Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair: What Are Its Benefits?

Living a healthy lifestyle does not only mean having a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is also important to have time for a regular shiatsu massage. Does your everyday task involve sitting for hours? Do you feel very tired after a stressful week at work? If your answer is yes, then you are not taking good care of yourself. But because it is difficult to have a massage with a tight schedule, you should have a shiatsu full body massage chair.

Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair: What Are Its Benefits?

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu was first used more than one hundred years ago. It is a technique used to alleviate different types of body pain and provide therapy. The word “shiatsu” means “pressure of the finger” and it is proven to be effective in treating almost all kinds of body complications. Japan first used the shiatsu in the year of 1900s. Since then, shiatsu is being used all over the world.

The concept of shiatsu is to improve the flow of your body energy. With the help of different advanced massaging strategies, the masseur will put tension close to the edge of body energy. This method is known as acupressure and gives a feeling of extreme calmness and relaxation. 

Similar to a regular massage, a shiatsu massage is normally done in a secure, silent, and comfortable place. But with this traditional method of shiatsu massage, you still need money to pay the massage parlor and a tedious trip. If you prefer to have a free shiatsu massage anytime you want, then you should consider purchasing a shiatsu full body massage chair.

A shiatsu massage chair is the best tool you will have in your home. It does a great job of relieving back and body pain. The inventors of this amazing massage chair successfully applied the physical shiatsu techniques to the massage chair.

*Is a Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Different from a Normal Massage Chair

A shiatsu full body massage chair is definitely different from a normal massage chair. A normal massage chair is used to treat different types of body pain. On the other hand, a shiatsu massage chair specifically targets the neck, back, and shoulder for more effective pain relief. Moreover, a shiatsu massage chair offers an advanced technique that involves applying more pressure to certain body parts like neck and back.

A shiatsu full body massage chair will be beneficial for your overall well-being compared to a regular massage chair.

So, in case you already have your own regular massage chair and you’re no longer satisfied with the experience getting, then it is time for you to level up to a shiatsu massage chair. 

Benefits of Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair


A kid’s younger years are one of the most critical stages of development. This is even true to those children with complications or disorders. Pre-mature children, to be specific, can benefit a lot from shiatsu massage chair by simply helping them recover faster from wounds and anxiety from different disorders and socializations. In addition to that, a shiatsu massage chairs have a positive impact on the proper development of bone. structures.

Aside from that, a shiatsu full body massage chair strengthens the bone structure of children by improving the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and other important ingredients. Moreover, the positive effect on blood flow is good for the heart. This is helpful for children diagnosed with cardiac arrest.

Prioritizing the health of your loved ones is essential. Give importance to their well being by having a shiatsu full body massage chair at home.

2. Improvement of posture

People who spend several hours of sitting are prone to back injuries. Shiatsu massage chairs are specially designed to correct your spine and promote a proper posture while not being uncomfortable. And because your swollen muscles are being consistently massaged, you will notice a great improvement in your back pain and other body parts. 

If you happen to ignore this, it will not only worsen the pain, but it will negatively impact your posture.

The muscles on your back are crucial in maintaining a proper posture and general health, and your spin is a critical part of your body. The shiatsu full body massage Chair was designed precisely to make a huge impact to certain parts of your body.

3.Better Digestion

Your whole body experiences advantages from the tranquility of its different sets of muscles. This will improve your overall digestive health. With improved blood flow, the organs in your body will function better by properly digesting the food and nutrients you intake.

A better digestive system works by burning down food and making sure it reaches the other parts of the body, prior to being fully digested for ejection. This gets rids of possible organ infections, bloatedness, and build-up of gases, giving clear passage for a clearer, healthier body.

4. Instant Massage Anytime You Want

Most of the time, massage is all you need after a several hours of sitting or after a day of doing household chores. However, going out is inconvenient. This explains why home service is very in demand these days. The only problem with this is that it is pricey especially if you are the person who frequently needs a massage.

With a shiatsu massage chair, you will get to experience a professional massage without the need to step outside your house.

Shiatsu full body massage chair claims to relieve any type of pain in your body. Also, this will improve your general health as well as your family’s. It is perfect for killing back pain and preventing back pain as well.

5.Better Sleep

Insomnia is a very common type of sleep disorder. It is consistently affecting every person’s physical and mental health. If you are struggling to sleep at night, you should consider buying a massage chair. Studies show that having a massage before going to bed is effective in combatting insomnia and other sleeping problems

6. Brighten Up Your Day

When you are feeling down and stressed, your instinct is to eat your favorite food or go shopping. These activities may only worsen your condition because your body will release more energy. While getting a massage is always an amazing experience as long as it is done the right way.

Regardless of the problem you are currently facing, a shiatsu full body massage chair will never disappoint in uplifting your mood. This powerful anxiety killer allows the person to take control of their own massage experience with its advanced features.

7. Time Efficient

It is important to take care of your body and observe healthy living in a way that is convenient and not time consuming. Getting a massage at a massage parlor can get in the way of your duties and household chores because you need one hour to enjoy its benefits. Massage chairs offer a more convenient way for you and your loved ones to relax.

Another thing about shiatsu massage chairs is that you can tailor your experience depending on your personal needs. A massage chair normally has different modes for you to choose from.

8.Stronger Immune System

One of the disadvantages of fast-moving, city life is that people are vulnerable to sickness and illnesses primarily because of socialization with different people. This is a part of life but the closeness to other people can negatively affect the general health of a person, exposing them up to risks in the environment.

A massage chair invigorates the immune system of the body by making sure that the heart can function well effectively. It improves blood flow all over the body to get rid of toxins and bacteria, offering better immunity as your body kills out the factors capable of attracting illnesses.

How Often Should You Use a Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair?

How frequent you must get a massage depends on factors like health condition, personal needs, budget, and availability. The budget, is of course, in the case of physical massage. You will no longer have to worry about the budget if you have a massage chair at home,

If you do not suffer from any sickness, you can get a one hour massage every two to three days. If getting a good night’s sleep requires you from having a massage before going to bed, then a 15-minute session in the shiatsu massage chair before sleeping is safe.

When you are feeling great, once every two weeks is recommended for you to maintain the health of your muscle tissues.


A shiatsu massage chair offers plenty of benefits. It improves your blood circulation, lightens your mood, relieves body pain, alleviates stress and anxiety, and improves your posture. This product is useful to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. They are worth taking up space in your living room. In addition to that, they are helpful in preventing various kinds of illnesses especially to the elderly. With these amazing advantages of a massage chair, we hope you will no longer have second thoughts on purchasing one as soon as you can.

Watch the video below if you want to learn some basic shiatsu techniques that are effective in relieving body pains.

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