Heating Pad for Arthritis Hands: 5 Top Options

The heating pad for arthritis hands can help soothe the pain that comes with having arthritis. Anyone who has arthritis knows how uncomfortable it can be to move the fingers and wrists. The use of heat therapy from the heating pad will reduce the pain and improve the flexibility of your joints. It is why many would want to get such heating pads right now.

The good thing about such heating pads is that they are affordable. You will not have to spend a lot to end up soothing the arthritis pain. Just make sure that you get a model that can deliver on the best functionality for the money. The table below should give you an idea of what are some of the top options in the market.

Creatrill Hand
and Wrist Heated Wrap
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CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated
Wrap with Remote Control
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Sunbeam Flexfit Heating
Pad Wrap for Pain Relief
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REVIX Microwavable Heating
Mittens for Hands and Fingers
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Kozy Collar Microwavable Heating
Mittens for Hands and Fingers
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Top 5 Best Heating Pads for Arthritis Hands

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Creatrill Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap

Product Name: Creatrill Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap

Product Description: We all know that heat therapy can go a long way in soothing the pain associated with arthritis. This model heats up in seconds. You should be able to notice the warmth from the moment you turn it on. This type of warmth is not just good for arthritis, but also sore and stiff hands because of other conditions. The model stands out for the size too. It is one size fits all. The universal sizing should make it easy for anyone to pick it up and start using. It also comes with a large heating area so that it can cover the large hand and wrist. Thanks to its design, you can also find it being used for other parts such as the elbow and forearms. Many have found the unit to be comfortable on overall. Since it is made of durable neoprene, it is going to feel comfortable over your hand. This material also offers the best support that the hand needs, especially if you have had injuries. The use of premium quality fleece for the interior also helps with comfort. The three heat settings make the unit stand out even better. You can easily choose the best heat level depending on the type of warmth that you want.

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  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Value for money


This is one of the best units that you can get for money. Having multiple heat settings should make it good on overall when it comes to customized heating. It is a generally easy to operate heating pad. This is because it has a few settings to go through. Another thing you will like about the model is that it is comfortable. It also offers great support for your hands.


✔️It comes with three heat settings

✔️One size fits all to make it easy for many users

✔️It has an overheat protection mechanism


❌The electricals quality could be better for durability

Runner’s Up

CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap with Remote Control

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This is a nice choice as a heating pad for arthritis hands that you can buy right now. The best part is that it is within the affordable range, so you should not have a reason why not to get it. One thing that stands out should be that it is a one size fits all hands. As such, you will end up with a heating pad that can be interchanged on different hands without much of a problem.

The manufacturer made it using neoprene material. This material is good for offering support to the injured hands while at the same time offer heat therapy. The interior of the wrap is made of high-quality fleece material to deliver on better comfort.

The heating pad uses infrared heating to cover the whole hand and wrist. Such a wide coverage is what makes it ideal for anyone with hand arthritis. The use of infrared heat can be great for effectiveness and deeper penetration into your hand for better relief.

There is also a remote control that helps you to have a better control over the heating of the hand wrap. There are up to 6 heat settings that you can choose from when using this heat pad. As such, you can effectively customize the heat to be within the right range just as you need.

The model also offers the option of using it moist or dry. The moist heat therapy can be good for those seeking deeper penetration for effective pain relief.

  • One size fits all
  • It is easy to use with a remote control
  • It covers the hands and wrists for effective pain relief
  • Takes more time to start feeling the warmth

Sunbeam Flexfit Heating Pad Wrap for Pain Relief

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For those in the market for a versatile heating pad for arthritis hands, then this is a nice choice to consider. The heating pad is liked for offering targeted heat therapy. Because of its design, you can wrap around the different body parts and start the heating process. It is why we find it being commonly used on hands, arms, elbows, wrists ankles, and lower legs.

The wrap will stay in place once you wrap it around the hand or any other body part. This is because it comes with elastic ends that can be securely fastened to offer a snug fit. A snug fit is what you want when you need to end up with a deep heat therapy for pain relief.

The best part about this model is that it offers clinically proven treatment. We all know that the use of heat goes a long way to relieve muscle tension and stress. If you have arthritis hands, then you should start to feel better once you use this heating pad.

Also, it comes with a convenient design. This is because it features three heat settings. As such, you can always pick the correct heating level depending on your needs.

