The Best Massage Office Chair You Can Find

First brought to the consumer market in the late 1980s was the massage chair. The massage office chair aimed to imitate the movements and techniques of an actual massager to ease stress, tension, and relieve back pain.

While massage chairs were initially slow to catch up, interest in the technology grew after about a decade or so and inspired competitors to search for the most successful models.

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About The Massage Chair

It’s been a few decades since the robotic massage chairs have been around. They are luxury items in the United States that can cost a few thousand dollars. While massage chairs in the United States have a relatively small market, it’s not everywhere.

The concept behind a robotic massage chair is rather straightforward. A tool on or inside the chair gives a soothing sensation to the person seated in the chair. 

Many chairs have only essential elements of vibration. Some involve sophisticated devices designed to mimic the techniques of a human massage therapist. They are all designed to provide comfort and relief for weary, disposable people.

Massage chairs on the market depend on a mechanical approach, but inventors have several other methods to perfect the massage chair. Some have designs that use water to massage stress and tension. 

Others use a variety of airbags to compress muscles and facilitate the circulation of the blood. A mixture of technologies is used by a variety of massage chair manufacturers in their products.

Roland A. Labbe submitted a patent application for a massage chair in 1948. The design of Labbe consisted of a sheet fitted on a pedestal. A frame of metal attached to the back of the pedestal. 

Labbe designed the chair for tension and pain to be alleviated by the person sitting in the chair. He also found the chair’s ability to tolerate attachments that might include certain types of massage. His design looks a little intimidating in comparison to the chairs of today.

Essential Factors to Consider

Most massage chairs have three main components designed to match the best massage techniques.

  • Massage Chair Engine

These are the main mechanical aspects of the chair. They drive and transfer the nodes and rollers to the required areas and require appropriate retrofitting of the seat.

The massage chair has several preset versions and programs used to massage the entire back. The engines, nodes, and rollers should nevertheless be modified via the control pad, which accompanies all massage chairs. 

As the user specifies, the massage chair focuses on a moving motion, a rolling motion, or kneading action on the top of the spine through the lower back.

  • Massage Nodes and Rollers 

The size and shape of these differ from mimicking fingers and hands. A massage chair with large rollers and nodes provides a more general approach for a massage while a more detailed, point-specific massage of the massage chairs with smaller knots and rollers. 

They target specific areas of the user’s back and can be transported to the mechanics of the massage chair in a variety of ways. The user can adjust these knots and rollers to suit their needs on the massage chair.

  • Adjustability

Perhaps that is the most significant aspect. Nearly all massage chairs can be adjusted to the weight, height, and width of the chosen person. The height of the roller and node protrusion is balanced by calculating the pressure on the seatback. 

Moreover, by placing specific areas on the back anatomy, the massage chair adjusts the height and width of the user. You can also improve these options by selecting several inputs on the control pad.

The Benefits of A Massage Office Chair

Massage therapy and its effects have been studied thoroughly, and if you own a massage chair, you will enjoy them every day. Discover the physical and emotional advantages of the following massage.

1. Reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Studies have shown that massage therapy relieves symptoms of stress. These studies conclude that massage therapy reduces physical and psychological stress significantly.

Measures such as oxygen, blood pressure, and salivatory cortisol levels, were all lower in controlled studies following a 10 to 15-minute chair massage.

A cure that is as basic as a massage chair is no shame in the world today. Stress accounts for $26B in medical and disability compensation and $300B overall and $95B in lost productivity annually.

2. Loosen and relax your sore muscles.

The human body is a brilliant machine. When you exercise your authority over and above what is healthy for you, your muscles become intense and angry. These are signals to the body to keep you under control.

Instead of persisting and proceeding stubbornly, listen to your body, and pause. A massage chair is a luxury way to relax.

It helps to loosen sore and tired muscles and releases stress in your body, particularly in Shiatsu mode.

3. Enhance blood flow.

Two components of the massage chair help enhance the circulation of the blood. The first is the mechanized massage from a massage chair. The techniques of massage include kneading, rolling, tapping, influencing, and shiatsu. In all these methods, the rollers of massage chairs shift and vibrate central corporal locations, therefore, improving blood flow.

The benefits of boosting your blood circulation are countless. Also, it speeds up healing from injury and illness, eliminates toxins from the body, and allows the body to cope with pain and stress.

The second component is the premium massage chairs feature Zero Gravity. In this position, your blood reaches the different parts of your body and improves the body’s circulation.

4. Immune system boost.

Were you aware that a massage of 45 minutes increases the number of lymphocytes in the body? Lymphocytes are white blood cells that help protect the body from diseases. They are responsible for the body’s immune response. If the body can increase its number of lymphocytes, it is better able to withstand diseases like common cold, fever, or flu every day.

Experts say that only one massage is sufficient to produce and measure significant quantifiable changes in the body’s endocrine and immune responses.

5. Lymphatic circulation mobilizes.

The lymphatic system of the body is as essential as the blood flow of the body. It is the drainage network that balances our body and protects the body against infections. The lymphatic system can be thought of as a body drainage system as it gathers the byproducts of the body’s waste.

