Scalp Massages for Hair Growth: What You Need to Know

It is always refreshing to have a scalp massage. For most people, it can help to relieve stress and tension to leave you feeling great. In addition, there has been a buzz around using scalp massages for hair growth. However, does it work? That is something we would want to discuss further in this guide.

As much as the research about how scalp massages can help with hair growth, it is always nice to learn more from what others have experienced.

A scalp massage is like any other type of massage you would get for the neck, shoulders, and back. The only difference is that scalp massaging has to be done more gently. It is usually done without oil, but you can include some essential oil if you want. It is advisable to use your fingers rather than the nails to make the experience better.

Can Scalp Massages Help with Hair Growth?

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In 2016, researchers conducted a study on a small group of people to see the benefits of scalp massages for hair growth. The research concluded that having regular scalp massages can lead to having thicker hair.

Each of the participants in the study received a 4-minute massage on their scalp for 24 weeks. It was found that all the participants had thicker hair at the end of the study.

When a similar research was conducted in 2019, it also led to the same conclusions. This time, they used more participants to see how each person would respond to a scalp massage. They also had scalp massages twice daily.

For this research, 69% of the participants reported to have better hair growth. As such, it goes on to show that the use of scalp massages for hair growth can be beneficial.

We can say that massaging the scalp helps with stimulating the hair follicles. Each hair on your head starts within the follicle. With the best stimulation through massages, then you end up with better hair growth than before.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

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Other than boosting hair growth, there are many other benefits of having a scalp massage more often. Below are some of the other benefits of scalp massage.

Helps to stimulate blood flow

People tend to lose their hair because of AGA. When this happens, it is because there is not enough blood flow to the hair follicles to promote hair growth. It will then be ideal to get the massage more often to get more blood to the scalp as possible. Remember that the blood will have oxygen and nutrients that your hair needs for growth. Also, the blood takes away DHT and CO2 to leave you with better hair growth than before.

Good for reducing stress and tension

For many people, having stress can be a common trigger for losing their hair. It is why you might want to consider combating stress before it becomes a serious issue.

Whenever you get stressed, the body will get tensed. The tension also leads to more stress that we do not want. As you can see, it becomes a vicious cycle that we need to break.

Each time you get a scalp massage, you will notice that you get better at dealing with stress and tension. Whenever you use a scalp massager, it will leave you laughing out loud. In the end, it helps you to deal with the stress and have a good time laughing too.

Massage helps to promote sebum production

Sebum in simple terms is the skin oil. The oil is important for nourishing your scalp so it is important to have it produced in the right quantities. Since we use a lot of harsh chemical products daily on our scalps, sometimes that leads to the decrease in production of sebum. That is not what you want for your skin.

Having low levels of sebum can lead to flaking and dryness. As such, it will lead to hair loss because of rubbing and itching. When you have a regular scalp massage, it helps to stimulate the production of sebum at the right levels. The last thing you would want is the overproduction of sebum.

Common Massage Techniques

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When looking to enjoy scalp massages for hair growth, there are several techniques that can be applied to make the whole process effective. Below are some of the common massage techniques to consider.

Effleurage massage

This is the most common type of massage that many would recommend for massaging the scalp. For this type, you will be using fingertips or hands to apply slight pressure to the scalp. This method is good for stimulating blood flow around the scalp effectively.

Petrissage massage

It is similar to the other technique mentioned above only that it can be a bit more vigorous. This method will involve the use of rolling, kneading, and sometimes pinching motions during the massage.

It is a nice method that can also be more effective. It will also help you cover a wider area in a shorter time.

As much as it is an effective method, it is easy for you to get too vigorous. That is the last thing you want. You have to be gentle too to avoid stressing the hair strands and follicles.

Vibration massage

For this method, there is the use of hands or specialized tools for creating small vibrations to the scalp. The vibrations are crucial for stimulating blood flow and enhancing the nerve activity.

It is a nice technique, but we would recommend that you use it only once or twice weekly. The other methods mentioned above are still effective for stimulating blood flow around the scalp.

Tapotement massage

For those who want a gentler approach, then this is a nice consideration for them. It involves using a stroking motion to stimulate blood flow around the scalp. The stroking motion can be performed with the back of your hands, fingertips, or common massage tools.

