5 Best Full Body Massage Chairs for a Relaxing Experience

It should feel nice to relax in your best full body massage chair after a tough day at work. Since you are tired, the last thing you want is to use the handheld massagers to try and get a massage. With a massage chair, it can give you the best massaging experience without you having to do much. You simply pick the massage mode and let it get on with the process.

You might now be interested in getting the best full body massage chair. However, which model is the best? We have reviewed some of the top options in the market that you need to check out if you want the best experience. The table below is a quick summary to get you started.

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity Check Price
Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair Check Price
Kahuna Massage Chair Full Body Massage Recline LM6800 Check Price
FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Recliner Check Price
Osaki OS-4000 Best Massage FDA Zero Gravity Massage Chair Check Price

Top 5 Best Fully Body Massage Chair

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Product Name: SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Product Description: If you are going to pick the best massage chair, then this is a nice option to consider right now. It is liked for having multiple features that many will find worth the money spent on it. Some of the features include zero gravity, space saver, Bluetooth connectivity, backrest, and so much more. As such, it should be a versatile massage chair for you to buy. The zero-gravity design is something that many would want in a massage chair. When you press the zero-gravity button, the chair quickly reclines to keep you in the right position for a massage. The feet are placed higher than the heart to reduce the load on your heart. Generally, it is going to be a nice experience for you. The chair is known to be great for a full body massage. This is because it comes with airbags placed over the shoulders to some nice deep tissue massage. The same applies for the areas around the arms, buttocks, legs, and the feet. Having a session on this massage chair will leave you with less muscle tension and fatigue.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort
  • Quality


This is a top choice for those looking for the best full body massage chair. It is liked for its versatility and performance. It will be good in terms of handling all the different massaging needs you might have. Since it can massage the whole body, then it should get you relaxed in no time. It will help to ease the muscle soreness, tension, and knots. It is also a good option for dealing with muscle pain


✔️It is highly versatile

✔️The model has multiple modes to choose from

✔️You can connect audio to relax even further


❌It is heavy so moving it might not always be easy

Runner’s Up

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Photo credit: Amazon

Just like most models, it comes with quiet the price tag. However, you will be getting a lot more for the price. As such, it is the best full body massage chair for the money.

The first thing you will like about the unit is that it has up to 6 modes. Depending on the type of massage you want, it is easy to cycle through the modes. These modes include sleep, neck, relax, waist, sport, and stretch.

With several modes available, it can also be a nice massage chair to target specific areas with ease. It also features back and foot heating which should be ideal for most users. With heat therapy, it is easy to handle the different types of pain and improve blood circulation.

The ergonomic design of the massage chair improves your comfort while using it on overall. You can recline it into different positions until to a point that you feel comfortable.

When it comes to setting it up, you will like the assembly process. It comes in two boxes and a comprehensive manual. In an hour, the chair will be ready for use.

  • Moving the chair is easy as it has back wheels
  • The setup process is simple
  • It comes with multiple auto modes
  • Some feel the zero-gravity performance could be better

Kahuna Massage Chair Full Body Massage Recline LM6800

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another nice choice as the best full body massage chair. It is ideal for those in the market for the best massage chair that has multiple massage modes. All the massage modes will make it versatile as you can massage the different body parts independently.

Having the L-track frame goes a long way to make it durable. The last thing you want it to buy a new massaging chair every few months. Also, there are four rollers that come along with the air-cell massage system. These components are good for massaging your hips, arms, waist, and shoulders effectively.

Even for a massage chair, it does come with a nice compact design. It will help to save on some space while at the same time massaging you even better. The unit also has 3 stages of true zero gravity positions. Unlike other models whose zero gravity feature does not work great, this one stands out for being the best.

The massage chair comes with a computer body scan technology. This means that the chair will automatically scan the body size when you sit on it. After the scan is complete, it will deploy a custom fit body massage that you need.

The model comes with an advanced air cell massage technology. This means that the cell massage system can cover a larger surface area even with just a few air cells. You will also enjoy the overall massage quality.

  • It is compact to save on space
  • It has an advanced air cell massage technology
  • The unit comes with a computer body scan technology
  • Setting it up can take some time

FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Recliner

Photo credit: Amazon

The unit is liked for having some of the best construction materials. You will find it having a strong and comfortable construction. The use of the high-grade synthetic leather makes it more comfortable than what you get with the other models in the market. Since it is also FDA approved, it should easily appeal to many users.

The model is also good in terms of having the zero-gravity feature. Once you use this massage chair, it will leave you feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.

Being a multifunction massage chair also makes it stand out as a versatile chair for the money. It has up to 8 rollers. This makes it good for handling the massage needs of the different body parts. Still, it has the full body air pressure massage and foot roller massage. It is quiet the comprehensive massage chair for everyone.

