Portable Massage Table – The Best in Review

A portable massage table is something that is quite versatile. It’s great and is almost an absolute necessity for massage therapists that offer home service. However, if you’re a consumer simply looking to get one so you can have your own massages at your whim, then do you really need one? Regardless of whether you’re a massage therapist or someone looking to get massages whenever they want, finding the right portable massage table is quite important.

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In today’s article, we have put together a buying guide to help you figure out exactly what you need. We have also looked at the best options and put together a list of recommendations with reviews to help you decide!

A Complete Buying Guide: Portable Massage Table

portable massage table

There are a ton of options for the best portable massage table. Truthfully, most tables are the same in that they perform the same function, but the fact is that you will want to find one that has the features that you need. There are a lot of different things to consider, such as the table’s size, height, construction, and the materials used in its construction. Before we get to the reviews of the best options on the market, we put together this guide where we plan to go over all of the features to help you decide what table is best.

In choosing a portable massage table, do remember that there isn’t one model that is considered universal. Each table has its own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages. As a result, you’ll have to find a table that truly suits your needs.

Here are the things you’ll need to consider when looking for your perfect portable massage table!

Table’s Size

The first thing and likely the most important thing for you to consider is the size of the table. For massage therapists, the size of the table will dictate the maximum size that your clients can be. For people looking for tables for personal use, the table needs to be the right size in order to fit you. While larger massage tables do often offer you a more comfortable massage, it does of course result in reduced portability. And so, if you feel like a larger (and naturally heavier) table will be more difficult for you to carry around, you might want to choose a different model instead.

Further things to consider in terms of table size:


Table length is the determinant of the maximum height of the user. The client (or you) has to be able to completely fit on the table to get a comfortable massage. After all, if your legs are hanging off the edge of the table, then how comfortable can you really be? Your massage should really be a wonderfully relaxing experience, and as a result it should be as comfortable as possible.

  • The standard portable massage table length is seventy three inches. This is standard across many tables because it usually offers the best balance between portability and accommodation capacity. Of course there are people who are taller than seventy three inches, but for the most part, most people will fit. To accommodate taller folk, you can get a face cradle extension.
  • Tables that are less than 73 inches are much lighter and easier to bring around. Of course, this does shrink your accommodation capacity by a bit, but with an additional face cradle you’ll be able to handle more people, up to 77 inches for many tables.
  • You might find a portable massage table that is longer than 73 inches. In this case, you’ll find this to be heavier and harder to bring around. However, you’ll be able to accommodate everybody.


The table’s width is also just as important. After all, your portable massage table should be able to accommodate a wider range of clients for you to be able to be more profitable. If it’s far too narrow, it won’t be comfortable – so it’s best to find a size that is just right.

  • 28 inches is the standard portable massage table width. This width is usually enough to accommodate most of the people you’ll have in your table. However, if you find that the average client you meet wants a wider table, then you can opt for removable wing arm extensions.
  • Tables narrower than twenty eight inches are not ideal because you won’t be able to accommodate a lot of people. However, they are most definitely more portable, for the fact that they are lighter. You can choose this table if you struggle to carry your table around on your own. To extend its width you can opt for winged extensions as well.
  • A portable massage table that is wider than twenty eight inches will certainly allow you to accommodate more clients. However, they are most definitely going to be a lot harder to transport.

Adjustable Height

portable massage table

Another thing for you to consider is whether you want  your portable massage table to have adjustable height. A table that has this feature is much more versatile, since it does allow you to adjust according to your needs. It’s best to look for a table that allows you to make your adjustments as fast as three minutes. Tables will either have twist knobs as a way for you to change their height, or they may have telescopic adjustment methods to make things easier for you. Telescopic is usually used for tables that use an aluminum base, although in rare occasions they can also be found on wooden tables.

Table’s Frame

The frame of your portable massage table is also important because it will make a difference in how portable it can be. The frame also dictates how stable and durable the table will be.

Wooden frames look fantastic, and often offer a more premium feel. This is great if you often see clients with rather expensive taste. However, they tend to be much, much heavier than their aluminum counterparts. Wood frames are often much heavier when compared to aluminum frames of the same load capacity. They also tend to get a little bit creakier, which does mean that whenever your client moves the frame can cause quite a bit of distraction. The same also applies if you really get in there to give your client that massage.

