The Best Electric Scalp Massager Reviews & Buying Guide

A scalp massager seems like something that isn’t necessary, by any means. Sure, a massage is great, but not a lot of people really think of a scalp or a head massage immediately when it’s brought up. More often than not, people would think of a foot massage, or even a back, neck and shoulder massage. So what’s the point of getting an electric scalp massager, right? Well, one thing that you should know is the fact that scalp massages offer a ton of benefits – not just relaxation.

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In today’s article, we will discuss most everything there is to know about scalp massages, and the benefits of having an electric scalp massager. We’ve put together a buying guide, along with a bunch of recommendations. To take that a step further, we’ve also made sure to review our recommendations, so that you can make a more informed decision. After all, these devices all come with different features and different designs, all of which are individually suited to specific tasks.

If you’re ready to start talking about everything there is to know about scalp massages, so are we! So, let’s get started.

What’s a Scalp Massager?

We may have piqued your curiosity about these devices. If you are wondering what a scalp massager is, we’ve got your answer. Basically, it’s an electronic product that is designed specifically for stimulating your head and your scalp. They may be a portable, handheld device that you can use wherever you like. Or, they could have a special look or design that is meant to be similar to a wearable helmet.

Most of these devices are designed to be able to give you massages without accidentally pulling at your hair. It is for this reason that they look different in comparison to other kinds of handheld devices for massages. It’s also worth mentioning that most of these devices will use rubber or silicone attachments on the heads so that you won’t end up with your hair getting charged by static electricity.

In general, scalp massagers are typically cordless as well as lightweight. A lot of them will also be waterproof so that you can use them in the shower. Many of them run off of built-in batteries that you can recharge, but a lot of them also only use your regular run of the mill batteries.

Do Scalp Massagers Really Work?

electric scalp massager

If you find yourself asking whether scalp massagers really do work, and if they really do affect your hair… the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, these devices actually work so well that some users get surprised at the results that they get.

Currently, research has proven that around three out of five (or maybe more) migraines are caused by tension in the muscles more than anything else. With this in mind, it actually does work well to have an electric scalp massager at hand.

A massager will work to stimulate your stressed muscles, which can really help to release tension. As this happens, you’ll find yourself getting more and more relaxed. The increased blood flow or blood circulation also helps to stimulate the growth of hair. Furthermore, it also helps to improve your hair’s health.

Relaxation? Relief from tension headaches and migraines? Sign us up!

Your Buying Guide

When you’re trying to look for the right electric scalp massager, it certainly can get a bit confusing or even frustrating. After all, there are already so many different models of them that are available in today’s market. And the truth is, most if not all of these models are also being advertised by their manufacturers as the absolute best. If you’re struggling to find the right product for you, we’ve put together this buying guide. It’s comprehensive and in depth, so that you’ll be able to decide on the right model.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about all of the things you’ll need to consider when you’re looking for a massager. We’ll let you know what kind of features to look for. In fact, we’ll even tell you what exactly makes a good massager, and what is not ideal. With this in mind, you should be able to make better, more informed decisions on your own. After this guide, we will also include our recommendations.

If you’re ready, then let’s get right to it!

Massage Techniques

The first thing that you should look at when looking for your perfect unit is the type of massage techniques included. There are many different techniques of massage. Each of them offers different functions and different benefits. As a result, it’s quite useful to know which one would benefit you most.


The first technique that we can suggest is kneading. Kneading techniques use different movements to compress your muscles and skin (soft tissues) against your bone or against each other. This technique is great for pain relief. It also helps in increasing flexibility, and it can also relieve any knots you may have in your muscles. It’s a pretty common inclusion in scalp massagers, but the helmet types do this better than your portable handhelds can.


The next technique is percussion, which involves a rapid sequence of movements which hit the muscles. It’s used most commonly by massagers which have multiple heads. It stimulates muscles and skin, and improves local blood flow as well. You may find that this technique can aid with improving reflexes.


This particular technique is exactly as it sounds – it uses a tapping motion against your muscles. It stimulates the muscles, which is great for people who suffer tension headaches and muscle knots.


Last but not the least, we have vibration. It’s a massage technique that is rather popular in many different types of massagers. However, it’s not as commonly included in scalp massagers. Generally, it’s the helmet massager models that offer it most frequently.

Vibration is useful for helping with aches and pains, and for invigorating the muscles after a very long day. It’s also good for warming up the muscles. However, it’s not always suited for head massages.

