Choosing the Best TENS Unit for Shoulder Pain

There are a ton of different remedies and suggestions for dealing with shoulder pain. In fact, most of these suggestions also help with other types of muscle pain and soreness. You have the massages, the warm compresses, the menthol rubs end the essential oils. However, one thing that has not been as popular as all of the rest is the TENS unit. Not as many people know about TENS simply because it hasn’t yet hit the mainstream. Others may be aware of what they are but feel as though they are not as accessible or as easy to use. If you are curious about what TENS is and if you want to know what the best TENS unit for shoulder pain is, don’t worry because we are here to help.

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A TENS unit offers a ton of benefits to your body. For example, it can help in improving the elasticity and flexibility of your muscles. This actually presents significant improvements on your daily life. For example, it allows you greater range of motion. Furthermore, it also protects you from possible injury, because with more flexibility you are less likely to experience strains and sprains. But did you know that TENS units are also capable of lowering the amount of pain you feel?

If you want to know more about TENS units, AND if you want to know more about the best TENS unit for shoulder pain, stick around. We’ve put together an extensive, in-depth buying guide to help you out. On top of that, we also have recommendations you can take a look at. And so, without furthr ado, let’s get right to it!

What Does TENS Mean?

If you’ve been reading along wondering “what does TENS even mean!?”, we honestly don’t blame you. It’s something that has only just now begun becoming more popular, and for good reason! You’ll see exactly what we mean shortly.

TENS is essentially a pretty catchy acronym for shortening Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Therefore, TENS units are the devices used to deliver electrical stimulation to your nerves. These devices are used for alleviating acute or even chronic pain that is nerve-related. They work by sending electric (im)pulses in a controlled manner through your nerve strands. This way, different groups of nerves are targeted.

You may be wondering how exactly this helps, but stimulating your nerves actually offers two-fold benefits. First of all, the stimulation to your nerves helps to stop signals of pain from reaching the receptors in your brain. Furthermore, the stimulation also encourages your body, making it produce extra endorphins. These endorphins actually act as a pain killer – naturally!

TENS devices are also sometimes used as EMS devices.

What’s an EMS Device?

EMS is the shortened acronym of Electrical Muscle Stimulation. These devices are designed especially for stimulating your muscles in order to prevent atrophy of the muscles. When you haven’t used your muscles in a long time, they eventually begin to weaken. It is at this point that they may also lose tone. Atrophy usually happens in the time following surgeries or injuries. In some cases, it may happen because of a condition that the patient may have.

EMS devices work by sending controlled electrical pulses into muscles for the purposes of preventing atrophy. When the muscles get stimulated, more blood and more nutrients make their way in. As a result, increased muscle strength and flexibility is observed. Furthermore, you’ll also begin to see a reduction in any muscular pain.

Your Ultimate Buying Guide for TENS Units

best TENS unit for shoulder pain

When shopping around for TENS units, it might be a bit more difficult than you might think. In fact, the lack of knowledge in this regard is often a barrier for entry for people looking to get into it. The simple fact is, there are a ton of different models of units that are available on the open market today. Some of them are great, but some of them are not as good as might be expected. Because of this, it becomes doubly hard to make the right decision. This is especially so when you’re trying to look for the best TENS unit for shoulder pain.

To help you with making up your mind when it comes to choosing the right TENS unit for you, we’ve put together this really in-depth guide. It will help you to learn exactly what to look for when it comes to features and value for money. Once you’re done reading our guide, hopefully you’ll then be able to choose the best TENS unit for shoulder pain that suits your specific needs.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

What Type of Features Should You Look For in the Best TENS Unit for Shoulder Pain?

There are a ton of different features across a ton of different models available on the market today. It is these features that allow these units to offer you a customized massage experience, one that will cater to your specific needs. This is exactly why you need to find the best TENS unit for shoulder pain – at least the one that will work best for you.

Here, we will talk about all the different kinds of features that are usually included in TENS units. We’ll discuss what they mean, what their purpose is, and their necessity. The features your particular device has directly affects its performance and its results, after all!

Programs & Modes

Each and every single TENS unit on the market will come with various modes as well as programs for you to choose from. Some of these models only offer pre-set and predefined programs for massages. Others, on the other hand, can offer the possibility of creating your own program. You can do this by combining some of the features of the units.

The best TENS unit for shoulder pain comes with predefined programs and modes to help you ease the soreness. What’s great is the fact that the programs and the modes work not just for your shoulders, but also for the rest of your body. In fact, some devices have presets for various body parts – all you have to do is choose the setting you want and be done with it. Some units even have presets that allow you to simply choose a body part, then the device will do everything for you after that.

