Best Shock Machine for Muscles

Shock therapy sounds shocking at first but no worries because it is not similar to electrocution.  Nobody dies from shock therapy. Shock machines send electric pulses to treat muscle injury though. It is, however, proven safe. It is used in physiotherapy.

Making use of electric shock is not new. Shock therapy has been used for muscular injury. Muscular injury is common. But it should not be taken for granted.  Electric pulses are sent to the muscles in order to treat the tissues and the muscles. The best shock machine for muscles can provide many benefits. They can increase metabolism and blood circulation as well. 

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Is a Shock Machine for Muscles Effective?

Experience-wise, a shock machine for muscles is found to be effective. Science also suggests the same. A shock machine can treat pain effectively and fast. It relieves pain faster than traditional methods.  A shock machine is also used in rehabilitation physiotherapy. Science backs the effectiveness of shock machines in treating pain and muscle injury. 

Benefits of a Shock Machine Include:

A shock machine also reduces unwanted fat because it speeds metabolism. The body consumes more oxygen. Muscle shrinks as a result of increased oxygen intake. This causes the body to slim down. A shock machine promotes muscle growth after exercise. This is a great gift idea for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. 

To Sum up:

  • Muscle growth after exercise, treatment of tissues, treatment of muscle injury

Exercising tears muscles. Muscle regeneration should occur within 45 minutes after a workout. Fatigue and muscle injury can occur without proper nourishment and rest. Shock machines for muscles help in regeneration and healing. As a result, stamina and optimum performance increases.

  • Reduction of unwanted body fat, increased metabolism, good blood circulation, skin tightening

Shock machines speed metabolism. Because of the electric shock, unwanted body fat is reduced. Skin tightens as well because of increased blood circulation. Muscles become firmer. 

Shock therapy is an innovation for pain, tissue, and muscle treatment. Shock machines utilize shock therapy. They are readily available in the market. There are various choices for shock machines. However, few would classify as effective, safe, and convenient. The best choices have all these qualities. 

Here is our pick for the best shock machine for muscles:

Our Top Pick:

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager 

Product Name: OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager 

Product Description: This product will amaze you. A small package with fine qualities. It will be worth every cent. It features a brushless motor, long battery life, 3,200 percussions every minute, anti-drop shell, and portable carrying bag. This can be hand-carried. It is highly portable with fine qualities.

You will never have to worry about bulks in the bag. This item makes carrying breezy. It boasts a long battery life. A long battery life is priceless. This makes a product cost-efficient. This massage gun can last for 3 hours. However, charging and battery saving will not be a problem. This is because of the Lithium Ion battery that automatically sleeps after 10 minutes when not in use. 

The brushless motor uses Unique Quiet Glide technology with a working noise of only 35 dB – 55dB. It makes the massage private and quiet. You don’t have to bother the guy sitting next to you in the gym. 3,200 percussions per minute is impressive. The massage ensures that no charged energy was wasted. Percussion is precise. This functions to avoid injury. The anti-dtop shell is made of Nylon 66 and glass fiber. It ensures durability. The massage is portable. It is convenient to bring anywhere. 

Summary: Ideal for personal use. Item is compact. It fits an active lifestyle. Gym-goers can find this convenient to use. The item is like a DIY with a convenient packaging. Highlights include Unique Quiet Glide technology and long battery life. Working noise is 35 dB – 55dB. It is portable and easy to carry. This item can be a great gym buddy.

✔️Portable and convenient
✔️Long battery life
✔️Durable; anti-drop shell
❌Treatment is focused on one area


Is there a warranty?

Yes. The product has a one year warranty.

The product vibrates. Is this the “percussion”?

The item features pulses of concentrated pressure. It applies 1800RPM – 3200 RPM.

Our Runners-Up

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Machine

Product Description: The product has more to offer aside from pain treatment. It also improves sex life. It treats erectile dysfunction through radial shock wave. This shock wave triggers the body’s natural healing ability. This is a non-surgical way to treat pain. It produces no side effects. The body’s natural healing ability is used instead. This suggests a healthy and sustainable way to treat pain. Penis size increases. This is another feature. Machine operates for 15 minutes for each treatment and penetrates up to 10~85mm. This product produces great results and exceeds the normal expectations threshold. The healing ability becomes the highlight. Other features are bonuses. The machine combines functionality and aesthetics. Pain treatment has never been better. Results come fast and without any fluffs on the side.

Summary: The machine is versatile. It functions for treatment and pleasure. The machine is highly effective with a 10~85mm penetrating ability every 15 minutes. How can shock therapy improve sex life? Let this item be the guide. This product boasts of high customer rating in trustworthiness and effectiveness.

✔️Natural way of healing
✔️Treats erectile dysfunction
✔️No side effects
❌Not travel friendly


What are the product dimensions?

Machine is 47 x 40 x 27cm.

How does this machine work for erectile dysfunction?

The machine stimulates blood vessels and helps them grow. It also triggers neovascularization. Neovascularization is responsible for penis growth and optimum sexual functionality. 

Shipping weight?

Shipping weight is 48.8 pounds.

