Most Comfortable Recliner: Review + Buying Guide

Recliners are something that a great many enjoy – after all, they provide comfort, relaxation, and relief from the stress of a terribly long day. These special chairs have been around for an extremely long time – for more than one century in fact. There’s nothing quite like coming home after an exhausting day and being able to sink into your little personal cloud. Not all recliners are soft and comfy of course – you do have those that aren’t as soft or plush. In fact, they probably weren’t all as comfy back in the day. But now, most recliners truly manage to be comfy, mixing both technology and comfort near perfectly. If you’re looking for a new chair, you probably want the most comfortable recliner. Who wouldn’t?

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Today, we have put together a buying guide with all of the chairs we think qualify for most comfortable recliner. With this, we hope that you will be able to figure out which one you like the most, and which one you think suits your needs best.

A Buying Guide for the Most Comfortable Recliner

You may think that choosing a recliner to purchase is extremely easy. Well, for most it can be – just check out some chairs and find one you like then call it a day. However, there are a bunch of different things that you do need to think about. After all, there are different types of recliners, as well as different ways in which they recline. So, your ideal chair might not be the most mainstream, most popular type available out there.

If you want to know what kind of recliners are out there, here are the different types so that you can better figure out which one you prefer!

Type 1: Two-Position

The very name of this chair basically gives away what kind of recliner it is. Essentially, this type shifts from one position to another. Put simply, this chair will either go upright, or you can fully recline it. Most of the chairs of this type basically use a mechanism such as a lever in order to make it recline back. However, electric models allow you to change your chair’s position with the simple push of a button.

Of all the types of recliners available out there, the two-position type is pretty much the cheapest. This is because they perform one simple function, and don’t have a ton of other features to pump up the price. Therefore, if you want a personal cloud without the exorbitant price tag, go for a two position recliner. Just don’t expect to get the best chair.

Type 2: Rocker

You might think that a rocker means a rocking chair, but that isn’t quite what it is. Instead, this type of chair is simply a recliner that has more than 2 positions or angles. In most chairs, the footrest is capable of going all the way up – however, the back only reclines a few inches backward. This chair is ideal for you if you don’t have a ton of space in your home.

Type 3: Push-Back

The next type is the push-back recliner. This type usually does not have a footrest, unlike rockers. Push-backs are also known by the name flex-back recliners, and they are a type of chair that you literally have to lean and push back against if you want to recline. The back of your chair will be the only part of it that moves in this situation. Because there isn’t a footrest attached, this chair requires even less space than the rocker type. This is a chair that is more versatile, because you can use it in a small room but you can still have it if you move to a bigger place. And of course, if you really want a foot rest, all you need to do is pair your chair with something like an ottoman.

Type 4: Riser

The fourth type of recliner is the riser or lift type. In essence, it is a reclining chair that is motorized. It lifts upwards then reclines, all done with no physical force or effort needed on your part. Although this chair is fantastic for elderly as there is no physical effort necessary, it is also this type that is often most expensive since they are motorized. However, for those who have difficulties physically, they are the best option. And quite honestly, if you have a bit of extra money to burn, this is the most comfortable recliner you can get, for sure.

Type 5: Wall Huggers

One more option for smaller homes is the wall hugger recliner. This chair must be placed against a wall or much closer to it. This is because to recline it, the seat must push forward. The wall hugger is the most compact of all the options. It is also pretty much the easiest to use.

Type 6: The Big and Tall

Finally, the last type is the Big and Tall, which are chairs that are meant to be bigger and taller. They are also much bigger and heavier than the average recliner. If you want a huge chair, this is your best bet. This is the type that a lot of people choose as their most comfortable recliner, although your mileage may vary.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Recliner

most comfortable recliner

Before you buy your recliner, there are quite a few things that you may want to consider first and foremost. If you don’t properly take these into consideration, you may end up purchasing a chair that isn’t the best. The last thing that you want is to buy something you thought was the most comfortable recliner only for you to be sorely disappointed!

