Different Types of Massage Tables

Massage tables is the most important tool for massage therapy. Alike from different massages there are also different types of massage tables. 

However, with so much diversity in quality and style, choosing the best massage table can be quite difficult. 

Here are the types of massage tables that you can choose from for your professional or personal use. 

What Is A Massage Table?  

Massage tables are utilized by practitioners and massage therapists to produce a comfortable domain consummately appropriate for most extreme access and control. Most are made in light of specialist ergonomics and customer comfort.  

A normal massage table has a vigorously cleaned surface, totally and effectively clean surface, and an extra face support to permit clients to rest their head when resting on the table. Tables may be compact or fixed, contingent upon its utilization. Extra backings and cushioning can be utilized adornments for the principle table.  

Many people use massage tables as a wellspring of unwinding in the wake of a difficult day of work. Consider getting a massage table for the bunch of chances it can offer you both socially, financially, and health wise. 

Different Types of Massage Tables



If this table will be with you for a versatile practice or to pull from office to office, take a gander at the heaviness of the table. Most versatile tables are around 30 pounds (Stationary and electric tables can gauge in excess of a 100 pounds). Should you need an option that could be lighter than this, aluminum tables are the best approach.  


Practically all massage tables have flexible height from 18 to 37 inches. Electric tables by and large have the most reduced accessible statures, which makes huge numbers of them ADA agreeable and qualified for a half duty credit. Length and width expansions are accessible for certain tables.  


A standard table length of 73 inches (excluding your face support) is adequate for about all massage therapists. Except if you work with a ton of extremely tall customers or competitors, this choice is one you can skip.  


Most tables fall in 27 to 34-inch width, normal is 28 to 30 inches. Customers will value the additional inch or two on the sides of the table. The width of your table influences your body mechanics. Shorter people should be cautious with conveying a more extensive table and body mechanics during the back rub and coming to.  

Padding or Foam 

If a table has an excess of rich cushioning your customer will soak in and this makes you work more enthusiastically. Then again, on the off chance that you don’t have insufficient froth, or if your froth is excessively thick, your customer may not be comfortable.  

Sports massage therapists, or those who are doing deep tissue massage, may need their froth denser and around 2 1/2 inches. Most different therapist will locate that 3 inches froth is perfect. 

Working Weight VS Static 

At the point when you buy a table, you may see a posting for static and working loads. People working with bigger customers and A shiatsu experts should pick a table with a lot higher static and working weight. Commonly, fixed and lift tables have higher weight stipends and no pivots to fall.  

Static weight is the weight the table was tried with a weight drop, similar to an auto accident test.  

Working weight is the heaviness of your customer in addition to the weight and weight the specialist adds to the table during the massage.  


This is an element you’ll need to figure out before purchasing your massage table. Except if you are positioned in an office where your customers can lay on a table routinely, you’re in an ideal situation with a compact back rub table. Versatile tables permit you to convey it with you and perform knead treatment any place it’s required.  

In any case, for proficient specialists, you’re going to require a massage table that is fixed. It’s progressively strong and will have enough weight to help you through your everyday massage treatment sessions. Regardless of what table you purchase, ensure that it’s reasonable to your customer’s needs.  

Adjustable Height  

Presently, pretty much every compact massage table accompanies flexible tallness legs. Your massage table should comprise of a wide scope of various statures to suit for the entirety of the sizes advisors and causes them oblige a more extensive crowd of customers.  

An average height range is around 60 to 83 cm. This height range ought to provide food for practically any customer or individual of intrigue. You additionally ought to have the option to modify your massage table’s stature inside 2 to 3 minutes.  

Different Types of Massage Tables

Two Types of Height Adjustments Found on Modern Massage Tables 

Twist Knob Adjustments  

You’ll ordinarily observe this kind of height adjustments on wooden tables. They will set aside a more extended effort to bend off and change in accordance with than adaptive tallness agents, yet it just takes 2 minutes. At the point when you purchase your first wooden massage table, it’s smarter to show signs of improvement dependability and quality.  

