5 Best Wireless TENS Units for Muscle Stimulation

The use of TENS units has been around for decades. However, most of them have been wired TENS units. Being wired can sometimes limit how you can use the unit because the pads have to be plugged into the head controller. So, that is why you need the best wireless TENS unit. For this type of a TENS unit, it will still provide you with the benefits of a TENS unit with more flexibility. Check out more details about such units below to end up with the correct one.

iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS
Therapeutic Wearable System
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iStim S2 Wireless TENS
EMS Combo Device
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Hollywog Back Pain
Wireless TENS Unit
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Tens Unit (Pm601)
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AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit
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Top 5 Best Wireless TENS Units

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System

Product Name: iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System

Product Description: You have probably have had an experience with a TENS unit before, but the chances are it was not wireless. A wireless TENS unit such as this one is all about flexibility and opening you to many other horizons of using a TENS unit. This model is completely wireless so no worries about connecting any wires. You simply have to place the pods under your clothes and get it started. From the backlit display, you should have an easier time controlling the unit. You can set it to the right stimulation level and start experiencing the best muscle stimulation. The pods have a run time of three to five hours depending on the mode that you choose. Such a run time is good to ensure you do not keep going back to recharge the unit more often. The chances of using the unit for five hours straight are low. You can now see that the unit will last for days on a single charge. How about the programs? This model comes with up to 14 programs to choose from while having a massage. 7 for pain relief, 6 for muscle conditioning, and 1 for arthritis. It is also worth mentioning that you will find this TENS unit to be highly safe. This is because it is designed to have an 80mA medical grade output strength. It is going to be a safe product for anyone who needs muscle stimulation

  • Pain relief
  • Easy to use
  • Adhesion
  • Value for money


This is one of the top options as the best wireless TENS unit because of the many notable features. Having up to 14 programs makes it a highly versatile unit to get for yourself. Considering that it also has a backlit display, it will always be easy in terms of visibility.


✔️It is easy to use

✔️It has 14 massage programs

✔️The battery life is impressive


❌Very expensive for most users

Runner’s Up

iStim S2 Wireless TENS EMS Combo Device

Photo credit: Amazon

To be the best wireless TENS unit, it had to come with some of the best and latest TENS technology. Also, it has EMS preset programs too. As such, it is going to be a versatile tool for many to enjoy. We must point out that it features 9 TENS programs and 6 EMS programs. It is now easy to choose the right set of programs that will make massaging and pain relief easier and better.

The unit comes with the adhesive snap electrodes. These are important so that you can set up on the body part that you want massaged. There are 4 pieces and wireless so that you are not limited to where you can use these electrodes. The use of a carbon film on the electrodes will enhance their strength and ensure better conductivity.

Another thing you would want in such type of device is the best battery life. Well, this one comes with the right battery run time. The best part is that you can easily recharge it in comparison to other models that might need replacing the batteries.

Many also find this product to be easy to use. It has some simple controls and they are well labelled. You can always get down to controlling the TENS unit better than before. It also has a detailed manual for you to follow if you want to operate the unit better.

Being lightweight at 81 grams should make it easy for portability. You can even carry it in your pocket and start using it whenever you want.

  • It is completely wireless
  • The setup process is easy
  • It is lightweight and stylish
  • The charge time is long

Hollywog Back Pain Wireless TENS Unit

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another best wireless TENS unit for someone on a budget. Just because a unit is affordable it does not mean it is not the best. The first thing you will like about this unit should be it is a safe pain management system. This product is FDA cleared to make it safe for soothing the different pains you might be having in the muscles.

To utilize the wireless feature even better, the model can be controlled through a smartphone too. There is a special smartphone app you have to download to pair it correctly with your phone. From there, it should be easy to control the TENS unit to work just as you want.

How about the strength of the massaging activity? Well, this is one of the most powerful units in the market. It will be able to stimulate your muscles better than some expensive models. As such, it will be an ideal tool to buy for the money.

People love it for the fact that you can change the intensity levels easily. It has 15 intensity levels to keep in mind. There are also 110 electrotherapy programs too to consider. As such, it is a highly versatile unit for many users.

  • It is a safe TENS unit to use
  • Controlling is easy through a smartphone app
  • It has 15 levels of intensity
  • Pairing the unit with an Apple device is hard

OMRON Avail Tens Unit (Pm601)

Photo credit: Amazon

The use of TENS units has been on the rise because they are safe. It is the same thing you will get with this model. You might find it commonly being used by chiropractors and physical therapists. This should be good enough to encourage you to consider getting the model. You do not even need a prescription to get one. It can always be used by anyone for muscle stimulation.

