Percussion vs Vibration Massager

Wondering the difference between percussion and vibration massager? 

Both percussion and vibration massager can help you reduced stress, improved circulation, and relieved tight muscles. 

Here, I will share to you the comparison between the percussion and vibration massager. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: MEANINGS  

What is a percussion massage?  

Percussion massage is a type of massage that conveys a progression of quick blows that enter profound into the delicate tissue to advance relief from tissue repair, pain-relief, and relaxation. 

This type of massage also improves the blood stream and scope of movement of the muscle. At the point when done by a masseuse, the percussion strokes applies through a progression of snappy, light, strikes from the hands and wrist. The more famous alternative is to utilize a handheld percussion massager.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager

What are vibrations?  

Vibrations are a massage method where tissues are squeez and discharge in a here and there development. A vibration knead makes a vibrating and shaking movement onto the muscles that can be acted in an alleviating or animating way. Lighter vibration methods can help invigorate the parasympathetic framework and help the muscles unwind. A speeding up vibrations can be use to animate the circulatory framework and extricate delicate tissues.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: BENEFITS 


Percussive massage is also known as the “deep muscle incitement”. It is useful in a varieties of use, including:  

  • Relaxing of thickened connective tissue and sash.  
  • Separating of bonds and inward scar tissue, present after wounds or medical procedure.  
  • Expanded venous and lymphatic flow. 
  • Lengthening muscle fiber, particularly when fits, firmness and limitations are available.  
  • Increment scope of development by alleviating firm joints.  


There are numerous benefits of vibrations. These are the benefits of vibrations; 

  • Diminished tight muscles. 
  • Diminished pressure.  
  • Improved blood course. 

Vibrations are a gainful massage strategy to help assuage tight muscles. Vibrations can diminish snugness by expanding blood dissemination and the temperature of the muscles. Expanded bloodstream makes the temperature of the muscle increment along these lines actuating unwinding. At the point when muscles are loose, snugness is mitigating.  

Vibrations can be utilized to diminish pressure. Stress can be identified with enthusiastic or physical activity throughout everyday life, such as, work life, wellbeing or donning exhibitions.

Vibrations can be perform before exercise to help set up a competitor intellectually for execution. Vibrations can elevate the body to relax with the goal that pressure is lightened.  

Vibration procedure is a successful massage method to improve dissemination in the muscles. Vibrations are a piece of the percussion methods which are performes rapidly onto bigger muscle regions. The quick developments of vibration invigorate capillarization in the blood. Capillarization is the expansion of the measure of vessels in the blood. The more vessels in the blood, the snappier the oxygen and blood gets to the muscles. Improved flow can be essential to the body’s general wellbeing and capacity just as being useful to partaking in work out.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: USES & TREATMENT 

Vibrations are a massage procedure which can be use in the ff:  

  • Pre Event  
  • For tight muscles  

Vibrations are a compelling massage procedure use pre occasion to advance incitement. The point of pre occasion rub is to expand blood dissemination, adaptability and intellectually get ready individuals for movement and upgrade execution. Explicit massage procedures, such as vibrations are use to make a short yet explicit massage treatment. Vibrations can relax the muscles at an immense pace in anticipation of action and help execution.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager

The Vibrations are also using for tight muscles. Vibrations help lessen tight muscles by expanding the temperature of delicate tissues and expanding blood courses. Vibration methods invigorate an expansion of temperature by rubbing against the skin. Massaging makes an expansion of bloodstream the muscle and the temperature to increment. Vibration reestablishes dissemination to the muscles and it expands the measure of fresh blood cells to the territory invigorating the mending procedure. Back rub loosens up the muscles, isolating and extricating muscle filaments.  

As a matter of first importance, knead weapons treat muscle irritation and solidness. Of all the exploration on percussive treatment, by far most of it centers around vibration as an exercise recuperation instrument, however not all investigations report viability here. 

No recuperation method, in any case, has been find to effectively dispense with exercise-relation muscle irritation.  

Notwithstanding exercise-related muscle torment, there’s also some proof that percussion treatment can help alleviate torment in individuals who have fibromyalgia. Additionally, Thera gun’s site says that the high speeds and ground-breaking upgrade of a massage firearm supersede torment signs to your mind, which may make percussion treatment powerful for overseeing interminable torment.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: IS IT SAFE? 

Percussion massagers are completely protecting as it doesn’t have any symptoms and causes any pain. Rather it surprisingly assuages us from pains.  

However, you ought to abstain from utilizing a massage weapon on torn tendons to stay away from any further harm, particularly directly after the injury occurs. As your injury begins to recuperate, converse with your PCP about back rub and percussion treatment before giving any medicines a shot your own.  

