Are Massage Chairs Good for You? Know Some of its Surprising Benefits!

It is normal to experience body pain every day. This can be caused by sitting or standing for several hours. The question is, what do you do every time your body aches? While massage therapy is effective in combating body pain, you cannot always speed dial your therapist. Aside from the appointment might be in conflict with your schedule, it is expensive to always pay for a massage and give tip to your therapist. When your body aches badly, you do not think you can wait for days before having a massage. This is when having your own massage chair at home can be beneficial. Why are massage chairs good for you? Do they provide the same effect as that of a salon massage? Keep on reading to find out.

Are Massage Chairs Good for You? Know Some of its Surprising Benefits!

The Advantages of a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are one of the most commonly used massage device because of its amazing benefits. Yes, it can be pricey but it surely is a great investment. So, why are massage chairs good for you? Let us take a look at some of its benefits below:

1. Improve breathing

Most people think that massage chairs get rid of your body pain only. Little did they know, it helps the user have better breathing. The performance of your lungs can be affected by our lifestyle. If you think that it is only smoking that damages your lung, you are wrong. The muscles surrounding your lungs contract when you are not in proper posture. This will allow the lungs to shrink in substantial size in order to fit themselves in your chest cavity.

In order to catch up, your body should make faster breaths that will decrease the lung capacity. If you have a massage chair at home, you can improve your breathing in an instant. This devices helps your muscle around the lungs to calm, allowing your lungs to fill in to the cavity of your chest in correctly.

Improved breathing means improved concentration, alertness, and vigor. You can invigorate your body by using massage chair whether you are at the mall, at your house, or at a massage spa.

2. Great for Kids

Just because majority of those who regularly get a massage are adults, it does not mean that massage chairs are not beneficial for kids. In fact, it is during the early of a child a massage is needed. This is true for children with complications as it helps them calm their body and mind.

Premature children, for instance, must regularly get a massage for fast relief of injury, stress relief, and for instant mood booster. In addition to that, a massage chair helps relieve their stress from various disorders and stress from socialization.

Massage chairs strengthen the skeletal system of the kids by improving the absorption of necessary nutrients like calcium and magnesium to name a few. This will result to improved blood circulation, very helpful to those with heart issues.

Buying a massage chair is considering the health of your loved ones as your top priority.

3. Great for Skincare

Very few people are aware of this benefit. All they know is it relieves body pain and improves one’s mood. But the act of penetrating the muscle tissues produces a substantial amount of heat. Hence, it is safe to say that a massage chair warms up your whole body. Aside from that, a massage chair also acts as a refresher to loosen those pores and easily get rid of unwanted dirt and impurities.

Sweating flushes out the harmful toxins in your body. This is important as it results in healthier body inside and out. Furthermore, the rejuvenation of cells is also enhanced, providing higher chance of fast recovery from wounds and scratches that may bring infection.

4. Brightens Your Day

With the everyday hustle taking its roll on our mental and physical well being, there is a great amount of stress upon people that may only worsen if not given the proper attention.

The act of having a massage is relaxing and soothing to the mind and body provided that it is done in the proper way. While massage salons provide the best massage experience, it is not always recommended. On the other hand, the technology used in the creation of a massage chair can leave a long term positive impact on your overall mental health. It calms your mind and produces hormones that are responsible for releasing tension and stress. Say goodbye to medications as this device is safe and very easy to use.

5. Help Achieve Better Posture

People who are at high risk of developing improper posture are those whose every day task involves desk job or any type of job that involves sitting or standing in a few positions for plenty of hours.

It is important to take necessary action the moment you notice that you always body pain. Failure to give enough attention may result to extreme neck pain, back pain, other types of body pain that will result to bad posture.

6. Fight the Side Effects of Cancer

Until now, there is no cure for higher stages of cancer. There are treatments such as chemotherapy but the pain a patient experience is way different compared to normal person who suffers from body pain. The patient also experiences every day stress and physical pain aside from the side effects of the treatment per se.

That being said, it is best to provide massage therapy to combat the painful side effects of cancer.

A massage chair is very helpful for cancer patient as it not only bring relaxation to their body but it also calms their mind from all the stress and worries that they have been going through.

7. Focus and Alertness

Staying focused and alert has a lot to do with posture. Since regular massage helps you have a better posture, it will also improve your vigor and alertness. The improved blood flow and the correct realignment of the spine allow the individual’s brain to absorb more oxygen that is needed to think properly.

