Finding a Good Foot Spa Machine

A foot spa is the epitome of relaxation and stress relief. Life can be really hard on our feet, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time standing up and walking around for work. It is exactly for this reason that people love to pamper themselves with a good foot spa. These relaxing treatments can not just reduce your stress, but it can also relieve any muscle aches and pains that you may be feeling. Feet are sensitive parts of the body and so it only makes sense to pamper them when possible. However, not everyone has the time or money to spend to go frequently to salons and spas. When this is the case, finding the right foot spa machine can be a life changer.

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Foot spas are not just great for relieving aches and pains and reducing stress. In fact, they are also excellent for helping with headaches and reducing their intensity and frequency as well. If you’re looking for a foot spa machine for this purpose, we put together this guide just to make your life much easier. After all, choosing the right model isn’t exactly as easy as it seems. As a matter of fact, it can be confusing considering the many different options available on the market today. And so, to make it easier for you, we’ve chosen a few and reviewed them too.

What to Consider When Buying Foot Spa Machine for Your Home

foot spa machine

To relax your tired, sore feet, a foot spa machine can be amazing. However, you shouldn’t simply purchase the first one that you come across. Instead, you should be asking yourself a few questions first so that you can properly decide on a model that suits your needs exactly.

Consider the below:

What are you looking for?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is what you’re looking for. Of course, you’re looking for a foot spa machine, but what kind do you need? What sort of features are important to you, and which are negligible? Are you looking for a machine that can provide a heated treatment, or do you want one that makes a lot of bubbles? Is infrared therapy necessary, or is it just an additional feature to bloat up the price? Do you want massage rollers, or are they much too rough on your sensitive feet?

How often will you use it?

Next question is – how often do you plan to use your foot spa machine? A lot of people go into this thinking that they’ll be using theirs on the daily. However, the fact is that a lot of people, despite their intent, end up using theirs a maximum of maybe 2, 3 times a week. After all, work schedules are often busy, and life in general has a tendency to get in the way. However, an honest idea of your expected frequency of use is a good way to determine the type of model you want to get.

The reason it’s important to ask this question is because these products are built in different ways. Some of them are meant to take a beating, while others are meant for more casual occasional use. There are models that have bucket handles for improved portability, while there are others that also have casters so you can simply just roll them around. If you plan to have a foot spa machine that you want to use on a regular basis, then it’s a good idea to find one that’s more portable so that it becomes easier to move it around. However, if you only plan to use it once in a while, then you can simply go with a cheaper model.

Are there any particular issues you’re trying to work on?

Another thing that you need to ask is whether you need your foot spa machine solely for relaxation purposes. After all, there are some people who look for one of these machines to help them with some health issues. For example, there are people who find that a good machine can help them relieve pain caused by arthritis. And then there are other people who get these machines to help improve their circulation.

If you want a machine that can help in either of these 2 situations comma then you may want to seek one that offers rollers or infrared massage features. Also see if you can find a machine that is compatible with using oil and salt or even seaweed.

What’s your budget looking like?

The next thing that you need to consider is how much you have in your budget. The simple fact is you can get a good foot spa machine for relatively cheap as long as you look for one that has good quality. However, if you have the extra money to spend you may want to splurge on a model that offers a ton more features along with a heftier price tag. However, if you do not set a budget it can be easy to get tempted by the many options out there especially when they tell you but they have revolutionary features to help you relax after a long hard day.

Therefore, establishing a budget before you even begin to shop around is incredibly important in helping you to keep your spending under control.

How deep do you want the water to be?

Every foot spa machine is designed in a different way. There are some that only allow for the water to be shallow, barely reaching your ankles even as you use the massage rollers. This is fantastic for people who aren’t a big fan of soaking their legs in water. However, there are models that allow for deeper water to submerge your ankles or even up to your calves. The deeper the water, the more features there likely will be.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to get a foot spa, which is basically a model that has the shallowest possible basin. A foot spa will have the water at just barely your ankles, or sometimes just enough to almost cover your feet. They’re good if you want to have a model that is lighter and easier to carry around. Foot and ankle spas on the other hand cover up to your ankles when you’re getting the massage. And then you have foot, ankle, and calf spas – which are exactly as they sound.

What Makes a Good Machine?

Before you finally begin to put together a short list of products that you intend to purchase, you should first consider a few factors that determine whether product is good or not. In the section below, we take a look at what makes a good foot spa machine so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to the time of purchase.

Here is what you need to look for to make sure that the model you are planning to get is worth your money.

Price and Consequently, Durability

Naturally, one of the first things that you will want to look at is the price of the model you are looking at. The simple fact is in most cases the price of a foot spa machine will directly correspond to its quality and overall durability. Higher end models that cost more generally use materials that are better than their cheaper counterparts. Furthermore, a higher price model will also have more features as well as programs to make them the better choice. For example, pricier models tend to have digital displays as well as thermostats. They may also have control panels and security features.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that cheaper models are bad – not at all. In fact, they can still probably provide you a really good experience, but they simply won’t have the same bells and whistles that a pricier model might have. Although they may heat up water, they might not have a thermostat for example. And comma as long as you are careful with your usage even the more affordable models will likely last you a very long time.

Ease of Use

The next thing that you want to consider is how easy your model of foot spa is to use. Does it have features such as a thermostat to keep track of the temperature of the water? or, for example, does it come with a display to help you keep track of everything that is going on? Is the temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit? Are you even able to control the thermostat at all or is it more of something that you’ll have to get a feel for before you turn the heat off yourself?