Heating/Heat Therapy

After taking a look at the types of massage techniques available on the models you are interested in, you should look for heat therapy. Heat therapy is a feature that is rather popular in many different massagers. Unfortunately, not a lot of scalp massagers include this feature. Nevertheless, if you have the chance to look for it, it’s a good inclusion to consider. However, only the helmet type massagers usually include this capability.

Heat therapy does offer quite a lot of benefits, however. For example, it’s quite fantastic for relaxing any muscle tension. It’s also one of the better ways to relieve headaches caused by tension.

Heat is fantastic for helping blood circulation too. And as a result, you also help your body to carry toxins away.


One thing that really matters a lot when it comes to choosing a scalp massager is its design. It’s important to look at the way it’s built. This is because this plays a huge part in the function and quality of the massager.

Helmet Massagers

Helmet massagers are one option. They offer many different pros and cons. For example, a benefit of this type of massager is the fact that the manufacturer can then include a lot more features. Handheld models often offer fewer, since they do have to be a lot smaller. Helmet units are great because you can often combine multiple features and use them at the same time.

However, this type of massager does also have its drawbacks. For example, they usually are heavier, more cumbersome, and can at times be somewhat uncomfortable to use. They also don’t always fit everyone universally. As a result, it may be difficult to share one unit among many in the household. Helmets are also not as portable, and take up more space during travel.

Handheld Electric Scalp Massagers

Handheld electric scalp massagers are actually far more popular in today’s market. They are smaller, which means they are a lot more portable due to their compact size. They’re also much easier to use, whenever and wherever you are. You can simply chuck a handheld unit into your bag and you will barely feel its weight too. These devices are often also rechargeable, making them even more convenient. Often, handheld units are also designed ergonomically to make them easier to grip and use.

Unfortunately, these units still do have their own drawbacks too. Naturally, they do offer fewer features over all. It’s difficult for manufacturers to squeeze tons of features into such a tiny unit, after all.

Handheld units can also be less durable, and they may also be less pleasant to use with fewer modes and settings.

Batteries and Power Sources

Your electric scalp massager will be powered in one way or another. There are many different benefits and drawbacks to each power source or method. We’ll be discussing each one of them here.

  • Built in batteries (rechargeable Li-Po more often than not) are the most popular power source for these devices. This method is one of the best because it’s incredibly convenient, and also rather user friendly. You can charge your devices via the included chargers, or even by using a USB power bank or even by connecting to a computer. This is provided the battery is recharged via USB cables, of course. Built in batteries will most likely be used for handheld models that are waterproof.
  • Mixed sources can sometimes be used by some manufacturers. Mixed means it can be recharged – as in built in batteries. Then, it can also use regular batteries. This is a convenient option, because in the case where you cannot recharge you can still use your device. Provided you have batteries handy, of course.
  • Standard batteries may also be used to power these devices.


Finally, you have the attachments and features included with the devices. A lot of these will come with standard attachments and massage heads. However, there are some devices that may have additional features you might enjoy. For example, some massagers can feature a hairbrush type design. This is a great option for those looking to massage their scalp for the purpose of stimulating hair growth. Scalp massagers with this feature are also great for keeping hair healthier.

Other attachments and features may include: multiple massage nodes, multiple massage heads, scrub brushes, and more.


As a side note, another thing to look for is how easy or how difficult the unit you’re interested in is to maintain. Look for features such as removable massage heads. This feature can be really helpful in keeping your device in top condition. This is because you can remove them for cleaning. But that’s not all – you can also replace some parts if they break down. Provided the manufacturer does sell replacement parts, that is. However, in some cases it could be included in the warranty as well.

Best Electric Scalp Massager – Recommendations and Reviews

We’ve talked about everything that there is to know about scalp massages. With all of that, now we believe it’s time to get to our recommendations! Remember that the products we are mentioning here are only some of the best that we’ve seen. However, they are not the only products out there on the market today. If none of these strike your fancy, don’t feel as though you need to get one of these. Feel free to look into other products which may suit your needs better!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to get right to it. Here are some of the best products we can recommend when it comes to finding the right electric scalp massager for you.


Product Name: Fittop Electric Massager for Scalp

Product Description: The FITTOP is another great option for best electric scalp massager. It offers a unique design that makes it stand out from a crowded market. This device comes with a base that also doubles as its charging station. That way, you only need to ‘dock’ the device in order to charge it properly. It’s really rather convenient, if you ask us. Just like the Breo, the FITTOP massager offers four different massage heads in order to give you a better overall experience.