Less expensive tables have only one handle, and once you raise them to their most extreme tallness, they will in general tumble off. In the event that you plan on purchasing a bend handle alteration, ensure that you keep it at a sheltered level to keep it from breaking unintentionally.  

Telescopic Adjustments  

Telescopic Adjustments are the standard for proficient in view of their convenience and soundness. You can just press a catch to change the height of your massage table. At that point, opening the catch inside another gap to ensure that the tallness is appropriately balanced.  

Texture or Fabric 

Your massage table ought to be anything but difficult to perfect and solid. A few textures are made of synthetic material that is plusher and is preferable for nature over vinyl plastic. Ultra-calfskin comprises of a more grounded vinyl material implying that it’s more costly than different textures. However, ultra-calfskin is naturally benevolent and is lightweight.  

Major Brands  

Sierra Comfort  

Sierra Comfort Massage was made and established on the strategic help an industry brimming with rub specialists. They accomplished this strategic giving the frill and gear expected to help assorted callings.  

Sierra Comfort offers a one stop answer for serve a wide range of massage pros. Regardless of whether it’s a clinical doctor, specialist, or a mentor; their product offering will fulfill the entirety of your massage treatment needs. 

Earth Lite  

Earth Lite is the world’s number one brand for massage items and massage theraphy. They will probably serve their clients in a neighborly, invigorating, and a positive way. They keep on looking for strategies and approaches to improve their items and sell them at a moderate cost.  


Oakworks is a famous maker that is known for  health and fortifying wellness inside the world. With many years of assembling and configuration experience. Oak works picked up their notoriety through their brisk turnaround time, refined advancement, and configuration experience.  

The organization offers a one of a kind pledge to ecological and fabricating health. Along these lines, Oakworks sets the worldwide measures for spa and clinical. 

Master Massage  

As quite a while maker and trend-setter in their field, Master Massage is one of the top massage manufacturers around. They invest wholeheartedly in giving very good quality fixed tables to proficient massage therapist around the world. Make a point to purchase from this organization in the event that you need to take your massage treatment sessions to the following level.  

Internal Strength  

Internal Strength is a massage manufacturer that is a division of Earth Life. They work in making supplies, massage tables, and massage tables for massage therapist.  

In fact, they give such advantages at a small amount of the expense in contrast with its rivals. Purchase from this organization today to guarantee that you’ll get a dependable table without draining your spending plan.  

Three Main Types of Tables:  

Portable Tables  

About each massage therapist begins with a compact table. They are the most reasonable alternative and they are versatile. This is acceptable if you don’t have the foggiest idea where you will be working, or in the event that you are taking your table around to advertise your new business.  

Each massage therapist needs a convenient massage table. However, you shouldn’t restrict yourself. We propose that you get both a compact and fixed table to build the adequacy of your message and keep your customer comfortable, relaxed, and prepared for their next massage.   

✔️Lowest Cost
✔️Lowest Weight

❌Middle hinge is weak


Compact – Portable tables can go anyplace you go. Anything is possible! The sea shore, rancher’s market, business, lodgings, campsites and homes. They are extraordinary showcasing instruments.  

Most reduced Weight – These are the lightest tables. On the off chance that you intend to be a versatile massage therapist, you completely need a convenient table and should give exceptional consideration to the heaviness of the table and put resources into a decent conveying sack and truck. Tables with aluminum outlines will in general be the lightest.  

Most reduced Cost – Portable tables are the most economical alternative. Once in a while you will spend over $500 for a great convenient table.  


Noise – There are all the more moving parts that can cause these tables to can be noisier. This can be diverting in a commotion delicate condition, similar to a massage session.  

Center Hinge – The center pivot is the most vulnerable territory of the table. This where a table can fall. In spite of the fact that this is uncommon, in the event that you work with bigger customers, focus on the weight furthest reaches of your table. A fixed table is a strong bit of wood, which invigorates the table included and solidness.  


Lightweight Portable Recommendations (Aluminum) 

Stationary Tables 

Stationary Tables give the most expert appearance and feel. They are sturdier and enables the customers to loosen up simpler. If you’re not kidding about turning into a full-time massage therapist. At that point you ought to put resources into a stationary table.  