The model having the wireless function gives it the best freedom. You can easily set it up on the different body parts without worrying about the wires anymore. Also, it can sync up with a Bluetooth app so that you can control it remotely.

The package comes are two independent units. As a result, it is easy to customize each of the unit for the different body parts you might be looking to stimulate.

Since it has up to five massage modes and twenty intensity levels, it will be possible to customize it for the various massage needs. Sometimes you might need more muscle stimulation while at times just a bit of massage into the muscles. It is good to know you have the options available.

  • Contoured pads make it easy to attach the units
  • It has multiple intensity levels good for versatility
  • The Bluetooth app connectivity allows for better connectivity
  • Its app is not intuitive thus hard to use

AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

Photo credit: Amazon

It is always nice to end up with a combo unit having both TENS and EMS technology. To make the technology even better, it is easy to control it with or without an app. Controlling it from an app should be ideal for many considering that many people have access to a smartphone right now. Also, the remote control that comes with it still makes controlling the unit easy.

The model boasts of having up to 60 levels of intensity. Well, it should be easy to adjust the intensity for the model to work for you better than before. This type of adjustability makes the unit good for back pain relief, neck pain, shoulder pain, and much more. It is always possible to attach it to targeted areas for more relief.

The four adhesive electrode nodes will make it easier for you to attach them to where you want. Also, the use of a rechargeable battery eliminates the needs for replacing the batteries more often. It comes with a USB charging cable so that you do not have to buy it separately.

  • It is a combo device with EMS and TENS capabilities
  • It has multiple electrode pads
  • The battery life is good for most people
  • Overall durability could be better

Best Wireless TENS Unit Buying Guide

Photo credit: Phillips
The number of therapy modes

The number of therapy modes that come with the model play an important role in determining if the unit will be good or not. Lowly priced models might not have many modes available in comparison to the expensive units.

You should look at the number of modes available from the product description. It goes without saying that a model with more modes will be a good choice. It is because you can choose the right therapy mode depending on your needs for a TENS unit.

The number of channels

The number of channels can also influence the versatility and usability of a unit. Most models will have dual channels for the wireless products. Dual channels mean that you can stimulate two areas of the body at any give them. However, it is best to go for a model with 4 channels or more. This makes it good for stimulating a lot more areas at any given time.

Look at the number of pads that come with the model as they tell you the number of channels that the model has built in it.

The intensity levels

Just as channels are important, the intensity level is also important to consider. Many models right now have pre-programmed intensity levels to choose from when looking for a muscle stimulation session. Some of the models can have up to 60 intensity levels. Such a wide range of intensity levels can be good to ensure you always end up with a versatile unit. The last thing you want is not to be able to change the intensity of your TENS unit.

A timer option

A timer option can also be an important consider to keep in mind when looking for the best wireless TENS unit. Depending on the type of massage that you need, the time will largely vary. It is always nice to have the choice of picking the time that you want. As much as the unit might have timed functions already built in it, having a separate timer for the muscle stimulation is also good.

Battery life

Being wireless always comes with the challenge of when the battery might die while getting muscle stimulation. It is why you have to consider the overall battery life that comes with the best wireless TENS unit. Most manufacturers will proudly display their battery life so that potential clients can buy it without much of a problem.

The size

The overall size is important to consider because it will determine how you get to carry it around. Many would want one with a slim profile so that you can always put it under your clothes and use it without it being too obvious. Check out the various models to find one with the best size option that suites your lifestyle.


Why should you choose a wireless TENS unit?

The wireless TENS units are good in terms of versatility and flexibility. You are no longer limited to the wires as before. Also, they can be controlled via smartphones, making them more desirable.

Can you overuse a TENS unit?

The use of a TENS unit comes down to your needs. It is possible to overuse it and we would not recommend that anyone does that. Always follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer to end up with the right benefits of a TENS unit.

Can the TENS unit damage nerves?

We would like to point out that TENS units are safe for most people. Not many experience any sort of side effects. So long as you use it as recommended, it is a nice tool to have in your life.

Final Thoughts

The best wireless TENS unit will always help to stimulate your muscles better than what you might have experienced with other devices before. The wireless TENS units work just as good as the wired units, but they offer more flexibility. It is why more people are now buying them knowing that they will serve them better. You too could experience the same once you buy the top model in this guide.

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