5 Best Heel Pain Massage Machine Options to Buy in 2020

Heel pain can be uncomfortable for most people. They would try anything to soothe the pain further. Some of the options is to get the best heel pain massage machine. With such a machine, you would feel the pain is relieved and gain other benefits of massaging your feet. Such include relaxation, relief fatigue, and experience heat therapy.

At this point, it is easy to see why someone would get a heel pain massage machine. With many options available, it is possible to get confused about which is the best. With this guide, you should no longer be confused. We look at the top massagers in the market for you to pick the one that works for you. Let us see what the list has in store for us in the summary table below.

Human Touch Reflex5s Foot
and Calf Massager
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Mint Shiatsu Foot Massager
Machine with Adjustable Heat
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Miko Foot Massager
with Multi-Pressure Settings
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Naipo Foot
Massager Machine
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Cloud Massage Shiatsu
Foot Massager Machine
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Top 5 Best Heel Pain Massage Machines

Our Top Pick  

Our Top Pick: Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

Product Name: Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

Product Description: This is a top choice for those in the market for a heel pain massage machine. The unit comes with a powerful reflexology technology for massaging your feet and calves. As such, it can be a nice choice for anyone who has to deal with heel pain. Thanks to its massaging activity, it will improve the blood circulation, which can lead to better heel pain healing naturally. The unit is also good for targeted relief. This is because it can perform the targeted massage for the different body parts. It is why many people would use it if they are looking for improved circulation and quick recovery of their stressed feet. The model is also good for having rejuvenated muscles after you have been standing for a long time. The model also features the patented CirQlation figure eight technology. With this type of technology, you are looking at a model that improves the blood circulation from the feet to the heart. This allows for fresh nutrients to be sent to the feet again. On overall, your health gets better as there is an improvement in blood circulation. The model has the option of adjusting the massaging intensity. This is an important consideration anyone would want to get right now. Depending on how much of a massage you want, you get to choose between the various massaging intensities.

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  • Ease of use
  • Pain relief
  • Comfort
  • Quality


The model stands out as one of the best to consider because of the various massaging intensities available. It is also good for versatility because it can massage both the calves and feet. When other models are mostly good for the foot massage, this one goes a step further. It is also good for targeted massaging to get the right relief for the heel pain.


✔️The unit comes with a nice patented massaging technology

✔️The massaging intensity is adjustable

✔️You can tilt the base for the right comfort


❌It could use more massage intensity levels to make it versatile

Runner’s Up

Mint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Adjustable Heat

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Having the best shiatsu foot massager can also be good as a heel pain massage machine. That is what you get with this model. Those who have used it claim that it can make you feel better after a couple of massage sessions.

This foot massager comes with a rotating ball, heat function, rolling stick, and multiple intensity settings. It is easy to see why it would be a top choice for many. The best part is that the unit is also good for other common foot conditions. Such include plantar fasciitis and many others you might encounter.

The heat therapy function is a top choice for many users. The use of heat is good for keeping you warm and improving blood flow. With better blood circulation, the heel pain can go away as there are enough nutrients coming in for tissue repair.

Other than heat therapy, this model also uses air pressure to massage the feet. As for air pressure, you have the option of choosing from three intensities. You should be able to adjust the air pressure to your preference.

  • It is a good massager for fatigue relief
  • The heat therapy improves blood circulation
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • It lacks a remote control

Miko Foot Massager with Multi-Pressure Settings

Photo credit: Amazon

The best heel pain massage machine is one that can give you the best relief in a few sessions. That is something you can start to experience whenever you use this model. It is designed to be good for massaging the foot, calf, leg, ankle, and heels. It can easily be customized to work for the various areas. Just follow the manufacturer’s instruction to use it appropriately.

As for versatility, the unit comes with 5 adjustable pressure settings and 3 massage modes. It should be easy to see why it is highly rated for the money. You can always choose the right mode and pressure setting so that the massage is relaxing rather than hurting.

Having the shiatsu rolling massage mode makes it better than some units. This mode is good for recovery, treatment, and relaxation. If you have other conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, and muscle tension, then this can be a nice choice for you.

The unit also stands out has a high-quality model for its leather accents. You will feel it was worth spending your money on it. It also has the removable washable nylon foot pads for quick cleaning if you want to maintain hygiene even better.

  • The unit is easy to use
  • The model is multipurpose
  • It comes with high quality design features
  • It takes time to warm up before using

Naipo Foot Massager Machine

Photo credit: Amazon

This is a heel pain massage machine you should have in your home if you hope to get better. It is designed to be a comprehensive foot massager that will help you deal with the pain better than before. It is not just for the heel, but also the ankles and other parts of the feet.