So, which massaging technique would be ideal for you? We would recommend that you pick whichever method you feel is ideal for you and the availability of the tools. Some of the techniques might need specialized tools, so it is best to pick one that will be easy to accomplish.

How to Improve Your Massaging Techniques

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Scalp massages for hair growth should be something that you do more often. Below, we look at some of the ways you can use to improve on your massing techniques.

Always use your fingertips and not your nails

This might seem like something everyone should know, but most tend to use their nails rather than fingertips. When massaging the scalp, the nails can cause more damage to the hair follicles and scalp. It will then beat the purpose for having the scalp massage in the first place.

Consider having longer scalp massages

It is easy for most people to have only a few minutes allocated for scalp massages for hair growth. We would recommend that you allocate at least ten minutes for scalp massages. This helps with improving the blood flow and get the most out the massage.

Other than keeping the massage longer, we would also recommend doing it more often. For those who have enough time, you can do it daily. If you have a busy lifestyle, then consider doing it at least three times a week.

Vary the massage routine

We have talked about the various techniques you could use for massaging your scalp. As such, it is best if you can vary the techniques from time to time. From the descriptions of the techniques above, it is easy to see what each technique can achieve. Using these different techniques will help you end up with a lot more benefits associated with scalp massages for hair growth.

Do not be afraid of using a bit of pressure

As much as it is important not to apply too much pressure, it is always good to apply a bit of pressure to make the massage more effective. Even when we recommend using a bit of pressure, take it slow. Be gentle about it too. The last thing you want is to hurt the client with too much pressure.

Sometimes you might have to do a bit of experimentation first. This helps you to identify the happy middle in terms of pressure.

Different Ways to Massage Your Scalp

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Getting yourself scalp massages for hair growth for sure seems like a simple process. However, not all get it right. It is why we have reviewed some of the techniques you can use. Still, we also have to look at the different ways you can use for massaging the scalp.

Using your hands

The easiest method for massaging your scalp involves the use of your hands. This means that it can be done on the go or at home.

When using your hands, you need to start with the circular motion. This helps to release the tension and stress from your scalp. Still, you have to apply variable pressure to help with stimulating blood flow around the scalp.

Work your way from the sides of the head to the top. Depending on the technique or routine you have in mind, it can take some time before getting to the crown or simply go straight to it. Once you get to the crown, trace back the same steps to get back to the sides of the head.

For this method, we recommend that you do it 10 minutes daily to experience the best stimulation.

Get yourself a scalp massager

A scalp massager is a nice tool to have in the house. This is for those people who might always be in a hurry, but they still want to get themselves scalp massages.

You are likely to get many scalp massages on the market, but they all serve the same purpose.

To use a scalp massager, place the tips on the top of the head and slowly move it up and down. You can also rotate the massager to help get it in all the sides of the head.

In combination with a scalp massager, you can also get a massage brush. The brush will help you get to targeted areas on your scalp where the massager cannot reach. It is also a good tool for someone with complete baldness or someone who has very short hair.

Combine with oil

When it comes to ending up with the best scalp massages for hair growth, then you need to consider using oil. We recommend that you look for the best essential oils to use with the various massage tools and techniques.

Some of the common types of oils include rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and almond oil. The rosemary oil is good for extracting the topical DHT blocker to leave the scalp breathing better. The peppermint oil, on the other hand is good to promote blood circulation. As for almond oil, it is a good antioxidant and a hair growth promoter.

Other Tips for Hair Growth

At this point, you now have an idea why anyone would recommend scalp massages for hair growth. Even if that is the case, we have some other tips mentioned below to help boosting your hair growth in addition to scalp massages.

  • You should avoid excessive shampooing and brushing. Also, you should limit the use of chemical treatments and use of heated hair styling tools all the time. They can often weaken the hair cuticles and end up causing breakage too.
  • It is best to talk to a doctor in case of nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes having low levels of iron, zinc, and biotin can lead to hair loss.
  • You should ask your doctor for prescription medications to help avoid further hair loss. There are those medications that can sometimes help to heal your scalp and improve hair growth.


As much as there is a limited amount of information about scalp massages for hair growth, we still find massages being ideal to boost your hair growth. Those who have tried it before will easily advocate for other people to try it out.

You can give it a try too and see how it works out for you. In case you keep on experiencing hair loss, then it is best to follow up with your doctor to find a better solution.

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