful. For pains, your primary care physician may endorse pain killer medicine.  

What Method Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Prevented?  

A few types of peripheral neuropathy can be deflected by keeping up sound health propensities. Eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and swearing off extreme liquor utilization would all be able to help to prevent nerve damages. Avoiding toxic chemicals and injuries, cautiously overseeing underlying disorders, such as, diabetes which can also help to prevent peripheral neuropathy. 

What to consider before purchasing a foot massager?  

Purchasing a foot massager sets aside your time and cash spending on the advisor. However, you have to ensure your venture will bring returns. So, you have to ensure your massager fills the correct need. Here are a few factors that you have to consider before purchasing any best foot massager for fringe neuropathy.  

Great Materials:  

Clearly, important items produced using better quality materials and along these lines, it will keep going for a considerable length of time. So, a successful foot massager isn’t a special case to that. All the more explicitly, when a foot massager worked with solid materials then it can withstand one’s load for a normal premise. Then again, power sourcing is another significant concern. For that, you ought to pick a massager which accompanies a superior electric stock with battery utilization capacity.  

Simple to Use:  

Individuals hate gathering and even the best foot massager accompanies confound features that are difficult to utilize, at that point most presumably individuals don’t get them. On the other side, which is anything but difficult to utilize and work, individuals will love to bring at home. Once more, I prescribe you to purchase less convoluted machines.  

Weight, Shape and Size:  

Don’t you take your foot massager wherever like when you go for occasions or make an outing abroad? At that point you should think about its versatility. Hence, the less weight would be better likewise when you will utilize them ensure your feet superbly fit there. A decent foot massager ought to be adaptable with respect to various feet to oblige.  

Alternative To Therapy:  

Before producing foot massager in the market, we frequently visit the facility to take treatment. Presently an enormous number of individuals rely upon their foot massager. So it should be an option in contrast to the treatment with the goal that you can set aside your cash and maintain a strategic distance from issue to go to the advisor.  

The Value For Money:  

Each item ought to have this component, in any case, it is the hardest part to ensure. If your massager includes an incentive for your cash that implies. It can fill the need like it can alleviate your neuropathy torment, increment circulatory strain, improve states of mind, and spread every single purpose behind what you will get it.  


It’s anything but a fundamental component yet at the same time increases the value of the item. It gives you the certainty to purchase as you will be without hazard once you will get it.  

Basic Features of the Different Foot Massagers Accessible  

Electric or Self-Massaging:  

There are electric massagers accessible with an assortment of settings that permit you to unwind and rest your feet while being massage, and there are additionally massagers that you use through the movements and pivots of your feet which would itself be able to advance use and course through movement and light exercise.  

Heating or Warming:  

A typical element of a large number of the electronic foot massagers may help give alleviation and advance flow and diminish the excruciating sensations.  

Kneading or Oscillating:  

Massage activity can profit and invigorate the nerves in the feet, and ordinarily advances better flow.  

Applied Pressure:  

Pressure settings may decrease torment and can likewise advance the course of blood stream in the feet.  

Position Design:  

Contingent upon the expected use, the different massagers may chip away at just the bottoms of the feet, the whole foot, or even pieces of the lower legs. Each model considers distinctive body situating which might be significant relying upon a person’s portability and open to sitting or standing position. 


If your suffering from neuropathy, purchasing a foot massager is a great idea as it will helps you reduce pains. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and you should buy the one that offers what you’re looking for! Good luck!

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