To make it effective, this unit comes with multiple massaging techniques. Such include tapping, scraping, rolling, kneading, air compression, and heat therapy. It is easy to see why it would be the best value for money with such massaging techniques. It is also not expensive. For its price, you would not expect it to have such performance.

Having the shiatsu and kneading massage makes it good for stimulating the different pressure points. As such, the heel pain can easily get treated whenever you use this massage machine.

Having the airbag massage with the combination of heat makes it even better. This is because you can now enjoy the warm associated with heat therapy. The heat will improve the blood circulation and soothe the pain around the heel area.

The various intensity levels that come with the unit makes it even more versatile. The low level is good for daily relaxation and the high level is for those who have to massage the stiff feet.

  • It is highly effective in massaging the feet
  • It comes with a handy handle design
  • The model features multiple massaging techniques
  • The feet inserts require regular cleaning

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

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To get the best value for your money, then consider buying this heel pain massage machine. It is designed to be the best option for many who are looking for the best massage. One thing that stands out should be its adjustable comfort option. You simply have to adjust the bar on the unit for the best angle to massage your heels even better.

The unit stands out for having the dual massage function. This includes the air compression and heat therapy. Depending on the massage setting, you can also get vibrations important for pain relief. As such, it is a versatile unit good for your feet, legs, toes, heels, ankles, and calves.

It can be a nice gift for someone who has to deal with foot related pain. For its size, you will find it being a nice choice even for those with wide feet. The air bags can inflate or deflate depending on the size of the feet. The result is that you can now end up with a snug fit. Such a fitting is important if you want to end up with the best massaging experience.

It is recommended that you start the massage on the lowest setting at first. When you get used to the massaging, then you can opt for a different setting. This is to ensure you do not end up hurting your heels even further.

  • It is a comfortable massage machine to buy
  • It comes with dual massage functions
  • The unit is easily portable
  • Some feel it could use more massage levels for the price

Buying Guide

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The versatility

There is no doubt that when looking for the best heel pain massage machine, you simply end up with a foot massager. As such, you need it to be highly versatile so that it can massage the feet and heels at the same time. This is what you are likely to get with most models in the market right now.

Look at the design to see what other areas it can massage before buying. Some are even designed to massage the ankles and calves. Such units can be a good way to spend your money.


Another thing you have to consider while buying a heel pain massage machine is the usability features. You need a model that will be easy to use. Most massagers will have simple controls that you can use. It will even better when your model has a remote control. It is from the remote control that you can choose the massage intensity, mode, and so much more.

Even if it does not have a remote control, get a model that is easy to use on overall.


It feels good to spend money on a unit that delivers on the best performance and quality. All the models we have reviewed above come from top brands. The result is that you end up with models that can live up to your quality needs. Also, they are durable so that you do not have to buy new massage machines every few months.

Massaging intensity

The massaging intensity is also a nice consideration. Look for a foot massager with multiple massaging intensities. This will help you pick a nice setting depending on your massaging needs. Check to see what other people say about the massaging intensity of a unit. This ensures that you buy the best unit that gives you a nice massage experience.

For the hurting heels, you need something that allows to vary the speed and intensity. As such, you can start with the slow speed and increase the intensity as the heel gets better.  

Heat therapy

The heat therapy in any massager goes a long way to make it better. The heat is good for soothing the pain around the painful heel. The same heat is good to boost blood circulation that helps to bring the nutrients to the heel for faster healing. It is why we recommend that you buy a unit with the heat mode available.


Can a heel pain massage machine improve circulation?

Yes. It is why many people use them today. Whenever you massage the foot, you reduce the tension and further improve the blood flow. You should end up with the best muscle repair when you massage the feet more often.

How often can someone use the foot massager?

It often depends on your needs. Some can use it daily while others a few times a week. If you want to experience most benefits, consider using the foot massager at least three times a week.

What should I look for when looking for a heel pain massage machine?

There are a lot of things that go into making the best massage machine. Some of them include the brand, quality, price, ease of use, massage levels, modes, and versatility.


The best heel pain massage machine can soothe the pain in your heel to leave you walking better than before. There are many success stories of people who have used such machines to deal with their pain and you too could be one of them. Even the market has thousands of such products, you just need one good model. The list above has everything that you need. Look at the one that has the features that you want and pick it for yourself right now.

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