The Best Percussion Massager Gun for Muscle Pain

It is normal to experience body pain especially after extreme physical activity. The pain is more likely to negatively affect your daily routine if you do not properly take care of your body. Hence, it is necessary to at least get a message to get rid of those muscle pain. Years ago, a foam roller is popular in combating muscle pain. Although it helps soothe your muscles, studies show that a massage is more effective in decreasing your stress level. One hour of proper massage is equivalent to 6-8 hours of sleep. Instead of sleeping, why don’t you get the best percussion massager gun?

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Massage has two types: a physical massage or a machine massage. A lot of people prefer the hand massage because the therapist knows where he/she should put an extra effort for fast and effective relief of muscle pain. But the problem with a hand massage is it is not always convenient to go outside the house just to have therapy. There is an option to request a home service massage but it can be pricey especially if you frequently experience muscle pain.

The best percussion massager gun is not only portable but is also proven to be more effective than a physical massage. This is because most massage gun use percussion therapy.

What is Percussion Therapy?

Many people love to spend time in the gym, pushing their selves to their limits, and exploring what their bodies are capable of doing. This is when the muscles get swollen. When this happens, your muscle need immediate attention. Or else, it may result to a prolonged body pain.

As much as you want to workout more, your muscle needs a proper recovery. It has been an essential part of a balanced workout session. You must properly take care of your body in order to promote blood circulation and to calm the muscles after an exercise. After all, you need plenty of energy for your workout the next day.

Percussion therapy is very popular among athletes and gym-goers. It is effective in repairing your muscle tissue by providing a fast boost of pressure in strenuous, short-duration deep pounding targeting the tissues of your body. This improves the blood circulation to important parts of your body and. Also, it aids in fast pain relief and eventually improves body functions and mobility.

Percussion therapy also soothes the congested tissues, allowing to loosen it. Moreover, it aids in breaking down adhesion and internal wounds. Getting a regular percussion therapy improves mobility through mild stretching.

Nowadays, it is easier to get a percussion therapy. It involves a revolutionary best percussion massager gun that targets certain parts of the body that need deep pressure. This movement loosens the muscle tissues in parts of the body where we most likely experience extreme tension and stress.

Difference between Percussion Therapy and Traditional Massage

How percussion therapy varies from the regular massage is by desensitizing the neighboring area of a swollen muscle. This is done by putting enough pressure in the muscle fiber slowly until the target area is perforated. By doing this, with the help of the best percussion massager gun, you will be able to target certain muscle tenderness without experiencing intense pain that accompanies it.

On the other hand, as for the regular massage, hand percussion therapy might not be able to penetrate the deep areas and thus does not solve the primary problem. Additionally, it is sometimes even too difficult to tolerate. But with the percussion therapy device, you will hardly experience any pain, only relief and relaxation.

Benefits of Having the Best Percussion Massage Gun

The best percussion massager gun helps treat sore lactic acid-filled muscles by delivering vibrations deep into the muscle with the “percussive therapy” method. This will allow more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. Also, these vibrations increase the blood flow and circulation to the tissues hastening their repair and growth, easing the pain and safely increasing mobility.

Another great thing about this tool is that it effectively provides better results as deep tissue or remedial massage not in hours, but in minutes, whenever and wherever you are. You will only wait for a couple of minutes. A little goes a long way.

You can then watch your TV while recovering your muscles with the use of a massage gun. The beauty of this innovation is the reason why plenty of athletes and gym-goers are very fond of massage guns. If you are armed with this tool, you don’t have to worry about prolonged neck, shoulder, back, and muscle pain.

Massage guns provide other health benefits aside from relieving those achy muscle pain. These include vigor, better sleep, and immune booster. Moreover, it is beneficial to those people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and even digestive problems. Using a massage gun to treat your sore muscles at night before going to bed is proven to improve your sleeping habit.



Product Name: Cryotex Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

Product Description: Our top recommendation super silent massage gun from Cryotex comes with six massage heads to provide necessary muscle treatment for a certain muscle group. It has 20 levels of intensity to provide a professional massage experience. It also allows you to customize your session. It lessens bone and muscle damage that might happen in single-level intensity massage guns used for sensitive muscles. This percussion massager is equipped with an LCD touch screen to show the speed levels. This product features a super noise reduction design. The running sound is below 45 decibles, with no disturbing noise. It allows you to relax and enjoy the amazing massage experience. Even if you prefer the highest effect, there is still a minimal sound. Also, this massage gun comes with Lithium on a rechargeable battery. The battery can last for one week of workouts with up to 5 hours of massage per charge.

