Best Massage for Back and Neck Pain: Check Some of these Techniques!

Massage therapy is considered as one of the greatest ancient arts of well being. It aids in the stimulation of muscle tissues in your body in order to help you relax and stay stress-free. More so, massage supplies more oxygen to muscles, thereby improving blood circulation. This is when your brain generates serotonin, the chemical that relieves stress. The majority of us suffer from back and neck pain and it is normal. But failure to manage this pain might end up in recurrent pain that will get in the way of your behavior. That being said, we look for the best massage for back and neck pain as well as other techniques that help in different pain conditions.

Best Massage for Back and Neck Pain: Caring for your Body

How Massage Helps in Treating Back and Neck Pain

Massage is a safe therapy that comes with several health advantages mentally and physically. It is widely being used because of it is a great way to calm your body and mind. If you are someone who is experiencing back and neck pain, you probably know that a massage is an effective way to alleviate its symptoms which is why you are here. How does massage therapy aids in treating your back and neck pain? Below are the four main ways:

*Professional Evaluation of the Main Cause of Pain

A massage helps in treating back and neck pain. Even though you can ask a friend or a family member to give you a massage, it would be better if you get a massage from a professional therapist. This is because they are trained not only to alleviate its symptoms but also to determine the underlying cause of your pain. Apart from that, they can give you advice and tips on pain management and how to prevent it from coming back. Experienced therapists know when you must see a doctor or when you can just treat it at home.

*Relieves Tension

One cause of body pain is too much tension in your muscles. This results to mild to moderate pain, and limited movement. Massage therapy on a certain muscle group promotes calmness that eradicates the symptoms associated with the pain. A regular massage improves flexibility, alertness, and vigor.

*Professional Advice on which Massage Type is Best for You

Most message therapists care for your overall well-being. When you go to a massage salon, just tell them the kind of pain you are feeling and where specifically and they will advise you on the massage type. Now it is up to you if you will listen to them or not. But since they are experienced enough to suggest suitable massage type for you, it would be best to follow their advice. There several massage types and we will discuss each of them later on.

*Produces Endorphins

Endorphins are composed of huge groups of peptides. The central nervous system and the pituitary gland generate this hormone. And since they act on the narcotic circuit in our brain, they get rid of the pain and promote pleasure and relaxation. This results in an improved and better feeling.

Different Massage Techniques for Back and Neck Pain

Now that we already discussed how the best massage for back and neck pain benefits you, let us move on to different types of massage that may help you in easing your pain. In this article, we are going to enumerate and discuss the self-massage techniques and the therapist techniques to provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

*Therapist Massage Types

**Shiatsu Massage

This widely used Japanese massage technique uses fingers to apply pressure to pain points. It also means “finger pressure”. A lot of people prefer this massage technique. The massage therapists uses his/her fingers and palm to apply different pressure on certain muscle group to treat the internal malfunctions. In order to release tensions and blocked energy, it utilizes the acupressure points in the sore muscles.

Best Massage for Back and Neck Pain: Caring for your Body

** Deep Tissue Massage

Another term for this massage technique is sports massage. As the term implies, it utilizes extreme pressure to reach the deep tissues and nerves. In some cases, it reaches the bone.

If you are someone who is suffering from back pain, you may want to get a deep tissue massage as it releases compressed knotted muscles and damaged tissues because this might be the cause of your agony.

Since it is deep tissue massage that requires extra strength from the therapist, expect to feel sore for the next couple of days. It does not mean the message was not effective, it means that the pressure hits your tissue.

**Swedish Massage

Another massage technique is the Swedish massage. This is one of the popular massage techniques and people usually associated massage to this technique. Same with a deep tissue massage, it aims to relieve body pain but not necessarily with extreme pressure to reach muscle tissues. The concept of this massage is to provide relaxation and pain relief. It utilizes mild force and to your full back to release tension. It does not focus solely on physical improvement but also on mental or psychological well-being.