To help prevent this sort of disappointment, we are here with this guide. And so, without further ado, here is what you need to rememeber when buying a recliner.

#1 The amount of space you have, or the room you plan to place your chair in.

The biggest thing that you will probably have to consider when choosing the most comfortable recliner is your space constraints. After all, the absolute worst thing that you could probably do is to buy a chair that won’t even fit in the space you have. Well, it’s that, or it’s the chair fitting, but being unable to recline due to lack of space. This is exactly why you really need to consider the amount of space you have as you shop around for your recliners.

To prevent problems in the future, you should measure the room you plan to put your chair in. Measure the exact spot you plan to place the recliner at, then compare it to both the upright and reclined positions of the chair you plan to buy. Consider all of these dimensions and you should be able to find a chair that fits in the space you have.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to have at least one to three feet (depending on the model of the chair) of space between the chair and the wall. This is to give an allowance for the chair to recline. However, this space may vary depending on the model you choose, so be sure to do your reseearch!

#2 The size of your body.

It would completely suck to buy a chair and wait excitedly for it to get to your home only to realize that you actually don’t fit comfortably in it. The chair being too small isn’t the only issue – if your chair is too large, then for sure that could be a problem too. If your chair is far too big for you, you won’t comfortably be able to reach the armrests and the foot rest may not be as comfy as possible. To find the most comfortable recliner in the correct size for you, make sure that you measure yourself while you are sitting. Then, check the dimensions and measurements of the actual seat of the chair. Make sure that you add a few inches for allowance.

It’d be good to check if your head will fit well on the head rest. Furthermore, you’ll also want to make sure that you will be able to comfortably keep your feet on the foot rest.

#3 The chair’s construction.

Last but certainly not the final thing you’ll need to consider is the chair’s construction. By this, we mean of course the quality of the chair. Is it built well? Will it withstand years upon years of daily use?

The first thing you will want to look for is whether the chair uses heavy screws. Steer clear of chairs that use screws that aren’t heavy duty – you most certainly don’t want this chair to fall apart on you after a few uses.

If you’re looking at a motorized chair, make sure that you find one with motor that is quiet. More expensive chairs may feature “silent” motors, or motors that barely make any noise at all. This is best if you don’t want anything interrupting your peace and quiet as you begin to recline in your chair after a really long day.

The cushion of your chair is also rather important because this is exactly what you will be sitting on. Do you want a chair that is soft, like a cloud? Or do you want one that is just the right amount of softness? Would you rather have it mostly firm for more support?

And finally, look for chairs with easy levers or buttons. The last thing you’ll want is to have to battle with your chair before you can finally relax at the end of your day.

Must Have Features for Your Most Comfortable Recliner

Naturally, there are a lot of features avaiable on recliners that are available on the market today. Not all of them are completely necessary, so you do not need to buy a chair that has all of them. For the most part, you need only look for a chair that has a few features that you actually want. However, if you want to treat yourself and splurge on a chair that actually has all of the features, have at it! Just make sure that the chair sits within your budget, of course.

Shall we take a look at the features available in recliners?

Rockers or Glider Bases

There is a rocker type of recliner, as we have mentioned – but not all of them actually rock back and forth like a rocking chair. Of course, there are a lot of chairs that do have this as a feature. If this is something that you are looking for, then do make sure your shortlist includes chairs that have the rocking feature included.

Chairs like this are best suited for people who need a little extra help with falling asleep. They are also ideal for nursing mothers, or fathers that have to get up in the middle of the night to feed their baby.

Swiveling Base

A swiveling base is a welcome addition to most chairs – not just recliner chairs. However, the fact is that this feature is not at all necessary. Sure, it’s great for allowing you to turn the chair to face whatever direction that you want. It can even rock if the base is balanced sufficiently. However, if your space is limited, then there’s no real need to look for this feature at all.

