Everything You Need to Know About Self Massaging Techniques

battery operated massage tools

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to a spa for a much-needed massage. However, with our busy schedule and the global pandemic stopping us from going out, knowing how to have a little R&R at home can be of great help. Good thing self-massaging can be as awesome as the ones from the spas, especially if you have the right techniques and battery operated massage tools to do it. In this article, we have compiled a complete guide to help ease your body pain and discomfort. Whether it’s due to an entire day of playing with your kids or an afternoon of non-stop zoom meetings, these self-massaging techniques will soothe your senses.

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What are self-massaging techniques?

Self-massage techniques are nothing new. It has been used for centuries to get rid of muscle pains and muscle tightness. Many of these techniques are easy to learn and can be done with just the use of your hands, fingers, and elbows.

However, there are also techniques that require gears such as battery operated massage tools, foam rollers, and tennis balls. When you’re doing a self-massage, you use tools or your hands to manipulate your own muscles. These techniques involve kneading your skin and then applying pressure in specific spots.

People do self-massaging techniques for various reasons. Some just to help ease muscle tensions, while others need it due to medical conditions. For example, people with myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPDS) use self-massage techniques to alleviate pains in different parts of the body. If combined with home exercise, self-massaging can reduce pain intensity.

Which battery operated massage tools should I use?

Using battery operated massage tools can be very handy and comes with multiple benefits. It can relieve muscle pains, headaches, and stress. Some of these tools can even make your skin look smoother and younger. Want to learn more about these tools?


MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

Mighty bliss massager

If you feel muscle pains or spams, this Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager from Mighty Bliss can help make them go away. This massager can eliminate back pains as it effectively increasing your blood circulation and relaxing your muscles. It is slim and lightweight, making it efficient for you to massage hard to reach parts of your body like your back or thighs.

Mighty Bliss’ massager can create 3,700 pulses into the muscles per minute. It also has a long battery life as it is built with a mighty Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is the same battery used in electric vehicles.

✔️3,700 RPM percussion motor to help relax muscles in seconds
✔️Slim design
✔️Long battery life
✔️Hassle-free lifetime replacement
❌ A little heavy but not a deal-breaker


Therapeutic & Handheld Massager

Therapeutic & Handheld Massager

This therapeutic, handheld massager comes in two speed options and three vibrating sonic massage heads. It is designed to alleviate sore muscles and joint pains. The therapeutic massager has warming and vibration features to accelerate recovery and improve metabolism. It is also portable and lightweight so you can easily bring it anywhere and use it anytime you want.

✔️Lightweight and portable
✔️Comes with two speed options
✔️Designed to help improve metabolism
❌ Some models arrive faulty

HoMedics Quatro Mini Hand-Held Massager

Get the benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your own home, your car, or anywhere you wish to relax.

HoMedics offers one of the most convenient ways for you to get rid of muscle pain and tension with their Quatro mini hand-held massager.

It is small and lightweight, allowing you to bring it anywhere or use it anytime you want.

✔️Lightweight and portable
✔️Available in different colors (pink, blue or teal)
✔️Convenient battery operation
❌ Not suitable for deep massage

ENOWPO Handheld Back Massager Percussion Electric Full Body Massager

ENOWPO Electric Massager can accurately and comfortably help you relieve stress tension, body pains, and muscle aches. The massager’s vibration frequency can reach up to 15000 times per minute, helping you release trigger points, boost blood circulation, and relax muscles.

✔️Quiet and easy to use
✔️Comes with micro massaging motor
✔️Global voltage for any country
❌ Takes time to recharge

What are the benefits of self-massaging techniques?

Whether you’ve promised to focus on self care this year or you just need to loosen up your tense muscles, self massages techniques are a great way to get a little R&R. These techniques are so easy that you can do it anywhere – in the car, while waiting for the bus/train, at work, or while watching television. You can also do it throughout your day, whenever you feel like you want to release some tension or just to be relaxed and more productive.

If you need more convincing why you need to practice self-massage techniques, here are some of the benefits it offers.

Promotes youthfulness

When your face’s muscles get tensed up, they are more prone to blemishes and wrinkles. To relax your face it needs to be massaged out on a regular basis. Even just a few seconds of facial massage on a daily basis is enough for it to relieve muscle tension.

Rejuvenates body and mind

Experiencing sluggishness, scattered mind, and/or trouble sleeping? A 10-minute self-massage in the morning might just be what you need to feel more energetic to start your day. Through massage strokes, you can vitalize your mind and body, which can be of great help, especially if you are experiencing sluggishness. Self-massaging can relax your body’s muscle tissue. This process can then lead to better joint space, decreased nerve compression, and improved range of motion. You can also feel reduced pain if you’re suffering from headaches or anxiety. It can also improve your bodily function. Self-massage can also help you to have better circulation. As a result, it can enhance the nutrients and oxygen flow all over your body.

Stimulates body’s energy flow

Self-massaging can stimulate your body’s energetic channels, and this energy can travel through your mind and body. This can boost your overall energy to help you start and get through your day more easily.