Here is something that you can do when searching for the right device: look for a model that offers several different modes and programs to massage your whole body. This way, you are more likely to find a model that not just helps with your shoulder pain, but also gives you relief all throughout your body.


Channels? What is this, a television?

The answer is no. We don’t mean channels, as in like televisions! Rather, we mean the channels which are the outputs of the device. An output, or a channel, is what the device uses to send your body the electrical impulses. The pulses are sent through (usually two) electrode pads. Each electrode pair requires their own channel to function properly. Therefore, a device that has multiple channels is better. This is because it will allow more electrode pairs to be used at the same time. This results in a better overall massage – especially if you are treating a larger area like your shoulders or your back.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a model that has several channels is the fact that you will therefore be able to work on different muscle groups simultaneously. As a result, you can then spend much less time sitting and using the unit. Despite the significantly lessened duration of your treatments, you’ll still be able to reap all of the benefits – especially since you’ll be massaging multiple different body parts.

Another big advantage of having a unit that allows for multiple outputs is the capacity to use even more electrodes – all at the same time. This allows you to more carefully target specific muscle groups, such as sore shoulders for example. With more electrodes, you can treat your muscles at different angles, which can increase the chances of pain relief.

Needless to say, when you’re looking for the best TENS unit for shoulder pain (or in general), the more outputs, the better!

Levels of Intensity

Purchasing a TENS unit that offers many levels of intensity is the best way to get the most customized experience for you. After all, some days you might just be feeling like a rather gentle massage. Other days, you could be feeling like getting a really solid, intense treatment. To get the best of both worlds and everything in between, it’s best to invest in a device that offers several steps of intensity. This way, you can absolutely define the type of experience you want – and you’ll get it!

The best TENS unit for shoulder pain will give you varied levels of intensity. That way, you can fully work on those sore muscles in the exact level you want. Sometimes, you may want a lower intensity experience just to help you relax. Other times, you could really want a truly invigorating experience – so setting the unit to a higher level is what you need.

Simply put, don’t settle for a unit that only has one, two, or even three levels. Look for a device that offers at least eight – but the more, the better. This way, you can adjust to the Goldilocks setting, or the setting that is just right for you.

*Note, however, that you must ensure the levels being advertised are actually there. Some shady manufacturers will label their units with multiple intensity levels, but in the end only two or three of them are actually noticeably different. In choosing a device, look at reviews to see if everything is as advertised!

A Timer

These days, it is practically impossible to find a massage device that does not have a timer. The fact is, most of the massage products available today have timers included to make it easy for you to monitor your usage. This is because sometimes, people get carried away and end up being left feeling bruised. Timers are generally implemented in product design because it is a safety feature set by the manufacturer. However, timers are actually really useful and helpful for many different reasons.

First of all, a timer will ensure that your unit isn’t running for far too long, mostly in the cases where you might have forgotten to turn it off. This allows you to protect and preserve your device’s battery life. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining and preserving your electrode pads, allowing many more uses before they eventually need to be replaced.

Second, a regular massage can leave you feeling bruised and broken if it goes on for too long. Imagine if your TENS massage goes on for way too long – how sore would you be?

Finally, the timers on your TENS devices are actually also there to help you use them for the minimum recommended duration. This is because TENS requires a certain amount of time before it actually begins to become effective and beneficial.


As we mentioned above, a lot of TENS units are actually also usable as EMS devices. This is because a lot of the models available on the market also offer an EMS feature. After all, since the TENS units are already stimulating your nerves, they might as well offer EMS so they can stimulate nerves found in your muscles too.

Some of the models offer special EMS programs for you to make use of this feature. Others, on the other hand, produce EMS massage instead of TENS massage when you increase the intensity past a certain threshold.

A Screen

Best TENS unit for shoulder pain
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Next thing for you to look for when it comes to the best TENS unit for shoulder pain is a screen. A screen will allow you to better keep track of and monitor all of the device’s settings. Furthermore, it will also allow you to track any changes you may have made or will make to the settings. A screen isn’t absolutely necessary, sure. But let’s be honest – if you are going to be spending the money for the TENS unit, you might as well go ahead and choose a model that is much, much easier to use!

Find a unit that has a larger screen to enable easier use. A benefit of having a large screen is it makes it much easier for you to multitask while you’re giving yourself your massage. It may even enable you to more easily use your TENS unit when you’re on your way to work (or home), or even when you are already working. You won’t need to squint as you try to fiddle with settings. Making adjustments becomes an absolute breeze.