Massage Features

For those with a little extra money in their budget, springing for a recliner that also doubles as a massage chair could be ideal. After all, what could be better than having the most comfortable recliner that massages you too?

If you do have a budget that can handle it, nothing will beat a massage recliner. Just imagine – you’re already relaxed enough, just sitting in your reclined chair. Then, as you close your eyes and let the stress slowly wash away, the massage rollers kick in. Isn’t that just heavenly?

Some chairs will offer a lot more massage features and modes than others. It’s completely up to you what sort of features you want or need. However, do remember that the more features are present, the more expensive the chair will likely be.

Flat Lay

No, we aren’t talking about flat lays for social media photos. We’re talking about the capacity of a recliner to lay completely flat. The fact is, most recliners will be able to recline up to forty five degrees. However, not all of them will go fully flat and allow you to completely lie down. So, if you enjoy sleeping in your chair and you want to be able to lie flat when you do it, make sure your most comfortable recliner choice is able to lay flat.

Holders and Pockets

Although not completely necessary, it might be nice to have cup holders and other nooks and crannies in your chair. That way, you’ll have a handy place to keep your snacks and drinks as you watch television. Of course, it’s entirely possible to simply have an end table nearby without any need for extra features on your chair. This is all up to your personal preference.

Extra Features

Some chairs have extra features that are unnecessary but actually handy. There are chairs that have built in charging outlets for your phone, for example. This particualr feature is fantastic if you are a phone fiend and you want to be able to use your phone freely as you charge it. However, this feature isn’t always needed since you can also simply use a power bank or your regular charger with a long cable.

Another feature that is considered extra or a bonus bluetooth connectivity and speakers in the chair. This is simply a luxury in most cases, since you don’t really need to have speakers in your chair. Chances are you can have actual speakers that will likely be better quality than those embedded in the chair. Unless, of course, you’re going for a really premium, luxe chair that costs thousands of dollars!

Should You Get a Manual Recliner or an Electric Recliner?

Next thing you need to ask is whether you should get an electric recliner or a manual one. Manual recliners do require a little extra work, but they are certainly much more affordable. One the other hand, electric recliners are easier to use, but do cost more. This is generally the tradeoff between both options, so it truly depends on your personal preference.

Some other things to consider:

  • Electric recliners cost more not just because they are easier to use. They are also usually more packed with features, which also up the price further. If you don’t have a huge budget, a manual recliner might just be the best choice.
  • In terms of maintenance, manual recliners require much less work. There are no electronic parts that will break – instead, all you really need is to make sure the mechanical parts are well oiled. Electric chairs will need extra care for their parts to function for years to come. If you’re not interested in the extra work electric recliners will require, then opt for a manual chair.
  • Manual recliners perform one purpose alone. And so, if you are looking for a chair with more versatility and more available features, an electric recliner is the best option for you. After all, an electric recliner will give you a wider net to choose from.
  • Wear and tear on manual recliners is sometimes worse as the user would have to physically manipulate the chair. Thus, electric recliners may last longer in this regard.

In the end, choosing the most comfortable recliner for you is all up to your personal preferences.

Most Comfortable Recliner: Reviews

Now that we’ve gotten through the buying guide and discussed everything about the chairs, it’s time to look at the actual models in review. Remember that the chairs we have reviewed are contenders for most comfortable recliner, but there are many others out there that might be the right fit for you. If you don’t find one on this list that catches your eye, feel free to do your own research into other brands and models that might be the right fit.

Without further ado, it’s time to review the most comfortable recliner contenders. Let’s get right to it!


Product Name: Signature Design – Ashley Furniture (1090012 Model)

Product Description: For your more traditional option, this chair is certainly one to consider. Often considered the most comfortable recliner, this chair by Ashley Furniture offers you utter comfort and relaxation.

