Best Handheld Massagers for Legs: Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

What is a Handheld Massager?

Handheld massagers are equipment that aid in the process of relieving muscle tension and soreness which can be controlled by the user with his/her hands. Whether it is for the neck, shoulders, back, arms, or legs, handheld massagers are favored by many because of their convenience. Also, these items have ever since evolved because of technology. Before, there are only wooden handheld massagers which main feature is sturdiness that is needed to be pushed against muscles to alleviate pain. On the other hand, as time pass by, countless advanced handheld massagers come into the market which are digital and battery operated. Indeed, the new models have additional features that do more than just soothing muscle pain. Some of them can target cellulites and fats too. Some of them improves blood circulation.

Of course, it is a no-brainer that handheld massagers came into existence as a result of humans’ research on how to have an easier and more convenient way to treat body problems other than the traditional massaging with hands. These equipment not only allow someone to treat himself/herself independently or without a therapist, but these also allow them to continue doing their daily activities despite having a certain condition. Without a doubt, for people who need to work or just don’t have the privilege of time or money to have regular therapy sessions for their problems, these handheld massagers are great heroes!

Handheld Massagers for Leg Pain

Moreover, leg pains that are caused by stress on the muscles are proven to be successfully eliminated with the help of handheld massagers. Certainly, anyone who experiences leg discomfort for whatever reason, as well as athletes who have acquired an injury through sports activities, can benefit with these massagers.

Your Buying Guide

Before buying a handheld massager for your leg problem, the very first thing to do as much as possible is to consult your doctor, physical therapist, or any professional who knows about your condition. They will be able to tell what kind of massager is the best for your situation. This will save a lot of your resources because you won’t need to deal anymore with incompatible products. You will know instantly what to look for in the market full of various products from big and small brands.

Next, follow your doctor or physical therapist’s advice and find a handheld massager which will deliver your intended results. For example, someone who wants to speed up muscle pain elimination may opt for a massager that has wider coverage. Contrary, someone whose condition isn’t that bad or just a plain mild muscle fatigue, a simple wooden roller would suffice. For instance, someone who is sedentary for the moment because of an injured leg may opt for a handheld massager that is also a cellulite and fat remover. The inactivity may build up fat cells that he/she may want to eliminate together with whatever muscle pain that he/she is having.


Handheld massagers allow you to ditch your appointments in massage clinics and be able to save tons of money. With one, you can do home therapy! Now, the only challenge is how to maintain your massager for it to continue to function and last longer. Remember that handheld massagers cost a bit much too. When people are talking about how these can help you save money, what they mean is that you will continue to use them again. So if you will not take care of it, you will need to buy another one again which just beats the purpose of such equipment.

To make sure that your massager is going to function right, it is just reasonable to buy from a quality brand. By doing a research, you will be able to find out brands that are trusted in terms of effectiveness and quality. As much as possible, avail from those brands. Next, you have to understand carefully the mechanics of the hand massager that you bought. Read the manual and know what you can and can’t do with it. By being a responsible user, you will be able to guarantee your massager’s good maintenance.

Handheld Massager for Leg PainBrandExpert Rating
Ewinever Handheld Natural Jade Muscle Roller Stick Massager
BraveWind Wooden Four Wheel Handheld Massager
JahyShow Handheld Fat Cellulite Remover and Massage
HEALTHLAB Handheld Gun Massager
Phoeros Handheld Gun Massager
Scenstar Handheld Full Body Slimming Massager
HealthStar Handheld Full Body Massager
SPEQUIX Handheld Massage Hammer
Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun
BETTER ANGEL Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller
Finever Big Massager
Rapid Release RRT-PRO2 Targeted High Speed Vibration Massager
Semilyn Massage Stick

1. Ewinever Handheld Natural Jade Muscle Roller Stick Massager

First of the best handheld massagers for legs is this product which is made of 100% nature jade stone that has minerals which are good to the body. Additionally, this can do deep muscle massage with its large knobs. In turn, a good blood circulation can be induced as well as relief of muscle tension, not just in your legs, but with your palms, feet, ankle, shank, arms, neck, and back.

Some people who don’t just use this item on their legs say that it is also excellent for hand acupressure, especially in a case of an anxiety or panic attack. 

2. BraveWind Wooden Four Wheel Handheld Massager

Another one of the best handheld massagers for legs is this product made from wood. It has a set of four wheels that allows for a quick and efficient soothing of not just the leg pain, but other body pains in general. Furthermore, the said wheels can target reflex points in your body which is just another reason why this one is a must-buy!

People who bought this say that even though it is squeaky, it is indeed a good massager.

3. JahyShow Handheld Fat Cellulite Remover and Massager

This product is a powerhouse because aside from massaging, it can reduce your cellulites as well! Its features such as the positive and negative ion, red and blue light therapy, and the EMS stimulation all contribute to the effectiveness of this product in terms of slimming. While using it in your legs to ease muscle tensions as well as improve blood circulation, you are also targeting unwanted cellulites.


