Top 7 Aluminum Massage Tables for Sale [Buying Guide Included!]

Massage tables are an excellent investment for your small spa business or personal use at home. Instead of improvising on the couch or a random table, massage tables are made to provide ample support. It has a fully padded construction as well as a sturdy frame. The massage table should always be comfortable and safe to use. Otherwise, it will do more harm than help. To help you find the best option, we reviewed here seven of the best aluminum massage tables for sale.

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MT Massage
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What is a massage table?

Massage tables are widely used by therapists to position a client correctly. Unlike other tables, this one is made with ergonomics in mind. Since massage treatments will last for 30 minutes or more, it should provide support without causing strain on the body.

Massage tables are highly adjustable to suit the height and inclination needed for a specific treatment. It allows massage therapists to achieve the right body mechanics for the best massage results. Also, it’s essential to use a dedicated massage table if the client has joint problems.

Moreover, massage tables can either be stationary or portable, depending on your needs. Although massage tables are often seen on massage spas, some are also used in hospitals as examination tables for patients.

Uses of an aluminum massage table

Massage tables are one of the most versatile massage equipment. Regardless if you’re using it for commercial or residential purposes, it’s surely a great investment.

First of all, massage tables give you a complete massage experience at home. It’s a handy tool if you’re availing of home massage service. Aside from that, you can utilize it in your DIY massage therapy.

Carrying a massage table isn’t a very convenient task. So to save your therapist’s back from the suffering, you might as well have one at home. He or she might even consider giving you a discount for the courtesy.

Another purpose of massage tables is safety. Clients can lie down with peace of mind knowing that the table can support their weight. Aside from that, the table should also allow extra room for the pressure (working weight) associated with the massage therapy that is being done.

Above all, massage tables are used with the client’s comfort in mind.

Types of massage tables

When it comes to the best aluminum massage tables for sale, choosing one might be tricky. There are a lot of options in the market nowadays that it’s hard to decide which one suits you well.

The first step here is to know which type you actually need. The following are the common types of massage tables and their uses:

*Stationary massage tables

Stationary massage tables, as its name suggests, can’t be folded or moved easily. It’s typically used on commercial services due to its sturdy and solid build.

This type of massage table is the right choice for those who are serious about massage therapy. Also, if you have ample space at home, you can consider this table. This is actually a good purchase for those with mobility issues and can’t fold or stash away a heavy massage table.

Stationary massage tables can also double as a lounging area when not in use. Usually, you can find it within the mid-price range, so the budget shouldn’t be a big issue.

Also, the best thing about stationary massage tables is it doesn’t have any hinge that may come off due to overuse.

Nevertheless, it’s not one without some downsides. One issue about stationary massage tables is its limited adjustability. You can only adjust the recline angle of the upper body area and nothing else.

*Portable massage table

On the other hand, there are portable massage tables. This is the opposite version of the stationary massage table. Since it’s portable, it can be folded into a smaller size, stacked inside a carry bag, and transported anywhere. Almost every massage therapist has this table if they are offering home service.

Portable massage tables have segmented parts connected through durable hinges. It comes with a solid metal frame, so even if it’s lightweight, it can endure a substantial amount of user weight.

Also, the best thing about this type of massage table is you can bring it literally everywhere: on the beach, the park, campgrounds, RV grounds, and more.

Another thing that we like about portable massage tables is it’s not very expensive. You can get a durable one for a few hundred bucks.

However, it comes with some downsides, too. Portable massage tables are quite noisy. Since it has many movable parts, it can produce a loud cranking noise when not oiled well. Also, the fact that it’s segmented means that the table has a weak spot.

*Electric massage table

Electric massage tables are the latest innovation in the massage industry. It comes with movable parts connected to a motor that adjusts the recline angle and positioning of the table. You can find this on upscale massage spa establishments where the therapists practice in different modalities.

An electric massage table is a convenient choice because the therapist no longer has to break their back to adjust the table. Also, it can change position even as the client is lying on top of it. This is very sturdy and made with a thick metal base as well as coasters for easy transportation.

However, electric massage tables are expensive. If you don’t have any special use for it, it may not be worth it to splurge. Nevertheless, if you have the money, there’s no harm in investing in one of these modern massage tables.

Keep in mind, though, that since these massage tables are electric, it comes with expensive and complicated repairs. It’s not portable either, so you’re stuck using it indoors.

*Reiki massage table

Reiki massage tables were made in line with the Japanese healing method called ‘Ki’. The concept is that Reiki practitioners will help channel a person’s Ki in different areas of the body to regain their energy and rejuvenate their systems.

Also, the practice of Ki is believed to heal a person’s damaged body. This will be done with the client lying flat on its stomach.

With this, the Reiki table is designed with additional support on the areas of the body where the Ki is located. It’s a specialty massage table, and not all therapists have it.