One recommendation that we can make is that you choose a unit that not just has a screen, but also has a backlight. A backlit display can be a gamechanger, especially if you want to use your unit while you’re in bed at night. Some people love using their devices while they’re lying in bed with the lights off and the ambiance turned up. With a backlit display, this becomes truly easy to do!


Arguably one of the most important things for you to consider when it comes to your TENS unit is its battery. After all, you need to make sure of a few things! First, you will need a battery if you want your unit to be fully portable. Then, you’ll have to consider the unit’s battery life. Will it survive your massage on the way to the office? Will it have extra juice for the way back?

The lifespan of the unit isn’t all that there is to consider. Naturally, you will also want to look at what type of battery the manufacturer has chosen to use. For example, are they using a rechargeable Li-Po battery? Is it removable or built in? Does the device use AA or AAA batteries instead?

Some of the devices on the market make use of built-in Li-Po batteries that are rechargable. This is one of the best and most economic ways for you to use a TENS unit. This is because there are very low costs of operation associated with rechargable batteries. After all, all you need to do is plug your unit in to recharge when the battery is low. Note that not all batteries live forever. More often than not, they have a limited number of recharge cycles through which the battery will work optimally. When its health eventually declines, you’ll need to replace the battery or the unit itself.

For TENS units, it’s best to avoid disposable batteries. Be more conscientous with cost and waste! Besides, rechargable batteries are simply much more convenient to use. Avoid units that use 9V batteries – these are not convenient in the slightest!

Consider Accessories

Most TENS units come with accessories for you to use. The most important ones are the lead wires as well as the connecting electrode pads. Without these, your TENS machine becomes absolutely useless. Here’s what you need to know about these two accessories:

Lead Wires

The lead wires are what connects the pads to your unit. It is through this wire that the electric impulses are delivered. Your lead wire, which often has a regular 3.5mm jack connector, will plug into your unit. The other end of it connects to the electrode pads. Lead wires generally connect to two electrode pads at one time.

Lead wires should ideally be long, because this allows you to attach pads to any part of your body. You can then operate the unit even while you are holding it. The design of the wire must also be good – for example, a lead wire should allow enough space between your two electrode pads so that you can optimally place them on your body. In most cases, you will want the pads to be placed a significant distance apart for the best comfort. The best TENS unit for shoulder pain will allow you to place the pads where you need them to be.

Electrode Pads

The electrode pads are the part of the TENS device that actually attach to your body. It is through them that the electric pulses are delivered. You probably already know what TENS units look like – they look like the pads attached to peoples’ bodies in hospitals, the kind you see on TV and movies.

These pads make use of adhesive in order to attach to your body (they are washable and reusable, but will require eventual replacement). They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them have the same function. However, differently sized pads may have different advantages and uses. Let’s take a look at them now:

  • Large pads are the best choice if you know that you are impatient. This is because larger electrode pads allow you to treat larger muscle groups in shorter periods of time. If you’re looking to treat your legs, your chest, or your back, and you want to do it fast – this is the way to go. In fact, the best TENS unit for shoulder pain must include larger pads for this purpose. The downside to large pads, however, is that they really aren’t that good for targeted treatment.
  • Medium pads are the most popular size. This is because they offer the best balance between being able to treat decently large areas, and being able to target treat specific pains.
  • Small pads are ideal for people who truly want to target certain areas. They’re ideal in situations where you want to treat a specific knot or tense area. However, because of the smaller area of treatment, you’ll be spending more time using these.


Something important for you to consider when looking for the best TENS unit for shoulder pain is the size and portability of the unit. First off, you will most certainly need  a model that is much more portable. This way, you can use it wherever and whenever you wish. In bed, on the sofa, in the car during a trip (not while you are driving!), on your commute on the way to work, while you’re sitting at work, and even more!

For your unit to be more portable, you must consider its size and shape. Both of these factors must be considered in your decision for your purchase. A lot of TENS units are about the size of a cell phone. As a result, it will fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. Some models, on the other hand, are larger in size which means you will have to carry them in a backpack or some sort of bag.

To improve on portability, some manufacturers will include attachments – like belt attachments, for example. This way, you can wear your device at your hip or your waist. This allows you to move around while you’re using it, if you must. One thing that manufacturers will also sometimes offer is a plastic carrying case. Though not at all necessary, they can be a handy way to carry your unit whilst also keeping it protected.

Ease of Use

There are a ton of different factors that go into how easy it is to use a particular TENS device. A lot of them are already listed above, but there are some other things to consider.

