Should You Get a TENS Machine for Muscle Knots? Top 5 Options

The best TENS machine for muscle knots can help a lot in dealing with the discomfort and pain associated with muscle knots. The type of TENS machine that you choose should offer the best stimulation to help relieve such muscle knots within a couple of sessions. If that is what you need, then this guide should have all the information for you.

We will look at some of the top options in the market so that you do not have to worry about ending up with the worst TENS machine experience. All the models in this guide are rated as some of the best in the market. Let us check them out below.

Dr. HO’s Pain
Relief System
4.7 Check Price
Omron Avail Tens
Unit (Pm601)
4.7 Check Price
Easy@Home Professional
Rechargeable TENS Unit
4.7 Check Price
iStim EV-804 TENS/EMS 2 Channel
Rechargeable Combo Machine Unit
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SPACEREST Dual Channel
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Top 5 Tens Machines for Muscle Knots

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Dr. HO’s Pain Relief System

Product Name: Dr. HO’s Pain Relief System

Product Description: This is one of the best TENS units that money can buy right now. With many positive reviews, you would buy the unit knowing that it can live up to your needs for a nice relief system. The unit comes with multiple accessories that makes its functionality even better. You will like the small gel pads, large pads, instructional DVD, and so much more. The unit is good for helping you manage chronic pain in different body parts. It is why you would get many people going for it as they know it is going to be a nice option for them. Within a couple of sessions, you will notice that you feel better than before. The model is powered by the AMP technology. This type of technology contains 341 different stimulation techniques. As such, it will be a nice choice for those looking to deal with muscle knots. There are also three different modes to choose from to help you customize the intensity of the massage even better. Another thing you will like about the mode is the timer option. It allows you to time the stimulation from ten to forty minutes. This should make it ideal so that you can always customize the amount of massage time.

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  • Versatility
  • Quality
  • Massage modes
  • Stimulation


With its impressive AMP technology, you will find it being ideal for the muscle knots in different body parts. Still, you can adjust the intensity of the massage so that you can have a better time using it. On overall, many find it being an easy device to use. You will also like the multiple accessories that come with the unit.


✔️It is easy to use the TENS unit

✔️The model comes with multiple accessories

✔️It has multiple massage modes for versatility


❌It could use more gel pads for the price

Runner’s Up

Omron Avail Tens Unit (Pm601)

Photo credit: Amazon

For those who are in the market for a TENS machine for muscle knots, then this is another cool option. To make it even better, the unit is wireless. Many other TENS units will have cables running around to the main controller. You can forget about that when you get this wireless unit.

Having the wireless functionality goes a long way to boost freedom of movement. The unit comes with the option of connecting to your smartphone to use its app. The Bluetooth app will now allow you to control the various functions of the unit to leave you feeling relieved.

Having the independent dual channel pain treatment will help you get the most out of the TENS unit. This means that you can be massaging different body parts wirelessly at the same time. When other models might be having a single channel, this one has two for the best massage experience.

Another thing you will like about the unit should be its five massage modes and 20 intensity levels. There is no doubt this shows that the unit is highly versatile. It will always give you the chance of customizing the massage experience even better.

Thanks to its versatility, we find the unit being great for symptomatic relief, management of intractable pain, muscle stiffness, and nerve pain. To make it work great, always use it as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • It is a safe product to use
  • It comes with 20 intensity levels for versatility
  • The dual channels help to massage different parts at the same time
  • The instruction manual is not as comprehensive as expected

Easy@Home Professional Rechargeable TENS Unit

Photo credit: Amazon

If you are in the market for the best TENS machine for muscle knots, then this should also be on your list. It is a nice machine that can offer the TENS technology, heat therapy, and EMS technology too. As you can see, being a 3-in-1 unit should appeal to as many people as possible.

The TENS part is our focus in this guide. It will help in pain management and relieving the muscle knots you might be experiencing. It is why many people would invest in it knowing that it can help them feel better in no time.

The unit is generally easy to use. The large LCD screen will be nice to use so that you can cycle through the different massage modes. You can choose to pick also the massage technique such as beat or knead. It is always good to know that you have options.

The model has multiple patterns of stimulation that you can try out for the best experience. Since there are up to 8 options, it will be an ideal machine for the best massaging experience. You can also adjust the intensity levels up to 20 different times. Depending on the type of stimulation that you need, it should be easy to customize it.