Reiki massage tables have similarities to portable options. It has a foldable construction that can be moved around. This table also offers additional support for the body.

However, the main disadvantage of this table is that it’s challenging to assemble. It has complicated parts that will take hours to put together. Some will even pay for white glove services just to have this table ready for use.

*Foldable massage table

Lastly, there are foldable massage tables. This type is actually similar to portable massage tables but with fewer features. It’s the cheapest option since it’s smaller, lighter, and more straightforward than other types. This is also very easy to transport and is a common choice of many massage therapists conducting home services.

However, foldable massage tables have the least durability of all these types. It has thinner parts that can break if a heavy person happens to use it. Aside from that, you should take proper care of the table to make it last as long as possible.

What to look for an aluminum massage table

The following are some of the additional considerations when scouting for aluminum massage tables for sale:

*Check the dimensions

The first thing you have to check is the height, width, and length of the massage table. This is very crucial, especially if you have limited space at home or in your spa clinic. Massage tables come in different sizes, which is critical for tall users.

For the most part, massage tables are 28 to 30 inches wide, but there are narrower options around 25 inches. Nevertheless, the wider the table is, the more comfortable it would be, especially for those who are on the chubby side.

Aside from that, you should always check the length. Standard massage tables are 73 inches long, but you can find longer ones of up to 76 inches. The shortest we’ve seen is 70 inches.

*Consider the adjustability

One of the crucial features of massage tables is its adjustability. Regardless if you’re buying a portable or stationary table, it would be a reclining part. It allows the therapist to conduct different treatments in different parts of the body.

Above all, the massage table should have an adjustable height. This will save a therapist’s back from extreme pain. Such adjustability allows the therapist to accommodate different clients without the need to purchase another table.

Most massage tables have a height adjustability range of 23 to 32 inches. This is already very versatile as long as the height can be locked in place even under a load. Opt for telescoping adjustments for a convenient way of changing the configuration of the table.

*Ask about the weight limit

After getting the right size, type, and adjustability, you should also check the weight limit of the massage table. A weight limit of 500 pounds is already a champ, but you can also find sturdier options that can hold up to 650 to 800 pounds.

The last thing you want is your table giving in during a massage treatment. It’s a matter of the client’s safety and your spa clinic’s reputation.

*Durability is king

Most of all, you should look for a durable option. The reason why we prefer aluminum massage tables is its lightweight composition without sacrificing the sturdiness.

Make sure that the massage table of your choice will last for years. Regardless if you’re using it at home or in your spa clinic, the table should withstand daily wear and tear.

*Check the material

Next, check the material. Aside from the aluminum frame, make sure that the padding has the right softness.  Also, look for a cover material that suits your preference.

You can find fabric covers that are plush and soft to touch. However, this type can stain easily when you’re using massage products.

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly and easy to maintain material, you should opt for ultra leather. This is made of a strong vinyl that has a leathery finish. It’s lightweight and doesn’t allow moisture (we’re talking sweat and everything) from penetrating the foam material.

*Consider the maintenance

Lastly, check the maintenance needs of the table. A well-made massage table will only need oiling on its hinges so it will be folded and adjusted smoothly. Also, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of steam cleaning, we recommend that you choose a leather material. This only needs a quick wipe using a surface cleaner.

When it comes to foldable aluminum massage tables, you should always listen for defects or at least the signs of it. If there’s excessive squeaking, it’s time to do some lubrication on the joints of your table.

Top 7 Aluminum Massage Tables for Sale


OUR TOP PICK: Master Massage StratoMaster Massage Table
aluminum massage tables for sale

Product Name: Master Massage StratoMaster Massage Table

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best aluminum massage tables for sale, you shouldn’t miss the Master Massage StratoMaster Table. It’s made of aircraft-grade support cables as well as durable aluminum legs. It has been electrostatically finished to prevent nicks, dents, and rust. Aside from that, this massage table comes with a 3-inch cushion made of multi-layer cell foam that bears the nanotechnology for utmost comfort. It also has black and abrasion-resistant upholstery so you can clean it easily. The highlight of this massage table is its patented face cradle. This is an adjustable portion that suits all face sizes and shapes while keeping the spine aligned. Also, it has its proprietary Duo-Plane center hinges that reinforces the middle part of the table to prevent breakage. To top that, this is equipped with Big Foot legs, another patented feature from Master Massage.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Overall Quality
  • Material
  • Build
  • Extra Features


As a portable massage table, this can be folded and stored in its 4-pocket carry case. This is lightweight enough to be carried around for house service.

The table itself weighs 25 pounds with a weight support limit of 1,500 pounds. But overall, this is ideal for a working weight of 650 pounds.

Lastly, this massage table is 30 inches wide, 24 to 34 inches tall, and 72.5 inches long. Overall, this is one of the most durable portable massage tables we’ve seen in the market.