For your unit, you’ll want to make sure that you get one that comes with programs and modes. This way, if you’re feeling rather lazy, you can simply press one button and have the program run its course. This is also a truly ideal feature when you are in a rush, or if you are unable to give your full attention to operating the device. However, it’s still best to also make sure that you can customize your program if you want to. That way, you’ll be fully able to control your experience. After all, sometimes you may find that you don’t actually enjoy certain aspects of a program.

Here are some of the things to consider when it comes to ease of use:
  • You’ll want to consider a unit that offers more channels. One is simply not enough. However, for most people two channels is generally enough. If you want a full body experience, or if you want to treat several areas at once in order to save time, you can opt for more output channels.
  • To have a more enjoyable TENS experience, choose a device with multiple stages of intensity. This makes the device overall more pleasant to use. Furthermore, this allows you to set your own combination to personalize your massage.
  • Choose a device that offers a timer that offers a decent range. 1-30 minutes is okay, 1-60 minutes is ideal. You’ll want to ensure that your unit will allow you to run a 30 minute program at minimum.
  • Although not necessary, it’s a good idea to purchase a unit that also offers an EMS feature.
  • A large screen is a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to use your device more easily.
  • For better portability and to improve the life span of your device in general, make sure that you choose a unit that uses rechargeable Lithium ion polymer batteries. If you must choose one that uses disposable batteries, go for a unit that uses AAA or AA. Avoid 9V batteries since these batteries are harder to find and are also much less versatile.
  • Lead wires should be long enough and allow enough space between the electrodes.
  • Electrode pads should be provided in different sizes and in multiples so you can replace when necessary. Replacement pads should be available for purchase.
  • The unit should be just the right size to allow you portability, while also accommodating a large enough screen.

Remember that when purchasing your unit, you must make the necessary decisions to ensure it suits your individual needs.


Last but not the least, you must also consider the warranty that your unit is bundled with. After all, your purchase should allow for the use of your device for a very long time – even if the product is not that expensive. Make sure that you get your money’s worth from your purchase!

The length of a unit’s warranty is also often a good indicator of the confidence of the manufacturer in their product. In fact, some manufacturers are so confident in their products that they will even offer a one year warranty. Then you get some products that do not offer any sort of a warranty at all. Instead, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. In cases like this, it’s probably for the best that you look for a different product to buy. After all, what happens when the 30-day guarantee is over and you find yourself with a broken unit?

How Do TENS Units Work Their Magic?

Now that we’ve talked about the features of TENS units in extreme detail, it’s time for us to discuss how exactly it is that they work. That’s quite honestly a good question – how do TENS units work their magic? What does the best TENS unit for shoulder pain do in order to relieve your tired, sore body?

The fact is, even if these massage devices are rather small, they perform a complex function. They produce a small electrical current – a gentle and non-harmful one – that will then go into your body through your skin. This current will stimulate certain nerve paths in your body. The result is a safe and non-invasive method for dealing with pain – on top of giving you many other benefits, of course.

In essence, when your nerves are stimulated by these devices, it interferes with the signals sent to the pain receptors in your brain. As a result, you won’t register this pain, even if your body is sending the signals. Furthermore, TENS units stimulate your body to release endorphins, which are often considered as nature’s painkillers.

How Do You Use a TENS Unit?

TENS units are nowhere near as mainstream as they really should be. As a result, not many know how to operate them properly. If you’ve already purchased the best TENS unit for shoulder pain (or atleast if you’ve already made a shortlist), then the next logical step is to learn how to use it. Remember that despite their availability to the public, TENS units are in essence still medical devices. As a result, you must make sure to take great care during its use.

Each device usually comes with a manual that contains the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use. To ensure that you do not harm yourself, read through the instructions carefully and make sure that you follow them properly.

However, here are some general things to remember to help you along:

  1. Clean the areas onto which you plan to attach the electrodes. Gently place the electrodes flat on the painful parts of your body.
  2. Start your TENS unit at the lowest intensity to get you used to the feeling. Gradually work the intensity up.
  3. Avoid sensitive areas of the body such as the temples, sinus nerves, throat, and of course the mouth.
  4. Never place an electrode directly above your heart. Also avoid placing them on areas that are inflamed or swollen.
  5. To ensure that your electrode pads last a long time, try not to touch the adhesive gel on the surface.
  6. For better adhesion to your skin, put a few drops of H2O on the gel adhesive pads of your electrode.
  7. If you purchased a unit that comes with a rechargeable Li-Po battery, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to the initial charge.
  8. Make sure you don’t use your TENS unit if its charge is at 20% or below. Charge it first before you proceed.
  9. Store your unit, especially the wires and the electrodes, properly after use. Put them in a place that is cool and free of moisture.