Availability: InStock


The percussion massager is a handheld device that releases concentrated pressure into muscle tissue. This type of deep tissue massage can lessen muscle tension while improving blood circulation and quickly increasing flexibility. Crytex care for your body needs and features six customized soft massage heads that provide a calming massage experience and decreases bone damage.


With 6 heads 

Up to 5 hours of use 

20 levels of intensity 

Powerful and very quiet 


none so far 


Hypervolt by Hyperice, Featuring Quiet Glide Technology - Handheld Percussion Massage Device

The Best Percussion Massager Gun for Muscle Pain

Product description: This massage gun by Hypervolt is the one that you need if you have sore and stiff muscles. Also, it helps you loose tight muscles. Its features are patented and this invention was developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers in order to deliver a perfect combination of power, performance, and variability while being silent.

Aside from that, the Hypervolt massage gun is the only device that features three-speed settings. These speed modes allow a level of variability that is important in achieving a one of a kind customized experience. More so, it has 5 Interchangeable attachment heads. Since each body differs from other body, and different muscle groups need different variations of speed/power, this product will be helpful.

In addition to that, it is not hard to carry everywhere because it is cordless. You can bring it in the office, on travel, or you can even use it before going to bed. Studies show that getting a massage at night will lower the chance of having an insomnia.


The dimensions of this product are 11 x 14.2 x 3.5 inches and it weighs 2.5 pounds. Its 3-speed settings can deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute. And it lasts for up to 3 hours of use per charge. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


The Hypervolt Massage Gun is handheld percussion massage device that comes with 3 speeds and 5 detachable heads. It is effective in relieving sore muscles and stiffness. As promoted in GQ, CNET, Runner’s World, Self, Men’s Health as the top invention in health and wellness, this device uses quiet glide technology. If you are active in gym or you are athlete who frequently experience muscle pain, then we recommend this product.


✔️Uses quiet glide technology

✔️3 speed settings



❌Will only last for 3 hours per one charge

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The Best Percussion Massager Gun for Muscle Pain

Product description: Next on our list is the Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage gun. It is a deep tissue massager for sore and stiff muscles. It uses silent technology and it comes with 5 detachable heads.

This powerful massage device claims to power strong penetration. This product is created to bring waves of tranquility calmness all throughout your body.

For athletes and active gym goers, it is recommended to incorporate the use of this massage gun before a workout and after workout. Regular incorporation in your pre workout and post workout routine will boost your mobility and flexibility.

This is a great massage gun for athletes physically active individuals. Have percussion therapy in the gym or sports club or anywhere you want. It is very compact, easy to use, and convenient. More so, it is a one-handed operation with a comfortable and late grip, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with added 3 to 6 hour run time, and super quiet machine which makes this the on-the-go professional massager.


One of the best features of this massage gun is that it comes with 5 levels of intensity and 5 massage head for you to customize your experience depending on your likes, mood, and of course the need of your certain muscle group.

You can choose a low pressure 20Hz, moderate 30Hz, strong 35Hz, intense 40Hz or powerful 45Hz percussive massage experience to aid a rapid muscle recovery.

The front LED panel features the turn on and turn off switch and 16.8V charging port. The vibration intensity switch is placed right where your index finger stays on the Sonic power massager for easy and portable usage.


The Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun is perfect for those who power through obstacles, overpower the challenges, and sets their hands to their goals head-on. For individuals who are the goal-oriented, passionate, and very eager to succeed, Lifepro has developed a specialized approach to active and rapid recovery that utilizes the intrinsic functions of our bodies’ built-in repair and recovery procedure; activating its dormant powers to enhance recovery is perfect for those who believe in participating in an active role in obtaining power, force and the dedication to do more, achieve more, take over problems, and above all, soar higher. 


✔️Super Quiet

✔️Easy to Use

✔️Includes 5 massage heads


❌Slightly heavy


A lot of people, especially those who are physically active, get tired and experience muscle pain almost every after an exercise. It is normal. You are a human, not a robot. However, failure to adequately handle the stress and pain may compromise your health and safety. 

All hail to the inventor of the best percussion massager gun, he developed a portable tool in reducing inflammation and muscle tension. If you want to be free from pains after any type of exercise, then what are you waiting for? Choose from one of these best massage guns that treat sore muscles and relieve body pain in the shortest possible time. 

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