✔️Moderate price.
✔️Have storage underneath.
✔️There is no middle hinge to give out.
❌Difficult to Adjust

❌Not Portable


One strong piece – There is no center pivot to give out. A few tables do have a head lift pivot.  

Cost – Stationary tables are in the moderate cost, among versatile and electric table costs.  

Capacity – Often these have a have capacity underneath for cloths, supports, embellishments or different supplies.  


Not Portable – They are called fixed on purpose. These tables don’t overlay into equal parts and will require in any event two individuals to move.  

Hard to Adjust – These tables are harder to raise and lower than versatile or electric tables. Something to remember whether you share an office with another therapist. 


Lift/Hydraulic/Electric Tables  

Electric tables are made out of the most recent mechanical advancements. They can be lifted up, and some have extra highlights to help the customer’s massage experience further. In the event that you have the cash for it, you should put resources into an electric massage table. Here’s the reason.  

✔️ Sturdy and built to last a long time.
✔️Height Adjustability
✔️Many are eligible for the ADA Tax Credit.
❌Not Portable
❌Repair Costs


Quality – Like the fixed tables, these tables are solid and worked to keep going quite a while.  

Height Adjustability – This is a decent advantage for workplaces with different advisors and those that training numerous modalities.   

Many are qualified for the ADA Tax Credit.  


Cost – They cost more than compact and fixed tables, yet truly not significantly more. The expense can be recovered in a couple of additional massage or even ADA charge credits (if the table qualifies).  

Fix Costs – If there are engine issues, expect a higher fix bill.  

Not Portable – Like fixed tables, these tables will expect help to move.  


Folding Massage Table  

Much the same as the compact massage table, collapsing massage tables are made for advisors in a hurry. With a collapsing knead table, you can without much of a stretch store it once you’re finished. For massage therapists who has restricted space, these tables are the best decision for you.  


Simple Transportation: For driving massage therapist, collapsing knead tables are great. Essentially get the center pivot and overlap the table so you can store it.  


Low Durability: Folding back rub tables are less expensive than fixed and electric tables. Like convenient tables, they will in general break regularly. To forestall this, you’ll have to put the table in a sheltered spot to guarantee that it goes on for quite a while.  

Reiki Massage Table  

The Reiki massage tables have been as of late created and increased a ton of fame in the massage showcase. This depends on a recuperating idea called “Ki.” Ki originates from the Japanese expression from reviving and recovering the vitality of the Creator.  

The Reiki standard is the point at which the Reiki expert channels their “Ki” to the harmed individual’s body. Reiki recuperating begins when the individual is lying prostate. Reiki tables are tough and are proposed on the off chance that you need to give your customer a completely reviving mending experience.  


 Healing: Reiki tables give their clients a more significant level of solace and unwinding. We prescribe that you use Reiki tables to enable your customers to recuperate on a physical and an otherworldly level.  

Versatile: You should utilize Reiki massage tables are easy to move around and store to your workstation. 


Hard to Assemble: On average, you’ll go through in any event 5 hours to set up the table. You ought to also get an expert to assist you with introducing the table.  

Various Types of Massage Tables to Be Used:  

Sports Massage Tables  

It appropriately underpins the customers or competitors’ weight just as the specialist’s weight.  


Ayurverdic Massage Table  

It comprises of an exceptional sort of table with thick froth and unique end boards. It is structured that approach to ship all the massage oils utilized in one main issue. 


Reflexology Massage Table  

This table comprises of a suitable height permitting the specialist to play out the treatment in a sitting position. It encourages satisfactory space and offers help to the knees of the customers.  


Reiki Therapist Massage Table  

This table permits progressively open space for the knees to fit. A Reiki specialist invests more energy sitting at the head or feet of the customer so sufficient open space is an unquestionable requirement.  


Different Types of Massage Tables

Pregnant Massage Table  

The table is comprising of the customizable face and headrests, ottomans, and armrests for the most extreme solace of the expectant mother.  



Massage tables are the best tools that should be considered. Whether your professional massage therapist or doing massages for a hobby. It’s ideal to get a massage table that works exactly how you want it. 

I hope that this article has explained in detail the different massage tables that are available in the market today.  

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