TENS Therapy: What to Expect & What it is Beneficial for

If this is your absolute first time doing anything related to TENS, then you probably aren’t sure what to expect. Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you in this regard!

As we’ve mentioned, TENS is often used for alleviating pain, on top of also offering numerous other benefits. Thus, when you begin your therapy, you can safely expect that you will experience relief from joint and muscle aches. If you don’t experience full relief, then at the very least you can expect to experience a significant reduction in your aches.

If you’re thinking that this type of therapy has to be rough – you are mistaken. TENS treatments don’t at all need to me rough and intense. Instead, you will find that you’ll probably feel a tingling sensation instead. This sensation may become more intense, depending on the strength that you have chosen for your settings.

What is TENS Therapy Beneficial For?

If you’re unsure as to what sorts of conditions TENS can help treat, we are here to help! The best TENS unit for shoulder pain can, as a matter of fact, also help you with a number of other problems. Some of these might even take you by surprise.

  • Menstrual Cramps – if you frequently suffer from painful cramps during your period, you can use TENS to help in treating it. Some women have reported that TENS has been so effective for them that they’ve been able to ditch their regular pain reliever route.
  • Sciatica – if you have this problem, then you know how irritating it can be to deal with. Sciatica is a problem that affects your nerves, causing you chronic pain. You can use TENS therapy to help in dealing with this problem.
  • Tendonitis – if you have an injury in any tendon in your body, TENS will prove to be beneficial for you. You can use the electrical therapy to alleviate pain and also stimulate healing in your body.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – if your feet constantly struggle with plantar fasciitis, know that you can help yourself by using one of these devices. It will help your muscles to relax, while simultaneously interfering with pain signals.

TENS and Pregnancy

In general, you want to avoid using this sort of therapy if you are pregnant. Although it won’t affect you, it may negatively affect your child. If you plan to use a TENS device when you’re expecting or planning to get pregnant, do ensure you first consult with your medical professional. Even with the blessing of your doctor, you need to avoid putting an electrode above the uterus. It’s also best to avoid use during first and second pregnancy trimesters.

Recommendations: Best TENS Unit for Shoulder Pain

We’ve put together the truly in-depth and detailed buying guide above in order to help you make a better decision on the below. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in the right TENS units, here is a list of recommendations of products that you might be interested in. We’ve put together a thorough list, ensuring that we review each item in detail. Know that we’ve included options for every budget so you can choose one that fits yours.

Without further ado, let’s get started – so you can enjoy TENS pain relief as soon as you can!


Product Name: Combination TENS & EMS Muscle Stimulator by iReliev

Product Description: FDA cleared Price: $$ Modes: 8 TENS modes for arthritis and pain relief; 6 EMS modes for strength, muscle conditioning, exercise warming up, endurance, muscle recovery Output Channels: Dual Battery: Rechargeable Li-Po battery, built in Pads: 4x 2in by 2in, 2x 3.5 by 5in Screen: 2.2 inches

  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Features


If you are looking for a device that offers great versatility, choose this combination muscle stimulator by the brand iReliev. This unit offers 14 modes total of both TENS and EMS stimulation. There are 8 different modes of TENS included on this device so that you can choose which one works best for you. If you need to use your device for EMS, there are 6 modes available for you to choose from. This unit is FDA cleared, and is used by many for pain relief and for helping in athletic recovery. Take note that it is also medical grade in strength.

If you want to be able to customize your experience, you’ll love the fact that this device offers twenty five different settings for intensity. Furthermore, you can personalize every single experience with this device through combining massage modes. You may also adjust the speed of your massage if you feel like it.

In terms of ease of use, this device is no slack. You’ll truly find yourself enjoying the 2.2 inch backlit display. It will allow you a much easier time with operating the unit. It also comes with a rechargeable battery built in, for your convenience. The manufacturer also includes a tote bag with your purchase. Furthermore, a belt clip holder is also included to allow increased portability.


  • Good value for money
  • Large backlit screen
  • 25 intensity settings; adjustable speed
  • 8 modes TENS
  • 6 modes EMS
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great customer support


  • A few complaints state the battery is not the best
  • Certain complaints state it may be too bulky to use when lying down

Runners Up

XPD 12 TENS Unit Massager by Hidow

FDA cleared
Price: $$$
Modes: 8 massage modes
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Po battery
Pads: 4
Screen: Large, backlit

For a mid-range price, the XPD 12 by HiDow is a good choice. It offers 8 different massage modes that use complex combinations of bio-electric signals to help stimulate your muscles. It’s a device that offers you many different benefits, along with 20 steps of intensity adjustments. It will allow you to fully customize your experience. According to HiDow, this is one of their most popular units – and it’s probably for good reason.

