Finding the Best Massage Oil: Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best massage oil to use will lead to an amazing and out-of-this-world massage that you will definitely want to try again. The kind you should pick must be based on your special need. Massage oils differ in the nature of the ingredients, speed of absorption, form, and more! Most massage oils are from natural plant based sources such as grape seed, sunflower, coconut, almond, hemp, apricot, and flax. Some massage oils are liquids, creams, or even solids! Others are scented while some aren’t. Others are medicated while some aren’t.

You see, finding the best massage oil for your unique condition can be quite overwhelming with the countless options staring back at you. But worry no more! Here, we decided to help your dilemma by making a compilation of reviews that can be your ultimate buying guide.

Massage OilBrand Expert Rating
Sensual Massage Oil
best massage oilFractionated Coconut Oil Therapeutic Grade + All Natural
best massage oilMAJESTIC PURE Sore Muscle Massage Oil
best massage oilFive Guards Essential Oil Blend
best massage oilTropical Passions Flavored Massage Oil
best massage oilConfectionary Delights Vanilla Cream Massage Oil
best massage oilNew York Biology Anti Cellulite Massage Oil
best massage oilOwnest 3 Pack Ginger Massage Oil
best massage oilRelaxing Massage Oil
best massage oilPure Life Science Anti Stretch Marks Massage Oil
best massage oilMajestic Pure Cellulite Massage Oil
best massage oilWeleda Muscle Massage Oil
best massage oilNOW Solutions Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil
best massage oilRelax Therapeutic Massage Oil
best massage oilZatural Virgin Cannabis Hemp Oil
best massage oilOlbas Oil
best massage oilBotanic Hearth Sore Muscle Massage Oil
best massage oilBon Vital Massage Lotion
best massage oilHerb Pharm Calendula Oil

1.Sensual Massage Oil

This product made in a state-of-the-art facility contains natural almond oil, jojoba, and Bulgarian lavender which makes it sensual and intimate, perfect for a passionate sex. Also, it has 100% pure therapeutic-grade oils. It is hypoallergenic and suits both men and women. Additionally, it has a balanced absorbency and non-staining.

If you are looking for a massage oil perfect for your intimate time with your lover that is at the same time therapeutic, this is the best massage oil for you.

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil Therapeutic Grade + All Natural

This premium quality product is a gentle plant based moisturizer that is best for sensitive skin. It contains key vitamins nutrients and antioxidants Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Capric and Caprylic acid. Also, it is 100% pure, all natural Cocos Nucifera which makes it odorless, clear, and safe for kids as well. This product can also be utilized in DIY beauty recipes, homemade hot oil treatment, as well as a sexual lubricant oil and more.

If you want a massage oil that is unscented, won’t stain, and absorbs quickly and completely into the skin, leaving it silky smooth, this is the best massage oil for you.

3. MAJESTIC PURE Sore Muscle Massage Oil

This is 100% natural that is so relaxing and a great moisturizer as well, leaving the skin feeling supple. It contains Arnica Extract, Chamomile Oil, and Lavender Oil. This product is the best for either professional of home massage that focuses on easing muscular tensions. On the other hand, extra precautions must be taken with this. It isn’t safe with kids and it can trigger allergic reactions. The best thing to do is rub a little amount of it first on the inside of your elbow to test how your skin reacts to it.

Customers who have tried it said that it is indeed effective in easing back, shoulder, knee, and other bodily pains. They also said how much nice it smells that is really soothing. They highly recommend this product, especially to athletes.

4. Five Guards Essential Oil Blend

This is a blend of the most effective out of all the essential oils: cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary. This product was inspired by the yore tales of four French thieves who survived a plague by covering themselves with aromatic oils. As they are being protected, they robbed people. With this story, it is evident that this is germ fighting and defends against airborne pathogens. Consequently, it is good to eliminate foul odors and smells. It is perfect for the feet and can also be used as a cleaning regiment for socks and shoes.

If you want a massage oil to solve a foul problem, this is the best massage oil for you. Some customers favored it too because of its cheaper price.

5. Tropical Passions Flavored Massage Oil

This is perfect for dry skin. It contains jojoba oil that is an amazing skin firming and anti-cellulite oil. Also, the almond and coconut oils add to its ability to really hydrate the skin, resulting to reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and a really soft skin.

If you want a massage oil to give your skin a real treat and at the same time feel relaxed with its therapeutic qualities, this is the best massage oil for you. Customers liked how it doesn’t have an oily finish and is oozing with sensual aroma.

6. Confectionary Delights Vanilla Cream Massage Oil

This has pure natural oils that are good to sooth tensed muscles as well as irritated skin. Its moisturizing capacity helps to prevent stretchmarks, wrinkles, and cellulites. The combination of sweet almond and jojoba oil is good for detoxifying the skin and giving it a youthful look. Additionally, the vanilla fragrance and flavored leaves of this massage oil induce feelings of serenity. Also, you will smell delicious! Another things about this is that it is edible! With this, you can use this massage oil for your intimate moment with a lover.

If you are looking for a massage oil to improve your overall mood while basking in its therapeutic treats, and at the same time be able to eat it when you want to, this is the best massage oil for you.