Nurtures the body

Your body deserves pampering every once in a while. And self-massage is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways you can spoil yourself a little. A short 10-minute self-massage before you start your day can go a long way to set a positive mood.   

Detoxifies the body

Sometimes the uneasiness we feel in our body is caused by the accumulation of toxins. Through massaging your body, you can help flush out toxins and impurities in your skin. Proper elimination of toxins is a great way for you to feel energized, allowing you to engage fully with your day to day activities. Due to daily stressors, our bodies can experience wear and tear. As a result, it can become fatigued or tensed. With self massages, you can boost your body’s immune system. Whether you want to cleanse your body from the intake of unhealthy food or other substances, massages can help in boosting your body’s healing processes.

Which discomforts can self-massaging techniques help with?

battery operated massage tools

There are many benefits to self-massaging techniques. It can alleviate your discomfort from any of the following:

Stress and anxiety

If you feel tension or tightness in certain parts of your body, it can increase your stress levels. Good thing stress can be reduced through massage. Massages will help you relax both physically and mentally. As the massage reduces tension, it will also prevent muscular knots and stress reduction.

Digestive disorders

Abdominal massage can help ease tension in your stomach by relieving tightness, bloating, and cramping. To do so, you can begin by massaging on your stomach’s right side, and then down by your pelvis. Next, rub this area in a circular motion. Move up to the right side of your belly until you reach your rib area and then move down to the left side. Massage down to the left hip bone and then to your belly button for a few minutes.


A lot of people suffer from chronic headaches. If you are one of them yet you don’t want to keep taking medications to get rid of the pain, then perhaps self massages can help. Simply take your thumbs towards each other and then place them into your nose bridge underneath your forehead for about 10 seconds. Breathe deeply and relax your mind and body. Repeat this for a few times to reduce headaches. You can also press firmly upwards your forehead and then hold the pressure for about 10 seconds.

Here are other conditions where self massaging can help in pain reduction:

  • Scoliosis
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Tendon and muscle tears
  • Torticollis
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy-related discomforts
  • Sore or overused muscles
  • Muscle injury

Self Massage Techniques to Try

Now that you already know the benefits of self massage and the best battery operated massage tools to use, you’re probably planning to get started. But since you aren’t a professional, how do you know how and where to begin? Well, here are some simple self massaging techniques you can try:

Morning Boost – want a little boost to start with your daily routine? A simple massage all over your body will surely do the trick. Just gently knead your body from head to toe. Focus on areas where you feel tired such as your back, shoulders, and legs. This technique can help wake up muscles that are sleepy. Fire these muscles up with a massage and you’ll be on your way to starting a great day.

Neck Massage – use self-massage techniques to help relieve neck that feels a bit tired. You can do this by placing your left hand on your neck. Squeeze your fingers together. Once done, start turning your head to the left while pulling on your neck muscles. Do the same as you turn to the opposite side.

Head Massage – if you have a headache and you don’t want to keep taking pain relievers, self-massage can be of great help. Try massaging between cheekbones and ears and you will feel relieved in an instant. Take deep breathes and relax as you use light circular motions during the massage.

Shoulder Massage – our shoulders do a lot of work on a daily basis but are often neglected. To massage this part of your body, shrug your shoulders. And then check the muscles that elevate as those are your focus areas. These muscles are called trapezius. Start by massaging your left trapezius muscles. Place your fingers on them and knead into them. Continue this process for a few minutes and then repeat the same process on the other side.

Foot Massage – if your job requires the need to walk or stand up all day, your feet may feel sore or tired when you reach home. One of the best ways to relax them is by massaging them for a few minutes. To begin the massage on your right foot, place your thumbs on one heel. With a steady pressure, work your fingers up to the center of your foot. Relax and take as much time as you need massaging this area. After this, massage one toe, gently knead it for about 10 seconds, and then pull it. Do the same for the rest of the toes on your right toe. Once done, grasp the sides of your foot and squeeze it together. Repeat the same process on your left foot.

Back Massage – desk jobs can take a toll on our back, especially if we don’t sit properly. But there are ways to combat back muscle pains even if you’re just at home. For a back massage, you will need a foam roller to loosen up your back muscles. Lie down and keep your back flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Place the foam roller on your back’s midsection or just below your shoulder blades. Rock your body towards and away from your feet. This will help loosen up pressure points.

Face Massage – many think that facial massage is a non-essential part of facial care. However, facial self massage can help with detoxification, reduce inflammation, and boost skin health. This process also activates skin cells. As a result, it reduces puffiness, increases radiance, and reduces fine lines. Many are also doing facial massage to improve oxygen flow and blood circulation. These help the face not to have deep wrinkles or show signs of stress. To begin with a face massage, make sure your hands are clean. Start by pinching your jawline from your chin to your earlobes. After this, apply a gentle pressure just below your cheekbones and then start working your way toward the hairline.

Final thoughts…

Muscle pain and tension can trigger a lot of discomfort to our bodies. However, during these times when scheduling an appointment at a spa might not be possible, the tips mentioned above might just do the trick. Whether you prefer to use your hands or battery operated massage tools to ease discomfort, learning these self-massage techniques can be of great help.

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