Patented Duo Plane center hinges

Aircraft-grade support cables

Three layers of foam


No major issues so far


Dr. LomiLomi Aluminum Massage Table

aluminum massage tables for sale

One of the high-quality aluminum massage tables for sale is this unit from Dr. LomiLomi. This is a lightweight massage table made of Pro-lite aluminum legs. Take note that this is a spa-quality massage table, so you will not regret getting this one for your clinic or home.

Moreover, the top of the table is made of memory foam for utmost comfort, even on long treatments. We also like the minimalist design of this table, which makes it very easy to setup. It also has a durable plywood decking that will endure heavy loads.

This table can support up to 700 pounds of working weight as well as 2,500 pounds of static weight. For an overall weight of 29 pounds, this table is already a champ in durability.

Three are rubber glides in place on this table for added stability and safety features. It also comes with the patented Beauty Arc Cradle that’s multi-adjustable to suit all head sizes and shapes.

Moreover, this massage table also comes with a storage bag for therapists who need to provide home service. There’s also a side pocket where they can stash other accessories.

This table is 30 inches wide, 73 inches long, and 24 to 34 inches tall. It can be folded to as small as 36.5” (L) x 30” (W).

On top of all these amazing features, the Dr. LomiLomi massage table is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

✔️Can support up to 2,500 of static weight
✔️Memory foam for utmost comfort
✔️Spa-quality massage table
❌The zipper on the bag is a little weak

STRONGLITE Aluminum Massage Table

aluminum massage tables for sale

If you’re looking for a stylish table for your spa, you should get the STRONGLITE Aluminum Massage Table. This is made with a T6 aluminum alloy with high gloss, as well as a powder-coated finish. It’s a very durable massage table that’s also lightweight for just 28 pounds.

One of the highlights of this massage table is the VelveTouch upholstery that gives it a sophisticated look. The tabletop has rounded corners, deluxe plush foam, and a smooth surface that your clients will find very comfortable. There’s also a face cradle made of the safe upholstery material.

Moreover, the STRONGLITE massage table is portable and foldable. You can place it inside the ballistic nylon carrying case for easy transportation.

We also like the telescoping adjustments of this table. There’s a rubber knob to lock the height that you prefer. You can adjust this table between 20.5 inches to 31.5 inches tall. Aside from that, this table is 30 inches wide and 73 inches long, which is a nod to the standard dimensions of most spa massage tables.

The bonus part is that the VelveTouch upholstery is available in five different colors, namely jade, blush, celeste, plum, and midnight. With that, you can choose the color that matches the motif if your spa or home.

Lastly, the STRONGLITE massage table comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame as well as three years for the upholstery, foam, and headrest.

✔️Deluxe VelveTouch upholstery
✔️Made of T6 aluminum alloy
✔️Limited lifetime warranty
❌ A little awkward to carry

MT Massage Aluminum Table

aluminum massage tables for sale

For those who are looking for a narrower massage table, we recommend the MT Massage Table Package. This is made of SkinTouch PU that’s both eco-friendly and comfortable to use. The MT massage table is 28 inches wide, 34 inches tall, and 72 inches long.

This massage table is made with 2.5”-thick multi-layer small cell foam as well as a PU cover to prevent oils from staining the table. This is also CFC-free and covered by a five-year warranty. What we also like is that this table is Reiki-ready, which makes it suitable for therapists offering various massage treatments.

Moreover, this table has aircraft-grade aluminum legs that you can adjust in a push of a button. This is also equipped with a NEVeLOST Numbered Leg Adjusters for swift adjustments. Its auto-lock hinge is pending for patent and guaranteed to keep you and your client safe.

Also, the alloy frame can support up to 1,000 pounds of static weight and a working weight capacity of 750 pounds.

Aside from the table, you will also get accessories like the ErgonomicDream face cradle, carrying case, and a carrying case. It’s a total package for a very affordable price. For massage therapists who are just getting started, this is a great investment.

Lastly, this table doesn’t squeak loudly, which is a plus point for massage therapists. Although the padding of this table is a tad thinner than others, we don’t really find it as a big problem.

✔️Aircraft-grade aluminum legs
✔️Five-year warranty
✔️Can support up to 750 pounds of working weight
❌The foam is a bit thinner than most (not a biggie, though)

ANGEL USA Portable Massage Table

aluminum massage tables for sale

If you’re looking for an extra-long massage table, you should get the ANGEL USA Portable Massage Table. This one is 84 inches long with the face, 27 inches wide, and 23 to 21 inches tall. Overall, it weighs 33 pounds, which is already a good bargain for the additional length.

This one is made with PVC leather upholstery to prevent stains and for easy maintenance. It has a 3-section construction so you can fold it into a small size to fit on its soft carry case. We really like the case that comes with this table because it offers more protection than mere nylon bags.