  • Value for Money
  • Features
  • Design


This chair uses two motors to lift and recline the chair into the position you want. This particular chair is oversized in design, and is naturally large enough to fit many frames. It uses brown upholstery that is rather easy to clean. However, if you are looking for a genuine leather seat, you’ll be disappointed by this chair since it only uses faux leather. Nevertheless, it’s still a great chair that offers you a nice comfy place to relax at the end of your day. The best part is it fully reclines, so you can sleep well in the plush cushioning.

The appearance of this chair is more like that of a typical recliner. However, the finish of the faux leather won’t appeal to all tastes. If you so please, you can also get this chair in a black faux leather finish with white stitching.


  • Dual motor
  • More affordable
  • Fully reclines
  • Really comfortable and cushioned
  • Great value for money



  • Not easy to assemble on your own
  • Faux leather, but with the price this is justifiable

Runners Up

Mac Motion Recliner

The first chair on this list is the Mac Motion Recliner, a chair that is the ultimate choice for many. This particular chair is incredibly stylish and fashion forward. As a result it definitely does make a statement in your home. Of course, this product is not just a stylish choice – it’s also a good investment that will last you many years to come. The Mac Motion is a premium chair with a premium price tag. However, it most certainly does feel luxe, and is also built to last.

This 84 pound chair is 34.5 by 22.8 by 30 inches in dimension. It’s made of top grain genuine leather, and boasts a sand/walnut finish. It offers lumbar support for a truly comfortable sitting position. This feature on its own makes this the perfect chair for those who experience back aches and pains. And, if you want a power nap to get you through your day, this might just be the right chair for you since it does also have a head support.

If you want, you can even use this chair at your desk. The Mac Motion is compact, which means you can most certainly fit it behind your desk if you please. It does also have a 360 deg swiveling base, and can recline up to forty five degrees. The foot rest is an ottoman, so you can use it or set it aside if you wish.

Pros and Cons of Mac Motion Recliner

✔️Swivel base – 360 degrees
✔️Premium construction and materials
✔️Lumbar support
✔️Compact design
❌Premium price
❌Only reclines to 45 degrees
❌Difficult to assemble on your own

Power Lift Massage Chair and Recliner – Magic Union

For some, the most comfortable recliner might be the one that doubles as a massage chair. The Magic Union chair is one that we can certainly recommend, since this one does both! It’s a 32 by 34 by 42 inch chair that weighs under a hundred pounds. It’s upholstered in PU leather, and its frame can handle a weight of up to three hundred pounds. Therefore, this chair might be a great choice for those looking for a chair that can handle a bit more weight.

This particular chair is one that you will like if you want a chair that even helps you to get up. The Magic Union offers a feature that helps to push you up as you try to get back on your feet. This option is great for elderly, or for those who have limited range of motion. The best part is that this recliner is rather easy to use, with two different remote controls. All you need to do is to press a button and you can control everything – the foot rest, the back rest, and even the whole lift of this chair.

If you want to use your recliner while you watch TV, take comfort in the fact that this offers not one, but TWO cup holders. It also has pockets so you can store small things without losing them. Quite handy!

The massage feature of this chair offers five different modes: automatic, pulse, press, wave, as well as normal. You can also set what part of your body you want the chair to focus on. If you ask us, this chair is an amazing choice if you want to just relax and unwind!

Pros and Cons of the Power Lift Massage Chair and Recliner by Magic Union

✔️Two in one functions
✔️Easy use with remotes
✔️5 different massage modes
✔️Cup holders and pockets
✔️Very comfortable
❌Massage function is not completely silent
❌Remote control wires might get tangled occasionally


Finding the right massage chair for you can be quite a task sometimes. However, with a little bit of research and with extra diligence you can find the most comfortable recliner that suits all of your needs. All you need to do is remember to take a few factors into account as you do your research and make your shortlist. In the end, you are the only one that knows what kind of features you want or need!

We hope that this buying guide and recommendation list with reviews will help you to make a better decision on your purchase. Good luck finding your personal slice of heaven!

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