5 Best Massagers for Pregnancy and After To Buy in 2020

Pregnant women have to deal with different types of pain. The most common would be lower back pain, sore feet, muscle spasms, and much more. It would be nice to have a massage to help deal with such pain. However, paying for massages every other day might be expensive for many. It is why you need to buy the best massager for pregnancy.

The best massager for pregnancy can vary from being a massage chair, massaging pad, mat, heated pad, percussion gun, and so many more. It comes down to what you want in a product and the price too sometimes. This guide will help you identify the best product to help you along with your pregnancy.

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Top 5 Best Massagers for Pregnancy

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Product Name: Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Product Description: For someone who is pregnant, you would benefit from having a full body massage. It is why you need a massage chair to help you experience the best massaging experience. The chair is loved for having multiple massaging techniques built into it. Some of the massaging techniques you get with this chair include Shiatsu, rolling, vibration, heat therapy, and air compression. It is easy to see why it would be an ideal massager for pregnancy. Since it features up to 4 rotation modes, it is going to be an ideal massaging tool for you. You can switch from one mode to another depending on the intensity of massaging you want. The massager is also liked for having adjustable rolling and spot massage. The soft rolling functionality is good for the soft muscles along the back spine. This ensures that you can deal with the pain that might be a nuisance on your back. Pregnant women have to deal with lower back pains. This is a nice way to alleviate such pain for them

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  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Value for money
  • Pain relief


This is one of the best massager for pregnancy because it feels comfortable on your back and thighs. You can place it on a chair or couch and sit on it comfortably. It is liked for being versatile as it can workout the whole body with ease. As a pregnant woman, you will have something that can handle all your massaging needs with ease. It is also possible to adjust the heat and air massage. With the nice heat therapy, you can always deal with your muscle tensions better.


✔️It is good for relaxing the whole body

✔️It is easy to control the various massage functions

✔️Many find the massager being comfortable


❌It is expensive

Runner’s Up

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Photo credit: Amazon

Anyone who is looking for the best massager for pregnancy will also have to consider a foot massager. It is common for pregnant women to complain about the pain in their feet because of the additional weight among other things.

This foot massager utilizes the deep kneading massage technique to deliver on the best performance. It comes with rotating nodes that help to release the tension from your feet. After using the massager for a couple of sessions, you will notice that you no longer have to deal with chronic pain, nerve pains, and plantar fasciitis.

It is good to know that the massager is also powerful. We all know that massaging the feet is not always easy. Thanks to the strong kneading mechanism combined with air compression makes massaging better.

The use of air compression is also good for blood circulation. With the right blood circulation to the feet, you get to soothe the pain even further. There is also the warmth function to keep the feet warm while at the same time getting the right massage too.

  • The unit is breathable for comfort
  • It has a warm function to keep the feet warm
  • It is a powerful unit to use for feet massage
  • It could use more massage modes

AMRNCY Massage Gun Muscle Percussion Massager

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Well, no list of best massager for pregnancy would miss having a percussion massager. This is because a percussion gun is always made to be powerful to handle any muscle knots and spasms you might be having while pregnant. That is what you get when you buy this model.

Those who get this model are those who are looking for a deep tissue muscle massage gun. It will go ahead to help with relieving muscle soreness and stiffness better than before. Since it also comes with 6 replaceable massage heads, it is going to be a nice option for you to consider.

Even if it is a powerful massager, we find it good enough even for the soft tissue massaging. This is because you can adjust the speed of the massager. The unit has up to 30 adjustable speeds to choose from. It should now be easy to fine tune the massager to work at the right speed just as you would want.

How about the battery life? That is an important consideration for anyone looking for a cordless massager. The battery that comes with this unit will last up to 8 hours depending on the mode that you choose. The chances of you using the massager for 8 hours straight are low. So, it should be a nice massager that will be used for days before recharging.

  • It is a powerful and quiet massager
  • It comes with an impressive battery life
  • The model is good for deep tissue massage
  • It is not easy to find the replacement parts

RESTECK Massager for Neck and Back with Heat

Photo credit: Amazon

It is always good for a pregnant woman to soothe the pain in the back and neck. This one is designed to help you get such results. It is the best massager for pregnancy because of its performance. Many find it being ideal for alleviating acute pains and muscle soreness. These are two things pregnant women will always experience.

