7 Best Recliners for Watching TV – Total Relaxation HERE!

Nothing beats the comfort of watching your favorite show while cozying on a soft recliner. After a tiring day at work, this simple indulgence will help reduce stress. When it comes to the best recliners for watching TV, you must look for the right size, features, and price. We reviewed here seven of the best options so you can watch TV with the utmost comfort.

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Mac Motions Recliner
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Pulaski Larson Theater
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Why use a recliner when watching TV?

The good thing about recliners is it allows you to raise your feet. It boosts circulation while you enjoy watching TV. Instead of slouching in front of the television, you can lie down and rest your back. If used properly, recliners can help prevent bad posture, both for adults and children.

Many of us spend endless hours in front of the television. This lack of inactivity and poor posture has an impact on our health. As much as recliners won’t fix the problem, it would at least aid your posture.

Instead of settling on your couch, you can treat yourself to a new recliner. Some manufacturers even make recliners for home theaters.

While watching TV, your lower back should be touching the backrest of the chair. Also, you must change positions several times to prevent strain. Recliners give you both of these conveniences. Most recliners in the market come with additional lumbar support as well as angle adjustments so you can recline, sit properly, or get out of the chair.

Buying Guide for the Best Recliners for Watching TV

The best recliners for watching TV should bear the best features aside from being comfortable. Regardless if it’s for your home theater or living room, the following are some of the considerations:

Get the right size

Dimensions are a make-or-break part of this piece of furniture. You should always factor in the space you can spare at home. Always take measurements in your home theater or any spot where you want to place the recliner.

You should observe proper distance from the TV as well as ample space to move around and angle the recliner correctly. Take note that recliners, especially those made for home theaters can be pretty bulky. Make sure that you will still have breathable space once the recliner is on your home.

Aside from that, you should check if the recliner’s operation will impede doors, windows, columns, and other obstacles at home.

Consider the angle options

Next, you should consider how far the recliner can go in terms of recline angle. Most power lift recliners can be positioned in at least three positions. This will let you recline, sit, and get off the chair with ease.

When choosing the recliner you’d use to watch TV, you must consider this. A fully reclining option will consume more space, something that not all homes can afford.

The maximum recline angle will also affect the comfort level of the recliner. If you have the space to spare, consider a recliner that can be angled flatly like a bed.

Choose the features you need

The features of a recliner set it apart from other options.

First of all, check the maximum weight limit of the recliner. Most units nowadays can support up to 300 pounds or more, which is more than enough for most users.

Also, look for side pockets where you can stash small items. Almost all recliners have a remote control somewhere at the back or side so you can change the angle without the need to get up.

For added comfort, try to look for a recliner with a cup holder. This way, you can enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about spills and stains.

The following are some of the additional features we like in a recliner:

  • Heat and massage
  • Added lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Well-padded armrests
  • Solid metal frame
  • Swivel base
  • USB port
  • Remote control

These are just some of the features you can get. Your choice should depend on the level of comfort and convenience you want to achieve.

Check the upholstery material

The material of your recliner for watching TV will affect its comfort, lifespan, and maintenance level. The following are some of the most common upholstery material you can choose from:

Fabric. This material is available in more than a thousand colors and textures. It’s also very comfy to sit on. The only downside is that it’s prone to spilling and quite challenging to clean.

Leather. Leather upholstery is the most expensive, but it also offers the best look. It’s also easier to clean, but not as plush as fabric upholstery.

Microfiber. This fabric is easy to clean while offering the softness of non-leather upholstery. Microfiber upholstery is also gentler on the skin.

Leather match. This leather type is used on many chairs and recliners. It’s usually paired with vinyl at the back and sides.

Bonded leather. Bonded leather is made from leather scraps. To bond it together, synthetic material is added to the mix. It’s usually cheaper than premium leather upholstery.

Vinyl. This is used on budget recliners. It offers comfort but may produce fart-like sounds when you get on and off the chair.

With or without a massage?

Another thing you have to consider is whether you want a recliner with a built-in massage or just a simple chair that you can angle.

Massage recliners have rolling balls that have different movement patterns. This enhances the relaxing effect of the chair.

However, the only downside with massage recliners is it tends to be more expensive. It also has a higher operating cost than non-massage units.

Consider the price range

The best recliners for watching TV are available in a wide range of prices. Usually, the more features there are, the costlier it gets.

You can find cheap units at around $200, but don’t expect it to offer quality and comfort. As much as topnotch recliners don’t come cheap, investing a little more will go a long way, both for your comfort and the chair’s lifespan.