Aluminum frames, on the other hand, don’t quite offer the same premium look and feel. However, this more recent addition to the market is incredibly welcome, saving many massage therapists’ backs as they are much lighter. Unfortunately, there are a few portable massage tables that have used low cost and low quality frames, which contributes to the “cheapening” of aluminum options. However, aluminum (good quality aluminum, that is) is much stronger, and is also much lighter. And so, you’ll find yourself glad to carry around aluminum instead of wood.

Weight of the Table

The weight of a portable massage table truly contributes to whether or not they are portable. Lighter tables are often much more expensive than their heavier counterparts. This is because you are basically paying for portability, more than anything else. It doesn’t matter if it uses an aluminum frame or a wooden frame – lighter tables almost instantly mean that they will be much more expensive. The weight only really matters if you’re going to be toting the table around from place to place. However, if you’re a consumer looking to buy a table for personal use, then you can most certainly opt for a cheaper albeit heavier table.

Another thing to consider is the working weight of the table, which is basically the maximum capacity of its load. This is the weight rating of the table which will dictate the maximum weight of your client. Remember that as your client turns, they will put extra pressure on the table which will put pressure on certain areas. For this reason, you should be helping your clients as they turn.

If you see “static weight”in product listings and descriptions, know that you don’t really need this information, because it won’t really help you. It is basically the maximum weight that the table withstood as tested by the manufacturer.

Further Considerations

There are a few other things to consider when looking for the right portable massage table. Things such as the thickness of the foam can and should be considered. This is because the foam will also dictate how comfortable the table will be to lie down on. You want it to be thick enough and also soft enough to be comfy, but still firm enough to offer enough support.

One more thing to consider is the upholstery of the table. Sometimes it’s more of a matter of taste, but in some cases you’ll want to be sure to choose a good material. If you plan to use your massage table for seeing clients, you should be making sure that you have sanitary covers either way to ensure hygiene. It might really be better to just go for upholstery that isn’t the best, and instead invest your money into sanitary covers as well as sheets.

Look for tables that use STEEL/ALUMINUM CABLE  support systems to ensure they are stable as you massage your client. Avoid plastic supports as they are simply not durable enough.

Finally, you should also consider the warranty and/or guarantee included with the purchase of the table. This will ensure your purchase is protected.

Portable Massage Table Reviews

To help you find the best table, we’ve chosen a few to review! The options that we have reviewed here are not the only options, of course. If nothing strikes your fancy, there are many others out there, and with the guidance of our buying guide we hope you’ll be able to more easily take your pick. Without further ado, let’s talk about the tables, shall we?


Product Name: Balboa Pro – Master Massage

Product Description: This table is made of hard wood. It is 84 by 30 by 23-33 inches, and can handle a maximum of 650 lbs.

  • Build
  • Quality
  • Portability


If comfort is what you’re looking for for your client, then this portable massage table might be the right choice for you. It is a table that is upholstered in water + oil resistant upholstery. The frame, as well as the legs of this table are made out of hard wood. It comes in three different upholstery options, so you can choose which one you prefer.

The Balboa Pro does look quite professional. It can, and will, offer you quite a comfortable massage experience (for you or your client). It also has a face cradle, to make it easier for you to get to those tense, knotted shoulders.


  • Affordable
  • Steel support cable system capable of handling up to 650 lbs
  • Three different upholstery color options
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Legs only come in one color

Runners Up

Earthlite Harmony DX

This table is 73 by 30 by 33 inches. It’s rated for maximum 600 lbs, and is made of hard maple.

For a portable massage table that is all around a good all-in-one option, the Earthlite Harmony DX might be the one. This model features adjustable height, and a deck that is quite comfortable. It’s incredibly easy to put together and set up. It’s also rather easy to fold and put away. Most people will be able to quickly set it up and put it away once past the learning curve.

The Harmony DX is incredibly durable, making it a great choice for those who want a table that will last a long, long time. It uses a support system (cable) rated for 1000 pounds, and it also uses a piano hinge that does not squeak as it folds and/or unfolds. Over all, this unit is fantastic for both budding massage therapists and professionals as well.

✔️Comes in four different colors
✔️Very comfortable
✔️Face cradle
✔️Designed for stability
✔️3 year warranty
❌Mixed reviews
❌Some complaints about carrier bag not being durable


For a massage therapist or even for just a consumer, the right portable massage table can be a revelation. Find the right one and you’ll surely be able to give your client the best massages they’ll surely enjoy. As long as you remember to consider the factors in the buying guide, you should be able to make a more informed decision over all!

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