As for the tabletop, it’s made with 4 cm of high-density foam for decent comfort. Overall, this aluminum massage table can support up to 2,000 pounds of static weight and 500 pounds of working weight. This is very durable and bears a spa-quality. 

Moreover, this table is easy to put together, and you don’t need to use any special tool to do so. It’s also easy to raise and lower while working on your feet.

The only downside we noticed is that this bed is firmer than other options. If you have clients who are really particular with the softness of the table, you may want to consider another option.

Lastly, since it’s a few pounds heavier than other massage tables, the ANGEL USA table is a bit difficult to move around.

✔️Can support up to 2,000 pounds of static weight
✔️Extra length
✔️PVC upholstery
❌A little cumbersome

Artechworks Portable Massage Table

For the right combination of comfort and adjustability, we recommend the Artechworks Portable Massage Table. This is made with aluminum legs, sturdy wood table frame, and 2.56-inch of high-density padding for the best massage experience. It can support up to 500 pounds of working weight as well.

This massage table is very convenient to use, thanks to its push-button leg adjusters that allow the therapist to switch heights in a snap. There are also non-skid foot pads that prevent the table from wobbling or squeaking while in use. The stitching of the upholstery is also very durable and made to last long.

Moreover, this table is 27.95 inches wide, 73.2 inches long, and 25 to 33.27 inches tall. You can also fold it into a compact size to fit inside the storage bag included in the package.

One of the best things about this table is that the headrest is adjustable so the therapist can put the client in a reclined position. The corners of the table are also rounded for added safety.

This massage table is widely used by salons, spa clinics, health clubs, and beauty parlors. For such a competitive price, this table is already a steal for its quality.

In addition, this table is 33 pounds heavy, so it can be an issue for therapists who are doing home service. Nevertheless, the additional weight is reasonable with the durability and quality of this massage table.

✔️Non-skid foot pads
✔️Sturdy wood frame
✔️Adjustable headrest
❌A little heavy but not a deal-breaker

Uenjoy Aluminum Massage Table

Lastly, for those who are on a budget, we recommend the Uenjoy Aluminum Massage Table. This is made with a reinforced aluminum frame and high-grade cables. Also, its upholstery is made of waterproof faux leather to prevent stains.

Moreover, the Uenjoy has high-density foam to keep your clients comfortable during the massage treatment. It also comes with a detachable headrest and a hole for the face.

This table is 23.6 inches wide, 84 inches long with the cradle on, and 22.8 to 33.5 inches tall. As you noticed, this massage table is on the narrow side, which may not be suitable for all users.

Nevertheless, this sturdy massage table can support up to 500 pounds of working weight. The only downside is that this narrow table weighs 33 pounds. So if you’re doing home service, it can be tiring to carry around for long.

Lastly, this table can be folded in three segments and locked together using the built-in mechanisms on the sides of the table.

Overall, this is a functional massage table. It’s not as luxurious as other options we reviewed here, but it serves its purpose.

✔️Faux leather upholstery
✔️Supports up to 500 pounds
✔️Foldable in three sections
❌A little heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear on massage tables?

A: As you know, massage therapy requires you to strip down. It’s best not to wear underwear since you will be covered in a towel anyway. However, if you’re not comfortable, some massage therapists offer disposable undies to prevent oil stains and to make it easier for them to work on your glutes.

Q: Why is there a hole in some massage tables?

A: The hole in some massage tables are meant for your face. This way, you can keep your hand aligned with your body when lying face down, especially on a Reiki massage. It allows you to breathe while keeping your spine aligned.

Q: What is the weight limit on massage tables?

A: The weight limit of massage tables vary per unit. Most can support up to 500 pounds while sturdier ones can carry up to 800 pounds of user weight. It’s best to invest in a massage table that can support more weight for your clients’ safety.

Q: What is the ideal width for a massage table?

A: The industry standard is 30 inches wide, but you can always get one that’s around 28 to 32 inches depending on your body composition. Aside from the width, you should also pay attention to the length, especially if you have tall patrons. Most massage tables will be around 73 inches long.

Q: What is the U-shaped plate at the end of a Reiki table?

A: Those are endplates shape in a letter U in an upside-down position. This prevents the legs of the client from spreading apart under a heavy load. Unlike standard endplates, those on Reiki tables are shaped in a way that it will not block the therapist’s movement even when they are seated on a stool.

Final words

If you’re looking for the best aluminum massage tables for sale, our top 7 picks here will not disappoint. The Master Massage is a champ while you can also try the one from Dr. LomiLomi, STRONGLITE, or MT Massage. The rest of the selections here are also right on the money. What do you think of these massage tables? Have you used any of it before? Share your thoughts with us!

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