If you want a brainless experience that literally makes your life easier, then opt for a model that is much easier to use in general.

Heat Function

foot spa machine

In most cases, the capacity of a foot spa machine to offer a heated massage is a great indicator of its quality. A heated massage can be incredibly relaxing, which is exactly why it’s often a feature added to these machines. This feature is often included by the manufacturer in 3 ways:

  • A small heating element may be included to maintain the water at a certain/constant temperature for about 15-20 minutes. You will have to pour hot/warm water into the machine yourself.
  • A heating element is included to actually warm up the water. However, without a thermostat, you will have to constantly turn the heating element on and off to keep it at a certain temperature.
  • A high-quality heating element is included with the use of a thermostat so that everything is easy – just turn on the switch, set the temp, and let the machine do the work.


The next thing for you to consider is the size of the machine you want to get. these machines do come in different sizes which is great since not everybody has the same size of feet. Therefore, you should choose one that will accommodate your feet and the feet of anybody else who might use the machine.

Massage Rollers

Another thing that you want to consider is whether the machine comes with the massage rollers. These can come either motorized and fully automatic, or they can be manual and you will have to move your feet yourself in order to get the massage. In cases of manual rollers the intensity and speed of your massage will depend completely on how you move your feet and press against the rollers.

Getting a machine that has motorized rollers will make your job easier since they will already do half of the job for you. You don’t have to move your feet forwards or backwards in order to get your massage, but the intensity of the massage will still depend on how hard you push your feet into the rollers.

Most foot spa machines will use between 2 or 6 rollers comma and in some cases they might even have removable ones.

Bubbles and Jets

The next thing is to see if you actually want bubble and jet features to be included. They’re not necessary but they do improve the quality of your foot massages.

Product Compatibility

Of course, you also want to make sure that the product you choose will be compatible with your skin care products of choice. For example, you want to look for machine that is compatible with bath salts as well as oils. If you plan to use seaweed in your treatments, you must also make sure that your machine will be able to handle it as well.

Other Considerations

Finally, you can consider other features that mostly make your experience an easier 1. For example, look for a foot spa machine that offers bucket handles to make it easier to move it around and drain it. You can also opt for a model that has casters as well as a drain hose instead. Needless to say, the portability of your choice of model will make a huge difference in your experience.

Also look for a splash guard to improve your experience further. This, along with a quieter motor (in motorized machines) will make a pretty big difference in your relaxing time.

Best Foot Spa Machine in Review


Product Name: PowMax WW-51 Multifunction

Product Description: Price: $$$
Size 42 by 37 by 28 centimeters
Volume Capacity: 10 liters
Temp Max: 50 C
Foot to Calf

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Value for Money


For a foot spa machine that is all around a good choice, the PowMax WW-51 is a great option. It’s great for people who aren’t a huge fan of automatic massage rollers with pre-set programs. The rollers on this particular model are actually removable, and they also vibrate. To get the full massage experience, you must move your feet yourself. You can also control the intensity of the massage by choosing how hard you press your feet down into the rollers.

For ease of use, this product comes with an LED display to help you monitor your settings. A safety feature is also included to help in preventing overheating. It can heat all the way up to 50 degrees C, which will thoroughly enhance your foot spa experience. To ease your experience carrying this around, casters are included. A handle is also available, to help you in pouring in water or in emptying out the tank.


  • LED Display for easy monitoring
  • Safety features against overheating


  • Manual rollers
  • No tube for drainage

Runners Up

MaxKare Foot Spa

Price: $$
Size: 16.8 by 14.8 by 8.5 inches
Volume Capacity: Not specified
Temp Max: 95 F to 118 F
Foot only

Another good foot spa machine that we can recommend is the MaxKare Foot Spa. It helps to give you that ambiance of relief and calm after you’ve come home after a long and exhausting day on your feet. This machine works using heat, vibrations, and bubble jets in order to relieve your feet and help you to further relax. For your convenience, you can run the features one at a time, or all at once – it all depends on your preference.

The best part about this unit is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is set the temperature you want, and then wait for the water to heat up. The machine itself will maintain the temperature as well as the vibrations, at the level you want. The rollers – all four of them – are all removable.

✔️Temperature control, heating element
✔️4 removable rollers
❌Short electrical cord
❌Vibration not too strong
❌Temperature fluctuates

Kendall All-in-1 Foot Spa Machine with Heat

Price: $$
Size: 19 by 15 by 12 inches
Volume Capacity: 9.5 liters
Temp Max: 35 celsius to 48 celsius
Foot to calf

If you’re looking for a foot spa machine with a design that is somewhat different, the Kendall All-in-1 offers you exactly that. This machine has a basin with a cover to prevent spills at the front. On the rear, you have a drainage hose to help you more easily empty the basin. The floor of this machine was designed for outlining human feet’s shape, and for an added bonus it has massage beads.

Placing your feet on the outlines of this machine allows you to benefit from the jet spray and roller massages. It also has casters to help you move it however you want.

✔️No display
✔️3 programs
❌Not best for those with wider feet
❌Takes time to get hot


With a good foot spa machine, you can surely enjoy an incredibly relaxing time right in the comfort of your own home. To ensure that you get the best experience, make sure you take into account all of the factors we’ve listed in the buying guide above. Finally, make sure that your machine will be able to handle the things that you actually want to do – and once you’ve made sure of that, you’ll be sure to enjoy many enjoyable treatments for a long time ahead!

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