  • It offers targeted heat therapy
  • It stays in place because of a snug fit
  • The unit comes with multiple heat settings
  • The elasticity starts to wear off after some time

REVIX Microwavable Heating Mittens for Hands and Fingers

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Dealing with arthritis hands can only be effective if you have the right heating pad for arthritis hands. That is what this model offers. These heating mittens can be highly effective for relieving the pain associated with arthritis. It can also be good for other conditions such as carpal tunnel or anyone who has sore muscles because of surgery.

The use of heat therapy goes on to help in relaxing the tendons and ligaments in your hands. This results in less pain and more relaxation. Also, you will notice that you have better flexibility in the joints and less pain when you move them.

The mittens are known to be good for instant relaxation. You can warm one or both hands at the same time. In just one or two minutes in the microwave, they should be ready for heating your hands. Being mittens, you will also love how comfortable they are over your hands.

The mittens are also filled with organic flax seed and clay beads for retaining the moisture and heat for longer. This should leave you with a deeper heat therapy in comparison to some other units on the market.

  • They are comfortable
  • They can retain the heat for longer
  • These mittens are easy to clean
  • Limited color options

Kozy Collar Microwavable Heating Mittens for Hands and Fingers

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These are also a top choice for those in the market for a heating pad for arthritis hands. This is because they can be effective in their performance. You will find them covering the entire hand and wrist for the best performance.

The mittens are made to be great at relieving the pain associated with arthritis, Reynolds Syndrome, surgery, and help in relaxing the muscles. With the use of heat, you should end up with better circulation and flexibility of the joints.

These mittens are easy to use. You just have to put them in the microwave for two minutes and they should have enough heat to keep the hands warm for a while. You can also add them to the freezer before putting in the microwave so that they can provide you with moist heating. The use of moist heating can help a lot with deep heat therapy too.

If you have to clean them, then you should find them being relatively easy to do so. You can clean them like any other regular mittens and hang them to dry.

Because of the material used to make them, many people find them to be comfortable. You can even just wear them while relaxing at home for the comfort. It should be more reason many people would get them today.

  • They are easy to use
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Can be good for moist heating
  • Some feel they take longer to heat

How to Choose the Best Heating Pad for Arthritis Hands

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The heating mechanism

The heating mechanism can sometimes determine the type of heating pad that you choose for your hands. Some will use infrared heating technology while others have to be microwaved first before wearing them. It comes down to what you feel is effective for heating your hands. Well, the infrared technology should be convenient for most people so that they do not have to keep microwaving their heating pads.

Ease of use

A heating pad for arthritis hands is likely to be easy. This is because they would have some simple controls to consider and that is it. You do not have to worry about experiencing complex menus to go through. However, it will be nice to check the product description just to understand the usability features of the heating pad before making up your mind.

Heating levels

Depending on the heating pad, some are likely to offer the user several heat settings to choose from. Most of them will have up to five heat settings. So, depending on your needs, sometimes you can go for more heat to ensure that the heat therapy is more effective. Even having three levels of heat should be enough for dealing with arthritis discomfort.


Of course, you also have to look at the quality of the heating pad for arthritis. Some models tend to have good heating, but the electrical parts fail prematurely. It is why you need to read the reviews to see how good the model is for other people. Learning from the experience of other users will help you pick a unit with the best quality.


Another thing to keep in mind is the effectiveness of the heating pad. Some of them you only have to use once and you start to notice the difference. The pain in the joints starts to go away and you feel there is more flexibility that was limited because of arthritis. This is where you have to also consider the reviews. See what other people say about the effectiveness of the heating pad. Also, the product description should have all the information that you need to learn more about the heating pad.


How long do heating pads take to get up to temperature?

This will largely vary from one unit to another. Some take a few seconds while others you might have to wait for up to two minutes for them to be ready.

Can you get burned from using heating pads?

It is possible that sometimes people get scared about heating pads because they might burn them. However, that is not always the case. Most of these products have been designed to heat only up to a certain temperature. Some even have overheating protection to keep the user safe.

How often should you use heating pads?

The heating pads can be used as often as you want. For someone with arthritis hands, we recommend that you use the heating pad daily to soothe the pain even better.


The best heating pad for arthritis hands can revolutionize how you deal with arthritis. It can be uncomfortable for many people not to be able to move their joints well or have pain because of arthritis. The heat therapy from the heating pad will help to deal with these issues. With many success stories about the heating pads helping patients with arthritis, then it should be why you need to get one for yourself. Go ahead and pick any of the models mentioned above.

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