This unit offers combo TENS/EMS treatments to treat a number of things. Use it to help conditions like: muscle atrophy, muscle spasticity, muscle weakness, Bell’s palsy, injury, muscular and nerve pain, and more. The dual channel outputs along with the included pads will allow you to better target your area of choice. No wonder so many consider this one of the best TENS unit for shoulder pain. Note that it uses a rechargeable Li-Po battery for your convenience. It does not come with any carrying cases.

The HiDow XPD 12 is cleared by the FDA, so you can use it with peace of mind. It comes with a warranty, but do ensure you will be able to make use of the warranty if you purchase from a third party retailer. To ensure your warranty will be honored, purchase only from HiDow or authorized retailers.

Pros and Cons of XPD 12 TENS Unit Massager by HiDow

✔️FDA cleared
✔️Large backlit screen
✔️TENS+EMS combo
✔️Easy to use
✔️Rechargeable LiPo Battery
✔️Dual Channel
❌Not as good value for money compared to other units
❌No carrying case or clips included
❌A few negative reviews – do your research before purchasing

Professional Grade TENS Unit by Easy@Home

FDA Cleared
Price: $
Modes: 8 types of massage, 16 modes TENS+EMS
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Po battery
Pads: 4
Screen: Large, backlit

If you’re new to the world of TENS and EMS and you want to get your first taste, you are in for a treat. This unit by Easy@Home offers tremendous value for money, especially considering its price. It is extremely affordable while still offering many of the same benefits as other devices on this list. It’s truly a device that works well for beginners. However, if you’re more experienced with electrical impulse massages, this device will most definitely please you too. It’s a combination TENS+EMS device that comes with a ton of different options to allow you to customize your experience.

Choose from 8 different types of massage. This FDA cleared unit also allows you to choose from 16 different modes for a truly personalized experience. It also offers you 20 different levels of intensity to choose from so you can go as gentle or as strong as you wish. It uses a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery that lasts for as much as 10 hours of use with every charge (your mileage may vary depending on your settings). A timer is built in, allowing you to set your massage from 10-60 minutes. The default setting is 20 minutes per session.

This compact device is handy and portable, but still features a large backlit display to make operation much easier. It has dual channel outputs which connect to four different electrodes that you can use simultaneously. It weighs only 40g, so you can bring it around much more easily.

Pros and Cons of Professional Grade TENS Unit by Easy@Home

✔️Incredibly affordable, amazing value for money
✔️20 intensity settings
✔️16 modes
✔️Rechargeable battery
✔️Large backlit screen
✔️Timer up to 60 mins
✔️Small, light and compact
❌Some complaints about electrode pads not attaching to the body
❌One or two complaints stating it’s not as strong as other units

AcuXP Micro PT TENS Unit by HiDow

Price: $$
Modes: 8
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Po battery
Pads: 4 (1 pair large, 1 pair small)
Screen: Backlit

A relatively good mid-ranged unit, the AcuXP by HiDow is a very portable contender for best TENS unit for shoulder pain. Its incredibly light weight, and its compact size makes it amazingly portable. It’s advertised as a pocket-sized unit and you’ll find that it’s true. This small wonder offers you 8 different options for your massages as well as an adjustable timer to make it easier to keep track. Experience pain relief in your pocket, wherever you need to go.

This unit comes with two different output channels so that you can use four different electrodes at the same time. The backlit display allows you to monitor and change any settings more easily. It may not be as big of a display as you might find on other units, but for sure you’ll find that you’ll enjoy this device regardless. The intensity is adjustable, with twenty different steps to allow for a fully custom experience. This way, you’ll be able to have your massage exactly the way you want.

An amazing benefit that this unit offers is the fact that it comes with a rechargeable Li-Po battery. The best part is that this device can last as long as fifty hours on one charge. Of course, this length will depend on the settings you use. Stronger intensities will use more of the battery, of course.

HiDow is a brand that is well known in this market, so you might find that investing in one of their devices might just be worth it. Do your own research to see if this is the best TENS unit for shoulder pain you want to treat!