This type of massage is perfect for individuals who are new to massage. It is mild yet it relieves body pain, stress, and relaxes your mind. Ideal to have after a tiring week from work. This technique aim to calm your mind, improve blood circulation, and eradicates back and neck pain.

** Thai Massage

Only a few people appreciate this type of massage because it can be uncomfortable and awkward especially if it is your first time. To give you a brief background, although it is named Thai massage, it does not originate from Thailand. It actually came from India more than 2000 years ago. In this type, you need not take your clothes off because it involves plenty of stretching with a minimal massage. This massage technique aims to look for the strained joints in your body and soothes your muscles using the yoga-inspired positions.

** Hot Stone Massage

If you regularly get a massage then you are probably familiar with this massage technique. It is just the same with a regular massage but with stones that are placed on your pain points in your back and neck. The warmth coming from the stones provides alleviate muscle tension and soothes them. Another purpose of placing the hot is to make it easier for the therapist to reach the deeper muscle tissues and get rid of the pain.

Best Massage for Back and Neck Pain: Caring for your Body

**Ayurvedic Potli Massage

This massage technique is the least popular one. It came from the Indian ayurvedic medicine, this technique utilizes herb to promote relaxation and peace of mind to the client. These ancients herbs are believed to be helpful in treating muscle tissues from deep within.

This type of massage is best for people who use essential oil to relieve stress. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to scents, you may want to consider massage techniques or ask the therapist if it is possible to smell the herb he/she will be using.

*Self-massage Techniques

The above-mentioned therapist massage types are effective in alleviating stress and muscle pain. Nonetheless, going to a massage spa or speed-dialing your therapist for home service is not always feasible. But that does not mean you will not do anything about your neck and back pain. There are always plenty of ways to get a massage at home. Stuck at home and you are on a tight budget to get a professional massage? Check these simple self-massage techniques:

**Using tennis ball to relieve back and neck pain

Yes, you read that right. You can use tennis balls to alleviate back and neck pain. It is very easy and you only need a couple of tennis balls.

To calm your back and get rid of the pain, slowly lie on your back on your yoga mat or bed. Make sure that your knees are bent. Place the two tennis balls behind your back. Just think of it as a foam roller and experiment with it. Try moving the balls in upward and downward motion to cover different muscle regions and until you flush out those tensions.

** Make Use of your Hot Towel

This one is very easy as most of us have towels at home, right? To have a hot towel massage for back and neck pain, you just need to look for a medium-sized towel (not the one that you use when you are taking a bath) and warm it. Make sure the water is not too hot. Twist the towel and put it behind your neck. Hold both ends of the towel with each hand and rub it up and down. Do not apply extreme pressure because it will not speed up the process, just a medium pressure is enough. Repeat for three to four more times and see how it lessens the pain. In this type of self-massage technique, you will make use of heat therapy, proven safe and effective in easing muscle pain.

** Applying the acupressure method

According to studies, acupressure is an effective treatment for your neck and back pain. It is done by massaging the pressure points at are connected with your neck and pain. It is quite difficult to master and you need to time and dedication to perfectly hit those trigger points.

There are some pressure points that you can massage to give for pain relief. Some of these pressure points are your thumb, palm, and foot. Once you know where exactly the points are and you want to apply the acupressure method, just lie on your back, breathe, close your eyes, and apply deep pressure in up and down motion.

Watch the video learn other pressure points in various parts of the body that help you relax and provide pain relief.

Finding the Right Massage for You

Massage therapy is a crucial part of treatment for individuals who experience neck and back pain. That being said, it is important to receive the highest quality therapy done by professional massage therapists. More so, they know what type of massage is suitable for you depending on the level of pain and its source. While professional massage is recommended, it is not always feasible to have whenever you suffer from body pain. If you are stuck at home, you can always improvise or try some of our recommended self-massage techniques. They are certainly much better than taking medications.

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