Heated Foot Soaker Massager Options for Sore Feet in 2020

You might have had experiences with heated foot massagers, but it is another world when you can soak your feet in the massager. The best part is when it is a heated foot soaker massager. Such machines are common in spas where you can soak your feet and get the best massage experience. Well, you can also get such massagers for your home as they are affordable too.

Below, we want to check out some of the top options for you to consider. We found that many of these massagers will deliver the best performance for the money. Check out the table below for a quick summary of the different massagers in the market.

RENPHO Foot Spa Massager
with Fast Heating
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ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager
with Heat and Massage
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Comfortology Foot
Spa Massager
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Massager Basin
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LiveFine Foot Spa with
Adjustable Speed
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Top 5 Best Heated Foot Soaker Massagers

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: RENPHO Foot Spa Massager with Fast Heating

Product Name: RENPHO Foot Spa Massager with Fast Heating

Product Description: This is one of the top choices for anyone who needs a heated foot soaker massager. It is going to be a nice choice to relieve any pain and stress you might be experiencing in your feet. It uses rollers, heat, and water to make the experience even better. There is no doubt that you will feel better by the time the massage session is over. The unit comes with a PTC heater having an adjustable temperature and timer options. The last thing you would want is for the heater to overheat. Well, you can maintain the temperature of the water within the right range. The range is from 95 to 118 degrees F. The best part is that the PTC heater is leakage protected to keep it a safe tool that you can enjoy. As for the timer, it can be set from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The model does come with 3 automatic massage modes. These massage rollers are good for targeting the acupuncture points firmly and smoothly. The three modes include continuous rolling, even time intervals, and the unequal time intervals. Being a foot soaker, you would also want to see how easy it will be clean before the next person uses it. Well, you should enjoy cleaning it as it is easy to do so. Also, having the wheels makes it easy for moving it around.

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  • Massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Size
  • Portability


This is a nice choice for anyone in the market for a top performance foot soaker. Its automatic massage modes should make it good for reaching deep into the muscles leaving you feeling great. As such, the unit is good for relieving stress in people. The temperature can also be adjusted easily so that you end up picking the right range for your needs.


✔️It is good for relieving pain and stress

✔️It is easy to clean this unit

✔️The PTC heater is easily adjustable


❌Some wish for more temperature range

Runner’s Up

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat and Massage

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You can never go wrong with this heated foot soaker massager thanks to its many features. One thing that stands out should be its multiple massage modes. The unit has three massage modes that make it more versatile. As such, it will be good for massaging the achy heels, ankles, toes, etc.

Many find it a good tool for athletes or people who might have to be on their feet for hours. The sole of the unit has impressive acupuncture rollers. These motorized rollers are good for getting deep into the muscle knots in your feet leaving you feeling relaxed better than before.

Another top feature of the massager is the use of a PTC heater and red light. The PTC heater is good for making sure you enjoy the warm water. There is no doubt that heat is always good for boosting the circulation and soothing the pain you might be having in your feet.

It is good to know that you can change the temperature to a level that you want. If you just want warm water, then set it to the lowest temperature setting.

The best part about the model should be its auto-drainage system. This type of system should make it easy to clean the massager before the next person uses it or for storage.

  • The unit comes with multiple massage modes
  • It comes with a PTC heater with variable temperature control
  • The motorized rollers make it good for deep massaging
  • It could use a remote control

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

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If you are in the market for a heated foot soaker massager, then this is still a nice choice for you. It features a rapid undercurrent circular heating system. This type of heating system is what you need for deep penetration into the sore muscles to leave you feeling good. Many people would appreciate the powerful motor which is good in offering deep massaging in comparison to other units.

The unit also has motorized massage rollers. These rollers are specifically placed so that they can target the pressure points on the feet. You can now find that they are good for relieving the tension, stress, and anxiety. The rolling activity will also help improve blood circulation better than before.

How about the noise? Anything that uses a motor is likely to have some noise. It is good to know that this model is quiet in its performance. The manufacturer made it to have an ultra-silent water-pumping technology. It is good for cleaning your feet better and keep you feeling relaxed because there is not much noise coming from it.

As for the set up, you will have an easy time doing so. Also, you will like it for being easy to clean than the other units you might have used before.

  • The unit has an impressive heating system
  • It is good for those with various foot conditions
  • It is quiet and safe
  • It could use more temperature range

NURSAL Foot Spa Massager Basin

Photo credit: Amazon

Those who are on a budget can get this heated foot soaker massager as it is affordable and still has some of the best features. One thing that you will like should be the adjustable temperature of the PTC heater. You would always want to keep the water temperature in the range that you want. This is easily achieved whenever you use this heated foot massager.