Aside from better posture, improved lung performance contributes to a person’s ability to concentrate and pay attention even to the smallest details. Generating more endorphins and serotonin results to a relaxed and focused mind.

Are Massage Chairs Good for You? Know Some of its Surprising Benefits!

8. Reduce Anxiety

With a massage chair, you can have a professional massage experience any time you want. While getting a massage at any time of the day relieves stress, research shows that people who get an at least 10 minute massage therapy before sleeping experience the maximum benefits of a massage chair and it also helps in getting rid of worries. As a result, the user will sleep faster and sounder.

Researches explains why massage is best to have at night. This is because it is when the body is fully at rest. If you use the massage chair in the morning, your body will get involved in various activities. Instead of enjoying the possible long term effects of the massage chair, there is a huge possibility that your body pain will come back on that day. Unlike when you get a massage before going to bed, your muscles will fully absorb the pressure and techniques it receives from the massage chair.

9. Time Saver

Massage chairs definitely save plenty of your time. You can get the same effect with that of a one hour massage from a massage therapist. With massage chairs, you only need at least 10 minutes for the device to get rid of your body pain.

Also, they come with plenty of zones and modes to choose from. You get to personalize your massage session depending on your mood, level of pain, or preferences. With massage chairs, your personal preferences are taken care of.

10. Spark Creativity

By helping you calm your body and providing you a time to rest, a proper massage opens your mind. You will think more clearly. Also, you will be surprised on how it helps you come up with a solution to your problem at work or at home.

Unleashing your creativity is another benefit of releasing hormones responsible for uplifting your mood.

Different Types of Massage Chairs

Now that you know the benefits that come with using a massage chair, let us now move on to the different types of massage chairs:

*Full Body

This is the most expensive type of massage chair because it promises the provide the closest massage experience to a human massage. It relaxes your body from head to toe.

*Chair/Seat Pad

Unlike the full body massage chair, this type of massager covers only your full back up to your hips. It is like you are sitting on a chair. This is suitable for individuals who do not have the budget to buy full body massager. The great thing about this type of massage chair is that you can install this in your favorite chair, couch, bed, and at car seat for long travels.

*Zero Gravity

The latest innovation on a massage chair, zero gravity chairs claims to give you a one of a kind massage experience by taking the pressure off your both legs and back to evenly disperse your weight for relaxation from everyday stress.

Watch the video below to know more about zero gravity chair.


A recliner chair is probably the most common type of massage chair. The price is much lower compared to the zero gravity chair and full body massage chair. It is also similar to the chair but with advanced features.

How Often Must You Use a Massage Chair?

If you are someone who gets a regular massage, perhaps twice or thrice a month, you probably would want to know if you have to do the same with a massage chair. This should not be the case as the reason for not being able to get a massage as often as possible is because it can be expensive and going to a salon is not always feasible.

*If you suffer from body pain

such back pain, then it is enough to have 4-5 sessions of massage in the massage chair in one week. For the first few sessions, carefully observe and monitor how your body reacts to it. Check if a 15-minute session is enough to relieve the pain. If the vibration is too high for example, adjust accordingly. Explore the features of the massage chair until you get a perfect balance that makes you feel better.

*For relaxation

For relaxation purposes, a massage chair is advisable to use at night before going to sleep. Although you can use the massage chair once you notice that your headache or stress is getting in the way of your performance or behavior, it is proven that massage is most effective at night because it is when your muscles absorb the effect of the therapy. Do this for 1-3 sessions per week.

*Our recommendation

Just a friendly reminder that you must not overuse a massage chair even though it can really be exciting at first. Every massage chair is different, so always read the user manual. If you overuse a massage chair, it can worsen your body pain.

People who once overused a chair massager said that their body feels sore and heavy the following day. Instead of feeling better, it got in the way of their behavior, resulting in a decrease in their productivity at work. If it is your first time to use a massage, start with a 5-minute session, and check if your body is responding very well. For kids, make sure to check the pressure before using it.

Final Words

It is normal to experience stress and body pain from time to time. But it can get in the way of your behavior if you do not take proper care of it. Having a massage chair at home allows you to treat body aches and relieves stress and anxiety whenever you need it. Aside from that, having a massage chair will provide you with the above-mentioned benefits.

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