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Value for Money


The four heads provide quite the comfy massage experience. On top of this, this particular product is also quite silent. Truth be told, it’s something that is a big advantage because a lot of other massagers can be noisy. A noisy massager really takes away from the whole experience, making it less relaxing than one would want. The fact that it is quiet also offers you the ability to use it whenever, wherever. Want a massage at the office? Break the FITTOP out!

This electric scalp massager also fortunately offers quite an ergonomic design. It is for this reason that the device is much easier to grip. It also allows the massager to follow your head’s contours, which makes for a better massage overall. It also comes with multiple speed settings so you can choose the one that suits your mood best.

Did we mention that this product is also fully waterproof? That’s right – if you want to use it as you take a shower, you most certainly can. It also comes with a year-long warranty, in case you encounter any problems.

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer also advertises that you can use this massager for the breast too, in order to prevent hyperplasia in women.


  • Charging dock
  • Fully waterproof
  • Silent operation allows you to use it whenever, wherever
  • Multiple modes and speeds
  • Ergonomic design


  • Some complain of questionable durability
  • Some complaints of “just ok” quality

Runners Up

Breo Portable Waterproof Mini Scalp Massager (IPX7)

electric scalp massager

If a portable option is what you are looking for, then you’ve found it in this Breo portable electric scalp massager. It’s IPX7 waterproof too, so you can take it in the shower with you if you want to!

The Breo is portable, as we have mentioned, which makes it quite easy to travel with. On top of that, it’s also incredibly budget friendly. This handheld device is rather compact, making it easy for you to hold and even fit into your travel bag. It will even fit into your everyday bag, if this is what you prefer. Although the Breo is rather affordable, its quality is still top notch – nothing here will make you think “cheap”. From the appearance to the features, this little electric scalp massager offers a world of wonder.

This device has four massage heads, as well as 24 total nodes (which are detachable). All of these are made out of softer silicon that is not just more eco-friendly, but is also gentler to your hair and scalp over all. If you’re looking to prevent pulling or tangling in your hair, but you still want an electric scalp massager, this is the right product for you.

This device runs for a full 90 minutes on a single charge, and it can be rechargeable easily thanks to its built-in lithium battery. It also has a stylish base which is partially made with bamboo, so you can store it easily.

It’s quite easy to maintain this device, since it’s waterproof.

Pros and Cons of the Breo Portable Waterproof Mini Scalp Massager

✔️Waterproof so you can use it in the shower
✔️Gentle on hair and scalp – no pulling and no tugging
✔️Portable and stylish
✔️Easy to maintain
✔️High quality
❌Some say it’s not worth the price
❌A few reviews saying it can be a little noisy

Kesitis Electric Portable Scalp Massager – Handheld

Although this device looks simple at first glance, the fact is that this unit is a great choice for many different reasons. For example, those who are interested in stimulating growth in their hair might find joy in this electric scalp massager. Additionally, if you want to eliminate pain from headaches and migraines, you might also find success here.

The Kesitis also offers 4 different massage heads, just like the other ones on this list. A total of 21 massage nodes are available on these heads. The nodes rotate both clockwise as well as counter clockwise, which in our opinion offers a rather soothing feeling. If you want to use this device in the shower, you can. It’s IPX7 Waterproof, which means you can use it while you are showering, and you’ll get a proper massage there.

In terms of operation, this device is really easy to use. It sports a button for turning it on/off, as well as one more button for changing your modes. For easier maintenance, the nodes can be detached so you can wash them (or replace if necessary). An indicator is included to let you see your charging, your speed, as well as what direction your device is turning.

Although advertised as a portable electric scalp massager, this device can also be used on any other part of your body.

Did we mention that it’s rechargeable? One charge will last you a good couple hours. The base of this device also doubles as its ‘dock’ and recharger.

With all of the features of this device, is it surprising that it offers great value for money?

Pros and Cons of the Kesitis Electric Portable Scalp Massager

✔️IPX7 Waterproof
✔️Several modes
❌Some complaints about the nodes being a bit too hard

Final Thoughts

The right electric scalp massager can make a big difference in the level of comfort you get from your massage. If you get a good one, you’ll surely enjoy yourself regardless. There are a ton of benefits to receive from a regular scalp massage, including hair growth stimulation and pain relief. If you want some relief from daily stress and chronic pain, it may just pay to get yourself the right device after all.

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