5 Best Professional Massage Machines Handheld for Everyone

It is always relaxing when you can have the best massage after a tough week at work. Spending money to get a massage at a spa might not work for everyone. As such, you will need to get yourself professional massage machines handheld. This allows you to get a massage from the comfort of your home and free of course.

The best professional massage machines handheld will always be many in the market. So, which one should you buy? To make it easier for you to pick the best massage machine, then you should check out this guide. It has different handheld massagers that you can buy right now.

The table below is a summary of the various devices we have reviewed in this guide. It should help you learn about devices in brief.

MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager Check Price
OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Check Price
FITPULSE Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes Check Price
Exerscribe Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Check Price
Thumper Sport Handheld Electric Massager Check Price

Top 5 Best Professional Massage Machines Handheld

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

Product Name: MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

Product Description: When you need the best deep massage, then this is a nice device to start looking at today. It is known to be good for handling the knotty muscles and spasms you might be experiencing. It can be a nice tool to massage your back and other muscle groups prone to muscle spasms. Being handheld makes things even easier for you to enjoy using it more often. The type of power that you get with this massager is on another level. We found it coming with an impressive percussion motor. The motor delivers an impressive speed of 3,700RPM. This type of speed is good for relaxing your hurting muscles and cramp in just a minute. Such a powerful motor is good enough to knock out those muscle knots you might have. You will also love it for having the slim and lightweight design. Such a design is good so that you have an easy time carrying it around even in your travel bag. Whenever you feel like you need a massage, simply take it out and start using. Still, it comes with 6 head attachments. As such, depending on your massage needs, you can switch from one head to the other.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
  • Noise level


For those in the market for an affordable, but effective massager, then consider this one. It has a powerful motor important for handling the different massage needs. Also, the battery life is good to help massage your whole body for longer.


✔️It comes with multiple heads to improve on versatility

✔️The battery delivers a good runtime

✔️It has a slim design for portability


❌Some feel it could use more durable parts

Runner’s Up

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

Photo credit: Amazon

For those who want professional massage machines handheld, then a percussion gun cannot miss on their list. This is a nice example of a percussion gun with the best power and versatility. For its size and weight, you will find it being a good handheld machine for massaging.

To be good as a handheld massager, the unit is lightweight. It weighs 2.5 pounds only. Such weight is good for you to use it as a professional massager while at the same not strain your wrists.

The massager is good for leading a healthy life because of its amazing performance. It will be a nice tool to get deep into the muscles and deal with any muscle knots that you might be having. Also, it will leave your muscles free from soreness and aches.

For a model that works at 3200RPM, you will always find it being powerful and quiet at the same time. It uses the unique Glide Technology to operate its motor. With such a technology, you will always find it having the best motor power and still silent while operating.

  • Impressive battery life
  • It is lightweight for portability
  • It is durable to stand up to years of use
  • The massage heads could be more for versatility

FITPULSE Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes

Photo credit: Amazon

Most professional massage machines handheld would want to stand out because of their versatility. Well, you cannot go wrong with this one. It comes with up to 10 massage heads. When other models just have 4 heads, this one has 10. As such, it can be adapted to different massage needs that you might be having to deal with.

The model is cordless, so the battery life is quite important. Well, this one features a 2550MAH battery with fast charging capability. This type of battery is good to give you up to 6 hours of runtime on a single charge. Not many models will have this kind of battery life.

You can also adjust the speed levels when working with this model. You will get up to 30 adjustable speed options. With such settings, you can decide whether to run the massager faster or slower. The maximum speed is 3200RPM, which should be good enough for muscle relaxation.

Many also find it being quiet and easy to control. Being quiet will improve the relaxation that comes with a massage.

  • It has up to 10 massage heads for versatility
  • The speed is adjustable
  • It is quiet and easy to control
  • Finding replacement parts is not easy

Exerscribe Vybe Percussion Massage Gun

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another percussion massage gun we had to consider as professional massage machines handheld for you to buy. The model stands out for its construction and power. Many find it a solid model that can live up to the daily use you might have to do. Even if you drop it accidentally, you simply pick it up and continue with the massage.

It is also a powerful massage gun any professional would want to have in their arsenal. If you run a massage business, then this gun will help you work on your customers better. Its more power is good for getting deep into the muscle knots and relieve any pain or discomfort easily.

The unit features up to 6 speeds to choose from. To make it even more versatile, you will note that it has three heads too. You can always play around with the heads and speeds to find the right setting for your massage to be effective.