4. HEALTHLAB Handheld Gun Massager

Another one of the best handheld massagers for legs is this one. It reduces stiffness and soreness of the muscles so you will no longer feel pain or fatigue. Also, it can be used on the back, neck, and arms too! Additionally, this massage gun is silent with a low noise level range of 40-52 dB. At the same time, it is so convenient because it has a long battery life that lasts for seven hours. If the battery drains, you just have to wait for 90 minutes and it is good to go again!


5. Phoeros Handheld Gun Massager

This lightweight product of just 2.5lbs has six different kinds of massage heads, each with a unique function suitable to a particular body part. On the other hand, its deep tissue massaging feature can give up to 3200 percussions per minute. Nevertheless, you can adjust the speed if you want to because it has a range of 0-20. Also, it has an upgrade super silence design, so you don’t need to worry about bothering other people while you are trying to soothe your stressed leg muscles.

People who have bought it commended its easy design and effectiveness for pain relief that come in a good price. They say that by just holding it, they can already feel that it is a high quality product!

6. Scenstar Handheld Full Body Slimming Massager

Another one of the best handheld massagers for legs is this product. Additionally, it isn’t just for legs, but can treat neck, shoulder, back, and foot problems too with its excellent design to conform to body curves. With its unique rapid rotation and powerful massage capacity, it indeed takes away pain as well as improve blood circulation. At the same time, it can burn unwanted fat too by its design to vibrate and swing.

It got good reviews from customers too!

7. HealthStar Handheld Full Body Massager

This dual head massager gives a strong massage that is proven to relieve muscle aches, pains, and soreness in the legs as well as any part of the body. At the same time, the interchangeable heads allows you to adjust the massager’s motion and strength according to your capacity and comfort. Its design also features a convenient sliding switch along the ergonomic handle.

People who have bought this item say that it is quite heavy, but overall, it is a decent massager.

8. SPEQUIX Handheld Massage Hammer

Another one of the best handheld massagers for legs is this fashionable hammer. It has a flexible tapping head that improves blood circulation. Additionally, this product is portable with a compact design. Now, don’t think that it is only for women because of the feminine color. It also comes in blue, so if you want a massager that is easy to reach wherever you go, then give this one a try!

9. Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun

This ultralight 2.35lbs massage gun with battery is another good massager for your legs. Its three speed level vibration settings will help you to choose the pressure you can accommodate that will relieve you from muscle tension and pain. Additionally, its four attachment heads gives four different approaches for your relaxation. Lastly, it has a brushless DC motor that gives lower vibration and noise, as well as longer lifespan.

Someone who tried this product, who is also an occupational therapist, attests that it is favored by her patients. She specifically mentioned that the item’s vibrating pulse is soothing to them. Also, it really improves blood flow which is such a positive thing to happen for her patients. Another person who bought it and is suffering with a severe back pain tells how this massage gun is really satisfying. Overall, customers say that this is of unbelievable value.

10. BETTER ANGEL Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller

This massage boots can still pass as a handheld massager for legs since once you get in this, you will only have to deal with its handheld controller. First, this has large airbags that allow for a bigger coverage while massaging. The massage modes and intensities are up to you and you can choose one you fancy from a total of seven massage techniques that is available. This massager is excellent for combating fatigue and pain from muscle tension, soreness, and strain. At the same time, it improves the blood circulation around the thigh, legs, and feet. Also, the size of the leg wrap is adjustable through the Velcro in which the maximum circumference can be up to 21 inches. For safety purposes, the massager shuts down automatically after 20 minutes to take a break.

11. Finever Big Massager

This wireless and USB rechargeable vibrator can soothe not just leg but also neck, shoulders, arms, back, and feet pains. You can freely choose among the 20 different speeds and vibration patterns available according to your comfort level. Additionally, the product which is 8 inches in length and with a 1 ¾ inch diameter has a head with a safety medical-grade silicone which has no odor.

People who have bought this item say that it is a quality material and that the cord length is fantastic.

12. Rapid Release RRT-PRO2 Targeted High Speed Vibration Massager

This non-invasive vibration therapy tool can solve muscle pain, tension, and stiffness. It can give a precisely targeted energy with its high speed and short stroke while still maintaining a smooth operation. The tiny muscles of your legs and other extremities as well as your glutes and hips will be easily targeted by this product because of its five built-in treatment heads which have an excellent dynamic range.

People who have bought this product say that it helped them with their injury that is taking long to heal. Also, some talk about how their leg cramps subsided after regularly using this massager.

13. Semilyn Massage Stick

Last but not the least of the best handheld massagers for legs is this massage stick. First, using this product for about 10 minutes will already improve you blood circulation and make your skin glow. Additionally, it is also effective in soothing muscle tensions. This isn’t only designed for legs, but for the whole body as well!

People who have bought this product say that it is excellent to relieve muscle pain after a rigorous workout routine.

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