Vibration treatment might be hazardous if the force of the vibrations is excessively high. This may cause lumbar wounds and serious back torment. Converse with your primary care physician before attempting vibration treatment.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: DIFFERENCE  

Percussion comprises of hits to the tissue utilizing the hands or fingers with differing degrees of procedure and power. The development is constantly versatile and from the wrist, which enters profoundly without wounding shallow structures. Generally speaking, the hand should strike the body transversely over the muscle’s filaments. Various strategies incorporate tapping strike with finger’s finishes, spatting strike with fingertips, applauding strike with entire palm, hacking strike with pinky side of hand and beating (hit with palmar side of a shut clench hand). 

Percussion is an amazing energizer for both the skin and fundamental structures. A short, light application creates a transitory fit, and in this manner whitening, of the shallow vessels. Solid percussion widens the vessels a lot, as prove by the blushing which follows. In the event that exceptionally solid, percussion can deliver nerve loss of motion, as any military craftsman knows. Different impacts incorporate incitement of the organs through reflex habitats and the spinal rope, and helping with dislodging bodily fluid blockage in the lungs.  

Vibration comprises of fine vibratory or shaking developments from the advisor’s hands to the zone took a shot at. This can be partition into parallel, knuckle, shallow, profound, shaking, and advance vibration, contingent upon how the advisor utilizes their hands to address the patient’s needs.  

Vibration essentially animates. It can cause muscle constriction, a charming shivering sensation because of incitement of tactile nerves, and expanded bloodstream and resulting temperature ascent of the area. It is significant in instances of loss of motion, neuralgia, or neurological shortcoming or weakness, where incitement of the region’s capacity is requires. I have seen it as particularly supportive in situations where the patient can’t loosen up a muscle or experience difficulty with neurologic brokenness and fit, (for example, with Cerebral Palsy). 

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: DOES IT WORKS? 

Percussion treatment incredibly work works once it is treated with the percussion massagers. You will come to realize the applied area will be red due to get steady blood dissemination.  

The discoveries propose that vibration treatment may help invigorate bone development and improve bone quality. The force of vibrations may influence whether it’s powerful. More examinations are require.  

Percussion vs Vibration Massager: IS IT EFFECTIVE? 

A recent report proposed that vibration treatment and massage. The two of which are a piece of percussive treatment are similarly compelling techniques to forestall DOMS. Deferred beginning muscle irritation, which means you’re more averse to feel muscle torment or snugness 24 to 72 hours after an extraordinary exercise.  

An examination has discovered that a vibrator might be as compelling as running on a treadmill in getting thinner and improving bone quality. Before you get energize, it isn’t so sort of vibrator. Rather, it’s a vibrating stage that can convey entire body vibration (WBV), or shake the entire body. As indicated by an examination distributed in the diary Endocrinology, 20 minutes per day on vibrating stage through the span of a quarter of a year diminished fat in the belly and liver and expanded degrees of osteocalcin, a protein that reinforces bones.  

Percussion Massager vs. Vibration Massager 

Experimentally, percussion treatment is a sort of vibration rub treatment. As in, all percussion massagers are vibrating massagers, however not all vibrating massagers are percussion massagers. Since with percussive massagers. The percussion is use to make the vibrations. So, when researchers study the impacts of vibration treatment, it incorporates percussive too. It is kind of like all rodents will be rodents, yet not all rodents are rodents.  

In any case, in promoting land, the two are use to talking around two isolated variety of massage gadgets. Percussion massagers hammer down on the outside of your body, sending vibrational beats of weight profound into your muscle tissue.  

This mirrors the rhythmic tapping of the massage therapist, yet wrenched up numerous products. This sort of massage is perfect for recuperation after an exceptional exercise in view of the profound muscle infiltration that takes into consideration expanded bloodstream to the focused-on zones, which thus advances the arrival of supplements significant for mending the body.  

Vibration massagers are progressively shallow since they apply vibrations to the outside of the skin. Those vibrations don’t convey profound into the tissue, so they’re progressively similar to a ligh massage intended to mitigate your brain and assist you with conquering pressure. They can likewise help diminish agony and general uneasiness.  

There is a spot for deep tissue percussion massage and vibration treatment in the life of any individual who pushes through extreme exercises. One examination distributed in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research in 2014 found that vibration treatment and massage are both compelling at forestalling delay-beginning muscle irritation. The massage was demonstrate increasingly powerful at reestablishing quality in the muscles, and you can do that at home with a percussion treatment massager. 


In my own opinion, yes! They can be an incredible device to add to your recuperation schedule, and with more affordable choices accessible, you can discover something that fits into your spending plan.  

In the event that you like to get kneads routinely, this is a decent method to slacken up your muscles between rubs meetings, particularly on the off chance that you have somebody that will utilize this on your back where you can’t reach. 


Vibration massage technique is a trembling, gentle, and fine movement performed with hands or fingers. While Percussion massage is a type of massage that delivers a series of rapid blows that penetrate deep into the soft tissue to promote relaxation, tissue repair, and pain-relief. 

Both massagers can be used as a double-edged sword and they can be an excellent myofascial discharge as well. 

However, they can also cause issues if not used appropriately. 

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