Pros and Cons of AcuXP Micro PT TENS Unit by HiDow

✔️Really good battery life
✔️Tiny and incredibly portable
✔️Dual channel
✔️8 modes, 20 stages of intensity
✔️Reputable brand
❌Some complaints that the unit gets hot during charging
❌Not as good value for money as others

Rechargeable TENS Unit by NURSAL

Price: $
Modes: 16
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Rechargable Battery
Pads: 8 – 2 large, 4 medium, 2 small
Screen: Backlit

For a device that costs as much as this does, the Rechargable TENS Unit by NURSAL is an amazing choice. Right off the bat it sets itself apart from other similar devices by coming with 8 electrode pads – 4 more than usual. You will get 2 large pads, 4 medium pads, and 2 small pads. It also offers dual output channels to allow you to use multiple electrode pads at once. This small, pocket-sized unit conveniently comes with a large, backlit screen to allow you easy operation. The convenient features and amazing bonuses don’t end there.

Unlike other units, this device comes with a holder for the wires and the pads. As a result, you’ll be able to more easily tote it around. A dust-proof pouch also comes free so you can carry your device wherever you want to go.

There are sixteen different modes available on this unit, allowing you to fully customize it at will. You can use a different size set of pads depending on what your aim is. Large pads are great for over all body treatments, while smaller pads are ideal for targetting specific areas.

This device is extremely popular, with over five thousand reviews left – almost all of them positive. It’s easy to see why. For its price and the features it offers, it’s truly difficult to find a better option. It’s no wonder this device is considered by many as their personal choice for best TENS unit for shoulder pain.

Pros and Cons of Rechargeable TENS Unit by NURSAL

✔️Amazing value for money, very good price
✔️8 pads included
✔️16 modes
✔️Carry case and wire/pad organizer included
✔️Rechargable battery
✔️Limited lifetime warranty + 1 yr replacement/money back guarantee
❌Manual not as clear
❌Not combo EMS

AP212 Portable TENS Unit by AccuMed

FDA Cleared
Price: $
Modes: 16
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Rechargable Battery
Pads: 4
Screen: Backlit

If you want a device that many agree is contender for best TENS unit for shoulder pain, the AP212 by AccuMed is a great choice. This device is FDA cleared, and is also extremely affordable. Good value for money makes this model stand out. This device is not just affordable, but also easily accessible. With a prescription from your doctor, you might even get your insurance to cover its purchase.

This TENS + EMS combination device offers you 16 different modes so you can choose which one you want. There are also 20 different levels of intensity to choose from, so you can go from as gentle as you want to as strong as you want. The large backlit display makes it possible for you to track the current settings as well as operate the unit more easily. It’s practically as easy to operate as something like a music player. The timer, which goes from 10 minutes to a maximum of 60, allows you to choose a duration that works for you.

The AP212 is extremely portable and compact, and operates with the help of a built-in battery. An AC charger is included to help you charge the Li-Po battery back up. It also comes with a year-long warranty in the USA. For its price, you really cannot beat the value you get from this product!

Pros and Cons of AP212 Portable TENS Unit by AccuMed

✔️Really good price and value
✔️Rechargable battery
✔️Large backlit display
✔️16 modes
✔️20 intensity settings
✔️Dual output
❌There are some complaints that say their units can be faulty at times (check your warranty options before purchase)

Pro 15AB Portable TENS Unit by Healthmateforever

FDA Cleared
Modes: 15
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: Recheargable Battery
Pads: 9, different sizes including a long horizontal strip
Screen: Backlit

The FDA Cleared Pro 15AB is a unit that offers great value for its price. Sitting fairly in between the most affordable options and the mid-ranged choices, this device offers you the best of both worlds. Is this the best TENS unit for shoulder pain? Let’s take a look and see.

This device offers you 20 levels of intensity. That way, you can choose if you want to start off very gentle, or if you want to dive right in and go for a strong setting. There are 15 different pre-set modes that include Push and Pull, Tapping, Acupuncture, Scraping/Guasha, Shiatsu, Cupping, Deep Tissue, and more. You can choose any of these settings and put in a timer for as short as 10 minutes or as long as 80 minutes. True relaxation and pain relief, no?

The amazing part about this device is the fact that it comes with a 24 month or two year warranty. On top of that, this device gives you 9 different pads bundled. It comes with one pad that is a really long horizontal strip. It allows you to really target certain areas you need. The many pads also give you the versatility that you need, so you can target whatever painful area you need.

Healthmateforever’s offering comes with a rechargeable LiPo battery. It can run for as long as 20 hours on one singular charge, although your mileage may vary. It also comes with a dust-proof bag for storage and portability. The large backlit display makes it extremely easy to use.

