The Best Sofa Recliner Reviews 2020

A cozy sofa is your best friend once you get home from stressful work. Whether you are aware of this or not, it is where you usually go first to stretch or to just calm your mind and body. Sofas are always ready to keep you comfy, provided that you have a high-quality sofa where you can try different positions. That being said, buying a recliner sofa is one of the best investments you will make. With the ability to change in a reclining position, your sofa will be your new chosen furniture. This article will provide you the best sofa recliner reviews to help you come up with an informed decision on which product to buy.

Most of your probably know that a sofa is considered as the centerpiece of a living room. While there are sofas that can make your house look luxurious or classy, it is also important to not only consider the design when looking for a sofa, but also comfort. You can only make few positions with standard sofa. But with recliners, you can sit, recline, or lay down while you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Aside from that, there are plenty of reclining sofa that looks good in your living room.

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What is a Reclining Sofa?

A reclining sofa is one the latest sofa innovations that promises to provide cozy experience in your house. It is a furniture that allows your back to move backwards, forward, or recline while your feet are positioned upwards. Its concepts is let you change your position from sitting in one position to laying or reclining in comfortable position.

Although reclining sofas come with a limited design unlike the traditional sofa where you can pick from hundreds of choices, many people prefer this furniture because it is way cozier. More so, it has plenty of physical benefits that contribute to your overall health.

*What Are the Types of Reclining Sofa?

Looking for the ideal reclining sofa can be hard at first because it comes in different types. However, it is advisable that you not look according to its design but to its function and added features that will give you extra comfort while resting.

There are different kinds of recliners and each comes with different features. One sure thing is that type of sofa you will buy will impact the way it looks.

There are three common types of a reclining sofa:

1.Manual Reclining Sofa

Before the most recent innovation on reclining sofas, there was the manual reclining sofa. They are still being sold in the market nowadays but people preferred the most recent model. So what is a manual reclining sofa?

The truth is, the majority of reclining sofas are manual but it does not require too much effort or strength from you. There is usually a button located on either side of the sofa. You just have to push it and if you want to stop, push it again. However, a manual sofa has a limit. So you cannot really recline to any position you want. Some manual reclining sofa comes with a lever instead of a button. In this kind of manual reclining sofa, you might need extra force because you will have to pull the lever until you achieve your desired position. But just like the manual sofa with a button, it has a solitary stop as well.

The good thing about manual reclining sofas is that they do not need power source to operate because the reclining function requires manual force from the user.

2. Powered Reclining Sofa

A powered sofa does need a human force for it to operate. It depends on electric motor for reclining feature to function. This is much easier to most people because some powered reclining sofas come with a remote where you can control it. This type of reclining sofa comes with a set of control or control panel for you to operate.

If you want to fully recline your, you can do so with the powered reclining sofa. It does not come with a limit unlike a manual reclining sofa. You can choose to recline in any kind of position you like until you get cozy. Sit, lounge, or lay down in a powered reclining sofa with the remote control.

There are powered reclining sofas that come with a USB charging port. But these sofas cost higher. But the extra features will surely give you a more relaxing time. With a charging port, you need not stand up or pause your movie. Just make sure you have your phone and charger with you before lounging on your sofa. For this type of sofa recliner, it is important to read some best sofa recliner reviews because each powered recliner sofa comes with different features.

3. Adjustable Recliner Sofa

Last but not the least, the third type of recliner sofa is the adjustable recliner sofa. This one is similar to a sofa bed. Although it does not usually have support function for the leg and feet, it reclines enough to put you in a cozier position.

The majority of adjustable recliner sofas are affordable and are great value for money.

Important Things to Look for When Buying a Sofa Recliner

Considering the above mentioned types of sofa recliners, you might be thinking it is difficult to determine where to start when looking for a recliner sofa. That being said, we listed below the important traits to look for when buying a sofa recliner.


Size is important when looking for a sofa recliner. Like a regular sofa, it comes with different sizes. If you have a spacious living room with a large family size, you can go for a larger sofa that can accommodate at least three family members. Although it has a higher price, your living room will look great with it. If, for instance, you are staying in a condo, you should measure the size of the sofa that will fit in your living room. A two-seater sofa recliner would be the best for you if you are living alone or with your partner. You do not want your sofa to take up too much space of your living room, right?

2. Reclining Position

Sofa recliners come with different reclining positions. If you try to read other best sofa recliner reviews, you will see that there are sofas that recline your feet only and there are those where you can recline your back. Most people prefer to have their back reclined because it is our back that hurt the most if we sit for several hours.

Some sofa recliners also have both back and feet recline only. For rooms with small spaces, recliners with both feet and back reclining function may not be a good idea since they take up too much space. The benefit of feet only recliner is it takes up less living space.

3. Mechanism

As discussed in the earlier part of this article about best sofa recliner reviews, there are three types of sofa recliners: manual, powered, and adjustable sofa recliners. What you need to decide is whether you want a diverse reclining and elevation degrees. If yes, you should go for powered recliner sofas because they come with more advanced features where you can fully recline your back in different angles, for instance. If you just want to slightly reline your back, you may consider either the manual or adjustable recliner sofa.