7 Best Recliners for Watching TV


OUR TOP PICK: Irene House Power Lift Recliner
Photo Credits - Furniture Academy

Product Name: Irene House Power Lift Recliner

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best recliners for watching TV, you’ll never go wrong with the Irene House Power Lift Recliner. It’s made of combined fabric and leather for utmost comfort. This is a fully reclining unit that can support up to 300 pounds of user weight. It comes with an extending footrest so you can stretch your legs while watching TV. There’s also a wide side pocket where you can keep the TV remote, reading materials, and the controls of the recliner. The dual-motor capability of this recliner allows you to control the backrest and leg rest separately. It also has an overstuffed pillow for lumbar support and better posture.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort Level
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


We also like its soft cushion that offers full comfort for adults and children alike. This is made with a high-density sponge and premium faux leather cover. Moreover, the smooth mechanism of the base also makes it easy to lift the chair up while sitting on it.

Take note, though, that this recliner is 73 inches long when fully reclined. When used as a chair, it would be 36 inches long, with the leg rest retracted. It’s quite heavy too, for about 125 pounds. Other than that, we don’t have any problem with this recliner while watching our favorite TV shows.


Fully reclining

Dual motor

Supports up to 300 pounds of user weight


No instructions included in the package (not a biggie)


Mac Motions Recliner & Ottoman

best recliners for watching TV

If you’re not a fan of chunky and heavy recliners, we recommend the Mac Motions Recliner & Ottoman combo. This is a reclining chair with a steam-bent hardwood frame with sand and walnut finish. Its cover is made of Merlo top-grain leather that offers comfort and aesthetic accent to your living room.

Moreover, this recliner has a 360-degree swivel so you can move with ease. It also comes with ample lumbar support to prevent back pain. We also like the addition of 1.5-inch memory foam on this specific recliner and ottoman as well as other pieces in the Oslo collection of Mac Motions.

You can use this recliner in two positions, one that’s 39.5 inches long and the default angle that’s 34.5 inches long. The ottoman is non-adjustable and can be used to raise your legs or as a separate chair in your TV room.

One thing that we like about this Mac Motions recliner is its ease of assembly. The appearance and feel of the recliner is also unbeatable, especially if you’re into classic and vintage motifs. It’s even more compact than power lift recliners, which makes it a perfect choice for smaller rooms.

Nevertheless, we also noticed some niggles, including the logo at the base which we had to cut off. 

✔️Aesthetic classic look
✔️Additional 1.5-inch memory foam
✔️Lighter than power lift recliners
❌Not big enough for overweight users

Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner

best recliners for watching TV

If you have a home theater and looking for the ultimate recliner, you should never miss the Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner. This oversized recliner can be set in infinite positions in just a single touch of a button.

What we also like about this home theater recliner are the USB charging plus in the arm storage. You can charge your devices without getting off this comfy chair. Aside from that, there’s a swivel tray attached to the left arm where you can place snacks and drinks. But if you find the tray annoying, you can remove it as you wish.

The upholstery of the Pulaski Larson recliner is a stunner. It’s made of premium faux leather that remains breathable, thanks to the added fabric layer. The stitching is also premium and adds beauty to this solid piece of equipment.

If you’re not watching TV, you can also use the swivel tray and chair as your workstation. It’s one of the greatest and most comfortable chairs we’ve ever tried. Just keep the hinges oiled so it wouldn’t produce noise over time.

The only negative thing we noticed here is that moving your butt on the recliner will produce fart-like noises. Anyway, we don’t find it as a big deal.

✔️Oversized theater chair for comfort
✔️USB charging ports
✔️Removable swivel tray
❌The cover makes fart-like noises when you move

Signature Design by Ashley Ludden Rocker Recliner

best recliners for watching TV

Another recliner that we swear by is the Signature Design by Ashley Rocker Recliner. This recliner has a textured twill cover that makes it very soft and comfortable to touch. It also has a divided bustle design using puckered stitching to provide comfort to every user.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a one-pull reclining motion. The pull tab is located at the side of the recliner that allows you to adjust the chair with ease. It also comes with a retractable leg rest so you can stretch and enjoy your favorite TV show.

The cushion core of this recliner is made of low melt fiber with a high-quality foam wrap. It’s glued, blocked, and stapled to ensure longevity and comfort.

What we really like about this rocker recliner is it already comes fully assembled. You just have to install the easy-off bar slides, and the recliner is ready to use.

When fully reclined, this chair is 70 inches long. In a sitting/rocking position, it’s 40 inches wide and 43 inches deep. What we also like is that this rocker recliner is available in blue, sand, and cocoa colors.

For its price point, we’re surprised by the level of comfort it could give. So if you’re on a budget and looking for an addition in your TV, this Ludden Rocker Recliner is a steal.

✔️One-pull adjustment tab
✔️Very plush
✔️Can be reclined fully
❌There’s a mild smell on the material on the first days

Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner

If you’re looking for another recliner and ottoman combo, we recommend this pair from Flash Furniture. This is a generously padded recliner equipped with a multi-position lever.