Pros and Cons of Pro 15AB Portable TENS Unit by Healthmateforever

✔️9 included pads
✔️Large backlit display
✔️Rechargable battery
✔️Dust bag included
✔️15 modes
✔️2 yr warranty
❌Some complaints saying it is not as durable as what you would expect from how much it costs
❌Newer stock has been hit or miss, buy at your own risk

YK15AB TENS Unit by HealthmateForever

best TENS unit for shoulder pain

FDA Cleared
Modes: 15
Output Channels: 2 Channels, 4 outputs – 8 strips usable simultaneously
Battery: 3 AAA
Pads: 8
Screen: Backlit but small

One of the most affordable units we can recommend is this YK15AB device by the brand HealthmateForever. Like its more expensive sibling above, this device is cleared by the FDA. The difference is, this unit offers a ton more features for an incredibly low price. For the amount you pay, you certainly get more than you would expect! Not a bad choice for those who are just now looking to try TENS.

On this list, this device is the only one that can simultaneously run up to 8 pads. There are 2 channels, with 4 outputs you can connect to. Use this device how you wish, but it comes with fifteen different modes that you can choose from to make it easier. This unit is much easier to operate considering it has dedicated buttons for the modes. That way you only need to press one button to choose a setting. The display isn’t as large as the other devices we’ve reviewed, but the easy buttons make up for it. Know, also, that there are 20 levels of intensity to choose from.

For a more affordable unit, this device surprises by also allowing you to adjust the speed of the treatment. That way, you can find the most comfortable setting for you. A belt clip is also included, so that you can use it more freely whenever and wherever you might want. One thing, however, is that it uses triple A batteries – 3 of them – instead of rechargeable built-in LiPos.

Pros and Cons of YK15AB TENS Unit by HealthmateForever

✔️Use 8 pads at once
✔️20 levels of intensity
✔️15 modes
✔️Easy press buttons
✔️Belt clip included
✔️Adjustable speed
✔️Amazing value for money
❌AAA batteries, not rechargable
❌Large device is not as portable
❌Screen is small but this isn’t that big of an issue

2nd Edition TENS 7000 by Balego

Price: $
Modes: 5 TENS modes
Output Channels: Dual
Battery: 1 x 9-Volt battery
Pads: 4
Screen: Small, not backlit

The TENS 7000 is a device by Balego that is incredibly affordable. It’s not as fancy or full of features as others, but for its price it offers clinical strength results. You get four different reusable electrode pads (replacements are available for purchase) with your purchase, which you can all use simultaneously thanks to the double output channels. Enjoy the use of this device which you can store in the included hard case. The hard case offers your product amazing protection, especially with the padding contained within.

Although this unit isn’t quite as attractive as others, it certainly serves its purpose. It’s small and portable, allowing you to use it anywhere you might want. You can get a powerful clinical strength treatment for such a small price. With the value for money this unit gives you, it’s no wonder that over one million of these devices have been sold since the company was established in 2008.

Even with the price and the clinical strength power, there’s no ignoring the drawbacks. Unfortunately, this device comes with a small screen. It’s not backlit, so you might struggle in places that are dimly lit. The buttons to control this device are underneath a panel you can open and close. It’s good for keeping the design sleek, but not so much for on the go operation. Plus, you only get 5 different modes for this device. This is a far cry from some units which offer you as many as 15 or 16.

Finally, this device makes use of a 9-Volt battery. Certainly not as convenient as all of the other devices on this list. Still, the price is not bad at all.

Pros and Cons of 2nd Edition TENS 7000 by Balego

✔️Hard carry case
✔️Dual output
✔️Easy to operate
✔️Extremely popular, established for over 10 yrs with 1m+ sold
❌9V battery
❌Not as convenient to operate on the fly
❌Display not backlit
❌Only 5 modes


Purchasing the right unit will ensure that you are able to get the best TENS unit for shoulder pain. There are many different choices, but only a few will make it to your shortlist! We know how confusing it can be to compare models, but remember that these are only suggestions and recommendations. If you don’t see something you like, go ahead and check out other brands!

Remember to consult with your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant or if you are expecting. Also ensure that you follow all of the instructions the manufacturer has given for the use of your machine. That way, you will get optimum results. Combined with the information we’ve given you in this buying guide, you should be able to make an informed decision!

As long as you consider all of the above factors, you should be able to find the right device. Hopefully, finding the right unit will help you to experience relief like you’ve never felt before – to the point where you’ll feel younger and freer!

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