  • The unit is safe and effective
  • It comes with 20 intensity levels
  • It is easily rechargeable for portability
  • It could use more stimulation pads

iStim EV-804 TENS/EMS 2 Channel Rechargeable Combo Machine Unit

Photo credit: Amazon

The use of the TENS technology has been around for a while now. The best TENS machine for muscle knots will help to relieve the discomfort that comes with muscle knots. Other than that, this machine will also be ideal for stimulating the muscles to relieve pain too. As such, those who might be experiencing chronic pain will end up feeling better than before.

The unit boasts of having the Japanese electrode pads, which are known to be good at performance. These high-grade pads in addition to the SEKISUI Japanese gel will help you experience the best TENS stimulation. Also, the ingredients of the gel are not harmful, so you can use it knowing that it will keep you safe.

This TENS unit has two channels, 5 TENS modes, 2 EMS modes, and 24 programs to choose from depending on the stimulation that you need. This goes on to show that the unit will be good for various applications you might have in mind. Also, the various programs allow you to choose the right amount of stimulation depending on your needs.

Having the EMS modes on a TENS unit makes it even more versatile. You can use it knowing that the EMS stimulation can also be good for your muscles.

  • It comes with the best quality
  • It has both EMS and TENS capabilities
  • The model is versatile with its 24 preset programs
  • The battery capacity is not the best


Photo credit: Amazon

The 24 modes of this TENS machine for muscle knots makes it stand out. Considering it is one of the cheapest on this list, there is no doubt you would be intrigued to see what the 24 modes can do for you. The unit has some simple controls that will allow you to cycle through the different options available so that you can experience the best massage.

Having the dual channel and dual output design further makes it a versatile unit. The model also allows the user to choose from 20 levels of strength. Depending on your massage needs, it is possible to enjoy different modes at the same time because of the dual output capability.

It is not just good for muscle knots as the same can be used for pain relief. Some people suffer from chronic pain and this would be a nice way of making sure that they can always get the best pain relief.

As for the pads, you will find them to be skin friendly and easily reusable. You can use them up to 20 times before you have to replace them. As for replacements, you can easily get the same pads from the manufacturer at a cheap price.

  • The unit is easily portable to use anytime and anywhere
  • It comes with a dual channel and dual output design
  • Having the 24 modes makes it versatile
  • You need to get replacement pads more often

How to Choose the Best Tens Machine for Muscle Knots

Photo credit: Stunning Dentistry
The modes

There is no doubt that anyone who is looking for the best TENS machine for muscle knots would also want it to be versatile. The versatility only happens when you have multiple modes available. Depending on the unit, some are likely to have multiple modes that you can choose from. The next time you are looking for a TENS unit, always choose the one with multiple stimulation modes.

Intensity levels

Other than the modes, the intensity levels are also important. The good thing about TENS units is that they can have several intensity levels even for the cheap models. You might get them having up to 20 intensity levels. This will make them good on overall for customizing how you want the stimulation to feel.

Battery life

As for the battery life, you would want to get a unit that has the best battery life. Most TENS units will have a rechargeable battery. Such a battery would be ideal for improving the portability of the unit too. Make sure that the unit you get has the best battery life according to the user reviews. Most will have a battery life of three to five hours which should be good enough for muscle stimulation.

Number of electronic pads

The electronic pads that come with the TENS unit are what help to transmit the electronic signals important for stimulation. Depending on the number of electronic pads, it can determine the different body parts you can stimulate at the same time. This will largely vary from one model to another. There is no doubt that having more electronic pads will be better for your muscle stimulation.

Ease of use

The last thing you would want is to keep referring to the product manual just to use a TENS machine for muscle knots. It is why you need to get an easy to use model. Luckily, these are simple machines and anyone new to TENS units can use them. You can always check out the product manual whenever you get stuck.

Treatment timer

Having the option of customizing the treatment timer can help a lot in making sure you get the best stimulation within the correct amount of time. For most models, the timer varies from ten minutes to forty minutes. The treatment timer will also improve the overall versatility of the TENS unit.


Is TENS better than EMS?

The simple answer for this question is NO as the two are different technologies aimed at accomplishing different end results. TENS is good for pain relief and muscle knots while EMS is good for rehabilitating injured muscles.

Can someone overuse a TENS unit?

Because of the relief that comes using a TENS unit, some can tend to over do it sometimes. We recommend that you follow the guidance as given by the manufacturer to use the product safely.

Where should you not use a TENS machine?

Do not use the pads on damaged or broken skin, close to the eyes, on the neck, areas with reduced sensation, and near water such as a shower or bath.


The best TENS machine for muscle knots will help you achieve the best relief ever than before when using other machines. Because of the stimulation sensation, you can feel better after a couple of sessions. We recommend that you do not overuse the TENS unit. Follow the given guidelines so that you can also end up with the right experience.

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