4. Fabric

The last recliner trait that you should analyze is the fabric used. The two most commonly used type of material is leather and fabric. Both are comfy depending on the mechanism you are going for.

The popular choice of material among sofa recliners is leather. There is something about the look of a leather sofa. It looks classy. Also, it comes in deep colors like black, brown, gray, dark blue.

Nevertheless, if you place a leather sofa in a place where the temperature changes, the leather may not be the best choice as it gets too hot during hot weather or too cold during cold weather. On the other hand, if you prefer fabric, you will have plenty of choices to choose from.



Product Name: Seatcraft Sofa Recliner

Product Description: This sofa recliner is made with superior-top grain leather. The high-quality breathable leather prevents your sofa from having stains and food and drinks spills. Experience a one of a kind comfort with the lumbar support and powered headsets. You can adjust these headsets in any position you like in just one push. This will prevent head and neck pain. It is very durable and easy to use. With just one click of the button, you will be able to take your movie experience at a different level. Unlike other sofa recliners, this one is three-seater and each seat includes a bass shaker. Aside from that, each person will get to charge without leaving his/her seat it comes with USB charging ports, a bonus tray table for every seat, and lighting at the base similar to cinemas.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Durability


Bring your relaxation time or movie time to the next level. With the easy to adjust electric lumbar support, you choose what position you prefer to support your back and prevent back pain caused by long hours of lying or sitting in one position. Feel the movie with a built-in speaker in each of the seat. Put your favorite movie snack or drinks on the tray. Enjoy the mild lighting at the base of each seat. 


Made with superior quality materials 

With built-in sound shaker 

Base lighting

USB charging port

Free trays 




Available in one color only



Delange Reclining Power Sofa

The Best Sofa Recliner Reviews 2020

Product description:

For high-quality sofa recliners made with leather and polyester, we recommend the Reclining Sofa from Delange. It is made with 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane. This breathable material will make you feel cozy and comfortable in any position.

Level up your movie experience into a cinematic experience with this ultimate sofa recliner. Enjoy a movie with your partner with the two recliners that come with cozy headrest for simple and relaxing adjustments.

Another good thing about this sofa recliner, is its handrest is equipped with two cup holders. It will really feel like you are watching in the cinema. In case you spill some foods of liquids, you do not need to use your phone for source of light. This sofa recliner has two hidden LED lights to give sufficient light without ruining the mood.


The sofa weighs 97 pounds and its dimensions are 85 x 40.25 x 41.75 inches. Its weight-bearing limit is 870 pounds and the dept of the seat is 22.75. It reclines 40.25″-67″ length or 110-130 degrees.


Upgrade your movie experience with this sofa recliner from Delange. This two-seater sofa is perfect for couples living in a condo or house with not so spacious living areas. It comes with two hidden LEDs and two cup holders located in the armrest. Aside from that, you do not need to pause your movie and get up just to charge your phone, it also comes with a charging port.


✔️Made with breathable leather

✔️Comes with two cup holders

✔️Has two hidden LED lights


❌Available in one color only (black)

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed Recliner Couch 

The Best Sofa Recliner Reviews 2020

Product description: Last but not the least, we recommend the Best Choice Products Convertible Sofa Bed Couch. It is made of smooth and shiny leather and four chrome metal legs for added comfort and style.

This sofa does not only recline but it can also be converted in to a sofa. Suitable for small spaces. With this type of sofa, you can choose almost any type of position you want while watching your favorite movie.

Perfect for entertainment as it comes with middle armrest and two cup holders. Enjoy an upgraded movie night experience in your apartment or studio space while having your favorite drink and snacks.


The dimensions of this product are 30.5″(L) x 65.25″(W) x 31″(H); Weight Capacity. Its weight is 500 pounds. It is very simple to assemble with its zip compartment and for legs and hardware storage.


Make instant guest beds for your friends or loved ones with a back recline function and detachable armrest. More so, it has tufted seat and back and chrome legs.

Enjoy a reclining function where your back lays all the way back for either lounging or sleeping. It is also easy to assemble. There is a hardware in its hidden compartment. The tufted design is the bonus to any home. This convertible sofa recliner is available in two colors (black and white) and it is also made of faux leather for a classy looking apartment or studio space.


✔️Made with faux leather

✔️Comes with two cup holders

✔️Easy to assemble


❌Does not have charging outlet

Final Words

Looking for the best sofa recliner for you is intimidating at first. Now that you have enough understanding of what a sofa recliner is, the different types of recliners, and the important traits to look for, we hope that you end up buying your ideal sofa recliners. In this article about sofa recliner reviews, we listed three of the best sofa recliners. For overall quality and, we highly recommend the Easy-Going 8 pieces Recliner Sofa Stretch. This is perfect for a family with several members and spacious houses. Also, we recommend the Delange Reclining Power Sofa with Adjustable Headrest and lastly, the Best Choice Products Moders Faux Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed Recliner Type. Regardless of the product you choose, each of these brands promises to give you comfort and high-quality products.

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