Zinnor ED Shockwave Therapy Machine

Product Description: This shockwave machine promotes muscle and tissue healing using  low energy radial waves. There are five different tips that apply to different points of pain. It hardly makes any noise. The built-in compressor uses 216Hz and was designed to be silent. The machine is used for 20 minutes, 5 to 10 per session. It reaches 43℃ easily. Starting the device does not introduce inconveniences. The machine is an Acoustic Wave Therapy Equipment. It heals physical injury, removes cellulite, and, as a bonus, fixes erectile dysfunctions. Operating mode consists of continuous 4/8/16 pulses. It is very safe to use. It acts fast and is, therefore, effective. This suits personal or home use as well as professional use. 

Availability: InStock

Summary: The machine works fast. It works best for professional use because of usability. Major highlights include fast-heating and removal of cellulite. Aside from this, the machine also treats erectile dysfunction. Low energy radial waves enable tissue healing. It is also simple to operate and without unnecessary features. 

✔️4/8/16 pulses
✔️Applies to different treatments
❌Needs precision for operating


What is inside the package?

Package includes: shockwave therapy machine, shockwave gun, 5 x transmitter, 4 x bullers and barrels set, 1 x shockwave gun holder

How much is the shipping weight?

Shipping weight is 44.0lbs.

Does the item come with a warranty?

Yes, the product comes with a 30-day warranty. Within the 30-day period, the product can be returned if there’s any quality problems.

Electromagnetic shock wave machine

Product Description: Another one for the book. This machine features treatment and improvement in muscles and tissues. It makes use of compression wave therapy. Compressor ensures smooth and silent function. The machine treats erectile dysfunction as a bonus. It boats of a 80 to 90% success rate. Primarily, it relieves joint and muscle pain. It repairs tissues without a difficult operation. The machine is convenient, effective, and safe. Package includes 7 x massage head to accommodate different pain points. It also features  1 x handle and 1 x plug. The item is simple to operate. Features, however, create long-lasting benefits. The machine is favorable for individual and home use. It is simple to operate. The instruction manual is easy to comprehend. 

Availability: InStock

Summary: Compression wave therapy improves muscles and tissues. It also heals any pain spot. Ratings are great. The range is 80 to 90%  for success. Wears and tears heals without complex operation. The product is also versatile. It has 7 massage heads to relieve pain from different points. 

✔️Fast pain reliever
✔️Treats different pain points
✔️Simple operation, 80-90% success rate in treating erectile dysfunction
❌Wand material can be cold to the touch


How much is the shipping weight?

Shipping weight is 9.6 pounds.

What is the voltage and frequency?

Voltage is AC110V-AC220V. Frequency is 50HZ/60HZ.

Is it effective in treating erectile dysfunction?

Machine uses various probes that improve blood circulation. Blood circulation functions for penis growth and sexual functionality. Pain relief needs good blood circulation as well. 


Can a shock machine for muscles be effective for you? Shock machines are non-surgical and non-abrasive. Pain treatment involves a variety of methods. Traditionally, medication is used. In some cases, pain treatment involves surgical operations if the cases are bad and the pain intolerable. Shock machine for muscles provides an alternative solution. It works fast for immediate relief. Some machines work as fast as 15 minutes per therapy and because of this, doctors and experts dictate the specifics of the session such as frequency. 

Final Fact check

Science backs the effectiveness of shock therapy. Shock machines heals and regenerates damages in the musculoskeletal area. In addition, extracorporeal shock therapy uses a single acoustic wave in order to heal the soft tissue. As a result, blood flow is increased. Healing decreases inflammation. Athletes usually experience damage in the musculoskeletal area. Extreme physical activities cause the muscle to tear and wear. Science and experiments reinforce the effectiveness of shock therapy. Aside from this, physiotherapy recognizes shock therapy and makes use of shock machines. 

Some Precautions

No invention is perfect. No innovation is flawless. Shock therapy introduces some concerns. Thus, precautions must be observed when using shock machines.

It is important for safety.

In addition to this, machines are not perfect. Human error can also occur as part of the problem.

Burns, pain, and increased injury occur as a consequence. Instead of experiencing relief, the opposite might occur. You don’t want this to happen. It is best to follow the instructions and the recommendation of the doctor.

Accidents can happen, and if you are unsure about the operation, then it best to leave the machine to a professional. 

Verdict & Conclusion

The FDA reviews shock machines for muscles. Instructional materials are provided with shock machines. This prevents accidents from happening. It is pertinent that these instructions are followed and therefore, human error can account for more than half of the problem. Machines account for the rest. Selecting shock machines involves checking FDA standards. You should check the product, features, and manufacturers. A faulty machine gives burns and injuries. Selection considers pain treatment first and aesthetic benefits second. Shock machines may not be for everyone or just any pain and consulting a doctor should be done first before anything else.

Shock machine for muscles is effective, convenient, and fast. It provides a safer option for pain relief. Proper operation and the right equipment produces significant results. You should keep in mind that the end goal is health and well-being, and not just firmer muscles, tighter skin, or a bigger penis. 

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