Its upholstery is made of durable, vintage brown LeatherSoft material with plush foam. As for the base, it’s a solid frame made of mahogany with a ball bearing swivel. It also glides smoothly on the floor without ruining your carpet or any hardwood surface.

Moreover, it has puckered stitching that gives the recliner a contemporary design. It’s suitable for your living room, man cave, or small home theater.

We also like that it’s reasonably lightweight for just 54 pounds. When not reclined, this chair would be 40 inches long. This suits users of up to 6-feet tall and up to 300 pounds of user weight.

It also has a release handle with positive stops which makes the recliner adjustable in a breeze. This isn’t a very cushy chair, but the padding is more than enough to keep you comfortable while watching TV.

Take note that you’d have to perform some assembly for this chair. It can be a bear to assemble, especially if you don’t know much about this type of mechanism. Nevertheless, the hassle is truly worth it once you’re lounging on this chair.

✔️LeatherSoft upholstery material
✔️Solid mahogany base
✔️Suits tall users
❌Challenging to assemble

Homall Power Lift Recliner

If you want a plushier recliner, you should try the Homall Power Lift Recliner. This is highly ergonomic with thickly padded armrests and extra-size headrest so you can prop yourself well to watch TV. The thicker foam material all over the chair offers more support and comfort for heavy users.

Aside from that, this recliner comes with two wired remote controls. The first one is to change the angle of the chair, and the other one is to activate the built-in massager. While watching TV, you can enjoy five massage modes with two strength levels. There’s also a local heating function to loosen up your sore muscles and joints.

This is also useful for the elderly, thanks to its power lift mechanism that makes it easy to get on and off the recliner. Each side also has a cup holder so you can sip your favorite drink while enjoying a heated massage as you watch your favorite show. What a way to pamper yourself!

Overall, we’re impressed by this Homall recliner. It’s a relaxation hub that you purchase for your home. It also comes with a very affordable price tag which is way better than what we expected the first time we laid eyes on this recliner. It’s super sturdy and excellent for seniors.

✔️Larger headrest
✔️Built-in massage and heating function
✔️Cup holders on each side
❌None so far

ANJ Theater Recliner

If looking for a classic piece to suit a home theater, we highly recommend the ANJ Theater Recliner. It can be used in three different positions using the two press buttons integrated on the chair. It has a smooth motion so you can adjust the recline angle and leg rest with ease.

Moreover, it has an overstuffed pillow headrest as well as puckered back support. To ensure that this oversized chair will last long, it has a solid steel frame that can be seated on thousands of times.

Aside from that, there’s a USB charging port at the right side of this chair. You no longer have to get off the recliner just to recharge your mobile device.

We also like the breathable leather upholstery, which gives the chair a classic look. There are also copper studs on the sides of the leg rest, which adds a decorative touch to this recliner. Aside from nut brown, this chair is also available in brown and smoky gray.

If ever the recliner got damaged or you received one with missing parts, you are entitled to ANJ’s one-year guarantee.

Overall, this is a solid chair that fits like a glove, even for tall users. For that, we can say that this is total value for money, considering its affordable price.

✔️USB charging port
✔️Solid steel frame
✔️Oversized build
❌Can make use of a higher headrest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to sleep on my recliner?

A: As much as recliners are cozy and comfortable when watching TV, you shouldn’t sleep on it. Dozing off in your recliner almost every night may give you knee and hip contractures. Some recliners also restrict your posture, which will cause a bigger problem, especially for the elderly.

Q: Are recliners suitable for small living rooms?

A: The good thing about recliners is it comes in different designs and sizes. You can look for a compact option or a smaller recliner paired with an ottoman. This way, you can save more space without compromising comfort. When checking the dimensions of a recliner, always factor in the length of the chair in full recline.

Q: Is it ideal to watch TV on a recliner?

A: Recliners are very comfortable pieces of furniture. Aside from its soft material, some recliners are also equipped with massagers that add relaxing effect while you watch TV. Just make sure that you will get up from time to time to move your legs and hips.

Q: Is it better to look down or up a TV?

A: Looking up on the TV will tilt your head, which will cause eyestrain and back pain. As much as possible, you should keep your TV at eye level. Sitting in a recliner will also help level up your eyes with the TV. Aside from that, looking down on a TV at a slight angle will help reduce eye strain.

Q: How far should I sit from a TV?

A: You must sit at a distance that’s 1.5 to 2.5 times your TV’s diagonal screen measurement. For a 40-inch TV, you must position your recliner at a distance of 5 to 8 feet to prevent eyestrain. For 55-inch televisions, it should be 7 to 11 feet.

Final words

If you always have back pain watching television from the floor, it’s time to get one of the best recliners for watching TV. It will put your body in a proper position so you wouldn’t hurt your posture or your eyes. The bonus part is you get to have a good excuse to lounge and relax around the house.

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