7. New York Biology Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

This is manufactured to treat cellulites by breaking down fat cells in problem areas such the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. It absorbs quickly into the skin, thus targeting those unwanted fat tissues right away. At the same time, it is aromatic. It firms and tones the skin. Additionally, this is made up of all natural ingredients such as grape seed oil, eucalyptus, citrus lemon, and grapefruit.

If you want a much more effective and quicker way to solve your cellulite problem, this is the best massage oil for you. Customers vouched for its quickness to improve the appearance of cellulites in just a day or two.

8. Ownest 3 Pack Ginger Massage Oil

This is a 100% ginger massage oil that is good for digestive issues such as nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and gas. Customers vouched for its effectiveness in treating swelling of body parts such as knees and ankles. If you are looking for a massage oil that will quickly fix such problems mentioned, then this is the best massage oil for you.

9. Relaxing Massage Oil

This contains lavender oil that is good to de-stress your mind and muscles and jojoba and almond oil that are good to repair skin cells. It is also non-greasy, so you won’t feel oily and you don’t need to worry a thing about stains. This massage oil’s absorbency is certainly excellent!

If you are looking for a massage oil that has a spectacular repairing capacity, then this is the best massage oil for you. Some customers vouched that it is good for babies too, so an extra point for that!

10. Pure Life Science Anti Stretch Marks Massage Oil

This is intended to combat stretch marks by tearing down problematic fat cells that lie underneath the skin. The all natural ingredients it contains are full of vitamins added to the essential oils which help to remove stretch marks by easily targeting fat deposits. This is the reason why it is 6X more effective than available stretch marks creams. Also, it is cruelty, sulfate, and paraben free which means that it is a safe product to use.

If you are looking for a massage oil that will finally solve your stretch marks problem, then this is the best massage oil for you. Customers vouched that it didn’t only improve the appearance of their stretch marks, but also made their skin soft and supple. Others said that it is also excellent for other types of scar such as a dog bite scar. Also, they say that the effectiveness of this massage oil is as fast as three days!

11. Majestic Pure Cellulite Massage Oil

This massage oil with a “d-limonene” formula is a lightweight oil that helps to combat cellulites in problematic areas. It has all natural ingredients and also contains beneficial lemon, grapefruit, and eucalyptus essential oil which work together to really reduce the appearance of cellulites.

Customers say that it is also excellent in hydrating the skin and smells awesome too!

 12. Weleda Muscle Massage Oil

This is perfect for athletes. This is highly recommended to be used before any sport or physical exertion to warm up the body and thus prevent injuries from happening. Customers say that it absorbs well into the skin, thus not being greasy. Also, they say that this product is really excellent in treating sore muscles and arthritis, especially with older people. Others say that it helped them with an injury that doctors were saying that will certainly take longer time to heal. With this product, they said that they experienced a faster recovery! On the other hand, other customers say that this also works well on the face. They told stories of being complimented with their new glowing appearance in as fast as two weeks after using this massage oil. Dark spots and scars were said to be reducing in size.

13. NOW Solutions Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil

This paraben-free product captures the natural soothing essence of Arnica that eases up worn out muscles. Aside from being typically used as a workout massage oil buddy, this can also be used as a daily skin softener.

People who have tried using this product said that it treated conditions like neuropathy nerve pain in feet, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. They also said that the variety of fragrances of this was really a treat to them.

14. Relax Therapeutic Massage Oil

This fuses the power of lavender together with almond, marjoram, and peppermint essential oils to be able to sooth sore muscles. This is also paraben-free which makes it as one of the best massage oil there is. People who have tried this product said that they were able to save money from massage appointments just by using it. At the same time, those who love lavender said that out of the many lavender massage oils in the market, this one has the scent that is really extraordinary! 

 15. Zatural Virgin Cannabis Hemp Oil

This is 100% pure cold pressed hemp oil. Hemp oil, externally, is highly effective as a moisturizing and beautifying treat for the skin. On the other hand, when taken internally, hemp oil is good for the body because of its vegan omegas and vitamins.

Some people who have tried this massage oil narrated how their severe inflammation and chronic back pain eased up just within a day after they took one teaspoon of this.

16. Olbas Oil

This has a unique Swiss formula containing a combination of six essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, juniper, and clove. It can either be put directly into the skin or as a potent inhalant. It can be for daily use as well as for sports related recovery.

People who have tried this attested to how this product is indeed effective with nasal congestion, sinus, bronchitis, and chest cold. They also praised its scent.

 17. Botanic Hearth Sore Muscle Massage Oil

This has powerful ingredients such as Arnica Montana Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Oil, and Mentha Arvensis Oil that are together to create a unique solution that is highly effective with sore muscles.

 18. Bon Vital Massage Lotion

This contains Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and Herbal Botanical Extracts of Arnica, Ivy, and Cucumber that are a package treat for the skin. It is also hypoallergenic which gives it an extra point and indeed a place as a candidate for the best massage oil ever. It is good for back and neck massages as well as with increasing blood circulation throughout the body. Massage therapists dig this product!

19. Herb Pharm Calendula Oil

This comes from the whole flower of certified organic Calendula officinalis plants. Some people said that they saw continual improvement with their stubborn psoriasis after several days of using this product.


This contains collagen and stem cell which are for skin longevity. Ylang-Ylang and ginger give a therapeutic sensation that eases up different stresses in the body. People used this product said that the combination of its powerful ingredients was the factor that induced them to buy it, and they weren’t disappointed!

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