Having multiple massage modes should make it good for various applications. This includes comforting the achy heels, toes, ankles, and arches. There is no doubt that athletes and people who stay on their feet for hours would want such a massager.

The unit also offers a bubble massage. The bubbles massage is good for promoting blood circulation around the feet. This can be a nice thing to ensure that the feet get better in no time. This activity is also good for improving metabolism and relieving fatigue you might be experiencing.

The rolling massage is also worth mentioning. The unit comes with 11 mini multi-rollers at the base of the basin. These rollers offer the kneading massage that you need for the best relief. If you add the warmth from the PTC heater to the kneading massaging, you end up with the best massaging experience.

  • The unit is made of high-quality plastic for durability
  • It is easy to control the massage activity
  • The kneading massage relieves you feeling relaxed
  • The plastic can fade easily with time

LiveFine Foot Spa with Adjustable Speed

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This is still a nice choice for those who need a heated foot soaker massager model. It is loved for having a powerful aqua jet action. Not many models in the market have the jets as part of their massaging activity. It can now be a nice choice for those who want a different approach to massaging their feet.

There is a knob on the unit for adjusting the airflow and vibration of the water from the jets. You can switch from high to low depending on your needs. These water bubbles have been found to be great for relaxing, relieving pressure, and encouraging better blood flow than before.

It is good to know that this model comes with a stress reducing heat function. The heat option will warm the water up to 108 degrees F. This type of temperature should be good enough to keep you feeling safe even if you keep the feet in the water for longer. You will also experience the comforting jacuzzi effect with such a temperature.

The unit also features three massage modes. These modes are good so that you can pick the one you feel is good for the moment. The removable roller balls will make it easy to clean them before the next person can use the soaker massager.

  • It has powerful water jets
  • It has the heat function
  • The unit comes with three massage functions
  • It lacks a remote control

Best Heated Foot Soaker Massager Buying Tips

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The massage rollers

Any good heated foot soaker massager will have the massage rollers. These rollers are important for massaging your feet even better. Their motorization ensures that they get deep into the muscle knots so that you can experience better relief. As much as the motorization of the roller is not a must, you will always have a better experience whenever they are motorized.

Temperature range

The temperature adjustability is an important feature to keep in mind. Anyone would want to be able to vary the water temperature. It is possible that sometimes you want a warm water massager and sometimes you want to increase this temperature.

The good thing is that most models offer this option. You will also like the fact that the water will not get too hot that you get burned. It will be warm enough to leave you with the best heat therapy.


It is common to find that the foot massagers can be big and bulky. Most are designed to stay in one place, but is good if they are also portable. It is why some will have wheels attached to the base. This makes it easy to roll the foot soaker massager to different places.

Other features that can make a unit portable is if it is small and lightweight. So, look at the weight and size of the massager before picking the right one.


Of course, you would want to clean the foot massager before the next person uses it. It is why you also have to consider the cleaning process. Some models will have the self-draining capability. Such a capability will make it easy for you to clean the massager better. Check out other features that can make cleaning it easier.

Ease of use

The ease of use will vary from one unit to another. It can also determine which one you get to choose. Go through the reviews about the model to see what others say about it. It is from the reviews that you would know which unit is going to live up to your needs and remain easy to use.

Massage modes

Just like any other type of massager, you always have to consider the available massage modes. For most heated foot soaker massagers, they are likely to have three massage modes. It will be easy to choose the right massage mode depending on your needs. There are times you just need a relaxing massage. This means opting for the slow massage option. This can be changed to an aggressive massage mode when you need a deep muscle massage.


What is a heated foot soaker massager and how does it work?

A heated foot soaker massager is designed to be a specialized bath for the feet. It will help to relax and rejuvenate your feet after a workout, standing for too long, or walking. For a heated unit, it will also offer heat therapy to make the relief even better.

How long can you use a foot soaker massager?

The recommended time is 10 to 20 minutes for the best massaging experience. Depending on the needs of the user, some can even go for longer.

Are the heated foot soaker massagers portable?

It often comes down to the type of the foot massager. Some come with wheels at the base to make them easy to move around. Others can be lightweight and small for portability too.


If you have to get the best heated foot soaker massager, then you should consider one with the best rating too. This will show that many people who have used it can agree it is worth the money. The list of massagers above is of the top rated models. It is why whichever model that you choose, it is going to be something that you enjoy using for years to come. Go ahead and get yourself the best model for a relaxing time whenever you get home from work.

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