Having Bluetooth connectivity means that you can connect your audio device and listen to music while relaxing in the chair.

  • It is an affordable full body massage chair
  • It comes with 6 automatic massage methods
  • The chair is comfortable
  • The foot massage might not be strong for some people

Osaki OS-4000 Best Massage FDA Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Photo credit: Amazon

The computer body scan system makes this one of the best full body massage chairs to buy right now. It comes with the latest technology what allow the rollers to map your whole body with more accuracy. Once the mapping is done, you will then enjoy precise massages better than before.

There is also the ergonomic design of the chair. It is contoured in a way that fits the spine position perfectly. This ensures that you can enjoy a nice slow massage around your spine for better relief.

The airbag massage is another top feature of the chair. It comes with several air cells around the different sections of the massage chair. Such include foot and calf massage, hip and lumbar squeeze, and shoulder airbag massage.

The best way to enjoy a massage is when there is the zero-gravity feature in the chair. This model comes with a 2-stage zero gravity feature. It will perfectly align the body so that you can have a nice time using the full body massage chair.

Having the lower back heat therapy is also a nice addition for anyone who needs heating of the back. We all know that heat therapy can be good to get deep into the muscles and relieve any of the pain in your lower back.

  • It can offer customized massaging experience
  • It comes with a lower back heat therapy
  • The chair comes with a wireless controller
  • It is expensive for most people

Best Full Body Massage Chair Buying Tips

Photo credit: Wellness Grit
The type of massage chair

Before you can get yourself the best full body massage chair, it would be nice if you understand what you are getting. Some of the common types of massage chair include recliners, zero gravity, full body, chair/seat pad, and ottoman. Luckily, it is possible to have a massaging chair with several other types integrated into it. Like all the models we have reviewed above, they are full body massage chairs with some having the zero-gravity feature.

The shape

The shape is another important consideration when getting a full body massage chair. The most common shapes are the S shape and the L shape options. Most chairs will have the S shape track system that runs up and down your back following the spine curvature.

The L shape chairs come with a different technique. They also run up and down the back and also beneath into the seat. You can visualize it better with the letter L in the mind. Many find it being an extension of the S shape chairs making it good to cover the lower back and hamstrings effectively.

Massage types

The massaging techniques go a long way to determine the efficiency of the massage chair. Some of the massage types you can get include shiatsu, percussion, kneading, stretching, compression, and tapping.

Most chairs will have the combination of these techniques into one chair. You can get one that has rollers and a heating pad to make the massaging experience even better. Always look at the massage modes that come with a chair to learn more about its massaging techniques before buying.

Programs and settings

The programs and settings will determine the versatility of the full body massage chair. Some of the things to consider under this section include the intensity settings, the speed settings, number of auto programs, and memory features.

Sometimes you might want to give yourself a nice and slow massage. Well, the intensity level comes in handy at this point. You can reduce the intensity level depending on your massage needs. The same applies to the other factors mentioned under this section.

Connectivity options

With the increase in technology, people are always looking to have a nice time experiencing the same in a massage chair. Look at some of the new features in regards to entertainment and connectivity. Such can include remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 player, and many more. These are features that can enhance your relaxation even better.


Under logistics, you will have to consider things such as the size, weight, the base, space saving, assembly, and warranty. There is no doubt you would want a chair that is easy to assemble. Manufacturers will ship the chair in parts and you have to follow a guide to set it up. Also, it would be nice if the chair comes with caster wheels for moving it around.


What does zero-gravity means in a massage chair?

Whenever you see a full body massage chair with zero gravity feature, it means that it is designed to take off the pressure from the legs and back. During this position, the weight evenly distributed to provide you with relief from pain.

Is it hard to assemble a massage chair?

The assembly process is going to depend on the type of massage chair. Some manufacturers make assembling their massage chair simple while others hard. Read reviews about the massage chair to see what others say about the assembly process.

Should you get a massage chair with Bluetooth connectivity?

It is not a must-have feature, but it would be nice to connect some music and listen to the jams while relaxing. Check to see if the chair has other important features before buying.

What are the benefits of a massage chair?

A full body massage chair will be good for arthritis, knots, back pain, muscle tension, neck pain, and relaxation. You can unlock many other benefits as you keep using the massage chair.

Final Thoughts

The best full body massage chair can be an ideal piece of furniture to have in your home. It will help you relax most of the time even if you had a bad day. Most people love to have a full body massage chair rather than multiple devices that target different body parts. It is always nice to get the right massage chair. From the reviews above and buying guide, it should now be easy to find the right massage chair that works for you.

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