Well, because of its size and design, it is a nice way to get a deep massage while on the go. Portability is one of the reasons this model sells quite well in comparison to other models. Even while on road trips, you can always have it with you. The manufacturer also sells you the unit with a transportation bag to further improve portability.

The model allows you to control the heat and stimulation depending on your needs. You will find it having 4 buttons to help in customizing the unit to work just as you would want. As such, you can have the right stimulation depending also on which part you are stimulating.

The unit is also good for massaging every inch of the body. This is because it can be adapted to the different parts by simply strapping it to the body part.

  • It is easy to use the massager
  • It is good for a full body massage
  • The unit is affordable for most people
  • It tends to come apart at the seams after some time

Comfier Full Body Massage Mat with Heat-Back Massage Chair Pad

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another cool option as the best massager for pregnancy. The first thing you will like about this product is the adjustable massage intensity. The model allows you to enjoy up to three intensity levels and 5 massage modes. As such, you can always pick the right intensity that will work for you.

The unit is also good for relieving pain and improve sleep. It is always nice for a pregnant woman to get enough sleep. Its 10 massage motors will provide targeted massaging to help improve your sleep and relaxation. Also, the heat therapy is a nice function to improve the overall massaging experience too.

Many users find it being easily customizable and flexible. You can customize it to target the back, shoulders, neck, and many other areas. As such, it will be an ideal tool for massaging the whole body.

As for portability, you should find it easy to move around with the massager. You can simply fold it and go around with it. You can use it while lying on the bed, floor, sitting on the couch and so many other places.

  • It is comfortable
  • It comes with heat therapy
  • The massager can be customized to stimulate certain areas only
  • Some feel the massaging intensity could be better

How to Choose the Best Massager for Pregnancy

The safety

The first thing a pregnant woman would consider is the safety before using a massager. It is easy to say that most of the products are safe to massage a pregnant woman. One of the things to keep in mind will be the massaging intensity and level of heat. You can massage the back and other body parts, but it would not be ideal to do so for the abdomen. The same goes for the heating pad too.

Massaging intensity

As suggested earlier, the massaging intensity can also be a determinant if you get to choose a massager or not. Only go for a model that allows you to adjust the massaging intensity. For a pregnant woman, it is best to use the massager on the low setting.

Also, most models also have the option of adjusting the massaging speed too. With the right speed, you can always end up adjusting the speed depending on which part you are massaging. If you are massaging the feet, it is okay to use a higher speed.

Area of coverage

The area that the best massager for pregnancy can cover largely determines if you want to get it or not. For most people, they will want a model that can massage different body parts. It would be a waste to have a massager for only the back.

Luckily, those we have reviewed above are good for handling the different body parts. Most of them are even good for massaging the whole body. As such, you can relax better when the whole body can be massaged.

The massaging heads

The massaging heads also play an important role in the versatility of a massager. Many machines will now have multiple heads that you can use. It will then be easy to switch from one head to another depending on the massaging needs. Some can have even 10 massaging heads. This will make the unit a lot more versatile than before.


The overall quality of the massager is important to determine its durability. The last thing you want is to start buying new massagers every few months. It is why we have reviewed some of the best massagers for pregnancy so that you find the right value for money.

Ease of use

Also, you should consider the usability features of the massager. Always get a unit that will be easy to use. Compare the various models and even read reviews to see which one stands out for being the easiest to use. You can always enjoy using a nice massager that is also easy to use.


Is it safe to use a massage while pregnant?

Yes. You simply have to perform safe massaging techniques to enjoy the full benefits of massage while pregnant. You should consider using the massager at slow speeds to be even safer.

Can I use a heating pad on my abdomen while pregnant?

It is not advisable to use a heating pad on your abdomen while pregnant. You can only use it on the lower back for soothing and massaging the pain away.

How often should I get a massage while pregnant?

You can do it as much as often. Many will do it daily to help alleviate muscle soreness after walking around the whole day.

What are some of the options as massagers while pregnant?

If you are looking for the best massager options while pregnant, consider a massaging pad with heat function, a massaging chair, percussion gun, a handheld massager, and other devices.


The best massager for pregnancy can go a long way to help improve your pregnancy experience. We all know that pregnant women can experience sore feet and lower back pain. However, using a massager can help eliminate such pain and leave you feeling good. You should always invest to get the best massager so that it can serve you even better after pregnancy.

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