Although blood has the heart to pump it all into the body, there is no “pump” in the lymph system to cause it to move. It can only move across your body as you breathe and muscles contract. Thus, if you are living in a sedentary lifestyle, the lymph fluid appears to accumulate inflammation in the body.

The massage action of the massage chairs and the reclining position helps to move the lymph throughout the body better to combat inflammation and disease.

Types of Massage Office Chair You Should Check Out

There are several main types of massage office chairs; knowing what to expect can help you make your final decision. 

1. Massage Office Chairs With Heat

These heated massage desk chairs offer daily massages, with heat features for extra benefits this time. In reality, this feature is a significant advantage due to the relief it brings. 

Added heat allows for improved blood circulation and relaxed muscles, which are common problems when sitting for long periods.

2. Shiatsu Massage Chairs

These chairs are named after the Shiatsu traditional massages. These office chairs offer Shiatsu massages, as the name suggests. The office chair would also apply gentle pressure to various pressures around the back, neck, and legs.

3. Executive Massage Office Chairs

Executive massage office chairs are the professionals’ ultimate chairs, high-quality materials with a high back, full adjustability, and a massager. 


Usually, these massage chairs would have casters and wheels so that you could rotate and move in every direction. They also have adjustable backrests, improved construction and material, and higher massage functions.

If you sit in the same chair for more than 2 hours a day, a high-quality ergonomic massage office chair is probably the most helpful thing, so that you are not putting your back and neck at risk of strain.

The best office massage chair for your needs also helps you to get a daily massage without leaving the workplace. You can find affordable yet still high-quality models with this office massage chairs review.

Here are our favorite office massage chairs to help you decide.


Our Top Pick!
best massage chair

Product Name: BestMassage High-Back Massage Office Chair

Product Description: The BestMassage High-Back Massage Chair with heat is available at an approx. price. $250, sufficient for the premium features it must offer. It consists of a plush PU leather upholstery, which provides extra padding to make your massage more comfortable. Moreover, with its oil and water-resistant properties, the material prevents any spills and the like. This ergonomic office chair with massage and heat also offers strong lumbar support and seat height adjustment, regardless of your level. In that way, no matter how long you have to sit at your desk, you need to worry about feelings of pressure or discomfort.

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  • Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • Pain Relief
  • Durability

1. BestMassage High-Back Massage Office Chair

massage chair
Photo from: Amazon

They are also equipped with various massage points with heat function, and you can easily adjust it with remote control. Therefore, you can choose a full back massage with deep tissue or the lumbar area, while most of the office massage chairs only vibrate. 

Ultimately, we agree that this massage office chair is ideal for busy managers who want to work for long periods without compromising their comfort or efficiency.

  • Made of durable and sturdy material.
  • It provides full support for the back and body.
  • Comes with a heating capability to soothe stress.
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.
  • It has a limited shipping option for countries.

2. HomCom Office Computer Massage Chair

office chair
Photo from: Amazon

This luxurious massage office chair with a traditional, timeless style is at approximately $130. It looks perfect in any office room, giving it an elegant smell. 

It is also available in a wide variety of other colors and ergonomically designed to hug your body and has vibrational heat for relaxation and straining from behind.

The remote control also works from a distance, and massage can be enjoyed on the upper back, lower back, and legs.

The adjustable height of the seat enables you to personalize your choice of place. 

Overall, this massage chair gives an excellent, comfortable massage to reduce pain and pressure and to ensure that you do not put additional stress on your back while sitting on the computer for hours.

  • It is available in many colors.
  • It has an adjustable height for ease of use.
  • It has a vibrating and heating massage.
  • It does not provide enough deep massage.
  • It does not come with a warranty.

3. Nexttechnology 6-Point Vibrating Massage Office Chair

best massage office chair
Photo from: Amazon

The Nexttech massage chair is a six-point high back chair with soft PU leather and a 360-degree rotation. The chair is an upper back chair. It comes in the medium price range in trendy black color that suits any conference room or executive office. 

The chair offers the ultimate back massage and maximum effect with heat and vibration. You can raise the back to 125 degrees, and it has two significant advantages. You can set it to more than 100 degrees at work or tilt it to the max for the last massage and the backstretch.

The chair is designed ergonomically and gives you good lumbar support, which is ideal for a long time to sit on a desk. Furthermore, you can also adjust it in height to personalize your sitting experience.

There are five different modes for the massage function. It has pulse selection, press, wave, auto, and normal. You can also have a massage time of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour if you wish. The others here described that remote control is available to allow you to change the massage and heat settings.

Made from PU padding leather and plenty of padding, the chair is comfortable to keep because it is waterproof and resistant to oil. Moreover, it includes a 360-degree swivel base and generously padded armrests.

  • It has 360-degree swivels, tilt function and gas lift height adjustment.
  • It comes with 6 different points.
  • It is ideal for any conference room or office seating.
  • Massages with only a vibration setting.
  • The arms are not adjustable.


By helping you relax and taking a break, a massage opens your mind. You will think more clearly and get a better understanding of the project in hand or the problem. 

It is another massage advantage associated with the production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins hormones as well as the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. With that in mind, we hope that this guide can help you choose the best massage office chair for you!

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