The battery is also good as it can last for long on a single charge. It also has the fast charging capability to get the batteries charged up in no time. You can always get back to massaging in fast.

  • Fast charging of the battery is possible
  • The overall build quality is impressive
  • It is a powerful massage gun
  • It is noisy while operating

Thumper Sport Handheld Electric Massager

Photo credit: Amazon

Still on the best professional massage machines handheld, we also have this electric massager you should consider. The model comes with a patented drive system technology. The main aim of this technology is to deliver more massaging performance deep into the muscle tissue.

For its size and design, many find it being one of the most portable and easy to use massager. You need to consider getting it if you want a simple, but efficient massage. As much as it is not cordless, you will always find it easy to set it up and start using.

The long ergonomic handle is worth mentioning too. With such a handle, it is easy to reach all the muscle groups even on your back. You will not necessarily need someone else to massage you when you have this type of massager.

Another thing you will like will be the interchangeable spheres. They allow you to have a customized massaging experience. As such, many will find it being a nice electric massager for the money. It is also within the affordable range that will make many happy about buying it.

  • The massager is good for all muscle groups
  • The long and ergonomic handle makes it easier for massaging
  • It comes with interchangeable spheres for versatility
  • Being cordless would make it more desirable

Buying Guide for the Best Professional Massage Machines Handheld

Photo credit: IndiaMART
The massaging technique of the device

They can be all electric massagers, but the way they deliver the massage is different. It is why you have to consider the massaging technique that you get with the device. The most common techniques include kneading, tapping, and percussion.

Kneading must be the most common and it is usually good for targeting the soft tissues. The percussion on the other hand is good for those who want deep massages to relieve muscle knots better.

Heat therapy

Also, depending on the professional massage machines handheld, some will have heat to improve on their performance. The use of heat therapy can improve comfort and relaxation in a person. It is also good for dealing with aches and pains. As such, it will be good to see if you can get a model with heat therapy.

It is worth mentioning that heat therapy is not a must. You can still get some of the best relaxation with heat therapy.

Speed settings

It is nice to be able to control the speed of your massaging machine. Depending on a machine, some come with multiple speed settings you can enjoy using. You can now adjust the speed setting to a level that is in line with your massage needs.

Sometimes you might need the machine to run at a faster speed because you want to deal with the tough muscle knots.

The available attachment heads

Just as speed will improve versatility, so is the number of attachment heads. Most models will have four or five head attachments. There are those who have even 10 attachment heads. Having more attachment heads means that you can tailor the machine to work just as you want.

Some of the heads will include the kneading massage head, wide massage head, roller head, scalp massage head, and scarper head. Always follow what the manufacturer recommends to use depending on the muscle group.


Whenever you buy professional massage machines handheld, portability will be one of the things that you consider too. Luckily, most of them will be portable. Well, the portability can vary from being high, medium, to low portability.

High portability is reserved for the cordless units, while the low portability is for the handheld massagers with a short power cord.

Look at the weight and size too to see which one will be easy to carry one. Some might be too big to fit in your travel bag for portability. It is always nice to have a portable handheld unit so that you can use it even on the go.

The design

The design can affect the usability of a handheld massage tool. It would be nice to end up with an ergonomic massage tool. Most will have an elongated handle. With such a handle, it would be easier to reach the various muscle groups with ease. This is because most people who buy such tools do not have someone who will be massaging them.

Also, a wide massager will be good for covering a wider area with ease. You can be done with a whole-body massage in a couple of minutes.


Who needs a handheld massaging machine?

If you always need regular massages and it seems inconvenient and expensive to visit a spa weekly, then having a massaging machine in the house can be ideal.

What should I keep in mind when buying a handheld machine?

If you need the best machine, then consider features such as speed settings, multiple massage heads, ease of use, the power, overall quality, and what other people are saying about the massaging machine.

What are the benefits of using a massaging machine?

A massaging machine will always go a long way to improve your health. Many will use it for handling any pain in the muscles, relieving muscle spasms and knots, and generally to relax.

Cordless or corded massaging machines. Which should I get?

This often comes down to personal preference. For someone who likes to travel, then a cordless model should be an ideal option. If you will mostly be using the machine in the house, then corded machines with a long cable can still be a great option for you.


The best professional massage machines handheld are those that will help you to relax and deal with any muscle spasms you might be having. Since they are mostly affordable, you can now have a massage in your home without having to pay the exorbitant spa fees. Also, most of the models we have mentioned above are easy to use. As such, you can get down to massaging yourself straight out of the box. Always pick a model that has the features you need for the best massaging experience.

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